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July 24, 1913 - Image 3

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The Wolverine, 1913-07-24

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\ t is what you get.svhen you buy
shoes here. One is no good witti-
;r f1k"out tthe other. You'll see tiere all
the ost approvedt models Try
on the shoes and you'll find that
comfort has en sacrificed in
f";-,= the effort to produce good looks.
Oar aliens are the kind you'll weae
witls hotti pride and satisfaction.
ti z Headquarters for
119 South Main Street


Thoms,Eithtt,lit. 524 ChtirchIs Alden, Filrt, tCtareucc, lit, 224 S. Tthaycr. Les-
M IETR FSM E ictht. 1161'-2I. lie, 1Mich. 463-J.
I T ,, Thomas, Henry itt., cog, 1235S. State. Van Or shs r, Vithetnssin' tG., osed, 214
SCO LSUDNS lms Springs, S. tDak. 1320. 5 IS hayc. Fort Worth. Tea. 11:38-L.
thoisas, Liessald 1t., lawr, 807 Si. S'ots-; cons Watilsauses, tDera, lit, 432 S. Di-
Names in this directory are taknc n gtons. Tidioutc, Pa. Vision. E .Lansinsg. 1741-L..
frons the records in the offices of the Thompson, DettaaiM., Mirs., lit, 7t8 S. Voorhees, Louis F., 'hg, 512 S. State.
secretaries of the various departments, tngails. Detroit. 1915. 'Toledo. 1020.
and contain the same errors. It no Thornton, John It., grad. Wheeling. \oi Iis, Kathalyin,smed, 6114 E. Jeffer-
phone numher has Peesoplaced on the ANt. Va. son. Ann Arbor. 349-L.
enrollnsent card, none is sown here, Thsorp, C. it., lass, 749 SE.tUniversity.' Vosashen, Frank J., cag, 1222 Vet-
hat that does not pireclude there being tlesseissec, Michs. 1207-J. land. Asna Arbor. t3914-J.
a tihone in the hiose; call the chief Thruim, fGerhard S., lit:, 710 E2. Aria. 99 ddell, tex, lit. 702 S.tUniversity.
operator anid tell tier wat house yea Aim Arbor. 71-L.-2. t'hathaOii utsi. 63.
want. T'hurstons,Starry S., lasw, 236 S. 'Iboy- 92 sllims, tarot NY, Sets. of Slits., 732
Straight, C'hester F., lit, 1328 Forest c.t'lnis,0.13-.'ost
Cl.Grenill, ics.Tinsnian, Jessie SE., Sch. ofIttos., 1227 - --
St.sitlsen Sllicht..i,143Ws- Volland. f'ItR " S I A(7SISI I(AI
Strthar, ltzh .,li, 114 t~ah-Titt. Herlert G., grad, 483 Thsomptsoni. 111lL1B IN 'TO1ED1O0JUTLY '37
tenar. aciani, ilirs. 44. Kingfisher, Ohlo. 879-J.
Straus, Aubrey 14., grad, 106 5. 12th.Tos E.li,55S2n.Sera
Richmsond, Va. 1225-L hn,2~r i. i,55 n. S Asi-tn Arbor IRsiliroad Will (Give au Ex
fitoh, S. link.(curs1ion 'loledo.
'fonnie, Franslulic 0.,,lsisvtFssiriss12st

. = J
a ''
_, 'Z
_ --

For a Delightful All Dan Dutingson these raticot St. Clair iivs
takecthstcatuer.. aslssoo" anymornng S:4, Suodays geo. Sac(
reiturningssmesday:rtHurnon$1.25;sFlatsorlu..sno arkl, ho
,eeS-dayrs,75e Suonys; ior Toled ndt o retucn, sieamern 'Owaena,
leaesre.ronitaily05,8:30 a.s., reeiurnssis Detroit 7:15 p. i. fr
Sndatsys 5se;nweek clays $tes.
For an Afternoon Ride to St. Claic lats, Tastsni Past orrPon
Hisnswsay porns take tse "Ciyor misedo" at 2:30 5. is.

i , she class-rnoim as wl s on the campus are only won
by training. Fit yourself-get the last ounce thats in you
ansI yosll ie atIc to do better wrk Iis lll of life and
vigsr-delightfull whlus. sc1
Delicous --Rfrslng - TirstQuenhung
V, enerser On heGun. -~fur sts
ct esin s THE COCACOLA CO,Atlot, Go
Fine Watch Repairing
Eye Classes and Jewelry Repaired
Alarm Clocks Conklin Fountain Pens
Hailer Jewelry Co.
Telephone 534 308 South State Street
The e Catalogue
Uliversity of lMichigall
Complete Information concrning seven departments:
Collegiate, Engineering, Medicine,
Law, Pharmacy, Homeopathy,
Dentistry and the Graduate Depart-
ment and the Summer Session.
Special Courses in Forestry, Newspaper
Work, Landscape Design, Higher Commercial
Education, including Railway Administration
and Insurance, Architecture, Conservation
Engineering, Pedagogy (affiliated with Ann
Arbor Schools for Observation Study), and a
course for thse preparing for he scientific
administration of departmens of sanitation
r nd p iblic health.
IFor Copy of Catalogue, Special Announcement, or
Individual Information, address
Sertry University ANN AR BO R

-l sir
- Sor



Lsonid, Vs. 1225-I..
Kalpho K., grad, 228 5. 'Thayer. Mlinni. CarnecitdtryIU. S. Navy Ships, h. S.
"vle .57 Torenl, Gustave A., cog, 7443 Washte- Itvsrr' rtsc. 01DcrtdYct
Henry P., used. 206 14th. Sills- nawi. News Britain,('nn. 5766. suitd Nasal Sieserves from three states,
b, Michs. l'orralba, F~erii S., l,.-s. 509 Cheever the 1.10 yeair nutdBattlesip "Niagara,"
Charles 13., lit, 607 S. State. Ct. 'Isghilsirai, Dohlsa, 1'. I. 349-1. Flsigship aoissommodore .Perry, which
wl~orthI11. 131. Trattles, Sidith Mt., lit, 417 Si. Univer- swas 'recently raised from Misery Bay
' , oil~y. tonstantine, Mich. 695.
I-lsirold WI, enig, 200 . State. neair Sie, IPa., wviere it had reposed
wiCity, Mirch. 1022-L~. Treater, Eithel Si., lit, 320 S. ivs cin. sins e tli'esmeisorable battle of Lake
Aisi Arbor. 79-i'. rs' ei Ois193silarven
rF. 0., mne(], S\titnnore Lake. EiSp.1t,11,wl riei
'retesray, Msiblc I'., lit, 621 5. hIngsals. To'edio Sundarys,.1July 27th ssid will
Slncsi',li, 37'lrlhiin R. Battle Mirss Michs. 403-h. t rest. wriths ter escort sit the foot of Jef-
Ario. 46-I.'Ircthe-a~y, Story L{., lit, 621 S. Isgalls. fersensAvcc,whr she wsill be open to
stMarian ., lit.,3711 Glen. Fror- IPuslic Iinsp hri 0-. . Iilrislectiess the enstire dsay. The
Mirts. 1561. Trune, ~-, rsor.,lit, 803 5. lisiversity. Niagasrasusill tparticitrate in the Natin-
RorlI. lp 1 . Isigalls. TAisdArbor. 746 Seh-J. edI 5 Ofr att'eintenniasl Aniversary Cetebra-
Juan, 'artsoItice. 855-J. trisel tpin ies,37O ionssof slhe Lke Erie victory at Put-in-
us, ArthurrWS., lit, 8113 5. StaSte. Itl.Wshleli, .C.ty, Sept.. 10th, ad hir visit to Toedo
orn N. V. 1314. Tsows, Mingiping, 432 'Thoempreos. Can- on Jusly 27th wcitt afford Michigan pee-tnCha.89LlewoantatndheP-iBy
'sitle A., eng, 617 Forest. Ssal- tnlhn.88I. ~ eoler nntotidtetn-i-a
Coahlia, Shea. 1498-I-. freIsvr 5 rsn.12ltscelebiratein5a slendiid opprtutnity to
'Williams, Isaw. Linsceln, Neb. Dillsdssle, Michs. 91. see sant ispect her.
'Csienisusn, eig, 534 HitI. Hing- Tariner, Robert 55., lit, 7007 Si. Hareis nhoo fte igra aa a
FocoCia 27. Ceoinscit.Gluiffs, Ia. 237. hisetinnr the auNeigaranda val ca
Feerioss Chisss.1247I.. Tuttle, W55aie 55., eng, 1t33I1IWashte- csl 5 leIssneRcrai ii
itlsry I., Mrhs., lit, 621 S. Ins-saidisittry tparandeeonlert with be
lidad , lcl.tGe-orge.Tuntes hss 66 iv'eusin tie afternonin whicts 16,000
lad, .er , ilit, Diet. Stsi., TniforcedSWillis I4., b0.3 WSashingteiu nuiferied amciiinucluding two regi-
thas Lake. Granud Island, Neb. Grand Ratuids, Sib 1744-h. nmenusof stsate troeos aind ai battery
Ciauide DI., lit, 473 S. Itivisien. CUderhnill, Sillis S., cog, 637 5. hsngalls. usill tparticipate.
land, Mich. 1809-i. Ieri.74-I.ESeii excsursien train with heave
er, Chssrles L.., grad, 630 S. 12ths. huger, Oscar icisr,425 Si. Utiver- bsSece rosit 101:25 a. mn. Face routid
inge',II 2,~isitS. Ciihnes , Sich. 993-I.
is, Specer NV. lawu47 iMiy- , Nugnt It Jr., soy, 726 N. Di- -t nt
a, Selucr 1., ac, 27 Say- vision. Near Orleauns, La. 584.
. arasiss, Wya. 1370-. wiI'~s 11(155 1
Franki A., Sell. of Miss., 339 E. Vanis Uuskirk, tDauid A., lit, 473 N. i-
isinglois. Gransd ledge, Mich. visions.Sialanmazee, 7323-J.
'an Busksirk, Anuna, hit, 7039 Baldwrin.Yosu sri missing halfth(te colas of
Sialamazeo. 285-3r.! yosur sumsmer by not knowcing what
'sene Ying, inuc, 236i S. Thlayer. Von Ilosselar, Karl Si., lit, 514 E. summerr school is doing. Cain yeuaof-
;show, Krwungsi, China. 1738-i. ahr__.Iine do Uuuy .fr od ht
Hlunig Ice, eng, 6112 ittere. aheilistirhgesoyffioldlo dothat
son, Chinao. 799-h.. A. 215i hJtrcn sthsofcilmuh
Son, ht.113 S~slteiura. auderbeef,hGsrtrude Mt., lit, 509 piece of the auiversity daring the sum-
ChunseclCt. 1a3inaw.h3494wsner. It conitains all announcements
igsls~r Chuim.Von dec Velde, Alice, grad, 621 thunrch. atud detatlerd reports at the lecturs
Fen hssli,70 .Igat. (rand Rapids. 515-J. yiu do and do net attend. No moesap-
ghessCheina. 699-L.
'iwr . up 39'.Saie.Von Kirk, Sidgar G., hit, Diet. Sta., propriate memeinte of year sammer
usrSit.55 'Lsstae.Ylo Springs, O. spenst in An Arbor could be obtained
Xtir'.hi, 86 3. su. .nnVan Leuvens,GumellH S., mneud. 300 N. thuan a file oh these papers.
0% 100-JIngalls. SMt. Pleasant, SMich. 3 4. t eoat read the ether felloaw's, but
r.'. 1110-i.Van heolen, German, hit, 332 Mlaynatrd. subscribe today for yourself.
",iBlir, hit, Biel. Sta..,tDeuglas Grand Rapsids. the subsc'ription price has been cc-
e.tndianaspolis, hurs.'
Van Stone, Nathan Si., ttt, 1315 Hill. duscod sod yosu ran have the patper de-
ciMAiriam, hit, 722 5.Insgalsits ateCes 6. livered at your deer-three afternoons
noit. 120('r0-..(awe ro oIni tecoeo
e, Grace L.,. lit, 379 5E. iefferson. Von IVahkenberg, Coca, G.. lit, 215 N. 0aekIosns itltecoeo
chpiss hur.135-L State. Feanville, Mich. 1453. asummner scheol Inc 45 reals.
Kwagtag, it,51 E.Jefersn.Vaughn, SHenry K., grad, 423 S. Marin. Call 960 at once and ask to have the
Ksrougtrng lit 35 Si isfersn. hettrdvt.paper rdelivered, or else drop around
Vaus WalltceEs,.en556-i.S Dvso. te the Press Building en SM ynard St.
(' olo's Mr., hlar,503 Si. GHuresn. asrydayubetweeSin smu0.327d5.:3a0saed
.on, Mtich. 128.Gorrick, Quebec. 7324-i.aydybten,:0ad23 n
heave yeour subscription.
sing, Wlalter A., hit. Ypsilanmti, V'uu, Mary M., lit, 431 Si. University. _____________
i. 341-J-Ypsi. 1laomcaster, Pa: 1478-L. SUBISCRIhO1N 1PRICE1i EDIUEM~
Eglla L., it, 621 S. State. Cut- Vilos. SMsy L., lit, 643 5. Ingalls. St.____
nos, Sties. 979-J. Albans, Vt. 614St e oct11 delis-er Tins Wolverine at
as, Bradley, loss, 513 E3. Williams. Villegas, Jorge A., eng, 5222 W~ashte- youmr door three evenings a week, from
ta FeN. M. r naw. Sanstiago, Chili. 885-. nowr until the chose ef summer school
as, Chas. G,,cog, 615 Si. Univer- ( Vithers, Sileaor 11., lit, 402 5. Obser- fec 45 cents. Phoneie 960 ait (once. Office
Cleveland, r. 1557. v atery. Detreit. houre 7:00 to 2:78 daily.

11 a J .

AYNn O , H T G RPArbor's Headquarters for Kodaks, Cameras and Photo Supplies
I msake a specialty oh Ocor:iopitig. Priniting sond Etulaigiivg for AuiatEtiu-by' 0 017511
mnetinods. This lips been i u oies fi r tine years anti it lis increased every dlay-only results
will do this and so whenever yenuavant anything photographic lc for tice sign of ise lurdolo-
that's swhlere tiissgs moo's.

719 North University

Kodaks for Rent, tOc per day1

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