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August 17, 1912 - Image 4

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The Wolverine, 1912-08-17

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CLASSIFIED AI)S All six exposure films developed at' 14)I'MEN IINALT
1-oppe's Studio for 1t and 15 cents. BRING 11011E IBACON.
IYr.N'fED !Fine and brilliant prints made for 4
__________________________ and 5 cents. Rlemvember the place, (Continued from page 1)
Wanled--Student to work for board at 619 E:. Liberty street, near where the for the engineers, hot it proved
Ulniversityy Hospital, Ca:therinie St. new studio is being huilt. 15-16. enough.
Apply to Mlatron. 21-2-3 n Wheat replaced Metcalf in the hox
The summersi almost gone! An for the engineers in the fifth, and the
we have had such a iteavant time. We fussers tots to him for two runs at
F+OR LRET had dreaded it so--the lon;, hot, stif-th strbtnierws and
For EIten -F+ine cottages. for rent, o as h tfycasros iekaigrongave Itestrick a chance,
WhtoeLakre Weileniann Grove. frwig~ rf ers.iadrm te when lie let a grounder through his
in-anabc farsand ow iffren itlegs, and Bob later got all the way
Address 312 S. iDiv., Phone 1t76-J1. hss all been! But ionmc 10 thinik of it,; around. Bird let Brouile on by another
tf Jack, I guess you have been lthe cause. fumble, and fivenmanager reached sec-
of viut o lve oodhoss.Thecons-ond on a wvild pitch, stole third, anld
11ISCELLANEOUS in, and dancing, with a lunch a Tut- scored ona Grinim's hit to left.
ties after mavkes one' of the umost pleas- The seventh sacw the schoolteachers
A coispllete line of college songs- aivt evenings imaginable. At Tutle's agains showv.l'ratt struck out, but the
sonme of which are: Yellow and Blue, we cavn order chat ce cant and wvhen ha ftels eesrne.Rs
Varsity, Victors, College Bays, alw ays we waint. I told Hets to usedt us at tinck hustled and Remington three'
to be found at the tUniversity Music Tuttles Friday night after thse dancee. wvild. Be stole second and scored on
Htouse, Press Building, Maynard St., it is just arouind the corner, 1:033 itn'8i t iht rdiSari.e
across from "Mtajestic" tft State St. Milton to second, but Grimmoswavs the
third ouit Bird to Metcalf.
H ~ ~Engineers
AB R H 0OA E E'M ' ha ,p ...
STE ER Blahea, sp . 1 1 04210
naW~SERVICE Remington 3...4 2 1 1 12
irBirdl. . . 412423
Fox 1 .L ..... 4 It t0i0i00
-- ;1:C"-tE'ttlec c....23 0 608 5 1
Ennnsios m....23 00 I0 600
Detroit-Put-in-Bay Mlorse r. . .3 1 t 0 1 0
Sandusky--Cedar Poit --
'Totals . 1.... 2 7 5321 125
Daylight Trips to Cleveland $1.25
'Irving, batted for Cvuttler in the
Saimsr"Put-in-Bar" (Newi, Fourthounuiid pasmsenger t
Ocestemer hanirbls, Prisvte parlr, Cvomnodovs diigits
aid lunchkrooims. Fstiseeliide-weesteamerFrak E.
coKidby.'Double dailly sie isowiminsoperion tolvPut-in-ay AG R H 0 A F
co ~ ad CedarPont-World-fiams kahinkibemhe, hisorn
cavs nd mammothvhotesm. SpeialmripsoCedar Poinsifrom Restrirk s ....4 3 1 1 2 1
Deroniilsvry SntayddurinJlylnd AcstilylsovClevMieo-. . 4 0 2 1 0 0
p lsrnd S0 a.m., via Put-in-.Bay, $1.25 eah ny. SiemrM lo
C Putmima" leavs Detritidaily at $30ia. m. Stemr"mFrank Brodie 2 .....3 1 0 1 1 1
E. Krby' l"vesDtritOmdaily at5.0 ,55. inound tlip lare
to Pui-ays, 50 centson ek days;iSued sillcensllG rimni3....... 4 1 2 2 0 1
ASHLEY & DUSTIN STEAMER LINE Janseni1.... 0 0 8 0 4
PZ Savage ec.....2 It 0 5 1 2
# O. S. Dusti,G. P. A.,,Detopiit ° Bauvmvannimv...2 0 0 3 0 0
-o -Craig r. . 2 0 0 (0 0 0
P' 0 rail: i.......3 0 0 0 4 0
'Do1t...... 27 .v 5 21 8
lanings ......12234156 7--H
/ /Elvs ...... 001 100 17

Ye Summer Studes take note
''Legyend has it that susi of its al'e.not cvry loosei
on the purcse strinage- -lvi'eairnl I 'vvmoney wSri' ts
with-:vo'gh said."
"'ButrI211t.3tuere i s aseathvw'icu sv 55u 'Ill
is'nt vwell to Ibe penny civ' andvpunvvd fevol ish.''yo
do r,,'she" the valae of vs doll.ir' readi on-otticr'wvv y
loose thyclvitih. Thiere ivs alvniii thiis it<,« n
wehose hiisincs v it is to inalce hittores---- Iivilve
knowso his business. 'ui,cnnaagadv0vs ie of woeel
from him for $0.00 ad tatli.wlis ld coi vst vi i $16i.t0
10 Detroit or' New' York, vied $10.00 grade Ivere
wosuld cost you $25.00 iisnvs large cit. .Tue expese
herr is les .Whilecivure here'whyliotciiseni thlb
folios a good P'boto.

Furnishers and Hatters to University Me n
342 South State Street

GRANGER'S Academy of fDa l II
ISummeer Assemnblies every Friday Evening--9 to 12



/ y X
Our #eom Wo
seop it up!I Start the jInbilee
Teuchioff tesboni-Bret The tna'sa
vrinne, ilkePatinmaCigaretss
20 for WOO m ah 'cae a ima you
r± Ce4 secure a ha s 4' collegte pen-
s5 cet pan {12x32)leckil,,,of110.,

fit cc
tai,/ fr1 ; j
1 Rn
a r
b 1
uauerra . v°r s,2,..i is e \'t q ,/ \" ,,.,

'Two base bit-Restrick: hits-off
P'ratt, 5 in 7, off Metcalf, 3 iii 4, tf
W,*heat, 2 in 3; stllen bases-Reminsg-
tons, Mketcalf, Bird W~agner, and lRes-
trick 3: double tiny-Morse to (Cutler
to Biri;;fiest bavse on errors-eigs. 5,
hits 5; base on baills-oft Pratt 1, off
Metcalf 2, off lWheat 2; strike outs-
by Pratt 4,.tby Metcalf 3, by Wheatf 3;
bit;hby pitcher--by Metcalf, flrimvmv;
limpires-Bet-ot' and Fold.
k (Continued from page 1)
1Your excellenieis and gi'ntlemen,
'lease silence ho listen to grace tiro-
ilsmied by Csvion Bonney," and my
Srighf hanid neighbor niurmured a sat-
lvn invocation. As ste oat doc'n, he
"vexiressed to mi' his surprise that lie
shvooldtiaae beencallevd upon wvhen
a dcvii and two archbishops were
tiresemnt. After spending the wnects end
at hos home, 1 codld the better appre-
eiate the reasonl, for his kindly and
charminvg personiality has ivade him
omie of the best loved sciemitific oven
in England, as cell as a past presi-
dent of the British Association, the
Geological Society, the Alpine Clubi,
and imiany otheri organizations.
.9 slice.
'Two roonis avidlive usc of a bati.
roonm to remit to a single gevitlemavn oi
lady, with gcod refereneo in the Cut,
tin.g Apartmsent house froni Sept. 1.
Further informat ion obtained at No.
16 The Cutting, 2id floor, Monroe St.
1 r1l s andUndividet Pritsi. 100,00t0.0i
II Rfsir es ......... 300,t0t .f0
T? ansets aOnner&I Banking Business
3 1cer cent interest pvaidh en svisgs I eposis
Ysour eisissSoslicited
Chias. 1-. Hi'iscc. f'es. Iilihan . Fritz, f'is'r
Ass. Osl' imns. tiin.AssslurOSvings Deo't.

Spend ysum vacatiaon km thiiGreatLiks avamol
econmical andmenjoyableouting inAerica
No atterim tnowhin atpint you wam n tna, use D. a C. Lineehmamers operaingto
ail imspomtani ports.
Dailyservmie betweeanaDetroii and Baffalo,, May Iist in Novmber iis. City af
DetitIIand City o avlsmand III, 1he largesi sidew'elset eaimes imthe world,
an tis divisiannempthiktoaSeptelamerI Ot. Daily serviceSmitwema Detroit
anatCleveanad April1thtosDember Iksmt. Durig JlanAuus twoibsmska
outiafDtimand ClvelandmeverySaturday andSunadaynmgt.
Faminetrimmsaweekly bmtwmen Taleda, Detroit, MmskiacIland andseas pamts.
Daily smmice Sbiswmen Toleda, Clieeland and Put-in-Bay.
Saecial StememiClsvelnd to MackinscInland, ttip ms semkly, hiss i5iS in
Smptmmbmm 1Oth stapping anly am Dmtroit mssmy iris aid Cadeick,Gant,emsmy
Special Day Trips betweenetroit n~d Ceiland, DrigJlyand August
Tumsday, Wmdsda, Thursdayand SatudaysoatioflDmtrit; Moday, Wdnes-
day, Thursday and Fiday out f Cleveland.
RAILROAD TICKETS AVAILABLEI Tinlapim rending vinanmny rail fine
betweemn Detroit and Buffland Detroit and Clevlnm dilbe hnored far
transporainn D. & C. Line Steanmers in either directian.
Send 2ctsmamep foamlltateid Pamvphlat and Cream Lakms Map,
Addmss: L. C. Leis, C. P. A., Detroit, Musk.
Philip H. McMillan, Pram. A. A. Sikanta, Can'l Mar,
Detroit & Cleveland Navigation Company
The Ann Arbor
FRED C. W EINBERG, Proprietor
9:00 A. M. to 9:00 P. lm.
Fcr Ladies and Gentlemen. "Tuesdmy mand Friday fore-
noons for ladies only.
The Pool is Fed with Cool Sprting Water
725 S. Fulls Ave. Phone 996-2 rings

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