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October 15, 1957 - Image 8

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Michigan Daily, 1957-10-15

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___________________________THE MICHIGAN DAILY



med from Page 4)
3, 3201 East Engineering
1:00 p.m. Chairman, J. J.
tors: The following for-
:re'to be on the campus
the dates indicated. Pro-
ments are being made by
onal Center: Mrs. Miller.
n Tambunan, Director,
hopl, Indonesia, Oct. 7-18.
'los Milano, Director, Fac-
ine, Univ. of Rio, Grande
Alegre, Brazil, Oct. 14.
VanDenBosch, Head of
casting, Free Protestant
Company, Netherlands,
. Jotaro Kawakami, Chief
n Socialist Party, Japan,
e, Chief Planning Bureau,
fst Party, Japan, Oct.
Moroishima, Chief, Inter-
nizations, Japan Socialist
Oct. 16-19.
sa Fuse, Interpreter for
t Party, Oct. 16719.
Sperantsa, Director, Dept.
stry of Education, Greece

Rencoret, Dean
go, Chile, Oct.

, Sant

esco Barberi, Inspector.
ries, Italy, Oct. 16.
nent Notices
ving schools have listed
ancies with the Bureau of
,s for the 1957-58 sehodl
vill not be here to Inter-
ichigan - 5th grade.
ty, 'Michigan - Industrial
oanization I
his column for announce-.
eetings is available to of-
gnized and registered istu-
zations only.)
, organizational .,meeting
Oct. '15, 6:30 p.m., Rifle
Student Council, impor-
g, -Oct. 15, 4:15 'p.m., 3529
>, because of Iva Ktitchell
no regular meeting to-
* * *
Student Assn., class, Oct.
Lutheran Student Center.
Meinecke, "The Influence
k and Roman Cultures on

Crosswell, Michigan - Librarian.
Flint, Michigan - Girls' Physical Ed-
Northville, Michigan -- Special Edu-
cation (mentally retarded).
Park Forest, Illinois - Physical Sci-
Pontiac, Michigan = Permanent sub-
stituting In Junior igh until moving
to 9th grade English at seond semens-
St. Clair Shores, Michigan -- Special
education (sight saving).,r
For any. additional information con-
tact the Bureau of Appointments, 3528
Administration Building, NO 3-1511,
Ext. 489.
Personnel Interviews
Representatives from the following
will be at the Bureau of Appointments:
Tues., Wed., Thurs., Oct. 15,-16 & 17:
U.S. Navy, Women's Service Div. -
There will be a represeentative in the
lobby of the Michigan League to talk
with any girls interested in the Offi-
cer Candidate Career Program.
Thurs., Oct. 17
The Adjutant General, Department
of the Army, Special Services Depart-
ment, Washington 25, D.C. Graduates
-February, June, August. Personal
qualifications: 1. United States Citizen-
ship. 2. Excellent mental and physical
health. 3. Pleasant personality, initia-
tive, tact, salesmanship: demonstrated
ability to supervise, instruct, inspire
and work successfully with people of
varied backgrounds. 4. Restrictions as
to maximum age, sex and marital sta-,
tus may be imposed by the military
commanders and are based on situa-
tions pebuliar to their geographical
rea and the duties and responsibilities
of the position concerned. All female
employeep must be single. 5. Minimum
age: Librarian -21; Recreation Lead-
ers-and Crafts Directors - 23; Sports
and Entertainment Directors - 24.
Recreation and entertainment for
troops in the U.S. or foreign. Women
with degrees in Arts and Crafts, Drama,
Speech, Music, Physical Education, and
Library Science for Librarians, Service
Clubs, Arts and Crafts, Sports, Enter-
tainment. Men with Physical Educa-
tion degrees for Sports, Arts & Crafts
and Entertainment.
Kalamazoo Vegetable P a r c h on e n t
be given Wed., Oct. 16 at 7:00 p.m. in
Room 2004, Natural Science Building.
M a t h e m a t i c s Colloquium, Prof.
George Piranian will speak on "The
lassifcation of Prime Ends" on Tues.,
Oct 15at 4:10 p.m. inRoom 3011, An-
gell Hall. Coffee and tea in Room 3212,
Angell Hall (Commons Room) at 3:45
p.m.,, Y
Doctoral Examination for James E.
Cline, Physics; thesis: "Beta and Gan-
ma Decays ;from Some Odd-Odd, Self-
Conjugate Nuclei and Their Isobaric
Neighbors,". Tues, Oct. 15,' 2038 Ran-
dall Laboratory, at 3:00 p.m. Co-Chair-
men, P. R. Chagnon and R W. 1idd
Company, (KVP) Kalamazoo, Michigan.
Graduates - February, June and Aug-
ust. One of the leading manufacturers
of food protection' paper in the U.S.
Established 1909. KVP has grown from
60 employees, to 4500. Manufactures
and converts pulp and paper products
primarily o er packaging bread, meat,
frozen foods, other food prodts. Cre-
ates and prints own package designs.
Men ith degrees in° Liberal Arts or
Business AdministrationbforrSales, Pro-
duction Trainee, Other Staff and Ad-
ministrative Functions.
Technical Operations, Inc., Fort
Monroe, Virginia. Graduates - Feb-
ruary, June and August. Manufacturer
of transistorized power converters, of
radography equipment, of tracer
chemicalfor medical use, operations
research, physical research, chemical
research, electronic research, applied
mechanics, nucleonic research. Men
and 'women with Maters or Doctors
in "Mathematics for Operations Ana-
lysts. A few outstanding research per-
sonnel for basic work in physics and
chemistry and electronics.
Fri:, Oct. 18
The Adjutant General, Special Serv-
,ices Department - see above.
Federal-Mogul-Bower Bearings, .Inc.,
Detroit, Michigan. Graduates - Febru-
ary, -June, August. Manufacturer of
sleeve type bearings, roller bearings,
ball bearings,'oil seals, shims and flex-
ible hose for mechanical application.
These products are widely used in mo-
tor vehicles, trucks, farm implements,
machine tools, aircraft and many oth-
er products. They employ 8,188 em-
ployes. Men with degrees in Liberal
Arts and Business Administration for

Manufacturing Management and Sales.
Representatives from the following
will be at the Engrg. School:
Tues., Oct. 15:
National Carbon Co., Div. of UCC,
Cleveland and Fremont, Ohio -- B.S.
& MS. in Che. E., Ind., Mech., Elect.,
Instru., Materials, Nuclear, E. Math., E.
Physics, and E. Mech. for Research, De-
vel., Prod., Sales & Tech. Sales E.
American Can Co., Ill., Calif., and
CN.J. - all levels of Ch E., Civil, Elect.,
Ind., Instru., Mat'ls., E. Math., Mech.,
E. Mech., Metal., Nuclear, E. Physics,
Sanitary and E. Science for Research,
Devel., Tech. Service.
Leeds & Northrup Co., Philadelphia,
Pa. - all levels in Ch.E., Elect., Nucle-
ar, B.S. and M.S. in Ind., Mech., and
Metal., and B.S. in E. Physics for Sum-
mer and Regular Research, Devel., De-
sign, Prod., and Sales.
Mallincrodt Chem. Works, St. Louis,
Mo. - all levels Chem. E. and Metal
for Research, Devel., Design, and Prod.
Tues. & Wed., Oct. 15 & 16:
American Cyanamid Co., New York,
New York -- all levels in Chem. . for
Research, Devel., Design, Production
and Sales.
RCA, Princeton, N.J. -11 levels in
Elect., Mech., and E. Physics for Re-
Wed., Oct. 16
Container Corp. of America, Chicago,
Ill. -- B.S. in Chem. E., Civil, Elect,
Ind., Mech. and E. Mech. for Produc-
tion and Quality Control.
Liquid Carbonic Corp., Chicago, Ill.
-B.S. & M.S. in Chem. E. and Mech.
for Production, Sales, Sales Applica-
tion, and Project E,
New York Central System Railroad,
in 11 different states - all levels in
Civil, B.S. in Mech. for Research, De-
vel., Design, and Const.
Ohio Inspection Bureau, Toledo, Ohio
-B.S. in Aero., Ch.E., Elect., Id.,
Mat'ls, E. Mech., Mech. E. E. Math.,
Metal., Physics, and Science for In
spection, Rating of buildings for in-
surance purposes.
For further information and appoint-
ments contact the Engrg. Placement
Office, 347 W.E., ext. 2182.
Summer Placement:
For summer placement see the above
announcements for Leeds & Northrup,
Mallinckrodt, and American Cyanamid

Court To Test
Free School
A Connecticut legislative act
giving towns, under local option,
the right to provide free trans-
portation to private school stu-
dents has been opposed by the
American Civil Liberties Union
and is headed for a test before the
State Supreme Court.
"The right of any church to
operate parochial schools and the
right of parents to send their chil-
dren to such schools has been rec-
ognized ... but they must not ex-
pect, and they should not seek,
support from public funds," states
the CCLU.
By such action, the CCLU con-
tends, "they are invading the con-
stitutional rights of other citi-
zens.' Taxpayers cannot be com-
pelled to give direct or indirect
financial aid to any church ac-
The measure, which earlier1
passed the Senate 31-5, passed the
House of Representatives 134-133
with House S p e a k e r Nelson
Brown casting the deciding vote.
Smrace of
Syling is soled
when U of M Barbers
serve you.
715 North University
Dail Y Classified s
Bring Results


Building Program, Expansion
Cet'MnOat Company Plants and Labs


F. L. Johns
Du PontQ:


Don't forget the "extras"
of an employee benefit pro-
gram when you compare
the job offers and salaries'
of different companies. At
Du Pont, these extras mean
added income that doesn't
always meet the eye. They
include life (insurance,
group hospitalization and
surgical coverage, accident
and health insurance, pen-
sion plan and paid vacation.
In addition, the Company
sponsors a thrift plan. For
every dollar you invest in
U. S. Savings Bonds, the
Company sets aside 25
cents for the purchase of
common stock in your
name. Roughly 65 per cent
of our 90,000 employees
are now participating in
this plan.
If you have specific ques-
tions on DuPont benefits,
just send them to me. I'll
be happy to try' to answer
thpm_ V I_. d P .ntde

Engineers and scientists of all
kinds work in 75 Du Pont 'plants
and 98 laboratories scattered over
26 states. Where you're assigned
depends on your qualifications and
the openings in the kind of work
you want.
Geographical Spread
Right now, most of the Du Pont
units are located east of the Missis-
sippi, but there are plants in Texas,
Colorado and on the Pacific Coast,
too. And new building is under
way in Kansas, Tennessee, Virginia
and North Carolina.
Du Pont headquarters and many,
of the Company's labs and some of
itst.plants are situated in and around
Wilmington, Del., an attractive
residential area within convenient
traveling range of Philadelphia,
New York and Washington.
Community Life
Wherever you're assigned, you'll
find that the Du Pont Company and
its people are interesting, comvan-

ionable and active in the life of
the community.
As you move ahead, as you grow
min your job, you may move to an-
other plant or laboratory-a pos-
sibility that adds to the variety and
interest of your job.'
Opportunities in metallurgy at Du
Pont include research into the nature
and properties of elements; develop-
ment and supervision of pilot plant
work; and the actual production of
titanium metal and high-purity ele-
mental silicon.
Other Du Pont metallurgists study
problems relating to plant processing
equipment. Some, for example, carry
out research on intergranular cor-
rosion or investigate failure relation-
ships encountered in high-pressure
These projects offer an interesting
career to graduating metallurgists.



PIZZA at ilned!I

1 t^
Y cl '
a -- h
4 ¢
r + / '.



staff meeting,
idents Publica-

Specially prepared by chefs
with the flavor, tenderness,
and zest of native Italy.


Loti, "poetry staff meeting,
:30 p.m., Student Publications
n Square Dancers, square
t. 15, 7:30-10:00 p.m., Lane
's "
Circle, songs, Oct. 15, 8:00
e Hall. Mr. Krupitsch con-
* * *'
Issues Club, meeting, Oct.
n. Room 3-LMN, Union. Pan-
on: "Science, Democracy, and
War" by Professors Henry
Nuclear Engineering; Morris
Sociology; and Kenneth
* * *
er Verein, meeting,. Oct. 15,
Room 3-D Union. Movies,
Club - Co-ed, organizational
Oct. 16, 5:10 p.m. WAB.
* * *
ational and Disciples Guild,
'en house, Oct. 15, 4:30-6:00
ld House.
* *c *
Democratic Club, meeting,,
oom 3-B Union. Speaker: U.S.
oman Martha Griffith's, "Re-
Fiscal Policy and its Reper-

Nemours & Co., Inc.,
Room 2504-A Nemours *
Bldg., Wilmington 98, Del. ,

Booklets packed with information
about Du Pont are yours for the ask-
Ing. Subjects: mechanical, civil, met-
allurgical, chemical, electrical,
instrumentation engineers at
Du Pont; technical sales, research

and development. Just name the
subject that interests you and send
you: name, school and -address to
E. I. du Pont de Nemours &,Co., inc.,
Room 2504-A Nemours Building,
Wilmington .9, Del.

Plenty of ParkingSpace * PIZZA 'TOGO

Open'till 12:.00 P.M.

* Phone NO 3-1683

1015 East Ann - Near Women's Dormitories

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