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July 15, 1913 - Image 3

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The Wolverine, 1913-07-15

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<>> Our Shoes Lead
because they deserve to. They
have all the style ansd class and a
~ race that adds distinction to the
'7feet they corer. Travel where
/4 F you will you'll not find finer fost-
weai at any price and maighty lit-
/f-' tie as good. Have a look at oar
new tses. You'll acknowledge
they are "going some' is the way
of classy footwear.
Headquarters tor
119 South Main Street


"110'IFS"' T4lO3iPSO-N FAILS '10 Kerweti, K. Chcandra, med, 213 N.
SEE PRIOSPECTS IN COA.CIIM Thayer. Isesian KahmcaJsulcundur,
_____Indcia. 1346-L.
"Blsc"'T'honson baa refused sit- Kern, Mary A., lit, 109 Thompson.
tractive offers to coach the football Marquette, Mtich. 1464-L.
teams of liceCUiverstty of Arkansas, Kervin, Daniel E., law, '133 S. State.
and tise University o1 Colorado. The Bradford, Pa. 387.
Mlichigan Captaisn fails is see aoy pos Kerr, Harry W., lit, 426 N. Ingalls.
soects to the coacing gauss. He ex- Detroit, Micls. 16.
poects to enter bsusinsess tisediately, Ktdd, Chas. I., ttt, 73S. Thayer. Ann
acid figures that he wilt be farther Arbor. 1547-J.
sasead in a tews years thcan it he had Kie, Choa tChi, lit, 617 S. Thayer.
ttetded to the pressure of large slary Nauyangyfei, Honan, China. 998-L.
acnd takcen up coachiug. Killeau, Wn. C., lit, 102 12th. Grand
________H_____ laven, Mitch. 921.
King, Helen, litt, 51 Monroe. Omahsa,
.MA1ELT(AL '1'HEORIES King, Ira F., lit,, 226 l1fts. Harbor
Beach, Mlich. 702-L.
"The Number t'onscept" as thse sub- Kissg, Isaac W1., lit, 4113XV. Ashley. Al-
ec of a lectsre by Prot. W. B. Ford tu leu, Md.


-- I

°,; .
, -,

For a Delightful All Day Outing sn the ecautifusl it. Clair nicer
take thesteame r "'Tasmos"ay msorning 8:4, Suds l rc. Face
returningsame day: IsPoHrona15,. yFlats orTashni,,cPark, (ss
wee-ctays, 75ctSundays;sor Tledosandcretur, steamer Owsa'a
leve rDntrsitcdaily 8:30 .cin., recurs ctoaDetri 7c1p.c,,.;tfare
SundaIys 5occweekdsays 5i cc.
For anAfternoo Ride tsst. Clair Flats, Tshms5 Par oaPor
una y ports take the"City ofToleds" at 2:30.c14


mu tise class-room as wcil as on the campus are only won
bytraining. Fit yoursel-get the last ounce that's in you.
ani you'll b~e able to do hetter work. It ic lull sf life ad
vigor- -delightfully whsle~soe. 1
Delicious - Refreshcing - Thirst-Quenching
'XI'tenecr Demandths c eines-cefse ubtitte
7551 c s::t THE COCA-COLA CO.,Atlazta, Ga
Asi-,v;t1,ia l



Repairin of ]Eye Glasses a
Halter Jewelry CO.
Telephone 534 308 South State Street
The NewCatalogue
Ul i1verity o f Mi1 chigl
Complete Information concerning seven departments :
Collegiate, Engineering, Medicine,
Law, Pharmacy, Homeopathy,
Dentistry and the Graduate Depart-
ment and the Summer Session.
Special Courses in Forestry, Newspaper
Work, Landscape Design, Higher Commercial
Education, including Railway Administration
and Insurance, Architecture, Conservation
Engineering, Pedagogy (affiliated with Ann
Arbor Schools for Observation Study), and a
course for those preparing for fhe scientific
administration of departments of sanitation
and public health.
IFor Copy of Catalogue, Special Announcement, or
Individual Information, address
SceayUniversity ANN AR BO R

the west phyc3 s lecture room yester-
day afterncoon. "Whcen we cosut,' lie
ssid, "thsere is a mental process very
diotinct frocmctlhe thingo whcich we are
Mtost of ltce lecture was devoted to
thce theories of Cantor, a Germaniiuatic-
eccaticicc, icc which icnteresticig eels-
tioccs between numcbers wvere presecct-
Namoes icc this directory are taksen
tromc the records in tics offices of the
secretaris of thcs various dep~artments,
accd contain lbse samic errors. If no
phocns number hass beecn placed on the
enrollnment card, nons is sown hers,
but thcat does not preclude there being
a phone in she houcs; call the cist
operaitor and tell her what house you
Kast, Virgiccia L., lit, 431 E. tUniver-
ally. Barrisburg, Pa. 1478-L.
Ksauffumanc,BellsaIt., lit, 1248 Wilmcot.
tGoshsenIcid. 1811-L.
Keaiting, Margsaret E., llt, 821 E. Mccr-
on. Buffalo, N. T. 1484-L.
K eeeuf, Arthur H., lit, 307 E. Husron.
Acn Arbor. 2607.
Keecn, Sarah E., lit, 417 K. University.
Mt1. tleasacnt, Mists. 693.
Kehcose, Ethel M., it, 106 5. 12th. De-
troit. 122-Li
Keiciath, Geo.1J., haw, 4215S. Division.
Ottawsa, 0. 1565-S.
Kelley, Amelias,1c., lit, 821 E. Hurocn.
Clevelacid, 0. 1484-L.
Kelley, OSamcuelXX., med, 821 K. Huron.
Cleveland, 0.
Kelley, Psaul, lass, 644 E. hUniversity.
Mtt. Plesasanct, ihc. 181.
Kelley, Spencer D., lace. Mt. Pleasant,
K{elley, too. P., lass, 1001 Cornwell Ph.
Koch Islacnd, ttt. 1780.
Kellogg, Deacn C., lit, 1123 Volland.
Saginaiw, Mlirc. 1226-Li
Kemip, Edward G., law, 124 5. Stats.
St. Clair, Mvich.132-J.
Kendasll, Edwarct1N., eccg, 127 Packard.
Rorcester, N. Y. 982-L.
Kecndall, Hobert T., encg, 714 S. 12th.
Toledo, D. 954-1L.
Kenncebress, Elizabetha B., lit, 807
Washingtocn. Colaumhus, Miss. 1744-L.
Kennedsy, Chester C., sog, 417 E. Cut-
versity. 1'itishurg, Pa. 691.
Kenncedy, George P., lass, 7115IMonros.
Annc Arbor. 979-L.
Kecanedy, Johnc E., lit, 220 5. Ingalls.
Cass City, Mich. 1017-L.
Kenyon, Leo W., lit, 606 S. Thayer.
Barker, N. T. 1271-L.

King, AL. S. Mrs., it, 222 Detroit. Dal-
has, Tex. 434-h.
King, Theo. G., it, 708 5. 12th. Sault
Ste. M~arie, Mitch. 1330-L.
King, Kits, it, Bil. Sic., Douglas
Lsake. Johnastown, Pa.
Kinncey, Fres H1., it, 137 XWilliams.
Lakeviesw, Mich. 1220-2.
Kirby, Danish B., mcd, 102 12th. Cleve-
land, 0. 921.
Knoep, Alma Mt., it, 608 E. M~adison.
P'ittsburg, P'a. 618-L.
Knatpp, RudolhbE., med, 208 Observa-
tory. Lexingtonc, Ky. 170-J.
Koon, Revsc, it, 510 E. Williams. Ann
Arbor. 870-L.
Krakau, Lena S., it, 722 Church, Syra-
case, N. Y. 1573-L.
Krecke, Norcman, eng, 706 S. Thayer.
Detroit. 1073-J.
Kreeger, Htarry C., stng, 9l3 E. Huron.
St. Charles, 111. 1271-1.
Krieg, Mtargaret I., lit, 104 Lincoln.
Lexington, Ely.
Kim, ChcensMimi, scng, 110 5. Ingalls.
P'ing-hcu, Chcekiang, Chicna. 1722-L.
Kneel, Kamrl 54-., eng, 416 Hamilton Ph.
Ssandusky, 0. 878-S.
Kuhcn, Kencneth, it, 1020 5. University.
Gregory, Mlich. 904-S.
Kulcoavica, Norbert, lit, 1311 Hilt. Des-
secuer, Mich. 1460.
Kulp, Mcthlcda G., lit, 610 5. Ingalls.
P'hiadelphia, Pa. 936-S.
Lackard, Thos. F., lit. Indiana, Pa.
Labodie, tGeo. V., lass, 901 E. Xashing-
toca. Coney, Kao. 494-L.
Lackey, Louis H., law. Mariontowen,
Lcird, Albert N., eng, Camp Bogardus.
Laloncde, Harold Jt., eccg, Camp Bogar-
dus. Sault Ste. Mtarie, Mich.
Lamab, Johnm B., lit, 810 Cornwell.
Charlotte, iche. 95-L.
Lcmb, XXitherEK., law, 621 Packard.
tGibon City, Ill. 782.
Lambert, Louis, lit, 717 K. Huron. De-
trolt. 851-S.
Lacn, Hung Tn, lit, 1021 Catherine.
Hunan,_Chins. 964-S.
Lance, Ralpha B.. it, 321 5. Division.
Mt. Pleasant, Mtich. 1324-S.
Lanmgdon, John W., grad. Saginaw,
Langworthy, Charles A., grad, 122
Packard, Albion, Mhich.
Lantz, Elizabeth K., liL. Detroit, Mitch.
Laycoek, William E., lit, 101 Thayer.
East Lansing, Mich. 1398-S.
Lee, Ho, it, 210 5. Thayer. Tiining,
Bonanu, Chicca. 1816-L.
Lee, John S., lit, 219 5. Thayer. Way-
mart, Pa. 726-L.
Lee, Yen C., lit, 310 N. Thayer.' Fu-
Chose, Kiang-Si, Chins. 1794-S.
Lee, Yii, lit, 417 K. University. Hoin-
yang, Hocnan, Chins. 781.

Leeson, Clyde C., grad, Bilol. Sta.,
Douglas Laise. tOshklosh, Wis.
he Furge, t'Csas. E.,- lit. Ypsilanti,
Alich. 368-L-Ypsi.
Lenhert, Florence' ., grad, 319 F.
Williasco. each l'ark, . 157-L.
Lelamd, Wim. F., la, 816 . Sisite. Acn
Arbor. 385-J.
tLankel, Walt11r A., las. Brillion, Wis.
Leonard, Elizabseths B., grad, 602 .
Wsashington. Uniontosn, P'. 53-.
Leopold, Seluma E., lit, 404 S. 5th.
Rensselaesr, Icd. 1018-I..
Le~alley, John, eng, 31 Thompson.
Mledinas, N. Y. 176-L.
Le~alley, Ssrah, lit, 11 Cttng Apt.
Ann Arbor. 18-IL.
Le~an, XW'm. C., grad. Cstscsvssa. Pa.
Levy, Anna B., Seh. of Mus., 18IE.
Levy, David L, lass, 338IE. Jeffersocn.
Detroit. 10-.
Levy, Htenry A., grad. Houghton,
L~ewinsteini, Seligman, M., eng, 613
Packard. AItianm, Mich. 385-..
Lewis, Rtobert I,, las.
Lietzan, Lencsc I., l, 27 Thompson.
Blume Islancd, Ill. 141-J.
Liem, Tosong Ching, lit, 13 . Uni-
versity. Foochow, China. 267-.
Liggett, Rcymoncd A., la, 802 Honro.
Icoris, Ill. 666-.
Lithie, IHughs E., lsis, 1008 Conwell
Pt. Gramd Haven, Mich. 180.
Lin, I. Yiiaec, lit, 406 Jeffersocn.
Kwangssicccg, China. 468-I..
Linck, Sylvester ., lit, 417 . Univer-
sity.Raenaut, Mich. 691.
~imdsey, Ethel K, it, 211 N. State.
Loekport, N. Y. 43.
Licg, Gte Seng, eng, 534 ill. Foo-
chsov, Chinsa. 1247-L.
Lingents tsr, Mlyrtle IL, it, Biol. Sta.,
DouglassLaske. Altoona, Pa.
Lippinscott, J. I, it, 1331 1Hill,. Flint,
High. 33.
Livingston, James ., eng 816 Arch.
Menominee, ich. 1340-L.
Livingstocne, T. XW. P'ssmr, 426 N. In-
galls. Detroit. 16.
Locke, Ssims It., grsd. Detroit
L~ockwvood, Chsas. C., lit, 516 . Dvi-
sonoc. South tyon,Mich. 758-L.
Logam, George W., lit. Dexter, Mich.
Loo, Pang C., eng, 223 . Icyals.
Kwangtung, China. 69-.
Loomis, Marie L., lit, is. Sta., Doug-
las Lake. Grand Rfapids.
Lovell, ohti X., eng 402 S. Observa-
tory. Ann Arbor. 1002-.
1Low, Hung Tang, eng, 33 E. Univer-
sity. Shanghai, China. 267-.
Lowenburg, Isaac, it, 413 E. Libty.
Natchez, Miss. 832-.
Lsower, Jacob 1D., grad, 1144 Catherine.
Casshocton, . 569.
Lu, Chi Teing, lit, 1218 Washtnw.
Kan Chos, Kianssi, Chin. 88-.
Lucas, Russell ., grad, 1315 Hill. To-
-.ledo, . 1460.
Lucht, Frederick WX., Sc., eng, 549 S.
Division. Ann Arbor. 1264-.
Ludlum, L. Coeman, cud, 215. Divi-
sion. Ansn Arbor. 33-L.
Ludwig, Jsbn IT., eng. Buffalo, N. Y.
Lut, Fung Tan, lit, 118 N. Thayr.
Canton, China. 868-.
Lumubard, Henry G., la, 325 . 5th
Seattle, Wash. 978.
Lynch, Alice A., lit, 821 E. Huron. Buf-
tao, N. Y. 1484-1..
Lynch, Alice SJ, lit, 114 N. Ingals.
Flushing, N. Y. 146-L.
MtcAllister, Howard B., grai, 804 Mton-
roe. Elkton, Mich. 1072-.
The usual Wedneday night Tango
dance at 'Granger's.


Ann Arbor's Headquarters for Kodaks, Cameras and Photo Supplies
I maske a specialty of Developing, Printing and Enlargiug for Anmateurs-by mxodelcn
tmethods. This has been my business for Micne years and it has increased every day-only results
will do this and so whenever you want ansything photographic look for the sign of the koudak-
thsat's whtere tinigs move.

719 North University

Kodaks for Rent, 10c per day


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