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August 17, 1915 - Image 1

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The Wolverine, 1915-08-17

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Vol. VI.


No. 24

David Stovall, '151", Dies 11r111 Blood
Poisoning' in Anni Arbor
J~asi ight

Sodden death claimeid another memn-
ber of loot yearos graduating class,
when David Stovall, '15E, died at 10:30
o'clock laot night from 1)100( poisoning.
/ Stovall, who was working in Detroit
thio sommer, camne home to Ann Arbor
last Saturday. Monday he began to
softer from an ulceratedl tooth, and
slid not return to work.
Blood poisoning anon set in, andi in
spite of the efforts of his physician,
he (lied last night at his home.
His death canme soon after h~is ac-
ceptance of a positioni as (office manI-
ager for a large Detroit firni. He was
A, well known among h~is classmates,
whso will regret the sudden cnd of his
promising career.
The funeral will he hcld in Ann Ar-
bor at 10:00 o'clock Thursday morn-
ing. The body will be taken to Detroit;
for burial.
_fI 'UAN S'rUDEN'l" D I NO
tOne fornmer Milihean student and
- the ton o1 a onierisity faculty manO) is
at present dricing aiibulances in the
Frcerci army. Edwmn Wilson, ex-'I 1,
who attended Ilarvard last year, en-
rolled in the ambulance service 0001)
after leaving colic-c ini thle spring. He
ha,; been in service in close proxinity
to the iring line.
Riichardi N. Hall, son of Dr. L. P.
Hall 01 11)0 dentistr y departmenot, also
joined the French ambulance corps
immedliately aftei 'graduatinig from
Dartimouthin June. lHe has signed 01)

", F-- Michigan's Students Venture
eftlTVl. Into South Seas as Sailors
'Today Phil Hleartt, '18A, and Robert White, tBarbadloes Islaiids for coal tonight,
8:11 o'lc-eiaTbns"h 17E, have both arrivetd in BuieinosI and I am writing flits letter ini hopes
Honymon" y he las n hae-Air'es, Argentina, after having worked ta a get it msailedl. We swon'tbe
spearean reading, under, the three- able to get ((ft the ship1)but the icap-
tioni of Prof. R. D,.-T. Hollister, fni- their way onu a smsall steamser tduriiig tain ou' stewardl probaly swill. We left
versity Hall. the last month. Tlhe boys startedl from New York la-f Saturday aind this is
'tomorrow Ann Arbor' with just enoughs money the last stop lietore we reach Moiite-
'~:tl 'clck-x'mintio~s or llto get thieni to New York. By the tine vidlo in three weeks, where see stop
2:0ocokEaiain-o l they had secured a position onft'e boat f or a day or two and then g ut
coirses meeting at 9:00 o'clock. yg nt
4:00 o'clock-E-xaminations for all their monsey was giine and they were IBuenos Aires. My wort is uot.iard
forc~ed to live for a tiiie at Aii institute but the foil is rotteii. It is taheii op
coures iceingat 100 'clck. for sailors. Before startinig on their to the torecastle in dish paiis where
'Thursday voyage, the agent for the comupanysfor1 the cr ew all (lip in their idirty spoon~s
8:00 o'clock-ERxaniations for all whichi the iieii are weorkligforIcid aiid galp it downCi, It is made of car-
courses meeting at 8:001 o'clock. theme ho give up all of their aidvaiiced irots, potatoes aiii scraps of ioeat
10:00 i'clock-ERxamaiinations for all pay, amounting to $10, leaviiig thieiii xeii together. I have to take the
courses iieetiiig at 4:00 o'clock. nothinig. bosun his meals whiichs arc a little
2:00 o'clock-Exauminations for all Hleartt's duty on the shsip is that of better a0(1 I eat what is left on his
ioiirses meeting at 2:00 o'iclock. a conmniin seaans, swabbinog the decks, plate. Biib slips ise a couple of sand-
4:00 o'clock-Rxamninations for all polishinig the birass autd doiiig other 'wiches froii the m)ess-roomii every
courses mleetinig at 10:00 o'clock. odd jobs aboof the biiat froims5:30 iiighit alter lark,.tHe gets pretty giiiid
____ ____ ____ o'clock in the imorning until 5:00 food, the sanie as the engiiieers on
Shaokeswrenls i ves tLast e. ad Io'clock at night. White was the mess- whom hie waits."


Prof. 1R. D. '1. Hollister's class in
Shakespearean readiiig iii give the
last iof ifs sumiier eintertaiiiments this
evening at University Hall at 0:00
o'clock. They will presecut Tobin's,
"'l'he Honueyimoon."
Nleither 'Twirler Allows at Walk, 10i
Men Fan, Erroiless Bail and iBut
Niiie flits Figure
Sisler lost one of the toughest
gaines of the year Suiiday, when Hoc-
toin, oft Cleveland, wois a 1 to 0 pitch-
ers' battle fronm the fornier Wolveriiie.

bioy, serving the eiigiiieers and the The boys are planning to) slay is
captaiii. A letter reiceived by Mrs. Buaenos Aires iiitil they have made
Reartt tells of soise (If the experi- eiioughIminiey to pay their wvay to
emnces that (lie (sys have gomie through. Africa, and sill then wot their way
'The letter is dated July 10, aind was arouiid the world. 'Ihey expect to re-
mailed at Darbadoes Islanids. tarn iii time for cosllege a. year troml
Heartt write': "We stop at the this fall.

Former Head of Work at ('olu-er tfili-
lacrt.hAcidemy titill Have ('lare
of Squaindl Here
'Thle appointmsent of MVr. Wilfretd
Wilson as director of Michigan's Var-
sity baud, iieans th~at the band is as-
sured of having a capable leadIer for
the coining year. Mr. 'Nilsoni has beeii
especially traiiied for wtork of this
ktiiid, and is thioi'oughly experieiiced.
For 12 years lie was director of the
Culver Military Institute baud, aiid as
a result he is thoroughly convers'ant
wcithi the sort of imu~sic demnided in
student comminiities.
The university baud is coiistantly
grossinig larger and better, aisd it is

for thre eioiith's service. R1obert If. If was aii errorless ganie in which
Patterson, the sLon of P'rot. George W. neither hurler passed a batter. 'The

Ptiatersoin of tile tlectictal enigiineeriiig
facolty, who hell Ann Arbor eaily in
July 10 secure amebulaiice work, was
refused a place because lie seould iiot
enlist foi flit entire war period. Ble
stocked hoc a time msoulding bullets
in lfalestei Enughad w1( shere lie is
naowv. IIl' expects to return tin timie to
cater the uiiiiisi ty in the fall.
Mre. "itil 0' Freer, (whose hiusbaisd
swas formerly ai professor of chuemsistry
in the toniversity, hias also left tis
couintry in a relief party. Rtecently
she reached Nish, Servia., aiid expects
soon to be in the scar zone.
Yesterday a letter s-a.: rceived isy
the a':e.i'sfoifroms Prof. Reiie
Talanena, swho seas wosunded in battle
while fighinig for the French, statitng
that hit wouiids were healtig and that
his doctors gave every assuraiice o1
his recovery.
Professoi' Talaini was in Franuce
on his houicynuon wheii he was called
to war. le taught F~reiichi at the uni-
versity last year, anid when he has re-
covereid expects to resunme teaching
Followinig is a list of people wtis
have receittly secured teachers' post-
tions through the appoiinutmenif coin-
mittee :
Stepheni Lyttle, 'Phree Rfivcrs, 111 ii.,
history anii science. t\I;(:y Mfarvin,
Muskegoii, Mich., English. Bessie
Semvis, East Lansing, Mich., English
and history. Mabel Witzel, F~raniklin
Colgege, New Athiens, tOhio, Germuani.
William IR. Wright, Beau of Franint
College, New Athens, Oihioi, eductitious.

lIdian scaore cause iii fle seventhoin
a udouble, infield out, anid 'acrifice thy.
Mortons fansned it, beingignuvincible.
Sisler had live strikeouts, and got two
of flue four hits Iis teams gleansed off
thi Clteveland star. Sisler' let the
Soimer'' claus uowni siths five safeties,
ill ofovhichs cause huttifferent rounuds.
In batthig, Sisler leads thee St. Louis
nevuowss withats average of .280. Ini his
4f gamees lip to last Thursday the
uhhlical averages show that he has
gathuered 13 runus andi 35 hits ini 125
legal tisses at hat. 1e has stoleisthree
tHis pitching record stanids at .500.
as Suinday's ganse is not yet recorded,
thierc betig but two-defeats against as
miany victories us the nsine ganmeylie
has appeared ons fle lull. He ha.
yieldheud20 hits ho the opposing bat s-
Sisler is undoubtedly makinga
niaime for hiniself for he is beinug fa-
vorably discussed by msaisy aseball
writers. Ini the Detroit Timses for
last Saturday there appeared a large
peniamid iiik sketch 0f hint and aii
article wshichs claims for bins the title
of betig the nmost versatile player in
the big show aiid states that hse has
onse of the 0m0sf puzzling curve balls
ever shiuweud by a youngster iii fast
Muinsey's msagazine for August eon-
atuss a story boy Harold Titus eiititled,
"A iAl' a sud His Horse," a story of the
westerniplainis. Titus has been writ-
'tug fuor "'The Amiericani Boy," "Popu-
tar Magazinec," aind others of a similar
nature, aisi it 15 ((lly lately that Iis
effisrts halve beeni recuogniizedh by larger
magazinies. lHe was onme tine nmanager-
elec~t of The ihigan Daily.

Extension LecltieeIluiemuPlmins Iong
Series of Addresses onl Many
tUniversity of Michigais's Extenusiuon
Lecture Bureau swill save oil its prou-
grans a great iiuimber of lectures givent
by the faculty of theunmiversiy Th
titles of the lectures rane frosmi"An-
cieint Athsletics,"to "Why (te Consum-u
er's Dollar Is Shrinking.
'The aim of the uniuversity iniingu
these extensmsnlecture's is three-ftold,
is the first place if us to proniote tho
cause of education' seconidly, to kite
tou local consmmuties lime technm ia
knmouwleudge o1 university specialihsts;
andt thii'dly, to give isthecebers of1thte
faculty a lknowledlge olfluhe cotirseo' 0
edimcations thrui'ighout ithestate.
Twenity-fouir of the mecmberes of the
faculty of the C:ollege of itterature,
Scienuce, andl the Acts, will give lee-
tures; 22 of tite facuilfy of flue College
of REnginieerinsg; it of the Medhical
College; 5 of the College of. Lao;1
of the College of P'harmuacy; :1 of the
Cbollege of Hsomeopathiy, amid :1ifit'e
memsbers of the College of Denutal Sur-
gery, comprise thee faculty mensensm-
gaged us fhis work,
Tfhe comsplete bulletins givinig a list
'of all the professors amid mnembders osf
the faculty engaged iii the work wilt
soon hue published, together with a list
of the lectures themselves.

Eily O'l)utplays His Opplonent. in All
Sages ofLamion iSalinay's
"ltons" Mfacko fought his maytl'to the
fitah rounduo of the ou'femis tournaumiesnt
' ahu'uh v, and in the flinias, suceced
hubtoimmg htakeur lostho unmmicof -0.
6-2, thsus taking' fte summeur schuools
tithe for' thou'soumerof ot1915.
Mbackt bestetd his spponf t ie (very
hepartmsent; of the gamte, having hus
serve unmder perfcotefsumfrol, andolrc-
turnuing the ball accurately andl con-
sistentlyoerte le. Ithe seconde
set, Mat'ktbet'ameiu a little folo sure of
himiself, andsulippued up, aliowing
Baker too tue 'uagameus t bilagan set-
tiedu dhowno toe 't Oranduoof lomimis whiich
resultedlino 'tvictory
Mack will rective fle silver loving
cullofferedl as fle aswardl to thei win-
nsr, antdl Baker scll icceice fle watch-
ftob, emblehomiatc' otheflunomne-up._
"('hocs" Mack ws'tfle only Miehi-
gait uuan outsieo f eidel, who em-
ter'tdchthoustate to uneymt o Detroit, ansd
m~adec a goodl shouwing, lasting three
couds, anidlthic onsly- fallimg before
thse racquuet f o trmer state's chan-
pionm, iDouugtfy. Mfacko won his "M"
last sping o thu Wovrinie'tennuuis
Duarinug thou:sumser session the
sfteam upoweur systtemsuinithou:en~gineueing
laboratories has givenmupace'to a new
anduthorouugliy moduern, electrical
systemuu. The ool engineu:ronm has ben
vac~atedI andocamn owmieus evuovtetduto
otheuur purposes. 'list netw motrhas
beeintifalleduhitfiotheasemesn~t f thus
buiilding anduloperatesall msachinery
in the wooduu, mainue andi forge sops,
as wecl as thou:ruefuse dispsal pant.
'rhutohduboilr roumoct hoclaboa-
toruiessill blousedultohprside nmore
lockter rtom forfle sfuden~mts.
'Thc:eltausgo:ino thie:powrsysftem oh
the e'ngieringlabocraoris mas tie
extodhusuuofssteam proeledl umachinery
tu thle ''ms. s Sict'thou:neuw cen-
tral hetoe ndpwo lat a luciu
completedu ohniuleh cooiohl power po-
videdole'cooseo'duohthou'niees outthe
uiverit,steasm('uspower' 01)the camti~pus1
lhis been'unouthintuto" ,uha meleus x-
pense. Iesides beingm ioreo onm-
oat, tt' sew' sy'stemiis muchule uaner
andauol urcei' 1 o' s'. tuble to tinte
oprating ,it
'lIE,',III 14 IINS 01.. LI: EVh
Presidenil t It .Hiutchins is pa-
nigashoutctiIonuum at thesoinimt '0
W~otds IHe0expects'.to retounabout
the 20th, n ordem too iouepare for 1)is
trip to'Saut "rancisco(clent: hseis to
be oneo1 the i ncipal speklersonO
the progrcmat h ffee llichigaui Alumni
-bnut o ntif ut 'Michig'anisDay" at te
exposiion.t Aftec hfrtluof otSepitems-
to-, D.Hul 'itchins, 00ill imaket:a totr
of fhe ouitherncoIuast oh Calionia amd
willtpek t evra aumnitgahtr-
tiegs duringte firstw oowesetks.

expected to have at least 65 mentbers
next year. Mr. Wilson's selection for
thc iisportant po-I is a good onse, f01
the Uniiversity of Michigan band to
considered omic of the best known col-
lege organizatiomis of its kind tn tht
contry. M~r. Wilsom_ illet also be am:
instiructor us the secsool of msussicansd
will offer courses in windmoamid bandu
During the year, is additions to ap-
pearances at the importanit gooses and
othser studenut funmctionss, a nsumber oh
coniecrts inswschs the better class of
band music will be offered ace beisg
plann~ed for the band. Unsder M'r. Wil-
son's leadecship, the success of the
band soill be greatly guarantleed.
Latin Professor fluds Suinner W~orko
Prof. A. H. Crittenden, of the Latin
departmnt, returnsed Saturday fromt
pluto State university', where lie has
held thle chair of Latinfotohse suni-
iner sessioni.


I Defending Greek letter frafernities,
IPresidenst H. B. Hutchins made a
statensent theat fraternity msens are nt
-snuobs. He bases hits stateenit so thee
igue Ocntaknl uringthocUlin sicamo-

tpaign for nmenmbershtip and thte tact -- -- - -___
f float 72 per cent of the fraternity mucusAGtED) MAKERII )F- OL.D)T1(41IN
Iat Michigan are mensbero of-that or- D) IS Al'11031EMIF N IN ARBO4R
gaizio. the past fraternity mnim may havte SMn. N. W. Hiusse, a lostal vitolin
adhsered too clobsely too their ownu circle, mtaker, chougase a bueautiul instruti
beut as Dr. Hutchinus saidh, "Tihie larger wuent withs t ownikileness c'arvedh in
circle hid not exist," 'To a large the-. flue huandole, to fle uiveri~sitv, died last.
oi gree the colleges amid unsiversities have seek it itie agt' out 4 year'. Mn.louise
s beens at fault iii failinig to provide a was a genius' olathis trateh:atvig prac-
smeetinig place for the whoile studentticei' t O all tic life: with It'et'xct'ption
-body and so the fraternitty msani 0ca1 of the'yoears ho: sered isnitse Civil
niot be blamoed. Wan.


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