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July 16, 1910 - Image 1

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The Wolverine, 1910-07-16

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Sudy, July 17
Tomato Puree Soup
Baked White Fish
Bananna Salad
Roast Beef Roast Veal
Roast Duck
Wax Beans Mashed Potatoes
Tea Coffee Milk
Cocoa Iced Tea
Ice Cream and Cake
Cantaloupes Watermelon
Apple Pie
Dinner 35c
A nterChanc
Verified y Uiverity
Recordsad the
oohs of the Toe-
phoe Compaies
To Get It
You Must Subscribe for
of issues containing Directory
except to subscribers.
50 Cts.
Phone 960

Resolutions Passed at Annual
Meeting in Favor of New
Clubhouse for Men
Proof of aluisupport1))01of the 1 tuch-
gan l L~iol's ipr'poised ' cam0110100 1.0o' I
11e01c11bhollse1101111 e11 .at..nO 11,1 1.11
tionis 0w1r0 11110111110u1150passed
Whltereas, tieio' licI I. 01 directors0.of
tile Utniversity of Nichigan01 11111 11
stu~dent~s andl fi cersll' of 111e 11111 1111,
llg is ibecom111ig 111111' 11Int l ;;I-i111i
eve0r'yday, 11111
Whiere as, 1110 success11of the U11on
itseif is of vital1in111e111to all 11l11111 11a.
Therefore, 11e it11reso111111that 1he
Micigan11 1a1 1its 11an1nua 1 iwct101 111 1 in
heartily e11111110 the U111 01 ' 1 t,
and1 u~rges t11supor mi1 ai Ofth
aItlllu ii 1111'e effotoel ° im 11I
ill ent and aI ome:ioi' 1h1 1111011l
to1 be itte ih11111.m (1ib1>:s
to ih to 1 e111111 qa i ntd. A hlih
U1nion1 Iis ee igopen111111 1111 t o eve 111o
thiolsummet here ac11a110 eIliser
pivi'i'ii l ieg sw iclh till'stude11 tsb Of1thel re1 -
ull' sessionl 1110 11111111' 111p1111 f1111 It
is fo1thes1 glenprim l- 001 ha1'he r
c o l to ih 011held.

taken11 111i1s 11to lllmi1'lolallli t1111 social
11111ds111f10the wroldofody.'' enh
fais'utery-,ter i 'l1 11111'1111
Ws.1 0111111 s11o1 ed1 ho111t1e1 churche111
in genralarenegectng11111mlt
fo111s11ci 1l11plift1 11111111h 111o 111' 11en
he~tuifil struture for 1few 1our
She' told110 of 11't 111 w o llthat 1ad1b1111 1.1
by11111111' 51' curch'in1Kalamazoo
the 1101e11 1111 11 1111 11111r1the11childre111,
1to11'e1110111110 111 0 l ll all b11 dro1 oms)1
1A1111"full 1111111111
I1h1' 1 1101 111ic 111a 0 .a11 l a
1111111 llJ~nr pti a111111it111il last
lni NormaItlscl to y tithe(eoI\ loi
d', r11se1', es as tiellas1 he 111ae 111
IKT; 1(ifthesame insttuton d in int

Geologist Explains Formation of
Great Waterfall and Pre-
dicts Destruction
If11110 '01 1 .01C 111It11 ' 1 ~rZ'11111t
is a1'101 Frtlls. 11 k11 \ 1 l.o .1' Iii 1art
111 ril til lw ; i 1 111 1' l k ,1 l i t{}0

at the
12:00 to 1:00 5.University Ave.
hlpfuool 00ctool1
1. A Ctass for Young Meistaughttby,
t'oio'eroi lot llic'lig:inch.111a very
ft. A Classfor YoungWomen is ttolot.

00111.111 0or all tillw
0tc11 Ollojlll 1a'I to l
Iccl1II0re'I'loooo 011.1 f loll
hac' o 111 lc tie,11 11
C i llli "\1111111 1111 1101a
the I o'o'oo 11.101 111011

j \V(


.01' 011010 tils 10 ''1111was
1.o e0 It 01.1 11d1111 '
0 tooares loevoo'opI. T
lc c.0011. 10 .a 110011' hi'l
s .cli 111. 0',r'cent
110001 lreto.Ill oooRmoi
istho l oca' e -000101.1
time. theo o'latooo e r
and0 theow 0a0nd10r1.'la

A)wo an aei 1uea(tt. ettan
/OILIll. Class for Young Married People
is 0an10. la1Or.(l.1010'tot ho
;111011tH:0al)1wt0it 1111111) 01ea 'h1m, the, l eelUn-
loll, 1Ir a 1 <o si og 5 l it.' 'of'o iteen tootrt.
flt r or s n lcsu a a I' ll' r itti
I~s i 1-(w 0111010111< ill10 11.1 11 oooio
Iooe . I.uix Nimitgss
ralta1 101 lrrts of I toot.lh ot'curr e t o tlnot ie
fels Nrci tl Atos oi'IticLake
1. oi 0 ii soool tsandt
'.0A1 o . 1 0 h:-a s ;a ulo to e I ictioo ago' lototi
Wit WC <;alt

it! llt I.;I tlll

to.' ooooooooo'. loolb' 0. t.al-cl'ooo. ib
01.011 oo idivoide h It, o'wasoo a 1gret ce
s e.. 'Flh1e1ice o'rboiuaii 0001 1 .oo 11
whao~t a'ooothetow' ter11.0 10. ol'ooooool uolhe1
t11'. 01th' divide acoitoe ice. 'htc 1.

0nootheastl. hilt th
l111.-( )I oand.into 1
is. ilk'e lor'c.at
bical\.T e SI.
0011a11is 00001lobec
000s aool oot'hlsb1)
('bob'i io'o'o'iook,
outlet coioo''tlo nt

1110101C .011 'lgaso
0000111 1011.1 -cat0
001outlet00 oi tooI L k
the ojooWel toe
I lp yioo l to 00.0 . fo
1 4)1Si 01 il l al
I,, 1 re.:I i ral
'C' ilt 1.1 0 lr c
r ie ti-oooohio too' S.
1 fIloootioo, no rthern1
o b' "1 oooo1..

It 1has 10000 otoo' 101'enlal'rge,' nd '00 -
11 d nd w l ol ic lde, oooo otheroi
"d o I ovtoe 1111 1011in 11hefa11.to t
010the m iler 1l h osb oon ot 0111' e
by te auty eng rwitteo n tfo '.to
.01 tTeusalnepofioAno n Ahor00 1as
wc00reraw oontirel, 1and iclude's foot

ill 000011101111's theo' los toilltbton tly alt
inoto'roooio'oot str'eaoom .aood ii aoto30011
cars10tho'[b ol t too' be'eoire'o' dtoy'tatd
th drionaoge0110of teetio' bake.1115stwill
111heloo the b.WNNo't inotoo te Mississip-
i,.js 1 a001 it0 1 a011awa01 .1 batok in log'0ica1010
lift IW11RKS tRIOM 1,1 1110 11011
't.10101100of toddress ntotiee, Aloo
11110elobde000 fortorlyott h iloor1000'Library,
11000 .11 o'o toIf ooissiotie Sph
1l 0 amtol illlt'leotandtoto otitgooes;
1 ' h ld lastF 101er ar leoltraitiiotn-
o.'ensoom'er1'-too01r00c0'too' 1110110of thie
'eetobuildinooooo ith'ecampuoos. loor
10a0011y301010toe oilto'olletiontoh110)beeti
tole c'auose of gr'oans of tihe' oisitoors, for
ll ii I'hrl' Rilghtsof 00 tcrtiol tareo
muoscle'. Pool' year1s it 1110scausedt the
rontottocl-c 'looses of lie iLibrarciano,wotlo
s'or eo- nee lbdoth t'roo.. Noowoatol is
c'iooooo'otItoo' oause' is ioeiiog reovedo oo.
1150010Th 00asi toic'h, atler a libetral apopli-
'0io 1 o000fosop a'odoiw11010, shoocuptillei
0000 o 1 1 o o'ooarat thoeitoorat',btien1011g
viv'seted,. ipacked1itip, sliod dootrytthe
ota'ir's, ced o ooer tothoe nesw'residentee,
t 1an 0,'sseololdo, to obeiio'lacedoetos'oe'n
I1110011arilte cotols in tlb.'apse o~f Nb'
m 'rll halo.oM'-fotil to lass floe
s 01101 o'xaminaootiono, boweedi otn001111 1 01-
.11f.0' areoeinogtlacool io the 1b1as1-
001111tsof.01 1.oio osito Ill 11101alon1gsidle
to' Aluniooooo'troooms toooderneath11 theoitrtoroe
f01tunate o'oooadeots.

MRS. C.RA N 101) N 130t\ N 5 11,13D ii t 0010.01. t ttoo oo "thelook read c0111
MIOPI lllS Oih 'ti?.1NO ItI N tootfor 1,iootionaoo o utol Augustb if.an
00 ooooooo,'o'to s1m1.0.r s1hoootu'ots
Tueheecood1lete o f hesr's,'er w alorIto' ''10ooooit.Ooe tho sandoooo ered.o't rle-1
tte auspices1 s of to'e looooAlb or Sclohool printo loll be o H ' cooool-fo a'ioo tooprt s-
of lRligioto 0100give'n0 Tto'sdaioo 'olo oect 10 studotoioos of oolioh tieoeo'i's ,o
".To'echurchlot 1 loc.'s1 00 1imoill110 1 FIRST UNITARIAN CHURCH
thoe terdos o~f 111hi 01.otoi ,oooodi;ostri 00005100?R01001'AN001 1 1000SaToT lS,
1t0 otoitool hoe ocia l ' i~i oft ill N SoN 1111 PER POO'PP i M itser.
life,' oosai 11110. Can.Otto huch
to.etof oeotoooit olll Service at 10:30 A. M~, with
siittl leatdercship. ILoeadersipoian000 Sermion hy Mr. Foote
theo'soceiat l s ltc t''e ooid ol 1 0 ~
ooooiotcial to'dreol.,The Religion of an Educated Man"
le 11' 10 l''ol otoda-b.he prach r 1ay 0ac the ooldoofo lob t otl00
mustt teo' 1000111 ojoo ithlt00 lb otill, atdo.hosa'te Oiionooo of thoioogoo 11.1 10110
and01 desire of the 11pe 101 00o opl n us c. hoof 01011 000 'fll o 11e 111111', of 'o Iooooo'
0110od too it. NW'heno a010100ster I noooo . (I0 oofd in o i'foh iotoooo 0100010
11a1l's 1,t o t'reach'l too opeooplan asl o t Is 000 Iaa P utit tn

'I111 .000000111a o w tesl
Nio,-cooco 11.
andisstill 001.0 boO''t01 10010

tFo.' 50'or '00
wstol 111c

thato ithe'hlolts a100.1' o'oo 0100111 oil 1
'[too' irt ex'a'ct o, ev~to o >ooo 00,00 made
b ohall in1152;1and 1110 1.1.01 000001
oootedo thoo t rteO o' t .1ro'oioo'.. s bhe-

too'.'ooo 1 ooo ''0 1 1 lit, 1 to' tho' sittue'smost of the pio
100' 1 too foulltl hollO rt5e t i lb 0101011 ol sed 10 .'ooteo't duost 0110 11
10003 ttoioo .oooot0;0 1111 000;, to. Fob oro boo'aveboo it cooeonoed ooaod tottng.
lb. .1 0 ooi 10010000 t o oolo so'oti in tboo ito 10'0 ooroos. '1he
too accept Sl 0000011000'' 1. booi m ,orlous.FerA t Coolloctiont 0whiih 010was 10te
Ac'e+7rco -boo :lt S I t hebal 1ha (, oooa 11111ooii 0b, is 101e 1101lo'-other exe-
po0 ooooiiot d ftr. h r,1"s he 1b toooha 111has b'o'noshownlb lin to'e[place,
a1001' de.01 f tearthat0te 0001000m1 theo'xe~ollenot itste dltay'edllittar-
c m a i , tic oo''i i ohe 0rrnt f te 1ho'- 111of .10 prset ic.turces loos
i'ogooo 'oo t w ul ceourlb 0tend to .1dded to thteirt' o itootio, olooso 01ttot te
destroy. th Fab ls.booit lb. 0t bothe odf boo'l loe i o'oo'.113 onotiec'aobte

Mormrzg Worship, 1030 Bible School, 12:00 Noork
Rev. John Newton Lachey will speak on J. Leslie French will speak to young men and women on
",,The Coming l~. Ransomed" "lhe Originx of Prophecy "
A Hearty Welcome to any and all services awaits you. Christian Endeavor, 6:30 -p. m.---Christian Letter-Writing." Leader, Miss Jones

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