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July 31, 1913 - Image 3

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The Wolverine, 1913-07-31

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a- aand feel tei.same ix l be your
verdict when yo try oni a pair of
J sn- our new nodel sios. They have
s ll the ttyle, alt the modishness
that fashionxdeimins aid all the
/~ comfort of old shoes as wel. Wear
k 5~ like iron too, ant retin their
shapeliness to the last. Take a
_________ look -t them.
Headquarters for
119 South Main Street
For a Delightful Al Day Outig moni lieea t iihxi Rier r
" tae th stamerrsiio ny ioersmg - sni tmys n. are
wee-dys7y i idas frii yT 'oimto' i i rseme.
rre- tmence
on track or campus drpends on te upt-o-the-
minute fineso of proper traiing Make
a panif ilir sysirm. I ilit helti niretraining tialt Ind doiI youiiii (,li1
teikes. A. healtful, deliious tbeeemag e-llt oflit ad iii i r.
Delicious - efreshn
iifCmmca-Cola. .3.
Fine Watch Repairing
Eye Classes and Jewelry Repaired
Alarm Clocks Conklin Fountain Pens
Haller Jewelry Co.
Telephone 534 308 South State Street
TheNea Ctalogue
Ullwersity ofMichigall
Complete Information concerning seven departments:
Collegiate, Engineering, Medicine,
Law, Pharmacy, Homeopathy,
Dentistry and the Graduate Depart-
ment and the Summer Session.
Special Courses in Forestry, Newspaper
Work, Landscape Design, Higher Commercial
Education, including Railway Administration
and Insurance, Architecture, Conservation

Engineering, Pedagogy (affiiated with Ann
Arbor Schools for Observation Study), and a
course for those preparing for the scientific
administration of departments ot sanitation
and public health.
For C-py of Catalogue, Special Announcement, or
Individual Information, address
Secretary University A NN A R B 0 R

tf%'ACIN EEIltS LOSS LA1W S''TDENTt. PASSESM AWAY PnmDonmnttliitt I,1., lit. 715 Lanwrenee.
PyescAiomtie, lit. 715 Lawerenie.
(Coniniued fruin page 1) 'Wordl was received at the tans'de- ttittbiirg. . 372-1,.
tie wiinmig ot Tiiesitay's game hang artimeot Mtonday of the death of Ar-EdIwunardt simmudle, ilt. 1556 'Wilmot. Cal-
lit them xabove lime engineern. thur H-. Parkes whieh oceurred at his iiiiiit, Miich.1161.
A rievised sehedule was also moade home, Lakeside, Ohio, Sunidty _after-IEtlisOxWantdiineit. 1Iatom Rapiids, Mieci.
acecthde reiiiiiig gasin will he lilay-iioon. -liarkes was ai iieuber of the kmrb, Crace I. lit. 5016 S. Div'ision. 293.
i'd ini the fottowimng order: 't4 lair clans, haianig been graduatedI''iErililim ,I'., lit. 9181 S. Slate.
Akugust 4-Lawcs vs. Engiineers. from the liferairy department in 191t, Aiiiiairtor. i69-1L,
Auguset 2-Laiss n. Medies. anid wao eiirolted in the lit-laineoiirse. 1 tI 'tl"_(,ig. Jaumes A., medm. 236 S. Thmay-
Anuso' 5 -dies vs. Ensgiine'ers. No partieulars as to the eaiioe of his cc. :Macomu, Ca. 1138-J.
Amiust 6 -laws vs. Lits. death were given in the message to the P'eysii, Daniet 13., lit, 527 S. Dinision.
Auguist 9-lbits vs. Engimneers. law depiartment. Iliibbarcdstoii, lieli. 723-J.
August 15 hits vs. Engimneero.s. Flanders, Isadore tE. 1034 E. Huron.
Ainguist 16-1Las v s. Engineers.Sgaw, i. 1065-J.
Sledin. . .I 0 III 1 2Fox.,Ilsl, lit. 902 116. liiron. Agricul-
Gl'me b timpltings. DIRECTORY OF SUMMER tiiral oliege, NMien. 57:1.
1 ii2'r . 003 1 SHOL TDE5 Free, hazel, lii. 511 1a. Aiii. Anii Ar-
'Ino bass hit--C. Simih; basin on Names in this direetoey are taken Y teFCmme . i.lomdinle I
balsilliomi, ItImldm II., lt. 121)8t'aiitrimlge
Omils st imimr 4 of ryls2:from the records in thme offices of -the Ier',lm.35-.
oftrumei omt-by Wemnner 8, by Crylls 4; secretaries of. the various departments, tllemmia, IOscar, lit. Anus Arbior.
stolem bases, If. Simith, Crylls, Clay, and contain the saute errors. tf 00 Cramhaom, Clenni A., lit.3221 1K Liberty.
[Fenm r miitmihire-Diimislmy. phoine number hiss been placed on the Lapieer, Mich. 1220-h1.
_________ ________ enrollment card, none is shown here, rmm lnmmcl. mg 12Mmrr
GreenENSO but that does not preclude there being tGreen, laredcetP,, eL.60Mooe
l)IES IiFitE 41 a phone in the house; call the chiefGreJspI.,lt21S.ta.M.
'ES' SERYIC E. operator and tell her wvhat house you h ioiV,83
wa____ nt. IIaat e.83
Creenm, Lay, grad. 822 Oamkland. Ton-
(Ctoiiiseil frommpIage 2) kanwa, tOkla. 6 13-L,.
hmim itimalty. "l]e was a child oh, S PP T LE 'l'I SUIDIER IMatey, Samm S., sinw. Jeffersonm City, Mo.

miim . tIlirommehithmimmihere," said floe
Preidenhtm-emieritus yesterday. "lRe nas
a f imnao mnd esmime froomii leng hime
osf linoemInch,,
P'resident IIimichiis, -whmo also bnew
humimnitintaely simmee hits eoming here
in t872,imomimrmis hits demathiasia personial
toss. "Ihitme death of l'rof. Denison,"
ih' saiid, "thme niersity loses a most
fihfimi simmieffic itofficr. By liii
c'tarmig peisonaslity lie hams eindear'ed
hitmself tim facu mlty aonmi stumdemmis alike.
andmlemmrtng hits 'mrs mot service ini the
enginmeering depasrtmenmt, lie hiss coin-
triteid Imargely10o11mm'deielopmmeint of
them smhomol.''
" lis wasii5one'of Cod's good men,"
smidi Desmim oory, wishmmhs beemn his
friendmIamd compiosincsime 1883. "Pc
wa s onei of natuie's noblemen'm, mnd the
world is better because he lined. He
incs peculiairly rettecsit as to himself,
lmm' wnssgiloriouisly loyalt to his friemads,
unit hieiias courteosmmto hits enmiemis."
Prof'. Denimsono sas a famir figure
oin thes canimus,mmmd nice tovced by all
who ca umie ini coimtact wittlim . He is
survinsed by m brohemr isho is a lawnyer
im St. Louims, Mn., andI musister nnho
lives in New Emnglanid.
Them'state cmommissin which is in-
sh em-timidhropoused locstions for the
-mewss safe e'pilepstic hospital are in
Ann Arbor todaiy vienwing the local site
slotscx liss been suggested for floe iii-
stl ittimom. It is expectedhflat Covernmor
P'seris mill joins the eoommmissiono hern
amI nith tii go over the Tonnar tarot
near loin citfy uplonmwhitch several
mmembiers of lie tivie Association have
tsaksen sn opmtionsmdnwhich has been
frequmenitly mnmtionmed as a site for the
Allpen has silrema'ybeen visited ha'
tli'ecommimossionamod, next to Ann Ar-
bor seerms to be most fanorably eon-

Abrams, Thomas C., 'emg. 806 Hill. fOr-
mnge, N. J. 374.
Allen, Ceieneee, ilt. 602 E. tCthemrinme.
Kauokauna, li.959-L.
Allen,iRussell A..,ce. 684 5. State.
Jackusons, M~ichi. 371.
Allein, Jessie WV., umed. 1145 Waushte-
mmaw" Kingsville, P. 144.
Arms, Chesier t'V., lit. Milford, Michi.
Babbitt, Grace S., lit. 608 Monroe.
Posdano, N. Y. 789-1.
Baker, Allis C., lit. 802 E. Huronm, Ag-
ric-ultural College, Msms. 573.
Balchman, Cordon If., used. 1015 E.
Hluron. Marietta, 0. 1397.
Bamrker,. Vera M., it. 854 5. UCiviersity.
CGrand ifapids. 388.
Parnaby, Charles WV., imed. 901 E.
Wacshinigton. Somerset, Much. 494-L.
Benham, Albert S., med. 109 16. Wash-
ingtjoo. Ann Arbor. 3293-h.
Hoger, Mattibelle, Med. 224 S. Thomier.'
Parkernsurg, WV. Va. 463-J.
Bacyless, RaymuondC., eng. 1008 Corn-
snell. Detroit. 1780.
Polt, Cornelius F., grad. 204 N. Sitate.
Crand Ulaven. 1390-h..
Bradley, Hubbard N.,pmed. 300 N. In-
galls. Bacy City, Msich. 394.
Dross, Charles L., eng. Camp Hogard-
us, Hay City.
Pron, Ceorge A., lit, tO0 5. 5th. Clyde,
N. Y. 1018-J.
Brunxk, Louis 1F., lit. 522 Monroe.
Mlansfield, P. 990-J.
Buirgess, T. Smith, med. 207 5. tngalls.
Rtussellville, Ark. 775-J.
Carter, James C-1., med. 204 N. hIngalls.
Selmier, Tenn. 139l9-J.
Chase, Alberta 1E., grad. 1122 W~ashte-
namw. Elsie, Micb. 1074-L.
Cole, Nellie 1.., it. Enart, Much.
Cook, Wihtrad, emng. Saginaw.
Cramonfi, 'iFillhicmE'., lann. Jamesport,
Cretcher, Leonamrd It. Jr., grad. 111 S.
Ingalls. Pe~raff, P. 1466-L.
Pavidson, 1D. Lynne, lit. 1501 Washte-
naw, Evanston, I11. 251.

hlsiggurt:, Johnu C. 'mug. 521 C. Jefferson.
Saglinaw, Slieti. 219-.I.
Hanseni, Jorgem NV., med. 8115 E. Hum-
roin. Rainme. OWis. 99i1-J.
PHasse, Edwni iCt., ciug.(Camp Bohugamrduis.
Mluskmegonm, Ilili.
lxix belt, Itmon SI., lii. 114 N. Ingallso.
lMontgomemury, Ala. 1466-J.
IHenkel, Ceorgi' 2., mug. 636 5. Thsayer.
Milh Nmaulwise, OWis. 682-J.
Hlestier, 'Masrgarcet L., hit. 663 I'. Aim.
Elt~iabeth, l.uis
Itlllsy, t'hasrles 'J., luse. 718 Moniroe.
Scrasntmonm s. 1172-h.
Hitechceck, Edwardch 0W., lit. 427 16. Uni-
versity.,Dtroit. t478-J.
I hoiconobu', 1 hoscrd M1., umedh. 523 Pack-
ardh.t'hateanagy3, N. Y. 1213.
Hlloanmmds, WIilimT. lit. 521 5. Divi-
ion, Anni Arborm. 201-2.
.Holmes, IWillard t'., ceig. 1126 Washte-
mnce'. Kainsas C'ity, sMo. 678-hL.
H-trine, Itoy C., hit. 319016. Huron. Sooth
tHavneu,SMieb. 961-h.
Hloyt, OWillimm V., graid. 621 Forest, Ph-
mvet, Mich..h216-L.
Hughes, Miary IL, hit. 114 N. Ingalls.
tarbondale, ha, 1466-h.
Hlurhey, James It., hit. 514 Cheever Cf.
Cans City, Mtich. 243-2.
Hiyatt, Walter ft., hit. 1501 Wmshtenaw.
Kalamsazoo, SMich. 251.
Jackmel, Clarence N., hit. 212 S. Slate.
Detroit. 823.
Jcrome., Williaum S., hit, 415 N. State..
Johnsson, C. Sanmuel, tlaw. 611) 1. Ann.
Mtanistiqhue, Mbc. 631-2.
Kadenm, Amelia 1R., hit. 721) 5. State.
Boyne Cty, Msich. 799-2.
Kelli, Earl NV., mug. 616 E'. Huron. Crandl
Rapids, Mihie. 762-I1.
IKeliher, Leslie J., eng. 915 Oaklamnd.
Sault Ste. Mtarie, Much. 255.
Kellogg, Edwan-rd P., med. :Bellenille,
Kepperling, hEdua t., hit. tDetroit.
Kiebler, Emmett WO., lit. 810 5. tU-
versity, Scottsnille, Mtich. 470-h.
Kirk, Dolly W., hit. 114 N. tngalls.
Montgomery, Ala. 1156.


sidered as am loeation. Davidson, Harold P., eng. Camp Hogam. Lamub, E~dwinm 1., moed. 1000 E. Ann.
A comomittee of members from the dus, Detroit. Elwnood City, Pc. 344.
Cixvie Assoeiationm me conducting the Dekruif, Paul H.,,it 111 5. tngalls. Laphanm, Jaired S., eng. Lake" House,
eommoissionm about the city and ex- Zeeland, Mich. 1466-L. 'Whinmore :Lake. Northville, Mich.
plaininug thue madntages offered by the Pe Corder, Ethel Mt., it. 418 Thonmpson. Larsen, Carl N., med. 300 Ingalls. Al-
'loveer farom cite. Ann Arbor. 879-2. pena, ticti. 394.
Ann Arbor's Headquarters for Kodaks, Cameras and Photo Supplies
I iiake 2, specialty of Developing, Printing and Enlarginxg for AntatenirE-by msodern
muethods. This hlas been my business for nine yearh anti it hah increased every day-only results
wiii do this and so whenever you want anything photographic look for tl~e sign of tie kcdak-
that's owhere things move.

71t9 North University

Kodaks for Rent, I Oc per dayr

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