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July 21, 1914 - Image 1

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The Wolverine, 1914-07-21

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Vol. V.


No. 12i.


Famous _clor-11anugex' VWill IFak.
Pat of I"' Iipll'i "Vas Cues
and lFace " IThurisday
With lhe noted le Greet playng
the role o1f the Triplt., "Maques ad
Faxccs," wil be preseted by the lie
.Creel: Woodand Players no the ope-
luglerormance of a serie 01 ive
ploayo Thursdlay eveninog The or-
xititee inx harge announces the fol-
lowing cast.
1"11xsxes andi Faces"
or "Bleore and Behind the Curtain'
Sir CharlePomander, a towno beao
.."...... George C,. Sommres
Mr. Ernest Vane, a contry getle-
mean ....... Charles Francis
(Clley Cibber ...Douglas Ros
Qixix, anl actor.... Harry Calver
Triplet, author, artist, actor.
... :: ... .. ...... .. B o y G re i
Lysixeacus Triplet, Roxalaa Trip-
lit,lis childrens....Irene evano
....Vere Vivian
Mlr, Snxar, l. Soakler, critica ...
...Hlexley Edwardv
...Leonard Craoe
Jamies IBrdock, Colander, Hun-
ldon, sirvns b George Hare
Albert Carroll
texnet Kilpackx
('ll IBoy ......Albert Moore
PonilixY.........Henry Willis
Mitres Van'...Ruth Vivian
leg Wsftlingioxx Elsie Herdoolearne
Kittile Cive....... Viola Knot
Jxxne 'Triplet . t...ertha Cozen
At. -Greeni roonx of the teate.
At II .-Earnest Vane's maxxnsion.
AclIII--rpetsBrrtTesat sale began yesterday after-
uon t 4:00 oclock, and ht two
lays rem~ainx before lie oeing per-
formanxxce, a lxare nnber of ticket
have been sold, Single reserved seas
aee sold at 7 cents, ard a special of-
fir is beinignade of $3.00 for the se-
ile-series of ive lperformanes The
aftxernxooxnxperformncxes bein at 3:45,
and the eveinig show at 8:00 o'lock.
A stage is being eretei on the cam-
pus, but in case of rain the plays will
h givenin xUnxiversiy Hxall.
Nxumeroxus grauilates have sered
piositixxnxs axxinstxuctors lin differeil
pxarts of thxeexxxountr txrough texp-
Oiltixextcx'xxxxiti tee, sie te first
o July.
Amxong ie appointmxxents are the
followxing:Ilidxx feninixgs, IHowell,
eightih gradle'xxnd high school English;
Mlargeuiie Sfevens, UCharlotte, Eng-
ish; HlenixCoxoly, River Roge,
Exnglish; Mxs. Bessie Priddy, Ypsilan-
ti, hisory; Spxhie o, St. Johns,
Gex'xxaxn and history; Jla Haleck,
Mlixigain City, English; Sophie Hlerr-
xxaixx, ellevue, Ohio, Latin and Ger-
mxanx; Lee C. Hxughes, Romeo, spr-
ixtexxdentxf Roy Waite, Marshid, Or-
ygo, lrinxcia; Mary Hasynes, Wil-
liaxxsiox, miathematics and English;
Nieva Wods, Vicksbrg, domestic sci-
eixie; Rhiodxx Surtevant, Niles; Mar-
tix" Colbuxrn,Boiose Idaho.

wholisslkes leading roles ini the lien
(Icee Plxays
hiinls llinixg Stud~ents Elect Officers
Siummer' school stxdents inking the
iwork in enibalmxing arid sanitary sci-
ence havxe organized and elected the
following officers; president, 0. E.
Kilstrom; vice-president, C. E. Otter,
and secretary-treasurer, George 0.
(ompares Our Present System of
Pulic Schools Wills Those
of Europe
Prof. A. S. Whitney deocribed the
'suggested systems of school reformx,
which have been reeommxended by the
board of regents, ini his lecture on
'Shall We Reorganize Oxxr Public
School Systenm?" in west physien am-
phitheater yesterday. He compared
the school systems of the Unxited. Stat-
es and Canada, which he said were
alike, with those of England, France,
Professor Whitnsey pointed out the
differences ini the curricula of the
schools in the differenit countries,
showing that the length of the high
school course in the United States is
sot sufficently long, whlile the ele-
mentary course is lenger thani neces-
sary. Dy the means of charts, he
shoowed the length of the courses
wohichx are offered is the Anmerican
schools, in comparison to the number
of years that the foreignx schools put
onx the same subject.
'lbs reform to correct this condition
was explained by Professor Wxhitney
inx the Regeixts recommendatioix which
provides tsr a six year high school
of two divisions, a junxior and senior
high school, of thsree grades each. An-
other reform suggested is that of mnak-
ing the high schools, joinior colleges,
offerinxg two years of work which
would be acceptable as university
Librarian Roch to Atlend )h ctig
Lixrarian 'Theodore WV. Koch will
attend a joinit meeting of the Michigan
anxd Wxisconsins library associatiosot
be held at Menominsee, Mtich., and Mar-
ixnetxe, Wis., July 29-31. Mtr. Kcch is
piresidenit of the Michtigatx library as-

SUMMER MEDIC DEPARTMENT ft';e xnuissxxinlxsbll ' 10 H M I N
your pfinuncixl ali spoitL. ~tI neeuist* ME I CH PON
AluixufrontCla.sses iiuthes"Eighties" "halsie bxlls, e. ou are' rei-w- -
Studin hsSpecil ('Cleic qusted to siisgyour 'sss- * S ss l lgxittIsig Faictor siin Us.7
I' urse si~ents t he hie leixias soo sssi s's ss hls
The suxxxxmertedical departxxent-_-.
includes a laxrge xxxmbr 01fxxex, nwho - - V 1 11. lTARTI IS1111R .ED, Ilt'
hvbeneggdimeiawokTRA 'SME ST ENSeither as hpractitioners or as teachers, DILY Al' IIEI,'I'1 SLthtX'llE -'leirlstxxv'ek aofiok ifn iix'.cixxx
foe- mnxy years. Athoughx the xxun- xru evesioxxitedepaxtmexn'xtaxilxxgx,
her is large every suxxmex, the 1914 Onxxte xieexig' of 5 tudvext',halexxii' 'xixxlx)pSxtrdaxyxftexxnionxxwhxci
enrollmient inclxxdes a larger repxr- been heedted daii' xt the lxniiersity ithevxg ixxx'vs, xddxmaterixlly by tx
sentation of the experienced oen, healthx ervie. tOf these xabuxtv ti tixi xxiiidbu.rixxxxg ox Cv'xx'gxi
most ofxvhxomxxare Michigan alumni, were sLenx axd 35 wss'sxxxi'xx, e r sent-xandxiih sxiiy I iixt, tox lii~
Authorities ini thisdepartment :claimnumxber of xviii irteautexd beixig diii. iii v ofthe unbeat'xeii-meicxs ti thx
that it is by the high grade of work to this larger proportionx o1 themi' -tuii o x iatos cxii score.
done during the summoer that lbs roletd isumerie'school. Thxe' have 'lTie 'gxxxv xaxix'xggedi fromix ixit io
standrd of thxe ux'dical school is rais- boon no ases vf sur' throat afthlii'ep- xixishbutxhd eixoiughx surrises'vfiii
ed, idenaicitypte, ilast stixxixer eandWht'ti i xxvi sed Cismxixit vintxrxsixxe(;t-
The clinical department especially whexi iwo cases resulted fata'lly. iitx o o ii
offers work arran~ged for the pxracti- lD. Elsie Seeye Pratt hasxos xxiv ii. asex'r, uxxit afte "Sis"
tioner. The followsing are enrolled i abroad fr the stumxixer xand xiilnti i f'rl fratrebge n
the mare strict clinical cosrses. be bxack unitil the opeiixg ito iif :itix a ix exni xiaxxrecied txaxi-
lDe. . Arnold, '89, Denon, 0.; Dr. school ini October, bit other areoxgi lii 1_, i thiieiiifourielliirouxit,
J. C. Atwell, '98, Butler, Pa.; Or. P. mens are made for the treatmxexnt o+''xxx;si liofiThusdxy'vsv'n'xah
IH. Quick, '95, Oivet, Mich.; Dr. Thos. universityiwomien. 'The husryillitdxsweit t I i x,lxx', xxni, iaxibs teale-
'- Blair, '92, Lyons, 0.; Dr. C. P. Porter, remain the soni; fxoxmx9.00 to 12:00xexxxsiisttxx'x,, xii n xtuiene baloonix
'99, Elsie, Mich.; Dr. F. .L. Morse, '98; a.in., daily except Sunxday. ride, wxoul hve rendred a. very good
Dr. Geoo L. Mood '03, Alton, Mich.; re tcouxnt osimxnseitf.IWheat, foteii'
Dr. Mxaie Nielsen, '03, Onmaha; Dr AJVCTOA N OA ier a osdrby bte
A. . Obrien, '08, Ironwood Mich.; DrSASJ OCTIONALjAN MORAL i tipar't'cl ax x'alytgtplcs
F. J. Seber, '82, Rush Mediscal Col- TRAINING ARE ISEP RBLE ixetee anlHxxgiitt did the' bully at
On'; D. T. D. Schmelzridt 94 Be-A ~~tA1~ thscrnfote ilmks S-
troit; Dr. E. A. Panck, '94, Illinois;-le gxrnerxing 4 runs out at ie trip,
Dr. Erwin Linderbergen', '96, Louis- hx6icihsnl I.hB. aIs ss, mxI'hasesto th' pate, swhile "Thomxxxxy" 4 ixle
sills; Dr. S. L. Morgns, '98, Iowa Ai's'(Closely Linkesd in 'Blk circuit the'tiimxes out xxi taxis
State; Dr. B. J. Mc~arry, '02, D- Yeserdany a1t bt.
troit; Dr. J. B. Sesvrt, '05, Detroit; 'fheieinginiers gainixi11 'xxxn lead
Dr. H. OH. James, Jr., '10, Detroit; and That vocationxai training cxant be in the lerst two fxxxi lairely
D~r. A. A. Eggstein. '12, Vanderbit. seprated from nioral trxainixg, an rid hte: t> m.,s 'iedc
that these two phascs of eduxixtioni tas thex aihphix. x to eenx tinxxs
are bound together ixseparxaby, awre 11 h, oxai005xi rehevi secoxd ix the
"U'SE hOMEi BOOKS THIAN TN . the principal ideas advanced y AMr.thilsxftv'tsero aid x'e'x
1913," SAY LIRARtY OFFICILS Jesse . IDavis, princial of he dixxdx''
-~~ ~ t -baadn Cexlecldt.ix xxc. . g ,uttixug then
-- api's ental ighscho:-111 fixde a ive n alhls, timd (Gabraithx
Rtecent reports from the desk off- of his lectures lat nighttlied xo Sisle. Te iexi mani up wsxa
dials at the university library indicate "Wbheni business men ask us about Smixthi, who batted t a .1A0 cliii inn
a marked increase this summer in the students who have applied fox' hot hs- etgan.'isbg ice rv
number of students using the library l ios= in iheir estabishments," Al. tdxbi alf el,'losgbmt
'over that of the 1912-13 summer se- Oais said, "they invariably want to Kline aid Nutting to cross the plat.
sion. Just how large the increase is, knuowe about their characies first. The tebinson, however, spoild the rxxlly
Icannot be stated at present, as the sta- particular traininge a sxdent may iby fxnnig ou.
tistics have not as yet been made outk have had foe the sort o1 work he in- Th'le other engineer tallies cxmne iii
From tenmporary records kept at tends to do is a matter of seoxdary le fourth ard seventh innings. Whea
the circulation and delivery desks, consideration," streitig xth orhst s
hwerastay growth in the num- Ar. Davis shwed hxow the ides, oh dowsem, by hitting a cleani singe to
her of books issued for home use and vocaional gidance first seigifnuxted ight. Sise failed to dodge onxo f
reference work has boon noted. Near- n England, and whiieoaoh fet of csn- Soth' s curves, and tole se-onil lie
Ily all of the desks in the seminary pratively little signifieance, it grad- Wheat plfered third. Hucliitt hen
room are now occupied, and the daily ally attractedi this attentioxx ol tose pecee okxe ihfyi ei
circulation of bookse from the upper interested in the advanxcemt ot ed- troeedenditkioockx'das tixohnflythe sid e
reading roonm is larger than that of ucaiou. It appeared first n the sas sink Gabraith, however, ook
last sunxmer. Anerican Contient lxx the estermxtiings to easy, andmxdxuffed tie ball,
-____- -____ xsiates and gradually corked its way aoiinmg 'Whieat ard Siser to scamnpxr
'IWO S'rI)EN1STR IlEATIlEDI wes.moume. Siser led off ins the seventh
hN [IVEiS~l HO~tT.LS. The cumbersonme subjects whchu
are'sntetmeERgvershoHhihPIcTALS by deving a log limer betweeni left
ar smtie gve o-ih cooil fielder Kline's legs and reacied third
There are at present two students students foe rhetoric themues, and thei'eoetebl cudb eae n
beig teatd i th unverityboo -little good that is deemved rom ucaih eoel~ebl ol b xydlx
bein tratedfn he uivesit bos wok wa dicused b th speker; vghitt grounded to fBst, anu was
itals. Clinton B. Drake, '17M, was byte pakrisae sri OCainor's error, whie Sser
sperated on for a hernia and is almost and compared to the work whichi wav scred. ~yons connected amd found
ready to go bonu. William . Case, nosy being done in Gramd Rapids. flersc-berm an attempt was made tx tag
'17E, is in a serious condition as a"SuetshudbaloetowieHgt ttir.Bhmncosd
result of ani inflamation of the a-osujcsnwhhteyreie- the plate on ranu's single ard thus
toid bone, following a cold, ested. That is the only way to get net menuon 1went own in, one, two
the bst results from the Engishb three order.
classes."Tmemedcrale slgtyite
Geulogy Profe'ssor' onl Wetern Ixrips The second ecture on the series siTheamedisvlenti iixgh.~tl in e
Professor E. C. Case, of the geology will be given. at :00 o'clock this f-'ondw ntesxh oisnsn
deuartment, is spending the summer ternoon in theo physics building, the ied to eft and scored on O'Connor's
in Idaho, Nevads and several other third will occur at 8:00 o'clock Wed- tilOCno isl oighm
w iesterni states. He is engaged in nesday, whiie the other two of the on Thomuas's error. Smith singled i
study of the variouosenments of phys- series are scheduled oe 7:00 ociock 'tm senhafrtxomxhdben
ographical geology to be found in that on Thursday amid Friday, peceding
part of the country, the Ben Greet perforamances. (Continued on page 4.)

THiURSDAY, 8 P.rP., Reade rndAnulume3COUo Seat Sale at Wahr's Stae
Taylor's "-hasks and Faces" Anul umerScol ggmeto
FRIDAY,,3:45 P. M., Street Store, opens Monl..
-RDY Twelfth Night" G u ' day, July 20th, at 4 P. M,
BcniGrcct's Wooghand Playcrs Reserved Seats, 755
SATURDAY, 3.45 P. M. . ssYuLk t By special arrangements Stu-
SATURDAY, 8 P. M., Campus Theatre July 23, 24, 25 redt ucdrul teos.0al fiv

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