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July 07, 1910 - Image 2

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The Wolverine, 1910-07-07

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Ai 'HEfs A\TO LV 17R 1N R

Kodaks and Supplies
leveloping and Printing for
E. E. CALKINS, Druggist
324 S. State St.
Pins, Fobs and Spoons
Optical 5\-~ Dept.
tneWtc and lwelery Repairnt
216 South Main' St.
1'omt, s or:-oTb ' 5fl eriso. 't)o-
llii Dily.i 'I/si Alumns, Io
ia i ic rCi, Io yle iOO1. TeM- /o
-A n 'c " irnc, li'- i -y-oI Oega-
iis'lutoy. NosLetis- S 0. .
R tndx~k. +~os. ook, I Fn i-i-ity
Press Building, Maynard St
Ann Aror, Michigan
All Lovers
11111, i'e k'sot ~ivsii-ty 'la-
00 yiInieal Mareior'- iia
l i i so l ice ora ii'~
it ucs'' i,)". iooik - ols
last University Pharmacy
t . i /'ul oss teriii'i5

University School of Musfc
Ailosi A. isiioy. A. M,, 1/iii'so
Summer Session, July 5-Aug. 26
Ii ish ooliYiiribeis o Ii ':3 .
t' Oitr 7r. :iii i iiii Iii's iof 'ltl-u
if'il o 'i cl 1u ls os'oiiot-
;t)ii -A IiHsiistT 'tcos. ii .oir',-sisi lfo
il 'iff I 5 l b sOo-osior.
:ii is ii (.s-i Anno Arbfo, Miichi

Tii son kfy /iiiicioniiiof ti/isiiniis
ofth lii' s/rosit fs oiciganiooS /-sssssoo-s
f /sos -il(Choof l NA /1 _ONI, -
If1. (_.:Ai-f/i Ii', / lci/i Jao hs

S i tN s-- s's oii.
Advert'fisng A/siisiii-s- /RihrdssSiiisi
If . If oi'piiiier. 11.Al. Cakiis.'
, ousoiiof iii ateIs: l oa, if ily cent'
dre iss s frt eo.i i nt ad itinal
if'h ric shmi r proii atsthis ofi
at 1:0 n' lcc'lr (cTi'
Ics Frda vei~ i/si- ioh/lad-
c p ifons itoi e l Isi/si of i lii 'ii iii / i.
es if iiThese ii iiiii issiarci i/silIia is
si ssire tat f/rysi siiiiiibei pr isent. Thiei
partgoy wi'i~iheinfiorml. iison i -
Noi ettr s oul lii 555h0 n I ais if
present io mo tis f55- li sicns m
imlividtiais/iuden s i it ohe s f kiss
r ifs ntieoristfo iriiiii' ihs's'l ding
presnte asingfo ifhefoiimaitiooil n
cam ua/i. Ti/if/fli to/e 0 nn
Ii iiopl e ii t is'oit -f intr s-ued i-
f/sto sf ' to I for l a o/'rg's i/os/. )i5
/i/e\so-meis'o f//f t ihoogiaph/iers il f/so
ct otidd1f he sfince oi/ ffer i rizes
fol i ctureifii''s o/si-i. (0mihis o -i/si-s
c-p/ressd hIis i/sire tiososo. Nlfis
vards forsingifs irablesicturefso./5
cac\Is oftiofficeis off-eentso/f
The s/sjority=ofstles gis iii os si ums
I r ili f/is 11sO liiii lim e io '
I islmo ove n svt/ h ~sc
/ouis asiss son s /f te ifs r l5's ihave isinro-l
i/ltif scla/ss s a ° l:/sf illlxsgi.
515 isi - m tf/oh lie ' ot s /f ll h held /sf
is/si/s oil Palifrisis-s f--/of iissis tfif
\vati permfi - i ts55f.
AN'S 05500'5 oN5' isis io'.
Charsss/s If.Grovss '9,31,fhasis 'isii/
ii noiii ssis ii for sis- oi o isi/ o ti/i
state of fs 'iio o /sothelDemocailck.
Ifs- is practiiicing /sss i Cifsak I Isrosso
51/ i. o s n f ha," held thff/i is fii si A/stc s
1sf onus is forsis irisi -

Prof. C. II. Cooley Opens School of People Should be Educated in Rules
Religion Lectures t(fiHygiene
Thatisr oIfi iniso- ss-iiif- sonl louis/a- Ther first of th/s eroirsoif lectrsr o)
sf/s so / foorlated o ssrs'soie land siris/bfirgis-ris bys f/sr:Mediralfafcuff lty dioisg
0on ii siiwas ifemonsiiii teof b-Prilo hof. fsthe oos osta m rw sir/isverrol is' fr. V. C.
i/is rlsiH.rColeyTi-s r 5/55eni 55 VaughasiiiWenesao/snig/oftiin0/srA/s's/is'
f/off 1:11 n isIf f sss ue oss '//s - Ails/s/ Thif s ssfjeirrlfost ssoan rocd iws-
soii o l Iiiiiif iii so f /'gf [ ta ils -' s-ssgr t o As/sr l/el/iffiiso i Ios-th N/i-
"R lg~r is in exfprsifoniioi l /oisosos ca rsf io frsioli to tf/is Pu'ic."ir Ossisog
nattri-i's i is vey inau -e gros t-o o asi fi/sfattacrk of thrloatl troubii eir.f'
im/) oct" es-aoid. Vaulghan s -cs oilled f/i/to shs/ortens li
Alns v tistis so irs /siosss o'f (oil k o/k rsn rsi r.
fosiissancohav alws ierys iiirclyi Th/snisis-isilyforreducratinig I/so i/i
rlois /5 it osis iiiriiiii and 055sf e/s so s- l tos / eirr'551 disira serfss re
so,1 of sslitios of the if t ssiise. .A f f ce o-srios 0 tf5e s/ook/s ralls- of tf/ ou ntryi'
turie/aso Codwassoncvedsohe soog/ltoilt ssbenug tf/os- n
mesi:rlrsf110 il/siuoni 0/ihih0/hone is'rquisite fos/r efslloure. This rofnca-
sil ds-eying his 1ed/5ictii/ oooos; u wt d-tinlapinio sreing crroiedon oino
tn()rac :nd in rcaii/emp asis 0 0 s ciis -bossly wso is/ f g iel/dfbyo theI/is ets-
1i inii lsh/sss/ Is so theo modef/so s on-ss apersss s s/o nd005 maogazines andsitifis Ito ths
o iiio io f a 1bus / s isis/pa//hetc oo' dsi, os-s/itf o thI/lse 0j 000rn/al s at f/ihey orealis'e
sos ici iisa kindf /imiiissoiso /s/s tf/i i/o ignii/los/' olf/srh li/ta sk is'v/slved.
crrlgoi i~ s risflect sprevailinsg so- /Formeoroly a mes-dicars t o-ir/s ill 00 /orriii /
lldc~ iooii' Chrissstin Sciencesis t/se il indsicatedsa so r la'ftani behfsifit
dircl los isis /so i rv l isis-oit To s-ucatedlrp/eopres itf s e si'055s i
a1 5 0 enooil sd strin, for il/ihsas/di- ta/larg : proport'liio o urppu' to
so/c i/soil t s s aicili'mentau1 l 000000 o- sold/havo o ' i knowleo dge- oi/the/os' st0
/ina isiii o0000005 sloooosssIsis rolos of Ohygis-nes. oof i/ifs
oto l is'r'li-issIo h fs' o-lac/fo 00000wlos/igi' issnot l l oo/ nfinissd
cii o nd000ition00s.lintss si~ o nditi's os//s s m y os o ur0000lowooor'claossrs. Th/s-oe oore ois ii
o° f/so resuol/i of os/ig;is ii. /i'figioioo foil/ih/s 0 of pbosics' eater's''comio'ssiso s loss
los lb-endst' ake e r iis anod s d so o son 0/os-th si/fere1'slos'r etween'-o'
I;f)] d iss. Thss r'eligion 11:,lo ss' is 1)1/1-/ typoid000/ acilluos aiod 00 yerast la/n0. ASosl
-sorV ilst/0/as /is sociol/ogythraor iad ogres-smeni /spaid seittili
welfare ss-so b oitermen sosi lo/s s/atseoi oo soo/o ad irs- frisom smeicairso 0000
D a c c-i m st-ithere'~fore'' he osociofl. o-ilh /is'tlhe nfai l oi'rovid i/r crosco e
"I Ofisat/,strloshassoeen afperodiiof bofos-h U.S. Armoy oil I/or og lo sog of
relifos s' ts os -usor' fosr r'sligiso /i /on h s e Sp/anils/I wair'oood is aireslt/I Ifisl
o11 oil me e sls fs fectualo ist o ave s'iifi i / 0s of css'sof typho/oid/ osress /iagnosedi
theo soclo ii / /000 / f/th0e00l'yi-But 000he /is la ia.-
ar'e-''ettinog Ibacsk soinu l t /'fo t - tue spirit Dr/o. Vanoog/oons bm /i'e serial ilnsni t
000 os/s''osso 000 / ksos /0 000100000/nd l'ar lose oilf Ii/soerculosioo 's ich/ lfor designatedss's s
il i//i/s li' lii o o llfe" sa o ut si/tIifs ''Wh'itelra'ogoe"r' l off s
''ofesrC ok ' etrw ih s 0 j- of /eoli oiisol kowso /h o ito lis fbe
os/oil so atten od, /soh lfist 1 of 0 i rveined, and0/ thio skow000'edoge 00000
,c li/ nitledI"l isos i finte So sil10 's omels'from the/is medicol mons. Sanaissso-
ll ft." s/i 05 i s o be o s-sn s/tlg tI/li oooo and00/hoospoitaislsiust b f oe id ed,/' andou
the/ A t soso Is/orS csoo of el i igions. T'F/il rustlof thiro''cost. ''T o sow 0/lhe in'ed
Ilossur s tiloflohs hld, 1sf i5hs one0 00 xceti'Ion, for pubols/r/fiic /ii'propr fasios in 0/ifs 'ountryo'
e in ampl ti e fo on 0/ snci/ / Iis' oths's nas o s of thIoil 0os' 1. A/o h v
i/is tso mee00 tsf 0m s'sil so o'ock s-lg goc- /sheos'ext hygireno ic xioiioso iii I/ifs so so
f/a. ito tisis of tI/ o rseoi fool ol- i/t/y0'nd /5appropr iated $iioo. (/'0'i005000
los: pprop/r1ited$$o oooooofoil r eslobs'/pur-
I w-sol 0/ofics o /of 1h / iso s is hs acoss
nthSo isUliht." A/os . CarolIio in tas aii 00 01.'Ni--5.
/ sll I 10 lii 0 / 0/000 5/ilo/D/urinig 1/h'eSummeooor'Session, as d/srinsg
Tu sd y July-si loth, i 7 P. / I/0 l00 F/oe Ifshe s/uarschooi/li-loll, 0/hi' A. /M. '. l.
/so I /ofso/iSchsol 0/inteS-ios ope0/r01ing ano ilomaionan000sem-
('Ml I /0/lf / IPr f. C arI s soo f. / John-so l //u o loist bu0reoi. '/ ere are'aiii' 00



Text- Books
at Big Reduction
'W s hve -o arge sok foi
evor cs os.
Fountain Pens
Note Books
Student's Supplies
Student's Bookstore
State Street
Reinger & Companyt
The Old Place Billiard
Cigars, Candy, Tobacco
Ball & Simmons
Rentals, Houses, Rooms
or Apartments
]For Rent
I i lI s-nl rI lirot
Light Housekeeping
IAciros-/11" l'1 0/00000rata
407 East University
Phone 1576
'so lu on rIhw p o n
All Conveniences -
Why rat su'bscr-ibe for-
A1 once. Is sil/ u'soouioialui ' stlo e ws
incldin acion of r ii its. aleot-i 0op,
Mailend a ywlh...75e
Address: Pr-es Sdg, City


l'sill so Jule2 ]d, ''''is"Th - ho uoosessand s/oh i' placesO, andof ibi one
lortimofteS /s/iosf witho relatedoodsi/ring w olsk bOay051app lytA/lfil/ott
GenralSecetrv f te ssoated -___- - ---_
Charies f Detoi/Flotor ''The \Iolv-erinoe"
/ sos 00/ iNJil/ 01,iP m 'h/o IWould/itinsot beaiooideais/o stIsasrt
(.r ui fr Dlricrcv. A r. soso? nr'There-re ps /riobsoale'ienough koak
1'saeo h ord Is /nliof/or o floy ntus/oiastl oos w o wos/fldos- g/sadl get
l s/ti bitoll/s.nochigas/ - r/soosgo' s/s-sn l n os sW ig/osh
/ 'lii 'ut/Os Jull',008t, /100- t., -n-t f g t p rmsss0 sio -'perhaps, too useo ne it of0
Iull oi f lii stre oft I/os MI/iils of 1 oso ths chig /r s trys daork/o /o mliOs, if theos 0000.
" cxs o h I ~ o l lot ot snt/u 0 ools'soIasisufie n f omeri'ntes/tsed.
stcis o/i ol Proh . oS. s/riis kooC/mpu s organsizationo os willnstol
{ .or m~. diisi losby ickeIt only), numb o sd rifnsiog b/orshortoiisso.ant / is
sos/os I-o11u st00 ll, P./ ll.s :'T'e / - - cas meoora's hcl suswoilsfuros'isho a iimeaids oft
latol o soul Iat]Atlet ics t0 0/oo t soiting s/sosen student00 s /lito s-e n slt'
MoltToe f it:Scc~l. 1rfir e ss/dinfphotograph/O.
Ch rls . 0er .if. Al. h 1is I:io.
b/so los -orth bstl I ooosfof(/ hPLAY TENN/IS.
'sil/s onutsf/so et;ss proIfitl ge et voi llt so/o 0/ hi ngof 's 'onos
1 002 0 s-tuts- A Derit.l --lbs lob & FDitsooniad Spo/ufisg's.
The Michigan Alumnus
Asseom onoio ses oiberothoeebofs
Tile University of Michigan Alumni Association
All w/o5sulse rb is no ova-isci pob os/savnepontsait o//Os.Asgell
Soon foils:
dlIc loe mnuossosiso the largest no/Iezemointhly in the co001skiy. dL/t enl-
tainsi the Istteot siews aboust the hniversity. and editos-ial ciosment ssi
imourtant noes/-s. (f/t contains pesonnal items eonncerning imeisbers of
yoursclasos-i'ersmonth.(QA rn/oisme of the Alunusnnoenotaino 0/ so1-
tory 0/ the hosfoororioy foir the year. dQft publishoes sa series o/ wolf
s-bison /0Ie'sO -s50every moonth.

ANN ARBOR STEAM DYE WORKS---Frenchi and Steam Cleaning
For Fine (Gowns, Waists, Woman's Suits and Men's Clothing
All Spots Removed. 204 E. Wekshingctoun


121 "VashloVon E.

RANDALL & PA CK, Photographers

Phone 998

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