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July 18, 1929 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1929-07-18

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Published every morning except Monday
during the University Summer Session by
the Board in Control of Student Publications.
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The King's speech read recently
at the opening of parliament in
Great Britain was notable for its
conservatism considering that it
was the first public expression of
the new labor government, which
is supposedly liberal. The evacu-
ation of the Rhineland by all Brit-
ish troops was said to be contem-
plated. This will leave France in
the rather embarrassing position
of being the only nation left that
maintains a belligerent attitude to-
ward Germany.
For the rest, foreign policy was
left rather bleakly in the shadow.
The reparations report from, Paris
was said to be "under considera-
tion"; and disarmament was dis-
missed with a few sentences to the
effect that "conversations have
commenced." What all this means
is that the Labor administration
is proceeding much more slowly
and cautiously; than was anticipat-
ed. It is giving the impression of
a Democratic machine that sud-
denly finds itself in power and im-
mediately becomes conservative.
National questions were given
more attention in the speech, how-
ever. An extensive program for
unemployment was outlined includ-
ing "improvement of transport,
stimulation of the depressed ex-
port trade, and economic develop-'
ment of overseas industries." A
commission for the investigation of
legislation relating to the sale and
supply of intoxicating liquor was

cept that it is semi-official, is very o
close to the German Foreign Min- Music And Drama
istry and can present his views not C
merely with authority but with
first hand, if not partially exec- TONIGHT: The Michigan Re-
utive, information as well. He, bet- pertory Players present Martin
ter than any other man, should be Fevnsdaao naiy
able to follow trends and develop- F,
"Children of the Moon," n
ments of the reparation problems.
Americans, vitally interested in the Lydia Mendelssohn Theater, be-
outcome of the problem, due to the ginning at 8:15 o'clock.
tangle of the inter-allied debt of * * f
America, should welcome the op- WHICH WAY?
portunity to receive from one who
knows what is happening the latest The spectacle of a Play Produc-
news from the scene of action. tion department wavering between
j_ _ _ _ two courses of conduct is one of
Editorial Comment those ambiguities quite familiar to
iiia Michigan which for all its re-
ARTISTS FOR ARTISTS sources in money and talent has
(From the Daily Illini) never yet managed to face the is-
"The first artist appearing on sue of its own existence and re-
our tonights program will be Ma- solve on an ideal of action.
dame Sophie Zilch, who will offer a The same thing is equally true in
zither solo entitledr Thelambs are other departments of the Univer-
galloping on the greensward.' Ma-ia
sity. An editorial appearing some
Thus croons the up-to-date radio time ago in the neighboring col-
announcer before the microphone umns danced on the verge of the
and the vast radio audience waits same statement. The title read;
until Madame Zilch strikes the first!Wanted-Vigor. A distinguished
notes on the zither to find out how member of the faculty replied in
bad she is before shifting to an- C
other station. The next announcer defense of the vigor of his col-
introduces another "artist" who i leagues. And he was quite justi-
equally frightful, but she sings in- fied. Vigorous activity is quite char-
stead, which checks -her without acteristic of Michigan. But vigor;
trial. A third announcer promise. 1 does not necessarily imply accurate
still another "artist" who will play direction and4 it has been in utiliz-
a violin solo. "Mumoresque." Anc ing vigor that Michigan has failed,
so it goes. sometimes lamentably, sometimes
Each station has its staff of "art- ludicrously.
ists" who attempt to entertain theI
public as true artists should. Since In the play producing depart-
the term "artist" has been used in ment this erratic thrashing around
such wholesome fashion as it has has been notable for a number of
the public has learned to disregarc' years.
it entirely. Some years ago ,when Those familiar with the more in-
a person was designated as ar timate functions of various phases
"artist," those who were interested of University work will realize the
at all knew that something of merit general validity of this charge, at
was in storef temem "arti , an the saie time recalling particular
enthusiastic radio announcer- instances of varying importance in
with much glibness. support of their belief. In the play
It is unfortunate that the radic producing department this erratic
announcers have cheapened thE thrashing around has been notable
term "artist" to the extent they for a number of years. It is not
have. It may not be their fault, en- necessary to recapitlate the his-
tirely. Others, in the field of paint tory of the department in support
ing, and sculpture have been calle' of this ppint of view. A sufficient
artist by enthusiastic admirers observation is in, the matter of at-
when the contributions they have tendance which last yeartotaled
made to the progress of humanit some hundred or more and this
might just as well be buried in an a udny pugit h
scrap heap, for all the good the year has suddenly sprung into the
have done, or will do.. But usuall' thousands. It is safe to say that
the number of people who heai erratic thrashing about did not
these quacks called "artists" is rel achieve this metamorphosis from
atively small, in comparison to the a very limited activity to a produc-
number of people who hear a rali Iing laboratory that absorbs the in-
announcer call the saxaphon terest of so many.
player "appearing on our program But the Play Production Phoebus
who has taken a brief corresponc has not enjoyed an undisputed re-
ence course in reed instruments. .
an "artist." naissance. At the end of the school
year justifiable criticism chargtd
. .that an educational group was
Campus Opinion usurping the.amusement field sa-
Contributors are asked to he briet, cred to the extra curricular groups,
confinng themselves to less tha, 3o0
words iipossible. Anonymous corn- and the activities this summer have
munications will be disregarded. The posed a number of questions.
namnes of communicants will, however, psdanme fqetos
beregarded as confidential, uon r-
aq err bhdnia tb Undoubtedly the criticism incur-
qust. Letters published should nut be Uduty teciiimicr
construed ashexpressing the editorial red during the regular school ses-
opinion of the Daily rddrn h eua colss
sion will be eliminated by a well
To the Editor, Summer Michigan planned course of conduct, and the
Daily: question suggested by the summer
It is with great anxiety that I performances will be answered as
-'te fm'.a.uc on uFi uevniupi iIwaict

, S +, ! . M . i.
. .
; ' r i_1 ; +
..M #
wt. s yt y..l , / ygyr.
y l ~ . hd S.
" f j!:
. , ~ .
' ,.,
-- r ,
+r . «.
. ~

________________ ________________ I II
Fingerle Operated

' c z J
i _ -.-.-..-. -.- .-- - .-.--:3



" ' -" °- -+5 1 u Y~, tre season develops and indicates
announced. This will very prob- note the commuication from X Y the full idea of th directors of its
ably include a survey of the ex- Z printed in this column yester- activities. But it does not seem too
port trade in that commodity to day. After surveying the condi- bromidic to sugtes not see y
tions of seeming non-entertain- suggest that merely
America.tt staging a play does not constitute
The program which was outlined ment fo the lonesome on this cam-an act reverberating importance
was purely constructive and, al- pus, I would refer the aforemen- from a "policy" point of view nor
though it failed to sound the op- tioned party to a notice appear-cpolikyspontrieuino
ening gun of a new political age ing in today's Daily Official Bulle- can it rank as a contribution to
as was expected, it has shown the tin which again announces classes
policies of the government to be held every Tuesday and Thursday There are two conficting fac
more sane and less radically de- evening in Barbour gymnasium. m
structive than was forecast by the Surely, at a gathering of this type tory group this summer. From the
opposition in thie last campaign. Miss X Y Z would be able to find Uiest on fve hycn
Thekn fac, such as a numberless dancing partners of no stitute an educational function.But
The now fats, uch. a tha j eanfor the past few years The Rock-
Prime Minister MvaecDonald plans mean ability, and who knows, she ford Pae rs T e i ok-
a visit to America to discuss dis- mightdevendstrikeiup anuscmuain
armament at g svnghtance with somekequally lonely soul an independent unAmusement
ratwho would relieve this strain of as worthwhile as possible, of course,
operation of coal-mines has been btesnilyaueet a
monotonous week ends but essentially amusement, was
Sveryobviously an Perhaps some sort of Society for their aim. And the Repertory
diplomatically left out. Perhapstsometsort ofcSocietybfor
-_ - __the Prevention of Loneliness might group attempts to reconcile both
_° -- ams
OPPORTUNITY be organized which would attend aims
It is to be hoped that students these twice weekly meetings in toto. Of the three plays offered so far
of the Summer Session will realize And too-what a shame that the "Escape" seems the only one worth
the rare opportunity that accom- University is not blessed with the ranking as educational in any way.
panies the appearance of Dr. Stern- proximity of a Lake Mendota which "Wedding Bells" was amusing. "The
Rubarth in Ann Arbor tomorrow. would effect a daily bathers' pa- Cassilis Engagement" was not no-
The enlightenment that he can rade for the edification of enter- tably either. The score stands a.
throw upon the present Franco- tainment seekers. But then, how win, a loss, and a tie.
Prussian relations should be worth many lonely people would not ap- Which is not a very remarkable
any one's while, especially in view pear to the best advantage in a ! record in a University town for a
of the fact that for the past cen- bathing suit? That must be taken University producing group which
tury, nearly, relations between the into consideration too. At any rate, has in its membership experienced
two powers have been so constantly I would ardently recommend at- jactors from High School faculties
and often bitterly strained. tendance at the dancing classes. td augment the student talent and
Dr. Stern-Rubarth, by reason of (Price $1.00). One can never tell is increased in the coaching staff
his connection with the Wolff Tele- what may happen. by the additional services of so



N summer, the heat of an ordinary oven
makes the kitchen almost unbearable. Eec-
tric ovens are liberally insulated, and the in-
crease in kitchen temperature when the oven
is in use is hardly noticeable. The heat is kept
inside where it is needed -one of the several
reasons why electric cooking is efficient.
You can enjoy electric cooking in your kitchen now. Con-
venient time payments and a liberal allowance for your
present cooking equipment make it unusually easy for
you to own a modern electric range. Come in
and inspect the many attractive models.

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