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July 08, 1913 - Image 3

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The Wolverine, 1913-07-08

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The Three
Creat Attributes
of our shoes are style, comfort and
durability. They are shoes you
will be proud to wear, tbat will iu-
sure fool coumfort and that will
wear surprisingly long. See our
display and note the prices. For
footwear of such class the prices
are decidedly "low down."
Headquarters for


119 South Main Street

m ,
I ;

For a Delightful All Day Outing on the beautiful St. Clate Riv
take the nteamer "'iasliios" ay sorning 8:45,Sundayssso. Fa
returning samsedayPorturon $1.25; Ftats or'raslttttsPark,(E
week-days, 750 5usdayn; for Toeeitandretarn, steatuer "Owam
leaves Detroit dity 8:osa.tm.,returns toDerits5p, m.; fa
Sundays 50 etk-ays $t.oo.
For an Afternoon Ride to St. Clair Flats, TasloeParkorsPo
Hurosswayports e kthe"City sf Tstedo" at 230 P.n.

ictsc class-room as well as on the campuo are oniy won
bytratntng. Ftt yourslf-get the last ounce that's in you.-
and you'll ho able to do better work. Itis lull of life aod
vigsr-delightfully wholesome. 1
Delicious - Refreshing - Thirst-Quenching
WS teer 0emand the0Genine-0efuseSobsiue
3y t5U ee7211THE COCA-COLA CO.,Atlanta, Gu
c C..'!, D



.N GRADULAE OF LAW IDEP1T. Assito., Mabel L.. lit. 514 Ellis St.
5t1.ltn. ", rank If.. 228 S. Ttayer.
Gleuna L. Hoter Doust, of this SCHOOL STUDENTS Sagtis'w. .42-h..
'ed Friday ac hoc horns on South A__________________ tknson, Robert, etg. 912E.Hetiron.
sreec afer an illness of matny Hlls' 'Tick. .'27.-L.
roused by tubercular infect iou Nam T1esrin this directory softhke t -'Ouint i. red~ 237 S. Ingalls.
vacciuation. Miss Doust grad- fo h eod nth fie fte Hlllnd i iii cil. 557-L
rom the law deparcmenc of cbs secretaries of tbe varous dea'rtmns,' Vteiy Sariah 'T'..iti, 609 Monroe St
icy in 1901, but has been usable and costaits the situ' errors.It'fntStt . LoisMo.79J
ices for the last five years. phone nuber ha-.bhen itlced onthi' A .Dn I.te. 20S iglo
etroltment card.tnoeis souwtihelit yresui.ii H., medi., 2 .Igls
bitt that des ntutpr elude therieitig rin , . i
tESS HAS'THREE STAR a phone iti the hotst;.ciii the chiet 'ttskl'r i.lt 2 .Jfesn
VOL ERIN BAL PLAERS.N< «si'sAIrc. 219-.
'OLVHINElIAL 1'LYERS. sterator stnd tell her iht os o'u B'aer'Felx S. lit. all Ceever Ct.
Bell, raptain of the 1913 bas- Chicgo, Ill. 1629-L.
ti, has recently signed op with Abbott. John B., 1it, ti S State. Sttt'iley Wiltur ..umed, 201 N. Tayer.
Louis club. Bell was one of Louis, M. 18. Mitt Arbt. 1392-J.
At batters ots this year's squad. Abell HEdward ilt,., lit. 1.17 N. Stte.HBake,tChairlotte B. lit, 718 S. Ingall.
lit better than .425, besides fBuchaman Mich. 78-J. tDetroit 1915..
2a record of 13 stolen bases. AkertuatiAlbrtts iH. tmed 208 S..iaktr, Ii litito D., eng, 1 . Liberty.
iy" Lavens, shortstop, and Untiversity. M'ttkerstroois'iTl Mrganii Irk Il. 568.
Ptowell in the pitthing squad, South Africa. 19. Blit'''HIll' . lit, 718 S. tngalls.
o former Michigan stars who Adaum, P. Joseph, cn, 01 N. State IDetroitt11..
3e with St. Louis. Detroit. 838-f... Lli iiiodin ID, lit, 00 E. Joter-
Adams, Arthur C., tng, 111 Wtiulte suit Wetftield, N. Y. l976-J.
EAFLOAT THAT RICKEY naw. Ozark, Mto. 366. tB'tdyga Staley, etg, 1126 Waste-
MANAGE ST. LOUIS BROWNS Adanis, Jans, phar, 602 Monroe titir.lDtroit. 678-L.
____Chrisney, Id. 799-L H tus slrry 1., eng, 1509 S. Univer-
nor is being floated around that Adams, Olin V.. lit, 714 . University sit Anti Arbor. 180-L.
Branch Rickey of the univer- Ann Arbor. 954-J.5 Itankis, Itsy.C. n, 24 . Jefferson.
seball team is being trained to Adamns, Rubert P..lit, 306 Tlihop tin Fetontiht. 1055-.
e place of George Stovall as St. -Lodi, Caif. 129-.idimt'. Statniey Mt., cg, 1209 .Ui-
r of the St. Louis Browns. Adelsdrf, Sanm 1., ito' 481initoti vecsity. Walsdron, SMic. 152-L..
L. Hedges the o'wner of the Place. Chicag'o Itt.43-J. IBabietLcita A., grad, Biol. Sta.,
is team has been thinkiug for Agee, Thos. ., law, 325t S 5tWlls Dtuglts Lake. Coubia, Mo.
[me of supplatnting Stovall and Ne. 978. laste,tA Litcl, grad, 73 .
'ression may have been created Aiken, Will. ., hits, 707 Oxford Rd. 'Thayer. Mtarshfield, Ore. 1547-.
uy's being in the East recent- Braddock, Pa. 57IBarringer, Pul B., law, Charlotte-
the team. Alberson, Ge. li'0 t 607 L. Atn. cite Vs
___________ Kalamazoo. 1482.l B trrigerL'otidas H., law,,5111
iSIVE TENNIS COURTS Aldrich John A., it 6415 ttngals. lTomipson Charleston, W. Va.
TOTAL 27 ON PERRY FIELM,. Sault Ste. Mttrieluch. 12<5-L 201-L1
____Aleck, Norm, lit 520 7hotpn . Basot Artr F., eng, 100 . Huron.
is still progressing on Ferry Catmden, N. . 86-L Detit.i 909.
ward the building of more ten- Alextitder, Aitla, grtai.IDeits La-eiBassttHenry ., ra, 429 Hanmilton
rts. Two courts have just been Mich. P.Mtryvile, Tent. 189-.
ted, two are nowy being laid Aiet, Edwrard I. cg, 307 . Diision . as' t Iig If., grad, 802 Oakland.
d provision has beeti tads for N. Tsnawanda, N . VtCtolwtet, Mich. 1680-.
e courts which will bring the Allen, Floyd P., uit,. 444 S. Sate. Bit-tBititicirit John, eg, 526 Church.
mber to 27. The cost of build- ton, Sic. 97. Cystal Flls, lici. 1064-.
ingle court atmounts to about Allison, Archibtld M.i .r-dtt3t6 I ltstm'iit Jr. Albert V., law, 126 N.
Thompsot. Cliic"i-- 111 1573 Division Fremont, . 184.
Alwardt, Htarry .K.,lit 214 S.Inlsh'Ba-uneister 'im., lit, Grand Rapids.
r Baseball Schedile Starts Battle Creek. 118-LIt'axtr George, lit, 331 E. Catherine.
summer baseball schedule Altsn, Itobert AT., aow,'9ll5IOaklatnd Anti Arbor 101-I..
odywt ae eisnte LiingstotMot. on .IBaxter Kenticth S. en, 607 . State.
Imedic, to be played on Ssuth Altenburg, George 1., itt 802 0Okand Dtrot. 11.
field at 4 o'clock. Tomorrow Belditig 'Mich. 180-2.IBeardseyIRex, law, 912 Washington
on he aw wil eetth eni-Amsel, Jos. S., eng Catmp Bogardus. oyne ich. 69-L.
an the lawsowillameetfthe s ged- Brosklyn, N. YV BecckerVitoa lM., lit, 01 . Catherine.
Amlsch, Arthur L,lit 207 S. Ingals Flit, 'Mich 1112-.
___________ Cainet, IMich. 775-J.1Bese sJiihn H, lit, Ill Thompson.
yOrders All Dogs Muzzled. Anios, Richard E., ted 224 S. Thayer Dtoit 1198-.
ts w esn aebe i- Ironton, . 462-J.Besr George, lit, Washtenaw and
sgs twithirsnhastweek, cief Anderson, Andretw A.,ciig, Campt o ll Chlsea, Sic. 188.
,o Kitnney has ordered that all gardus. Crystal Falslvlc. endict Ssat 1., grad, 115 Park
immditey uzzed t r-Atnderson, Edw'ard E. en, 608 Mary 'Terrace. Northatpton, Mass. 765-2.
Bardagita y possibility of- Cf.Coert Sick. 1275-L. ienner Claude L., li, Clayton, Mich.
,uar agins an posiblit ofAnderson, Ella V., lit. Newr York City. Bietctt, 'Cric ., law, 214 . Thayer.
lemic of rabies during the hot Anderson, Floyd H'. li, 220 5SsTefth. (lAken',..C 118-L.
orzlderscaviesbensgventhat Greenville, SMic. P insuts .Pirce, it, 912 ahing-
tuze aie eso tAnderson, fLester 1F., toed, 1020 5. onILebanon, Pa. 69-L.
________________ University. Shelly, Sich. 904-2. BergstesulEarnest A., law, 506 E. Lib-
DobeSito oe ln.Atndersoti, Lumyra S., lit, 209 . In t t 1 l-st'idon Mich. 283-L.
Dobl Sif o Pwe Pan. galls. Cleveland, . 49-. lete, Esthr lit, 341 5.,Sain St. Ann
gto a blunder in the construc- Anderson, Thomias C., ued, 522 Elhm Arbor 1108.
the tunnel leading to the new Vincent, a. tit-untr ermanu ., eng 923 W. Lib-
plant, the contractors have Angell, Eobert E., grad. Kalamoazoo r17.Ann Arbor. 129-.
rced to double up on the shifts, Arnold, Alfred L.., ted, 101 E. Huron Beerly, et I., lit, 233 . Ingalls.
tnt now sn the work will be Owosso, Sic. 97. AnoilArbor 1920-L.
along 24 hours a day. Arnold, ion, med. tDenton, Sic. tBeely Squire S., lit, 23 . Ingalls,
Arnsld, Laurence F., ltiw, 220 5. Iti Atus Arbor 1920-L.
tidiark is Being Demolished, galls. Newton, Il. 1017-L.___________
or well kown land mark is Arverson, Esther V.. lit, 621 . IngtalsTNGO PARITY.
t, as the sld building on State Ludington, Mich. 40-L.
ecupied for a good many years Acher, Sargaretba, grad, 514 E. Jet- Thec will be only one party every
Skinner is being torn down ferson. Sginaw, Sich. 156-. week drtng summer school on Wd-
way to a modern t'wo story( Ashford, Saruerits K., law, 114 N.tisd y night at Grangers. 50 cents
tructure. Ingalls. lHonotlulu, Hawaii. 1466J2.octrcouple

Michigan Souvenirs
Also Fine Watch and Jewelry Repairing.
Hailer Jewelry Co.'
Telephone 534 308 South State Street
The New Catalogue
University of Michigan,
Complete Information concerning seven departments :
Collegiate, Engineering, Medicine,
Law, Pharmacy, Homeopathy,
Dentistry and the Graduate Depart-
ment and the Summer Session.
Special Courses in Forestry, Newspaper
Work, Landscape Design, Higher Commercial
Education, including Railway Administration
and Insurance, Architecture, Conservation
Engineering, Pedagogy (affiliated with Ann
Arbor Schools for Observation Study), and a
course for those preparing for the scientific
administration of departments of sanitation
and public health.
For Copy of Catalogue, Special Announcement, or
Individual Information, address
Secretary Universify A NN A R BOR



ten by d
of polio
dogs be
der to g
an epid
all unn
tion of
been tot
and frc
Old Lai
being to
street o
by 2. L
to give
brick st

+.ubu..u. .i .v. .., a.. ... ....mow ,. .,... . . . ,. .. . . .

r _ _ ,. y

Ann Arbor's Headquarters for Kodaks, Cameras and Photo Supplies
I ittake a specialty of Developing, Printing and Enlarging for Amateut7-by modern
methods. This has been my business for nine years attd it has increased every day-only rtesults
will do this and so whenever you want anything photographic look for lhs sign of the kcdsak-
that's where things move,

719 North University

Kodaks for Rent, 10c per day


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