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July 28, 1914 - Image 1

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The Wolverine, 1914-07-28

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TIwo RIleide Ialls, Sie '1e ldih
ig and Sadim re Now
lkig 1Bult
1BOT1 1)01)N11 OlILS ARE83 61111F1'
Three buildings 00nd0a0new concrete
stdium, all for now rapidly loomig
uip, will add tn the Mi1chigaofo a yer
T~he huildings 0under contrction
includ' theseeenl e hi lding between
the chemstry and law bilings, the
Ihelen 1Handy Newbry reidenerhal,
between New bery halt ad weset hall
on State stret, and aoteresidene(
hal, still unanod, loatedt on the
c'011e1'of1S. Uie rity 1ave11u' 011(
In lgallosret.
New 1,craryeioriiui
tew berry memorial, reidence alt
for niverity women, bosIprogreosel
rapidly, having bhe n toegn seeal
weeks ago.
'The 111w building 1has0it outnda-
tin aeet n is ~o onlted. At preselnt 25 woroklen ar'
empllloyed upn tll strctre wic'l
will be for storeo high, and w1111 ac-
eomloodatio oe 70 waomenclIwhen
completed. It to to be fire-proo, and
built 01 red (brick with terra-cotta cf-
fect siilar to the 1111lltditorie'r. It
will be finihed hy January 1.
Helen Handy Newberr, one 01 the
heir's ot the late donor o1 Newberry
1101, iao donated $75,000 to the Uni-
versity Stdent' tChritianiasaoociation
in ordie to p0y1for tle'costrctiol 01
The building 10 tl h'elmaitaiecJ by
tile un1ierity, and tile incomeocauter
tile cot of upkeep 0114 depreciatio
hao ben paid, will e usel to thelp
finance the univerity Y. W. C. A. The
rooms in1 the building arc practically
ol to be single. Thio proiion 0000
malde atter it 1104 been voteifor, and.
almot uanimuly1carried in (tw0
diferent 10110s letingof01tie t-
dents. Teel'oil be a sewig roonm
01111 1tudet' lunlldr' in the boocuent
11114a0dining 000111ol tilefisct floor.
S. 1v1ireri Cr0111iiiimoy
P1a110foe tie largrr Ieience 11011
for1'womenl, 0w111h11i10to be 011 S. 11i-
versity, havec 1101a00yet beell compilet-
ed. It wvi lccomlodate 1114 luniveri-
ty womne, and owao gienl 111the t-
det adci110(oor 0whtIoihes1110s110111
withield, 1a0 0memorilto1hisoot1010r.1
Thlo ccupants of tile building wilt
111101'ecuiveoicontrolt oito(14m11111-
ot(a,0'woman1lor board oof omle, ap-
iointedl by1'the .reents.
scenece IBiildig
'111he ince buildn ill ct be 262 feet
8 i1nchesonO llhe'loget ide 10011149
feet 4 incesloncote shorter or west
sides. There will be 10 atphithetr
cttinlg tie soultwet corner othteo
builing wtich will oeat 500. The
north sidec will be 247ftet 6 iches
with c1 torresoin~lilg prll'tel horter

PLAN ORItU111 Ii,' "41 ' HUNCHBACK" GIVEN LAST 014E151tV'I'0RY 101W N LITS 8
Stdnt ishinig' to Go(hoilon xcii NIGHT IN CAMPUS THEATER FilV1t'15ii A E A
atOne Platform eial lby Pr(of.1 raeblood'ostalitgh:: ts:: h-d E , ' VEO
---clss in Sinkesp arean 1140a- Tlil, '1 iil of 01c1a11riby Dfeatng'
An 1excrsion to Pt-in-al oisld. W- Daws1,2001 tleOtrlDliaioheoaoy clt Iiojn r s To (1 113 ii
un~der the directionl of -roessor Carl Te6sroomcl beratr wl
P. 50a1r, 01 the geoogty departmlent, - e oenl 01 Wedneoday, Thursday, and
is1 scheduled 101 Saturday, Agust 1. Allaudiece of 1,200 crowded lot Friday eveninlgo of thiooweek lat 7:5_
ihe party owill leave at 6:07 Saturday Inightt,11110 the opnl air theater, used o'cock. Alt thooe, who deire to o- ENGI1NERStII I,,' ' IIEDIIS '1.1DAY
monl~ling, 0111 thi etihigan Central 1to1lst 00eek hbytie ell Gret ply, to oee tie 1110011trogltiletg 1-
S Detroit, and xwiii there connect with nlcl rfractingiltelescope, are gien T eamii Wotihot lt.
r till'steanmer tor 1ut-in-Ha. Students see"ThgHucilbck,..r.c:.ed.....l~ ....1 0 100
anti othlers dsrn to go'onth ie- rof. Tonmas C. Trueblood's class in-.. - ' Medics ....... 7 .504
rcursonol are reqtuested to consult Shakepeareanl readinlg. The cast, tils"i...........1 3 .7,0
Searly as possiblie with Prof. Sauerwiich has beell trainin~g sice tie e- t -+7 ' ..- .".I
'llmuseumltbuilding. 1111111 5o01tie sunmer essio0001, 1101- -f---,° Atra ---- ~e htt (~t'i(
I - ~~ginn~ing- of Itheir 'ihedle'(th , t1'lil oc
lied Sierien KnIowSle o ustlllpliy tied 110o1n1ysteday laftenoonl 011
11nlalmanner bohatoaifactory to Pro- ga e their firt xhiitiol of rthliase
rnhont Iti inl in audenesen of t 6 to 5 velt'5y0over tie strnlg
lii' Ithal signed up to cuer e : tcaulelem teieaggeainl. ''S'he 11me' 1ai,1fo
1wen1t at e's field, thiose al k Tie strength of eacil uener01 tie tils opportunity of doing o. Adi- Ol 1 lliltitt5r(( t t 11
red neclclt together oith the fact that "The 001o11nltly iktwih 10' se~ ixic Illct bteroved lto'Cbe tnl
cll at the gae and receieser * sHllneback" gie- a wie breadh for seured at the oho C 01 the set etary l~ e ~vlpaci
mnrnrIe ik~I1 i)i cil od ieloirhr opc.of the summerl ~session etweet 200 the medico begnlltie g~l l
Hans liave been doot ontinited, Thlenost prominent mener 01 the ad401oclchio ree ga111m l~lle ta e'm'tt iein slah(
- r. k s o xcast ws nWX. H Towndel, of New tl raue' eeit ''ns1 x wyi ttefxottrat r t i
'Y ___ orte lly Mr. Townoellis a dra- ,cig oatet retbduettal 11 aft11toi-l teotrotihirsd
atl otdellsclo (10hai turyeo'otheir ticket early, to toot yeritr1111- twice, Blitlyer statieaxandl. hl
PRO INET TUDNT EALY 1 of l 011 ntilt'profesionl stage, andtihtroere.diapoitJ ill1101beig theno scoreless util trlast ro'
DROWNS AT FORESTRIIY LAKE1 810 acingin Mistheprtt of MterWatrhoItseretel. Tochstto'n4hir itSllie
I wpsrlg bis011i.Fieilay -__
ing te part of Hlenand biss Amolnia- isrdhit 01( suto 111(.0T111 ht OV
Johnl S. Leonlard, 'tiL, Varsity toot- Fee as Julia were imlpressive in thei SCHOOL of MUSIC TO OFFER rets I 00111 com~ing ill tt'tthird. lin-
bal11 manaiger for 1914, was aed fromul roles. Other stronlg parts twere payed 111011 1 1oyr' edoil(]cachre'(d(1firt throg
dra. 11111 by Sidlney 'T' Steen, '16E, at by E. S. Kig, an instructr inl th SECOND RECITAL TOMORROW Rles erIror, Avihrtrew free tran-
le Forestry lake our mitt's west o Michigan State Agritutural colee; p01ttoot by tie four al rolate, (0111
Alnn Arbor Saturday afternool. i. D. racket, head 01 tie detartmlentud n~a ae nfrtwe ln
'letostudents werelmenoers 01 ot oratory of the- 1Miwakee, 0 iWeodicols.u1hool luft ltoitr tier it ~ 01
a patwhichl went to- the ake to el- 1higschool;I. Visdo, of the Siech'elconlcert 01 thoe sulller owillho' given110lOi-urgei prettily, oror-lg iBriioyr
joy- a1swim before edin~er. All except Art Deprtment othetoKansas00City it 11111o'clock.'sI' 7ll eeaypubctlotadelir0000and-aoti ity tille ill'
Leotnared atd Steenst rc abott hal o, high school; and . A. Andews 10 I ciI.'t 'etr-itlticteeltttitt iot.Pi'it 111
way across te lake when Leonard, 011 instructor of oratoty in Matntnoatth i 'ivied to e-r fifc Clo I te-iprI-Kese Ir11mpe11 homle a15 tI I a e t
not an11 xp i e"rccfl ,wlllltlel and 1i-College. C.l. 0111cre, MisoiRuthLe1s11r0sin°heh1111,- ldd teli> ofittth
llorallt of the dphoh the lkstart- nec and Ms Rt xare ere epe ei C l ri IS 51ii ,l. . .coinltgetl hktfisRt akr7oali ~t iesoe 0211foo 1tl
ed out. le had 000010a0b011 40 feet, cialy kilful ill their itepl.aionl ' I . l an ihtesoe6t nfvro h
whenl Steen from thse shore sow himl lot Eglisho people of tlb l- cct- L a' teonn" e tobile (tigoettoi .V0erzi culture deprtmen, te Iledlico 0(1111'-
go unde4r and wae his 001110 oildy. Professor Trueolhood's cls xii Kenneth t. Westernan to al ii the last ait 01 the sixtht (111
ISteen, although lot 011 expert swi-.give oleore pulhic recital tilstiwMgc ie(akaelanr1rsi tepe wa erypoe i
111,cralled for help and started out. ;ur. Thisosecond recital will e 010 itde dtPCon1crt in1D0fat.liszt cesfuti-rolly. Ater Stao a ale11 11-
t he Real Prncess . Krgod nd, Smitl failed to evohe one of lre-
reaching his comopanion when he came en itt Sarah Cowel Agel halltea
uip the third timoe. He ittlled Leonard the close o1 the semlester. "T'wlfth j LaOSree dats retado..Dbusy layer's shoots adt tootk first. Roin-
1011,11ooy, 011.7, to. 2 - - - Habmo solo tooka for bllhtil onlthel'slg-
to tile shore tnaided. Night" has been icked for this occs- j ThoOeadrIedut HgOoto ikd1~trbt i
Leconard did tot lose consciousnlessoon. 0
lehk sou htot 20 feet deep at ____________ Ario, frotosLu. iocotota. .Pont-ielli reuttatin 1000 estabised y tIeot-
hewott-eeIenclt doiwnattd p Miss Franceo Caspri tifu triple, whlichi dro e Smiti (a11
pit le..te bottomu was muddy. accodng to REGENT HUBBARD DESCRIBES the Litte Irishlt Hi .H. Lohr Robnoon over the tollisile n' N-
patyie1xOt hv GI CPER'he Stutteitl gLoer (Olt Incrihsm110111then procoecedddto mmeso teprylijolgavgANI CPE NUSR.s itDt-
droscned except oeSectn's speedy o- I ! IUUIiTIAir)- --. ...rrarged by ilsiessidelo's _grotlllter (111d1O'oltr atded
roga. ___:M-ohler Msere - .....Oloot-Hall nohhtr tally, while "Sam" swas sae
"Copilot, vlued at $810,0ll,000 has Impromlptu, F sharp - U..hopin ond, however, atd itihnnged to
Ihteorle lnstructor edso i it;eetonmiined iho the state of MichigallEtdO.2,N.7Coinra ilel mhi h ale
Mr. tHarod I'.Scott, instrttctor ill Eud1041, 5,oN. 7so.....Chpin4rapimsef, dingtheboone
sonce 14,o hc D5,0,0 a alade, Op.2 - - -Copil Huebe loooedout,110 tie prmlier
tiehe stoi dphteetorwsicaredile d104poaohretamdenttti,0 JiotAlxaods edmtarrtikarisefrth ht"tt"""tmt"t
o "hiss Jetnie Morris, '15, of AnnllAr-Jotilelexnlate,"dr ooidk Regentfo L.elL.sHoobbardat
Jotfhoogtatn, sheetL . Hisleubr, on mbosing- - - Str ausosig it trilte illeltwo inges ithlre
ilo, itoColumitbts, Oi, Sattrday, J-o oghoHoc.,i i ecueo ot Sng- - - .. Harriet Ware Itripstisco 'de plate. 'The Iaditio oh
hy ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ "h 58C'ecui 5100 ttl lne'~toppoer Sining Idustry oh Mich- M- hiss rances Caspari- KIetser to tileup itcowoai lso1000abig
t ofir. Scott inItondiana, etot., 11114 1601," in west ipysicis lecturee room Aeooaooelsb elDol n attoiteht itrtl io
they 00111 retutrn to Attt Arbor Sep- yesterday. ! ~ nV oor.scn akrtlhit orasss01
tmc27M. Hubbard illustrated lis lecture ___________- tao pultots wthoot ato error, at tie
side of 117 eet on tile outh. -There tyth1oo1oso1uneou lie, IOLAIVE HO6SPITL.1DIN)(C~ otiniedon opage 4.2
showing the intner workings of the TW '.EtCSiIPO E)
sill e a bsetment 0114 our tories T1-TERC1~, RPRE
0114 a total of 270 roolm. The total tmnes, the different nmachineries used PROF,111 1(At1IfKEN SIIIIIEN IV
flor space amoutst to 155,1140 squre and their pupses M1e "showed the Clinton . Drake, '17M, who suffered ILL lIE IN GRAlND It PIDS
fte otd t vil h th hrget otidiigdeveopmett of tie dyils ued in cop- an operation for hernia, and iliano
en the camipus, till newo engineeritog per nmonsario ih Gh l . Ce, '17, who 0000 sufering fronom Pro. Lewis i. Cen, of tie cigi-
huibdiug containling oly 35,800 o sedge and cisiel, theough the two tmastoid infection, have both left the neerto" department, becanome riotly
square feet. mtdrlsanthfiadeeponthsiital and gone losme for the rest il to ratd Rapids Saturdoy- fromloa01
of the one man drill, which nachine o the~ sutumer. Tao new coes are attack of apendicitis Latet reloths
bos:caused tuch of the trouble in te oow-eitg treated. Wilinm E. Fraz tndcate thot lenay e reitoed to
- -.' Ilrikl~ isticts h, literary studett is "recupertng Ann Arbor tis week, ohr' ln ioo-
-- --from a vaicocele oPerton'and cx-'noediate opeatioto will I' ells'sar.
Ipects to go home in a wek.'10R A Mrs-Gam who was iti New-Jtrey,
BEN-REETPERORMACES Pice, '14;, ios hd ,to p r tion for oseutomott, adrried in r0114
NET $200 FOR ENGLISH DEPT hertia ad is oloaecng. - R do a sauday ng rfso
- .1 t io as wocithoirfsso riilllsh '
?t.ITP OF '(1 115 PLEISEII ab totime p1 hio ttack, and the lt.
BetoGrectatd his T'odand Play- lT NO .It'hDE N-e E "43111) t eras ttetded hit cotntlty'at te
en Tlos left Motday on the Ann~ Arbor -' - 1thrw sth hospial.
-- - railroad on Toledo hrw 7they gace TOPINAD t0, MIC.,Juy 2&.-l'.7t -
1 ra peorutnce before the Country club te workio eftr fouth 10eek oh theAl P01 ozn3 ::oni~eseolr e Popla
- r1001st ight Tenet eturn to til__ug- n' oioomne amj ended, lix -f abshere w Coo ' it strotootny gien duritoc
Rs- h deprtment which wa -nsr- re stgratuiatingltnslos becouse th--sutner seiooo hove at~rateib
- - - iettal ill bringitog the onnray to tere h'as beeto no serio accidents Iluge nuimheqs. . -Tb b e inllller's

A-ntt Arbor, swill be in" the neighbor- and nio seniXtus 4lays ito -arcyitni out? course, tooghot by bDn. lAeroifi, is lang-
= =,. - hood of $200. 'This sootey~ovill her us- the ocleduhe. 'Ph ocweathee- inlgetoel so Ithoto in previotssuotmmeioro, liumber-
ed inl the itirchatse of hooks plertafiu h ihs been very good; the days heing iii 25 tudetnts, while thoe advatte
MIEMORILh.1 to the- dramoaowhicho will he presented clear -an d warul, o*itiP only seennisnial o.cork, unoder Profesoor Curtiss, eom-
tnen to Il~e t'omnjueled by Jan, L to the getteral library, rai: ' - - - -pses' bavorabby'oith Pf~rmee years.

lIe -Id ie lit11,111fo 'nliser sity- Io a

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