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August 10, 1940 - Image 17

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Michigan Daily, 1940-08-10

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Men And Women Describe Feminine Dress For Ca




Masculine Idea
About Apparel
Explained Here
Male Students Emphasize
Unpretentious Dresses
And Natural Make-up
During the latter part of August
and the early part of September
from Bangor to Hollywood and from,
Seattle to Key West girls are faced
with the same big problem-what
shall they buy in the way of clothes
for their first year in college.
Unfortunately most of these girls
turn to such magazines as Vogue
and Mademoiselle for advice on
what type of wardrobe to purchase
and what type of makeup to get
rather than asking friends that have
attended the particular college they
what to go to.
On this page are a number of arti-
cles which should prove helpful to
girls coming to Michigan. The only
unfortunate thing about them is
that they give the woman's view-
point on clothes and cosmetics and
fail to consider what the man likes
And, after all, women do dress only
to please men and the man should
be givenrthe privilege to put his two
cents worth in.
Make-up Should Be Natural
The first thing which should be
remembered as far as makeup is
concerned is that men prefer
women to look natural-not too na-
tral. A women with an overabun-
dance of mascara (and mascara is
very easily made to look overabun-
dant) is certainly not the type that
becomes the sweetheart of Sigma
Chi. On the other hand those who
use no, or too little, makeup prob-
ably won't even meet a Sigma Chi.
The rest is up to you, sweet young
As to clothes Michigan is wom-
an's paradise. She, luckily, does
not have to have a great deal of fin-
ery or a differenthdress forseach
day of the week here. She is not
expected to be clothed as the girls
of Vassar, Wellesley and the Con-
necticut College for Women are who
have to cater to the whims of the
boys from Harvard and Yale. But
they are also not expected to go a-
bout in potato sacks as the girls
at Byrn Mawr do.
Men Don't Like Saddles
As to shoes the sooner women
realize that saddle shoes are not
wanted the better off both the aes-
thete and the shoe manufacturer
will be. The men have already dis-
carded this type of footwear and
are sitting back patiently waiting
for the women to do the same.
Now we don't object to these
shoes on the tennis courts etc.,
but we do when it comes to dates.
What is wanted is a neat high-
heeled oxford (heel about two
inches high) which shows off the an-
kle to its best advantage. An addi-
tional reason for the high-heeled
shoe lies in the fact that it tends
to make the stout leg look thin-
ner and the thin legs from being
noticed as thin.
Stockings are optional in class
but should be more often worn
than not. Girls may also be warned
not to follow the style popular
here in 1929 when the girls went
around with black veils, and made
men very sad.
Knee-Socks Not Preferred
Another thing which is advised is
the discarding of those high wool-
en socks. This article of clothing is
one thing which can spoil the ap-
pearance of the most lovely co-ed
let alone the average University Miss.
Hats. Perhaps the less said about

this the better. They should be
worn more than they have and they
should be more sensible than they
have been. We suggest taking father
along when you buy your head
gear for the chances are that he will
be able to give you much better ad-
vice than either mother or auntie.
The so--called ne plus ultra of fe-
male college wear during the last
few years has been the skirt and
sweater combination and probably
more girls will be wearing this next
year than anything else in the way
of dress. But here another bit of ad-
vice comes in handy-some girls
look bad in skirts and sweaters and
if you do, don't wear such an out-
fit. It is not an indispensible part
of the wardrobe and can be done
College clothes should be neat,
clean, serviceable and pretty at the
same time and most of you will
find that the clothing you wore
during most of your latter high
school days will serve your purpose
If you only realized now how
foolish you are in planning to buy
so many things at home that you
will never use at college, Miss

The Right C
Lines Upon An Important Part
of Co-Educational Wisdom
If you're going to be half the freshman knockout that we think you are,
many is the time that you'll go dashing to your closet for a very important
outfit. Plan now to be able to say, "I've got just the right thing to wear"
ind not, "I haven't a thing to wear.,,
On That Coke Date .. .
Thinking over date costumes for this man-infested school, you'll often
have a chance to use one or the other of those two phrases. For instance,
it's fall on an ivy-clad Ann Arbor campus, and you're already a chipper
newcomer with bouncing curls of brown, gold,
red or whatever the case may be. You wander
up the steps of the Main Library wondering if
it could be the Natural Science Building. Some-
I / thing tall and handsome decides to help you,
and walking over to N. S. he mentions a coke
date for that afternoon. The time will prob-
..ably be three, and the meeting place will prob-
ably be "under-the-clock" (that's all one word
in Michigan vocabulary, is the all-popular ren-
dezvous here, and refers to the clock on the
first floor of Angell Hall). Will you have just
the right school outfit to appear in-something
delightfully feminine, but not frilly, for Michigan men seem to favor only
classic simplicity.
Choose a little pastel angora sweater that fits closely at the waist and
has short sleeves. It's only trimming will be white pearl buttons, but per-
haps you'll want to have a white blouse underneath. Wear it with a dark
skirt, either flared or pleated all around. If possible, get anklets to match
the sweater. Should you, however, decide to cast your vote against wools-
which are, nevertheless, the most familiar sight here--you could top the
skirt with a very tailored blouse of either striped silk, flannel, or dotted or
checked cotton, but not a flowered blouse with lots of flounces.
Casual Be For A Casual Date.. .

Date Dresses

Are Simple

Smooth sailing through the coke date, and that same+
phone call from someone who knows someone else in your

evening comes a
home town, and,

has been told to look you up. Could you be ready in an hour to go down to
the Bell (another well-known in U. of M. vernacu-
lar) and whip up an acquaintance with said un-
familiar voice? Yes, of course you'll be ready and
you won't waste time about choosing a two-piece
wool dress. If it's in a light color, it's enough in
itself. If it's dark, it may be attractive as is, or j
you might add a bit of costume jewelry, but not
a whole lot of it. These finishing touches are for
the wearer to decide about-put them on with a -
conservative flair that's all your own. Wear a snap brim hat with this,
of either matching or contrasting colors.
Last but not least, a friend of the family who knew you when, is living in
Ann Arbor, and has asked you to come for Sunday dinner. Just to be
sure that a nice letter will be written to your mother from Mrs. X about
how good it was to have seen you again, put on your best manners and
also your best clothes. Include an attractive silk in your wardrobe that
you can plan to have on hand for fraternity dances as well as Sunday
dinners. As usual, use very conservative taste in choosing it, for there
won't be much occasion to use it if it's at all extreme.
Little Time To Care For Clothes . .
Happiest thoughts for silk dresses usually include a flowered print,
with a swirling skirt or new and fashionable front fullness. Appoint it with
fresh, white lingerie touches at the throat and cuffs,
pp A ┬░but try to get a dress that would look as nice without
4 these added bits as with. The reason for this is that
6 you're about to enter an extremely busy, whirlwind
life, and time may not always present itself to wash
and sew on crisp finishing touches. With such a
smart, but casual, bit of silk, it would be nice to wear
black patent leather pumps. Are you flinching? Some
. people do that at the thought of taking care of patent
leather. Well, any smart high heeled shoe will do
So here are a few of the situations you're sure to
be meeting this year. There'll be a million more, and
here's hoping you can be smooth for all of them. As
you pack your trunk in September, remember this fashion columnist's plea
for classic simplicity, and a bit of common sense that will make you choose
the right thing at the right moment in this very all right University of

This tailored wool frock, accent-
ed only by bright metal buttons,
is the perfect thing for dates at
Date .dresses
Stress Simple
Silks Or Wools
There are many kinds of dates to
have at Michigan, and many kinds
of clothes to wear for each one,
whether for dancing, movies or foot-
The familiar term, "date dress"
refers to simple silk frock or dressy
wool. For most dates, those are the
things to wear. There is just about
no occasion at all that calls for fus-
sy or ultra-sophisicated dress.
For dancing or movies on a Friday
or Saturday night, you might choose
the above suggestions. If you want
to add a hat to this, make it some-
thing classic, for such things as flow-
ered pill boxes are seldom seen here.
If your date tells you that you'll
just be sitting across the table from
him-sipping something according to
taste-clothes might be a bit less for-
mal. Try a tailored wool or a skirt
and blouse. Of course, a silk dress
would be all right for this too. The
shoes on such an occasion are a
problem. It's best to wear high-heels
until you find out what the young
man's tastes are, for some dislike
having a girl go on a date wearing
saddle shoes, but others don't mind
at all.
For dates during the week, you can
wear wools or blouses, and kinds of
shoes according to your own prefer-
ence. These times, it's all right to
stay in the clothes that you had on
for classes, if they're still fresh, and
the sweater is a little above the ordi-
Football dates are another thing.
People go to the games in all sorts
of things. Anything from dressy
wools and high heels to regular
school clothes will go. Hats are op-

Woman Tells
Of Class Outfit
For Ann Arbor
Sweaters, Skirts Are Worn
Nearly All The Time;
Blouses Are Variation
Campus rules for school clothes
will not permit extreme informality
but at the same time restrict one to
classic, not fussy, outfits.
The right thing to do is to load up
on sweaters, blouses and skirts. Prac-
tically any kind of sweater will do -
-hort or long sleeves, pullover or car-
digan, baggy, or close-fitting. The
skirts should be of 'wool or flannel,
and can, if you wish, sport jumper
suspenders. It would be a good idea
to have one or two of the skirts a
part of a suit, for they'll be useful
in the fall and then next spring.
Blouses Help Vary
This skirt and sweater outfit will
be practically classic. The way to
vary it is not with slacks or the like
(such things are just not worn on
this rather formal campus) but by
blouses with the skirts or very simple
wool dresses. The blouses should also
follow the simplicity rule. The only
time they should be frilly is if they
are the white, transparent type that
have become the vogue this past year.
Examples of other blouses are long
sleeved flannels, checked or striped
cottons, or tailored silks. Of' course
you'll want a good supply of tomboy
shirts to wear under the sweaters,
or at least some dickies or white col-
lars that will show to a good advan-
tage in appointing woolens.
Tailored Wools For Class
The dresses that you wear to class-
es, as mentioned before, should
be very tailored. Two-piece wools are
a blessing for they can also be called
on to do double duty for casual
dates during the week when you
won't want to don a regular date
dress. Cordoroy and gabardine are a
new trend that will probably find
popularity here in suits or dresses,
and will feature in the same occa-
sions as wools do. They have long
sleeves and are often two-pieced with
the top that can be worn open with
blouses or buttoned to make complete
tional. It's a good idea to have a nice
suit or a rather light sport coat for
the first game or two because Ann
Arbor has a funny way of starting
the football season in a warm way.

Cosmetics & Toiletries
Is Complete
Mais Oui Coty - Yardley's
Houbigant -Revelon - Peggy Sage
Old Spice - Pink Clover - Lentheric
Eve in Paris - Hudnuts
Marvelous - Max Factor - Elmo
Wrisley's - Colonial Dames
Barbara Gould - H. H. Ayer
MARSHALL'S.. -231 S. State ... Phone 5933
"The Little Store with Lower Prices"

- . ,

It has often been said of Michigan
would-be sorority girls that they
could be made or be broken by the
clothes they wear during rushing.
This may not be a very good thing,
but it is true enough to warrant that
every girl who wants to belong to the
order of Panhellenic should spend a
great deal of time on the choosing of
her clothes. This is true not only of
what you wear to the different hous-
es; but how you dress on campus dur-
ing the time you are being rushed.
Although you'll want to be your
very chic-est and loveliest, remember
that the University of Michigan has
nothing but ardent admirers of clas-
sic simplicity. With this in your mind
choose your prettiest sweaters and
blouses when you're going through
orientation, then on the weekend of
the preliminary teas, swing out into
your best.
Rushing Is Less Formal
The thing to wear for these
is simple silk date dress or
dressy wools. Because rushing has
become less formal these last few
years, dressy suits have become very
popular for teas. A topnotcher for
this fall should be velvet suits that
are edged in grosgrain ofd the same
color. These would go nicely with
frilly white batiste or organdy blous-

Rushing Clothes Are Important
To Would-be Sorority Women

es. Hats are always worn for these
In the next two weeks, rushees will
be going to desserts after dinner. Of-
ten these are in the form of special
parties which will feature entertain-
ment by the members of the houses,
and if they want you to come more
or less informally, they will tell you.
Silk Dresses Are Favored
Here are the rules if no hint is giv-
en you before hand. Wear approxi-
mately the type of clothes that were
appropriate for teas. The silk dresses
may be a bit more formal, if any-
thing. Of course, hats aren't worn
during these occasions, although they
may or may not be worn over to the
house. For luncheons before football
games, wear what you'll have on for
the game, and that should be your
best looking sport clothes or wool
Last, but anything but least, come
the formal dinners that wind up the
rushing. Any type of evening dress
appropriate for campus is all right
for this. It used to be that it wasn't
such a good idea to wear sleeveless
gowns, but now that's very much ac-
cepted. Have a pretty formal wrap
and a pretty pair of angora mittens
or kid gloves, because on that night,
the members of the sororities will be
taking you home.




_....._ i

You're college-bound,
with prospects of new
friends, new interests and
a brand new life. Make
a good start ... by wear-
ing the right clothes and
still preserving your
budget. It can be done.
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Make this your first stop
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we sell Rhythm lingerie and Mojud hosiery.
If you're looking for campus clothes
that will really "click" - that will make
the first impression of you the "right
one," then COLLINS is your shopping
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need for a successful career at Michigan.

RIGHT for day-time or date-time
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I ~ I


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