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July 21, 1914 - Image 4

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The Wolverine, 1914-07-21

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Fotr b~ litt die,ra tr,, t he'tlt a Just gieim littest;
161 tiia, t Iconetrail Thayeram I And alertlotht trial,
Ilama.We'l Waaaryu'llnmile.
'"1' t, l;tiwi, 1 - a ai t a no ay 'Illtt.''
Wi:I teat ytatittit, ALL tROADS LEAID To1lO1S.
wa. ntnaornigh.
Morse's and Gilbert's Candy Kodak Suppli
Stationery, Pound Paper Cigars
Everything a Student Needs. Phone us. We delver te Good
1111 So. Unversity Ave. Phone 1331
tggsI atar
/1 It Scores
II Whthee yu drink it to quenhs thirst-for refres
a~t ~T ent-fr pure pleasure in it deliciusnes Coca-Cal
at,. sores ga. It satifies yu in a manner and with
~ ''~ 'U cmpetenes pssile t n other beverage.
~ a55~7Thirst-Queniching
Atanta, Ga. WIb
Repairing of Eye Glasses
Hailer Jewelry Co.
Telephone~ 531 308 South State Stre
The New Catalogue
Ulliversity of Michigai
Compete Inormation concerning seven deprtment:
Collegiate, Engineering, Medicine,
Law, Pharmacy, Homeopathy,
Dentistry and the Graduate Depart-

Sll atamat, Berbrt, 431 E. Univ. Pat- Chow, Mat, 602 Monroe. Coumbhus,
Begeman, M. L., 514 Thotapsoi. Ador Cristenen, Gilbert, 613 Ant. Ne-
SCHOOL STUDENTS Fals, tow. 155. gaunee, Mich. 148-Mt.
Bll, D. H-., 545 Thompson. Jordan- Cot, W. E., Canmp Davis. Saginaw,
vill, N. Y. 69-. Mic.
[lp," The directory wilt be run by depart- Bendae,T. K., 546 S. State. Grand Coey, Glenn, 624 S. tIgals. Pits-
ments i h following order: law, lit, Rai shaih. 18. field, 111, 2034-.
medi, nginring, pharmic. The nam- Bennett, M. F., 537 . Division. Detroit, Cook, D. M., Camp Bogardu. Groe,
s and addresses rn taken from tha Allch. 143-J. Mih.
records in the office of the secretary Bentley, . P., 631 S. Itgalls. -Albion, Crsel,1. tR., 81 Pacari. Crnima,
and contain the same error. If there Mch. -?ltch. 2269-.
rsaailchefoerabtopforntherebmay Bergstroma, A. ., 820 Hil. Gladstone, Costello, . ft., C'itp Bogards. es-
callphion er thousfo e. e aybe Mich. 11. ver, Coi.
a a pone i the ouse.Bibber, L. C., 807 E. Wahington. Cotter, .C. Bi., Canp iBogardus._ Bay
Portland, Maine. City, Shh.
e$ Graduate Scthool Cotcluded. Biae, J. M., Ypsilanti, Miat. 685-S. Crane, Sheldon, 1657 Wstenaw. N-
Wadleigh, W. H., 118 Willard. Wichi- Bigeow, E. ., 604-S. State. DOwoso, ganee, hiat. 1016.
ta, Kans. Mich. 375. Cese, G. 1H., Canp Bogardus. Ti-
S Ward, R. L., 337 . William. Kansas Bird, . H, 625 . Twelfth. Teshie, mounittain, Mich. 2485-S.
City, Kans. 242-J. Sich. 692-J. Crissnan, 1. 5., 63 E. Uil. Detroit,
-J Walcott, Albert, 522 Monroe. Zeland, Bishoap, F. C., Ann Arbor. 173. Mih.
MiSch. 90-J. Blanco, G. W., 435 . tUniv. SantJuan, Crotirh.22.,58Mno.Agac
Walburg, W. L., 432 Maynard. Sahie, Porto Rico. 147-L.Mih2.
Mich. Bleekiman, G. 5., Camp Bogardus. Ceross, AtuMd 21EHrn.Hg
Waikens, J. T., 855 Forest. Detroit, Omada, N. . eson d
Mich. Bowers, Rt. F., 548 . State. Kalana- Cramer, 0. C., 524 Thonmpson. Savaa,
Weigand, Herman, 125 Baldwin. Brod- o, Mich. 237.11.63J
' , hagen, Ontario. 2284-. Blunt, L. 0. 543 Church. Warren, C olygoode orass. 14.Wahenw
Wells, R. A., 928 honroe, Parkville, Sih. 1153-.HoykMs.3.
Md. 264- Bos, . E, 1317 aWilnot. Ft. Smith, --'
Wlls, V. B., 507 Elm. Dowagiac, Mich. Ar. 147-. PROFIOUCE SHOW4S GRlO WH
100-W. Bocstaher, H. L., 523Sonroe. e- OF tiv tERtEST IN STRINI)BERtt
Westernaun, K. N, 15 N. Thayer Ad- trot, Mich. 90-.
rian, hich. 868-L. Bogardus, . ., 804 SMotiroe. Grand Thec grownig interest its August
Wheelock, Ruth. Goodrich, hich. Rapids, Mich. 10724. Strindburg was ponted out by Prof.
Whitney, Edward. 663 . Col. Detroit, Bond, W. ., 21 . Ingalls. Baolyolta.F,, A( Bocke, of ten Germans depart-
Mich. 1739-. Mass. 436-. men, in hi lecture its the physics
White, Mae, 1222 Washtenaw. Detroit, Boris, S. L., 715 S. Tnelth Chaba- buildiing last week. e said that until
h SMich. 885-. rowsk, Russia,~ SiSberia. 945-L ten years ago the work of the now fa-
Is Wiggims, David, 429 S. Division. Indi- Bttie, Clifford, 706 5. Thayr. Grand mas author nas unknonn in Ameni-
a ana, Pa. Haven, ich. 1073-. 1ca, but now that ten ot his work had
Willson, J. B., 444 . State. Pittsburg, Boye, L., 516 Cheever Court. Chili betn translated.
Pa. 937.- Station, 839-. Professor Boucke 'crowned Stritd-
Wilson, Florence, 119 W. William. Brady, E. S., Camp Bogardus. Ed- burg as one of the greatest realists of
Attn Arbor. wardsburg, Sihh the age. e pointed out tat he was
Winter, gbert, 981 Forest. Spring Braisted, LeRoy. Ypsilanti, Mich. a student of all sciences, especially
envr Lake, Mich. 520-I. Ypsi, hemistry and biology, sand that his
Arow Widom, . S., . SMadison. Kansas Brenman, . R., 631 5, Ingtss. H'arbo writings portray a physical natre,
.cswihltlofCity, Mo. 1395-. Beach, Mich. 1644-S.witltleo sympathy or sacrifice.
- Woessner, Ann, 607 Bill. Ann Arbor. Brodie, J. ., Camp Bogards A- The speaker said that he nes a ge-
- U118-h. gula, N. Y. ls at portraying character, bt sel
Wood, W. P. Ypsilanti, Miah. Bresah, A. W., 410 . Dieisiot. L- loin produced a character of a wll
Woodford, Olive, 530 Thompson. Cleve- largeville, N. Y. 899-; rounded type.
a lanid, Ohio. R,12 h Broussean, L, W., 407 E. Huron. Neiw Professor Bork said tat Strid-
Wright, WR,12E.sigo. Orleans, La. 1834-. berg craved independene, and desired
Wahington, hich. Brush, S. T, 3351 . State.-treley, to gan everything entirely through
Young, Alma, 406 . Jefferson. How- Coio. 138. his Sell merits. e sas considered
ll, Mich. 2460. Budd, B. C., 1408 Washteniaw. Enie pessimisti, and held the utmost sori
-- Pa. 343. ansld contempt for women, slthougi he
IG Engiteeritng Deart net Buel, . C., 530 Thompson,. Sagisaw was shown to have been matrried three
Abbot, . C, 143 ashessw. B- hab.201h. itaesa divorce following in each case.
trit, Mich. 166. Cadwallader, A. G., 921 Pakard. Has- --- - __--
_ Aldrich, . A., 920 E. Washingon. tings, SMich. JAW ENROLLMET RECORDS
Allan, . D., 816 Arch. Fremont, Caloway, C. B., 335I S. Stte. Indiana PASS LAST YEAR'S itBJJIES
Mich. 1340-L. Pa. 138. __
et Angler, P. P., 1030 Oakland. Chiago, Candler, W. W., Camip Bgards. De- The erolmaent of the law dtart-
. 11 0-Mh trit, hiah. 1 met for the first senester of the
-Atkinson Robert 1131 E. Huron. Hl- Campbell, 2I. V., 15555 Wasteaw. summer session show' a marked in-
ly, hiah. 1484-. Anti Arbor. 622. c rease ver that of last year. The
W Babel, E. H~. 1037tBadiwi. Buffalo, Canan,IW. A., C' aipBogarus. To- nunber for the first semester last
N. Y lo, Ohio. yar was 191, as compared with the
Bailey, M. D., Camp Bgardus.-Tren- Carlin, . ., 718 Monroe. Greantille, preent erolment of 20. The sum-
ton, hich. ich. 1172-. her registered for the seaod semester
Baker, W. D., 1335 S, State. Wilmette, Cavitte, Jr., John, 311 N. T'ayer. tDe- lat year sas 195. an it is expeted
111. 1328. ' trit, Miah. 221. that the eerolment for the second
_ Ballantine, G. W. Camp Bogardus. Carroll, Lesie, 621 E. 'Wiliams. Lack- semester ths susmner will be 'am-
Denve,Cola, crt. N. Y.,357. watit"larger.
Banme, R. X..803 . State. Lancaster, CaswellH, B B ieenville, llh. -- --______
N. Y. 1314. Can, Ping, 533 . Univ. Caton, OST-U. of . pin contaiiing a large
Basnghart, L. E. Ypsilant. Chia. 267-. letter M. Finder will receive re-
Barkley, 1. . Camp Bgardus. Ar-.Chatfield, 0. M., 836 . Univ., AnsiAs- ward. Call 1813-. . 12
gyle, N. Y. 989-M. (br.
Barnes, . 0., 556 S. State. Chicago,". Chatfied, Robert, 836 . University. FOR RNT---Cttge in Widenaasi
ilh, Ann. Arbor. Grove, Witmore Lake. Address
Barthehi, . B., 03 Oakland. Cold- Chen, T. F., Canmp Barasus. Kashan, 312 S. Division St. Phone 312-2.
water, Mich. 1780-. Chin. 12-14
Bartos, C. P., 1437 Washtnaw. Louis- Cheng, 6G. Y., 510 Cheeve. Sohow,' --__ ------___ __
vill, Ky. 319. China. 24-. Cleani soda water at Calkns. t.

ment and the Summer Session.
Special Courses in Forestry, Newpaper and _________________________________
Work, Landscape Design, Higher Commercial THE NEW EDItSON LYNDON, PHOTOGRAPHER
Education, including Railway Administration D IA MO0ND DI1S C Ann Arbor's Headquarters or Kodaks, Cameras and Photo Supple.
and Insurance, Architecture, Conservation PlIONOOiRAPHf
Engineering, Pedagogy (afiliated with Ann
Arbor Schools for Observation Study, and a fryu
course for those preparing tr the scientiicEARS
administration ot departments ci sanitation I make a Specialy of developng, Pniolsg sd Enlagng for Amsaturs
and public health., No Needles --by modern methd. This hsbaeenmyybuinssa for 10 years and it has
Better Tune increased eey dy-ony results will do this and so wheneer you want
Longer Records anything pstographic lak for the sign of the koak- thats where thing
For Copy of Catalogue, Special Announcement. or Ioe
Individual Information, address ft LYNDON has
Secretary University A NAB Rba t 719 N. Univriy Kdkfo10 peda

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