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March 28, 1957 - Image 12

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Michigan Daily, 1957-03-28
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March 28, 1957

March 28. 1957




COSMETIC NEWS: The Pearly Complexion

'No-Iron' Dacron Wins
Approval ofU'Coeds

Paris Stylists Favor Flow

By AMY MORROW with smooth hair styles, lower
waistlines and rope necklaces, a
The newest "look" in cosmetics .,. .
This spring fits in harmoniously fresh "little girl" complexion is
with the coeds' love for casual- shown.
ness. To achieve this effect, cosmeti-
Fashion designers feature a cians are manufacturing "glow-
gentle, feminine look reflecting ing" foundations and cake make-
the simplicity of the 1930's. Along up to simulate the luster of pearls

and opals. New face powder and
liquid make-up have a greater
permanence than their predeces-
This trend toward a "pearly
look" brings to mind Cleopatra's
diet. She may have drunk liquid
pearls but women of today can

produce a similar effect lest ex-
travagantly with "Pearl Powder".
Actual pearls have been pulver-
ized into the formula to give a
special dewy effect. As expensive
as it may sound, this make-up is
actually quite economical and is
a novel way to add intrigue to an
important evening.

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Eye shadow is becoming more
evident while rouge is less con-
spicuous. The accent is on the
eyes not the cheeks. Silvery eye
shadow for gala affairs adds to
the opalescent appearance. New
lipsticks are lighter and more lus-
This spring, a new fashion ex-
pression can be found in per-
fumes. A beauty strategem, the
eye reflects the costume's color.
It is done so that eye shadows
pick up the color other eyes see.
When wearing an emerald neck-
lace, emerald eye shadow should be
"Beauty" can be stroked on with
a perfume stopper. Examples of
this are Magic, by Lancome and
Nina Ricci's I'Air du Temps.
A natural setting for the strik-
ingly shadowed eye is a gentle
natural brow-line with velvety
lashes. The waterproof mascara
and eyebrow pencil are cream-
based formulae.
This spring the old adage "She
is a pearl of a girl" may come
true !
Spring Dress
Colorful String Beads,
Many Gold Bracelets
Regain Old Popularity
Pearls have long been considered
a woman's special jewel.
Now man has made pearls avail-
able to every woman regardless
of social status. The discovery of
fresh water pearls with their like-
ness to the more common salt
water jewel cut the cost to fit any
woman's budget.
A clever combination of fresh
water pearl and gold has made big
news in this season's fashion scene.
Earrings, bracelets, necklaces and
brooches are intrinsically fashion-
ed for "fairlady."
Simplicity . .
In earrings the call this year is
for simplicity. Large buttons of
gold and while combinations will
find their way to the fashion-con-
scious coed's ear.
Reminiscent of the gay twen-
ties, long strands of beads are
again in style. They're designed
to compliment the plain tailored
dress or the casual suit this year.
Especially bright beads of red or
turquoise will give stunning con-
trast to that white summer dress.
Artificial shells in iridescent shades
of white and blue, pink and yellow
will also spark-up a summer dress.
Large gold bracelets bedeck the
woman's arm this year. The old
fashioned gold circle with scroll-
like engraving is enjoying a well-
hailed comeback. Plain gold circles
are a popular brightener for a
dark summer frock and cuff-like
bracelets in gold add an ancient
Egyptian look to the modern
American ladies' wardrobe.
Sparkling Wrists . ..
A combination of rhinestone,
gold and pearl makes a striking
bracelet. With earrings to match,
this set should please the woman'
who is looking for inexpensive
costume jewelry.
Barrettes can add a real touch
of femininity to the woman with
long hair. Rhinestones for dress
put a "bit of the stars" into her
tresses. Engraved sterling silver
or gold-plated barrettes are ideal
for keeping, stray locks in place in
windy spring weather.

Dress brooches in rhinestones
can dress up a plain black dress.
Large or small, these sparkling
"jewels" add life to an otherwise
drab tailored outfit.
For the man-style shirt with
French cuffs, large cuff links are
important fashion-extras, which
add a well-dressed touch.

Do you look to the end of the
sweater season with mixed emo-
tions? Glad that the weather has
become warm enough to shed
woolens, but dreading the thought
of ironing those cottons?
Chemical research and ideas of
designers in the ever-growing fab-
ric field have ironed out your
problem once and for all.
Aptly-named "miracle fibers"
have taken an important place in
the wardrobe of coed or career
woman, the woman geared to the
fast pace of modern life, the wom-
an who doesn't have the time or
energy to spend over a steamy
ironing board.
Lingerie, blouses, dress suits,
are all made of miracle fibers
these days. And the combinations
of chemical fibers that reach the
market give the fashion-conscious
woman a wide variety from which
to choose.
For instance, a new development
in yarns has resulted in a 100 per
cent Dacron fabric that is already
well -on the way to becoming a
favorite for misses shirts.
Now Taslon . ...
Technically, it's a new bulking
process called "Taslan," a trade
mark used by its manufacturer
to designate the textured yarns
they are developing by rearranging
continuous filament man-made
The new product claims a rich,
warm, touch and firm, but light
weight. Although opaque, it's por-
ous and cool and guaranteed com-
pletely drip-dry and no-iron.
Other dacron news sees the fab-
ric in mixtures with wool, cotton
and other year-in, year-out stan-
dards. A dacron-wool mixture gives
your spring suit the lightness, yet
warmth it needs and helps to keep
it wrinkle resistant.

Dacron weaves its way into cot-
ton to give the wearer the same
lightness and wrinkle shedding en-
joyment. Coeds who own mixture
blouses remark on the ease with
which they can wash them and
hang them up to drip dry without
ironing. Theykespecially like the
way dacron keeps them looking
fresh all the time.
Dacrons with rayon and silk
have also found their way into the
fashion trend and seem there to
stay. Giving a new strength to
the more perishable materials, the
miracle fibers boast longer wear
and better looking garments.
Those familiar with the miracle
fibers know that pattern and style
are not limited. Checks, plaids, ivy-
league or sophisticate are made of
the new fabrics.
No Ironing . .
A coed tells of the many com-
pliments she gets on her well-
ironed ivy-league shirts. She con-
fides that they're mainly dacrons
in mixtures and need little or no
Wash and press ease isn't re-
stricted to the dress, blouse, skirt
line. Now jackets and short coats
are available in miracle materials.
One run through the washing ma-
chine turns a dingy gray shortie
back to its clean fluffy white.
These washable coats come
mainly in the light pastels of the
spring palate and the fabric
makes it easy to keep them that
Years ago, even the most fore-
sighted person might very well
have scoffed at the idea of wearing
something made from coal. But to-
day we sit in awe of modern
science's accomplishments and
eagerly follow the whims of de-
signers as they dream up the
yearly crop of synthetic wardrobe

For the first time in many sea-
sons, Paris designers are showing
a continuous flowing line from the
shoe to hat. Indeed, there are very
few two color costumes and even
shades of hats are designed to re-
late closely to the rest of the cos-
tume. 4
For afternoon wear this spring,
there are very few unattached
scarves or panels. The color of the
outfit, the cut and the materials
combine, to give the outfit a
smooth soft look.
To Achieve Effect
Parisian designers want their
clients to look tall, slim and fem-
inine this year and in order to
achieve this effect they are offer-
ing a one color costume. In this
way, lines form a continuous
whole, and hats which complement
the costume seem to finish the line.
Most popular fabrics this spring
are chiffon (including a new sat-
in chiffon) silk crepes, and shan-
tung weaves. Color tones which
predominate are mostly pale tones
such as tea green, oyster white,
pale blue and pink.
At Christian Dior, apart from
this flowing line, he is showing a
series of costumes, coats and suits
of shantung with wide belts. The
same belted line can be seen in
a beige crepe suit at Madeleine
de Rauch and in a late daybdress
at Lanvin of black and brown
polkadot silk.
Some Belted
Most coats to be worn during
the day are three quarters or sev-
en eighths length, some are
belted, others are not. For late day
and evening wear, many costumes
are made of chiffon or crepe with
chiffon or crepe dress-length
loose coats worn over them.
Besides the Oriental line, a new
creation is a 1957 variation on a
1930 theme. It consists of a day
length evening dress with either
a separate train or with a train


Water Repellent
Assorted Colors
and Patterns
including Ivy League
Stripes and Checks
Open Monday
.S AM'S S'
122 E. Washi

cut to the side of the dress, trail-
ing several inches on the floor.-
Chanel has come out with an
air conditioned suit - the jacket
is open (no buttons) over a pale
shantung blouse.
To sum up the Paris predictions
for this year, we have a continu-
ous flowing line. Fabrics which

ery b

I If

Popular currency - new "Holland
Check" shorts and matched shirt.
Shorts of crisp Sanforized poplin fit
better with side zip, button leg vent.
"Holland Check" shirt is textured cot-
ton "Carib Knit" that's Redmanized to
control shrinkage. Both are' sun-and-
water tested. Shorts, 10-20. 4.98.
Shirts, S-M-L. 3.98


Shorts, sizes 10 to 20 . .



Shirts, sizes S-M-L


You'll walk a mile for Bermudas like the "Play
Fare." A stunning rayon and cotton facsimile of
linen with dagger-sharp front pleating, side pock-
ets and extension waist. Top news is the bateau
neck "San Domenco" pullover. Sun-and-water test-
ed fine gauge cotton knit.
Shorts, 10-20 .....5.98
Shirt, S-M-L ...,. ..2.98


g a gt4e/ & &4/ LEADERS II
The tailoring and fine fabrics have
been especiolly selected to flatter
the young man of today.
Featuring suits, sports coats and slax
in wool, wool blends, linen, cotton
and dacron, and cotton.
State Street on the Campus








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