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July 15, 1915 - Image 1

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The Wolverine, 1915-07-15

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Vol. VI.


No. 10

--- ------- - ----

Engineers Lose League, lead In Canie
In VIIeIIly Ii3tree Htls
Are 11la de



W L'rPcI'.
Lits .....2 0. 1 1.0(0
Medics ....0 0 1 1.000 K
Engineers... 1 1 .500 =
Lawo ...... 0 2 0.000
Saturday's Gianmes
Medic-Engineer, at 2:00.
Medic-Law, at 3:30.

By Rap Church
Scoring six runs on hal, one hlit,
whens they satIed arouiid is thse frst
extra 'stanza of yesterday's game. the
Lito defeated the Engineers S In 2,
deposing the Boilermakers frons a Ore
for first place in the Vacation teague.
Bat thsree' hits wee e nsade in yester-
day's ganse, all of thems triples; sait
had it not been for tise large numsber
of bases on halls issued hy Blenton
and Curtis the came would hare bees
practically air tight,
For five innings, tne regulation
length for tlte wek-day tilts, thse eon-
teot was a bard foughst one. There
t was n0 hsitting, except the three dis-
tance smashes, hot four fielding slips
aon each side and tse large numober of
free tickets kept runniers onl the paths.
Fast infield work cut dowis several
runs, however, and one runs looked
like a big lead uintil flhe Ftissers went
crazy in the sixths ani3 mixed up two
walks, three errors, a triple and sonic
battery slips for a half dozen tallies.
TVhe bits were gresay strengthened
yesterday when Manager MclFairlan
got into the gamie at first ba'se. Nie-
man was mooved to second, and Buas-
jalis senst to right hield. Johnson, in-
fielder of the All-Fresh, broke in at
third for the bits after (xracey had
nmade a couple of bad slips; andiite
Teachers now appear to have liie tbist.
balnced nine in ttie race, with fthiree
pitchers aiid considerable t tility
MclFarland startid the scortiig biy
landing on one of "Jack" Benton's
tlanfs in the seconid for a clean triple.
Re scored on Buojalin's groundi'r toi
Parks. F~or four ininigs this tally
looked exceedingly large. Seein saio
Mills, the tirot two E6ngis eirs op ini
the second, both woilkeid, hat were'
caught napping by ttie alert iitield oi
the Lits. Aresita pegged the farmier
out at first, asid thie hattfer at, se.on~d.
In the third, Browii tripleid for lie
Bridge Builides's, tiit Rie threw hiii
out at the plate oii Eaton's tap. Eatoii
was also insight iiff tirot, t'irt is to
Ia tie fourtti, however, ttie Ingiet
neers went iiito the head. Gracey's
error started all thii troutile, gieti-
Parks a life. t'urtis swalleid Bleit,ii
and a pasted ball advaisceid both ruii
ners. Younig rolled to the biix, aini
Curtis cut downs tParks at the plati' oil
a fast play.
The bits niighit have pulle'd out with-
out beinig scored osi, but turtis
tlhoughit there were two mieii ouii, anid
retired Sevim at tirot on his built,
Bentons scorisig, aiid Tauig tikinig
third, The alert t'liinaiiaii sent his
teami itu the lead a miomnit later,
('ontinue(i on page 4)

______ lAD00 [AND 9 TO S I * JMendesiiig'to payinlte lim-i T NN*I IAN [T
--ll- -Q-)-4* teaiur of thei'ridepaitmnt lsoine * M V
eloti 1[A *. t, imeis .weeuk, The iiaiagei .IEM9 3 14 T 0T N X WEEK
. i i'liio'cloc "he cl'iogs y o ia gara - a* iihlhir phone niiuiers aie:
Falls", it lust i ite lIiet iiei', Pro, II. Ben Greet Play ers to P1resent: Popular *I !it- Mclanad, 1813-Jl. * Enties May lie Ilade Up U'ntil lFriday
1.Iot le t I. St, ct ueiii'oo151 tol 5 s Shakesperian 1Dramnas For * Lass--Inhadie, 41. * fon sit BWolveriine
icll on t .."Stummer Studients 1 iigiuteers- Ileulo, 1I-1l. *0Offce
iri-)lied ics- , 11-:11
-'o'cliii I, toe iiiiito Niagara 'S11,1l;OF ;1 , I I Sl~' BFItNS J1TIN 19 __ It 1.125 t ll P, b 10 TOBE 1R1Gh
11)Sciott:lstecnrlnubro h u-I. (BC'E IUDIENCE LISTENS '10 Tennis entustisias'oti ave bi'i'nssign-
...'" ,t ii 'oil, 't-Ilhe C OCR Iliri ii"tMethodit Si '1 11 BY(' l'51 1(1 I'r 'hog tup oi'Itho tiiiiiso tiroaiieot in
m C lvi , fi, it( lit, l-an uIHieair eiiti'itaiiimii'iiipiograni liie'Bi'iiblgiiuiiiitiihle loot tiio days. and
. s1is. 'it iac0 iiionith iIt:' Iii'sv. (Greet oiindilplayers owill presesst _,500 Chlarmiieh by Skill of Jhnliii el-eveiry thiniiic ats's a very successful
c'.Dts'.' s, ;iiiiii'i' 'mroom, high asri's of opei'irat'perforiiaiiceo di'aiii andhSiiigism ig oMilss seasiiiiforetie sssuiir'si'hoiohero in
st11)1.iiiiidir tie tiersonaltdii'iections of hBesllila lohiisoo tiisot . 1,t'Ni'ii' y iiii ishe at
3 :301 i'ctlock''"Ilhul, AnieintlI ain dl'ret. 'hss'compasy will olage tio 'Ihie W5olvieini' office il)unitilhFriiday
Sliteiic ,1)'>iie l ilulchci.i1 ~iie.iiSokopau hasnni lo Favored by g si os eattier the ar- ltelttt ieislii u
"uMisii'so uu,,s'iii. 'tastussansI haces,'' by Chiarles lssi s ot ie hs tii tie pre'liminaraesoiiill benmadi'. The
b:0ocok"; ad n it- lteadndhi'rn vlyor emoaysi"gIes iill hb' startied early next
,:10 ii't it ii"T~}'i J, I , iii r 'es tage ilh' '', iis. T'riPli iii9 hed faculty' cnn, sf, ppe'aredl to aoh
.11 Sii ',t''tsa''sill tie coutructeid betweenii siag2,lo5'0ii0a weei'ki an ' i 'sd douleis vill hi'bestarhed
len.th d ri dilloll I lit l ltleCil itlil'y. r1a 'tgebfreh'sadeceadeneo,"rpians hall andthe ihi birary. 'hehiiissste hvi ts 'hue pIloCiltwhihisomiie timoirlate's. At priesest, it is
3t00 oncloel, ileettil, lierisha's, hlla's wiltitie given so follows.: 1wa1 one of she moot instilsg ye thought thalt th' adiisions fie of 50
''liii Gilo," 'erit. I7.1. P. 1fiitlr, iridany aftessions, July 23, ''The gvi, iseoointyej~ ' i al isoiiill lii's isliirni to pay for
Ln liliesil Ii tll 'liaimtig tofthe Shrews." olcciueiiin 55 0 ~10awiards for hiothinotgles.anduhdoubles
Sa rs~Friday'vensisog, Jusly 213 'Mnhasid lllham.thioughtthis iiill hibetiei e ieinitely
2:tiito lt ; , loll ,ille, Vacatioi nua's.- tohissAlexssusier Meherliu, thiseului ihb515 lindIbft'1doubl1e'Ostsart.
Ii agul 't~e ec . INI.sg;ine101,1 i' 'ey CStsurday afternooins, Jiuly 24, '"i'S tasoi h agnhst' fle''Tihe'uls fur tplay wsill hue'as lol-
litli. hittuoils to l'isueri.''s-olo uiad i'5V o bvs' ~ ihss:
schooll oftnidsict, protedi'osusunnier ses
'N:1 sistoek- lilt 1gavisi, Vtion S atuirdasy 'veninsg, July 24, ''A Mtid- orite perfor'mer'. HI Ii'd hlis to flayts- 1.Olstdnsithsumre-
h leu..lu'Meistsv s. aws, 'ery fielit. summsse'r NightsoDreams." t ini thteuish li's,''tosodo Cpri us sowilltbe'allowsedtiu playSits thur
__._- -- ... ._Mr. Buss Greet, who will appear flits eioso" andsi hiopiso'S."h'olonaisu', tOp. tolidiimiiit,
sunser in the well kusown roles, tost." hnis 1teu of hits hssoinuup, Mrd. Mel' 2. h+,au'h esntranot ini this lrelilnin-
Sthse pioneer asid the recogusized a- drum.u very cleverly esesotteut diffiltanis shiouldh consult twiths his oppuonent
LEAVE TOMOBBOW h~~osunss e ieis renoswnsednsst onuly touchets oalso very uotnoticuieasspebstsilpneipo-510 astaiiggo. I tadneted r'sndt tu useasdtsse o h
iAmrcbut also iiiEsnglasnd, preciated. 2. ustu'ails sot appearing for the
F Rweelegained great fanme nasa Ada (Trace Johnsons also u'harmedssl Ireliiaiss'wsithin s15smisnutes of the
_ teacer, ator- ngland panduaferNiesausd ie b erso" uihtssuu ssu',
Fotuin niluDetelopentuitloffIistpre'limintsary gamesu'niOti e his
ul Nisguiralouis playing iiin 'Eerymain," at thu Essi"Ectatsy" sdidhshe'exiitila roundsedu
pire 'Theater, Nesw Yorksty, durisig fullnss of piower'. Frasnces louise ahot1'i'5i''ii'oleruinste
thur wisnter, 'sas invited to give ass Hamsoilton played thorac'comupnsimsusl. iii i'ti'i'tui
111121 IP I t~d 5(111 S~hiNI tpesi air performnsce of "As You Dike - loiuigs''ssi lud hl
It," at ('oloumbia. ''bepovdtobeihi'ei'situth'tyiso tse',sdecisiouniof all
idl liS i Iti'551155i i - 11 ois. tsea greastsaccess.lIsesshenprouclsed I,111B.aRI.b N (0(IIIVO"TE 11 II hS 1'I'0K usubia Iit ufsly
muit iecursionulto Niagarasu Cals oseveral Stsakcsp'rtu plays ili lue O '' 2.1KN I".101" At prsnsut sioluapplicatiossfou'mixed
usill Itk'e11plua's. 'T 'e e'cursion sus illuEizabu'thianismannser', andshails's'a loisg 'ioii' as s''ouiue o'hv'Iu
'nut I.Ii.Cn~u I f teau'on uuinu Ness Yor'kCity, presenuted 'usday aitcro ioubhrarian 'I',.XV. wom(usof s uniI ivtersitysigsifiued their
those oustoloonrprros'sI)ssnnusttoal thurKoth ease' aniillustratlu ghs'utredeisO 5snire to (rutsr isthis' womuen's suatch-
GN'slotry shu'trlu' tWshiso wiltlll i 'asiuollsoso cleesurlghot"'lse Shakoig, of a ilools." 'h'letiure c s 'Ilhis I tul li onse' as sosan as
tuoday ioisths'"Geo'losgy oeut Niaga ra this' Usitedh States. cnsistedl of a seieus uuflantrnusltiero Iussible', by hFridaiy noon. at thur latest.
Fills.'' Fromstfissmuoudest beginnsinug in suippletedsl'byisiterestig uexplana- XIIsulituhssu tw i besagsed tusl the
'Iih seatys oiPan cosstof u.ISon Amseica, Bess Greel asad hits players tiosus.cosurst Fehrryfiteldl, regardless of
16I studetu's, uandhit is uexpec'ste'dh11suus'u' lhavu'gross so libe assistlitutiosn which hFirst thus'ausifacturne of this'papes's'thiseuethuer; se lue rete courts
still lideuduiiuto theIpar'tilybeti-hllsis ksnownst sofavoraly fromsithue At- wsnsshownus.thuenothis'differeist hkinsomayi5' le u1 sed lie-sithis'cuay coasts
nwanthet'tilit l u'husfsdpatue' Ma nsul t' thfle-'acifi'.Mr. tGreet's sit typhe. printing lpr'sses'0and Iheore'w'et . All pr'sliinaruuy msatchues
Iseai ss;.Ansu Arboret.ss' l2:3ssoiis th onheesrhavreSb-Iso adoptedh by oe. issuiiontypuinacineusu, ass sotri'ca'tu'e ie- mst:lsu' spuiyedhuof't'uinugthefist
Stlis'tutganu 'lsnt, 5fi'e lry wiill t'5i nlAuerisa aoiioingerss, asud hits vuis' iou' the' 'usid musakingof fyp1'. see'S i! oh u'tssn sillinst. X, consulete
Isc llerIa l 't lul 55iiiI u iu ue I Iw ilokesa.su'thodo of traslsiug andulactisog sals-s 'Ilurmotusuyphe diffeso fromsso li io- list of lt'e enstrants usill hue found in
bsoast toul iluitlus, srrii t ils' ut, urs.ibyllu l u oasoy auiversities anud sc'hoolus. type iso flat it ftuns otypeue suletesrCatsuday"i'suolerines, together swith
I' sighut- ,,,ing ItillofstheIls als anuul 'heu'seat. sale sill buegins oiiSMondsay, at a tisesuetsead of suse linei at a tissus' thus'telephuoneus'ers. hfanti entrant
fiuerge' iittu'hulube i s'Otikne .t Isty1,r:1-1.51,atE hu' to The 'latest iouslsofl Wiaktig suits sill tii'sSbevuspe'te'dhtoseall up his
croo,Prof.'i'Sco'it t pitIislg s ou t tsorenasd thueu'ruservedusIseats will be isishaiultonsre us'thensishuownu, huhol- shopponeit sandl srrange' for'thismatch.
plshsoisfsisp'ciual il;Cs' to'u' 1C s'n Wt sIi 5 ceuts. lowings' which swire'pichuries of fuormss, _
heists it tususuge 'typs' set hIp ready for prnsting, anod 11.1L ,' D01"IRIECTORIES GONE
Ci~da wiss Iill Ss'ive's n histotrill..finalhpooufs. '1 lons cmss'thi swisntg AT EN 1) Of" P1115I 1' iY'S SALE
ofst tlusiI tintrs. sir'5 ssLoIrd si'h u F lls, luititdl'i NI is i, 'l'eiiiis 'roiui'ney tsigethser usf the'luaves, backinug aid-iS
saiis tos plsa'ce, si s sti'u'value' usiss'-Iras fleisdel, '15L, captain of last casisng, slurputlting oil of Ithe novers 'ttpies Piulttn Salt- at State Stieet
sus sus'01ssh i s-i jgN isgsus's. ya'soVarsity tirsosteI'am0, hoason- anud finally , prssig. hhu' leetuire' sss Stoies; pecil Price
' par sltSyosill are ssaSsu'iiis An's plte'd hits third rooud ins fle Detrsoit cncuedd with viewss of severnal of the badlt
,h lion searty' SlVuiotay'moiuniug, ity tennsis tournamnt. large hpublishintg houses uf Amesurt'a. -

sehos ldir''ctoris5prnte'uhsueregosse
at thureend of flue first slay's sale. It
is u stenu thast by ft'eend of thse
wetk 'tthus'total supply' will Sc usoed ap.
'oIss ielitateu'tlur ui'stribution oh the
bioosletus, they hasve beens pust on sale
at 'SSalr'os, Chehan'., Ituiston Broths-
ers, Ca~lkis' andlCsngdeuse. They'
mayses i'ohstsuisur at thiuse places for
t5 druits.N0o subscription receiputs
swill tsr takeni in exchnlige at these
stoss, Siut thou directorisscan be- oh-
tainued for either reueiptsorontfle sale
pricer at 'he WVolserne offices out
Slaynuard street.
Beginnsinug 01itShfluetpresent issue,
a special price sof 50 centis has been
muade foir 'Ts'uhs'olernel'for flie re-
omainde'r of thse ossu'e. 'This lide'
inelsudes a irees' sirsutory. Suscrip-
I tionscnseSsecurnred at floe offiue,

Stitil:' fituiansitsen aisi iruoutilhtiofist-u Bll rt-et Ilayet', swlieshow uon u t eaoaiiis 1Jily 23 siitidl.

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