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July 24, 1913 - Image 1

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The Wolverine, 1913-07-24

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Vol IV.


No. 13

ILLS OFCHILDREN "Shakespeare's England" was the APA NA O SBLS Mss Jane Maulby Pidell of IS LIVELY SHEET
I subject o nillustrated lcueby "DrIo P fsCockn Lbo ot'ad eysille'-aptrlndotaolrtheUntlyr
Dr. ( nfeldnfieled iDaseiscussesalorytoDthswstamphthatef .eopes' n l ".Opefficiatyll. cicnPTainngScholforOfimioliapr oPrinntisPrnteoo
Ear, Nose and Throat; MIany of the phyics building Tuesday after- o10l(Camo~INups. Nurses by 'hegardHRgnsninePitPpr a
Cases Treated. neon."- Miss Pin'dell i a "graduate us the Meroolitan Style.
"Countrieo have faces just aso people For the ninth coscutive year,vich- ew York City Traonig School for_
INVITES S'I'l'lENTS 'TO ('JUN11', have," said the speaker. By stereopti- iganlihose engaged the Beni Greet wood- Nirses, aving acted ao secosti assist- ('AMPi LEAGlE FIGHTl IS (LOSE.
lanretedthpatioaters lai yeaniitier the persoinal dre- lit sperintfendent in that istitution -
"Ii th 10 caes xamnedin lsecans views hel lrae h amshr ion of Mr. Greet to give two perform-in to899t. Surce thens se has acted as Prne onbu pitparsl
tofverPrihopialehee onsoutbeiueofShskespeare's period revealing aiies to sumimer school students. The ' sperintenident o1 h"IMetropolitan bern th'mto"wBohrs
many of the real experiensces which comany sill sisge two of Shaes-j Traiining Shoslni the Newv York
oue failore to bring shout ian improve- the great poet must have had, Many peace's dramas July 311to the open air City Tlining School, respectively Swt'." the lerst issue of volume two
iscot," said Dr. R. . Canfield in a lee- of the views were fronm phoorapihs po the temporary sage between aid during the lst three years has~ of the "Canp Davis Bsck Fly, reach-
lure ons "Common Far, Nose, and' IsIItkens by Dr. Mallory in a tour through 'Tappan hal ad fle physics Tabora- beenspInsidesnt o1 th Soiicty 01 Grad ed the office of 'rhe Wolverine today.
Throat Diseases, in Their Relation to Englsnd. Tory. "Love's Labors Lost" wilt be tiates. The publication, which claims a ciru-
____givens at 3:45 in the afteronoon, while __rofusely
General Health" in the west sophthe- "The Temopest will beprdcda ' -ttosf20.pouel illustrated with
tir of the medial building Tuesday TO EMPLOY UNUSUAL MEANS :911 o'clock in the evening. oue tMICHIGAN MEN HELP MAKE ltogn'Idaig of vaius0ssso
evening. OFMr. BlTII rnin ens Greet is the pioneer and the flIV IAPI (}Sg j'p[ camip life and contains the officil
The lecture was illustrated by slides O ILLUTRAING3 LETIURES only authority ini presenting speno air CIY LLULEAE IRCE CLO iI ssso h au.Ss sgvnt
and by Deve children who are nosy be- - "erformances, aving given tem in - the colunsn by matter run under the
Changes in Schedule are Madeo. hlEnglansd for sore tan 2 years and In ''hre'esLe k so la DeseopdI
hugts trae o dnisadohrdn iOO of Posponoent of Lecture ten years in Americsa.lie is eosid- 'Irisfoil'a'syer, Whon Mde cpiu aut at"ad"ug
eaLses at fle hospital. Br. Csnfield and yulie DBucs." The- business saf's
of If, 1. Alien. eed todsay one of the greatest living (lad ol Vrsity.
anr assistant hsve been. investigating ___ authorities on the FEgish drama. ____ space is filled chiefly wits advertise-
pheer.stByuconseatColdofateadrectorscomntn uonte3oklfth ichiganosbaseball hplayrs are hell-inents 01 boos ointments.-
ofer the covariosinttions ab iro t he peordnedry seeraic nsualbecompnaiylrof.W. I. Husmpreys ol
of the varius inthetutonsiaboutdepartmentensdbsy isvelstrus-al ig to dvleostp an intesnse interest ii ''te editorial staff of theseekly is
saewihhvchlrnndstermethods too illustrating the lectures teEgihdprmnwoi ntu
scaesotwhiin bavngchiglthenplayersttoithisthor fight for te peisant whlich is ta- omadesits as followsc:
chage iis xpctd tatth dieaeson the summer schedule for the next meta in rest asd ots playershi
ofhege, os epaitdthrat tw ilegadus eedy.Afwagsaeas ~ctssi:"Ar ig plaetoonfle City Legelts aiim- Editor-in-chief .... "Cove" Coveing
hse contined froom ya oya t sr b eslri Ciose ifu ity dior . "Strt" Douglas
ally disappear. Adenoids and mat--aencssr yto otpnn f '-teanmsu-is play on Tuesdays and Sprting io . ok he
toids are the mot prevalent of the dis- telcueby state gelogtt IR. C.'pentpsyofraibrryvle Thursdays at. 5:1 r0 o'loc, and tlss Society ditr ."Duke" Do Bois
Alle wh isdetine onbusnes inTheir sworkhisisbtorsodistinctively a
easses which retard the mental and Oe h sdtiodo isieseuais. far the race o,' fest place iss been Ar dtr . "Po. sc
physical growth of the child. nothenlichga. uorneo.dansti
"ChemiccommonuctiisnoseManhigthroatn"Chemicalillodustriestof MvchigaiEdiDcii"Greetorslthpplaycinonhothvening ofclosebsni'whAdvertisingaRo htsrunive'Gus" Toreye
diseases aseecaused by insuhetentna-hith eenbject of A. Htrte lctretcomnusi le roleb01manycitssfirstse oost ilii oSio tyoasaffiisot oraher ." lauke"WliMu
iscisalrd ym ybrtcsssthrosit eit.'irF ihers, uho are had- Safl' ssra'e . ae a
sireathingiofectinn or bt," sid the t egvnb r0.A -.1- it' nh'' -- ' - ing tfelonhreicat opresrint include Beth - - "Be"Res
speaker, "flood food, purr sater and te nest amplitheatee of the phsc stropsart c-rcc his0s ~ auong thertsuuubiro Russel Dobso11,-
buldngtisafenon t5:0 'le k. draiumas, anud i which roiAbGrBet
fresh ate aee the most important fa-btdnthsferouoat :(occk14L, eroibeai, '141, and Gcrl-e Camp Davis is maling ready to r-
tors in fle propee developmentsf olthe Ia sd iihdprout fMtIta chasd abaddci!.t. 'Thor Superirs, who cive visitors from Anus Arbor, "Sae"
child," iso'said. idsre hlsshw.-hmes frai hrsasssihae sons t's-1m u aut for t' last twost eetofis hem is:c e l ouuri'ond !ratutl
Thin'lecture was applied to adults as "Sonic. Interesting Opical Popee- stacrdahosCiversiydhalt uostsadofL.s,
ties of fCystals," will be discussed by di , o Isa~ , 1noothecim'bsoers us toe -oru, ld looyI s ou sbeing collectd foe a huge camp fr.
n-ill as to choidm-o. 1'the adenoid is tiril#1i0 lllrPnis,'4;
l's eu ntews ihh-tickefsill correspond to tie sats i ue,'1n 1 su Sihr'ohus 1,
capai 0 uua yaes arit -Len-Former rofessor Davis adis wie
the cause of sboutfou-fifths of the Prf.E.H.Krssrneheset n-i-Ill pai be x ea' ariy Lo-
deafness of middle ile." he stated. theater of the physics building tmor- the hou. Additional scne wllb idas Barringer. ornue rehrsidnt of are expected to spend a few days with
Dr. Canufield invited ssnoer school row evening at :00 o'clock. The ic- presmentedh if fle plays are gvenuin.50 the Goof Vigiia lague, is the onsly
lu ithe camprs, and ater President -suuo2
students to visit the hospital ayfre will be illustrated by the pino doos tsae orth eosances will uiest ra nteGsCm~n' 4
sal fo flepr nvriysasonts'CsCnhn' rs. 1. B. Iutchinand ean suB
morning and learn bowy to examionean scope which follonws this projection of Sa team. Mot of the Wurth nine ,how-
cidrsfrtevrosdsae.Teliht through the crystals, polarizing begins July 20 at 4:00 oclocke in teMs otmrCoe wl ii thei.
invitations sas etended particularhy, it and producing many ineresfing col- abrso tWlr' oksoe 5een r aee S hiarlenusWether'14oe asegaMrs.iel Coodhe.in teresthem,
to teachers and those nho have a or effects on the screesn. Statc street. Mail oders may be sent bein latuy< sel- harsi Wbiem '14, tseap, stllhd ther interes Bof
lare nmbe ofelldrisundr tiet 'A etre ol "Common Poisonous to Prof. W. R. Humphreys, 1012 Mich- nan, 13, swnh I itched for the Wash-gadslguae.colybnhdi
direct onpeeviehous. l'tats" by' Prof. A. B. Stevens of the iogn avenue. iotu sorsusafwyasao h aefrtepnat
_________plarmacy department nill take the E arlhtHaris on, '14t, of the Vasity ___ ______
place of the one scheduhed for Dr. J. ootbal fin, Doard Seward, '4.
I MPROVEMENT OF GROUNDS B. Pollock oil "Soil Fertility" foe THE WEhE A who u-n hos'"M' at Camsbrdge this' BLOOD POISONING CAUSESTH WE HRMA
IS PROGRESSING RAPIDLY Mlfonday,July 28. ___suring i fhu'sashes Francis Dwyer, DET OFILUUGA AE
IlEt(LAM UNION lDANCE '10 losrecast fuss .-on Arbor S'mith '611.
Stack of, Old Posee HloaoN. iBeing' BE GIVEN TOt)IROIV lEVENING tClody today.- lair Friday. LihtlInu tie three years during nwhch the Dr.IeyerDest in Detroot esterday
D~emoolished; Uiviersity Hall to moderae northwnesb to northfin vsds. league loos been in existence, if has .M~oroigoogn1 Way too
Receoes Dlecoorations The next, dance of the Michigan Um- esteroday's 'Ieoieeoohnes deseloped a feio 01 players sho have Ann Arbor
ion serese of summee school parties Matximsumso731 mniumso65. Wind later nmade good on fhe arsity base-'___
Cnteary to the original tintention to will be given at the Unions Friday ev- veority 7. Precipitationo.04. all teamo. Thesae ernsy lunsen, r jila reeikByr 1M
umsdrmienmd pull downm thor old-posw- eing. Tickets may be obtained at Dne year ato:AMainum 77; isini- 2L, Roy ant can, '14M, md Charles didysedymonn'tHre
the door. moum so5. Ceciptatisi. .19. ('ebe', '14. de etra onn t.Hre
er-house smooke-stack, if wit be toems Hpt i eri ro lo osn
down feomsthe fop. IWork has been I -' - ' n
begun and wilt be completed in a few MERCILESS REAPER OF PIGS COMIES T O PIG-LAND i Last year he was so intern in the
1nmedica departmemnt at the University
The "Oraonge peel' steam shovel has Just before his teens of service ex-
wooked its way to a position betweern '"iigs is pigs" ut dead pigs s con- little animals hoe until they fall e- fore they hod been as lively as any ired, July 1, he developed a slight
the nmedic buidinog and the Wateeman mncafr h os ftehats ono ieyuee ay boil sns the ari. After leavig the
Somsenhere among the needs o ouri paths for fle advaone of seneuce. The St. Peter of pig eternity was a hospital, this became worse, and a
gymnasium, almocst to the point swhere uivesiy grounds are 53 little gaves ut it uas sot senemce which in- busy poke.They say there is no fewc days ago he showed signs of gen.
the heatinog fusiol sub-station w'ilh be dug foe as many pose little guinea ;aded pigand last week. It was om'pig hell except im so tomeas there is' ral blood poisoning. Last Friday he
dug. pigs nho are noenmore. teribly epidemic. Amd the little pig a deomand for roast pork. Anyhwv if eft his honme in Marquette for the,
A ness'less-pool is nearby ecniplefed And hsundreds o pig papas and (bharfs ceased to beat with a frequenscy was a pscesso of 53 little tuinea 'Uiverity hospital, but became so ill
ot Alunihlat to preventfle usual mnamas have shed many pig tearswshlih maode the heartless homeopaths pisswhch filed last nek trouh on the ay that he was taken to ae-
ov efov of an water,. which comntains not less sodium chin- - feae thatofcence wsoultd be piges foeele gate itso he pradse swhere there peePHospital, wvee he succumbed yes-
Besides the extrusive repairs on ide than do the humns vaiety. This oa en' cays, s alwoays plenty of cabbage. terday morning-.
the south wng fle seconod amd third was last week andh not yet have thel De littler fellowo wo had been Ater all "Pigs is Pgs." Dr. Beye was a bright stodeot, snd,
floors of Uivesiy hal are beinogre- lachrymal ducts of the pig elders be- j reatly occupied eating cabbage came Also it ia efreshing as webb as was selected from many applicantstq f
tinted. A new shingle roof aidfle contc dry. in from hiotameat to find that his ten paradoxical to thik fhat the spotted, seve at the hospital. He was a mes-
haintgofcitis outside woodw'ork is The pig settlenmemnf is loated tom the brothers and fle sistrs had tone little pokers could die ferling that' ee of the hi Rho Sigma medica
iwlinotiug tblSols of ltMsic. psychological laboratory whereethe fo siigiaven. Just un -nminutes be-'they had ed spotless litses.Ifateniy.

At 3:45 P. M. Annual Summer School Engagement Beat Sale at Wahr's State
Street Book, Store, onday,
Love's Labour's Lost OFJuly 28, 4 p.om.
BCC ra 'st W" ladPla rs Reserved Seats, 75 Cents.'
At 8P. M.__________ __ Mail IOrders Tnay be sent to
M. W. R. Huniphreys, 1012 nich-
The Tempest Campus Theatre Thursday, July 31 igan Avenue.

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