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March 01, 1957 - Image 8

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Michigan Daily, 1957-03-01

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Rushing Period Sets Rapid Pace



Obal To Speak on 'Economic
Considerations of Conservation'



The door swings open wide and several of the fraternity brothers
rush onto the porch to greet a new rushee with glad smiles and glad
Thus begins the biannual college phenomenon appropriately
termed rushing.
Rushees are rapidly ushered into the fraternity house. Hands
appear from all directions waiting to be firmly shook. The rushee's
coat is doffed and disappears into another room.
One of the fraternity brothers subtly takes the rushee's elbow and

(Continued from Page 4)
Astronomical Colloquium. Fri., March
1, 4:15 p.m., The Observatory. Edwin
B. Weston will speak on "Photometry
of NGC ?423."
History Make-up Exams, March 2,
9-12 a.m., 429 Mason Hall. See your in-
structor for permission and then sign
list in History Office.

,.-~ .. - .. i

directs him toward the stairway while suggesting a quick tour of the P acement Notices,

I .


Dozens of introductions are made as the two wander from room

The following vacancies have been
listed with the Bureau of .Appoint-
ments. They will not be here to inter-
view at this time,

to room.
"This is called the Blue R
Story by
Photos by

GLAD HANDSHAKE - The two-week process of rushing begins
for prospective affiliates, as they are greeted at the doors of fra-
ternity houses with firm handshakes from the activos. With a
little luck these rushees will soon be part of the fraternity system.

Room. I guess you can see why."
"This is the cold' dorm .. . just
right if you're warm blooded. I
prefer the warm dorm myself.
That's right across the hall there.'
Downstairs again both rushee'
and fraternity brother have a
chance to sit down and become
better acquainted through the
convenient medium of "small talk."
"How are your studies coming?
Would you like a cigarette? Where
did you say you are from? Oh, do
you know ..."
Finally the rushee makes some
comment about having several
other houses to go to. Arrange-
ments are made for him to return
a few days later to a smoker or
dinner, his coat reappears, the
glad handshakes are exchanged
again and he is ushered out the
Outside, the rushee tries to'
evaluate the men he has just met.
Inside, the fraternity brothers try
to evaluate the rushee.
Once Burton Tower has struck
the hour of 9 p.m., and all rushees
have left the fraternity houses in
proper accordance with Inter-Fra-
ternity Council regulations, the
fraternity men begin the nightly
rushing ordeal known as the "hash
The sessions may last far into
the night, Each rushee who visited
the house is discussed and evalu-
ated. If he has made a good. im-
pression he is called "sharp," a
"neat guy" or "bid material."
If the impressiort is bad he is
called a "clod," and gets "axed."
A short phone call breaks his re-
turn date.
However, a bad impression at
one fraternity may be a good im-
pression at another.
As the rushee returns for smok-
ers, and the two weeks of rushing
pass rapidly by, the pace increases.
Finally the field of choice is nar-
rowed down, and the fraternities
begin bidding for new members.
At this point the option of prefer-
ence changes from fraternity to
Once the rushee makes his deci-
sion he becomes a pledge and
starts his new life as a college fra-
ternity man.

Erie,. Pennsylvania (Erie
Crippled Children's Society,
Speech Therapist.

Juneau, Alaska (Bureau of Indian
Affairs) - All fields, Elementary and
Mayville, New York - School Den-
tal Hygienist.'
Mount Clemens, Michigan (City of
Mount Clemens, Recreation Depart-
ment) - Recreation Leader (woman).
For additional information contact
the Bureau of Appointments, 3528 Ad-
ministration Building, NO 3-1511, Ext.
Summer Placement:
Sat., March 2
IBM, New York, N.Y.-men in Math.,
Physics, Elect., Mech. and Industrial
Engrg., from the Junior class or above
for summer positions.
For appointments contact the Bureau
of Appointments, 3528 Admin. Bldg.,
ext. 3371.
Personnel Interviews:
Representatives from the following
will be at the Engrg. School:
Mon., March 4
The Chemstrand Corp., Decatur, Ala.
-all levels in Ch.E., Mech., and Elect.,
also Liberal Arts graduates interested
in Chemstrand. for Research, Develop-
ment and Production.
Cornell Aeronautical Lab., Inc., Buf-
falo, N.Y. - all levels in Aero., Elect.,
Inst., Math., Mech., Engrg. Mech., Phy-
sics, and Science for Summer and Reg-
ular Research, Development and De-
sign. U.S. citizens.
Crucible Steel Co. of America, Pitts-
burgh, Pa. - all levels in Che. E.,
Civil, Const., Elect., Ind., Mat'ls, Math.,
Mech., Engrg, Mech., Metal., Physics
and Science for Research, Production,
Development, Design and Sales. Will
also see BusAd students with a mini-
mum of 12 hours of Acctg., and will
consider LS&A for Sales.
Dorr-Oliver Inc., Stamford, Conn. -
all levels in Ch.E. or Metal., B.S. in
Mech., Mining, and Civil (sanitary op-.
tion) for Research, Development, De-
sign, and Sales.
Lubrizol Corp., Cleveland, Ohio - all
levels in Ch.E., Mech., and Science for
Research, Development and Production.
The Magnavox Co., Ft. Wayne, Ind.
-B.S. or M.S. in Elect., Mech., or Phy-
sics for Research, Development and De-
sign. U.S. citizen.
Ohio Edison Co., Akron, Ohio - B.S.
in Elect. for Design and Production.
Sikorsky Aircraft, Div. of United Air-
craft, Bridgeport, Conn. - B.S. or M.S.
in Aero., Civil, Elect., Ind. - Instr.,
Mat'ls, Math., Mech., Engr. Mech.,
Metal., Physics and Science for Sum-
mer and Regular Develpoment, Design,
and Production.
Surface Combustion Corp., Toledo,
Ohio - all levels in Ch.E., Civil, Const.,
Elect., Ind., Instr., Mat'ls, Math.," Mech.,
or Metal for Summer, Co-op and Regu-
lar Research, Development, Design,
Construction, Sales, and Metallurgy.

Inc.) -

Mon. & Tues., March 4 & 5
R.C.A., Camden and Princeton, N.J.-
all levels in Elect., Mech., Engrg. Mech.,
and Physics for Summer and Regular
Research, Design, Development and
The Glenn L. Martin Co., Baltimore,
Maryland -- all levels in Aero., Math.,
Ch.E., Civil, Elect., nd., Instr., Mat'ls.,
Mech., Engrg. Mech., Metal., Nuclear,
and Physics for Research, Development,
Design and Production.
Chrysler Corp., Detroit, Mich. - B.S.
in Aero., Ch.E., Elect., Mech., Engrg.
Mech., Metal, for Research, Develop-
ment and Design.
Tues., March 5
Carbide and Carbon Chem. Co., Div.
of UCC, Whiting, Ind. - all levels in
Ch.E. and Mech. for Research, Devel-
opment and Production.
For appointments contact the Engrg.
Placement Office, 347 W.E.,. ext. 2182.
The following companies will be in-
terviewing beginning Monday, March
4, 1957, in the General Division of the
Bureau of Appointments.
Monday, March 4
General Electric Company, Apparatus
Sales Division, Schenectady 5, N.Y. -
Men with degrees in Industrial Adver-
tising, Journalism, Technical Writing,
Public Relations (Communication) rel-
ative to business and marketing for
students with liberal arts degrees in
these or kindred fields for advertising,
Copy Writing, Account Supervision,
Technical Literature, Public Relations,
Communication in Business.
Bank of America National Trust &
Savings Association, San Francisco,
Calif. - Location of work, Statewide
program in California. Men and Wo-
men with degrees in Economics or
Business Administration for Manage-
ment Training Program for future
bank officers: training in fields of bank
ihnding, operations, international
banking, etc.
The Firestone Tire & Rubber Com-
pany, Akron, Ohio - Location of Work,
Michigan and Ohio. Men with any de-
gree for Sales.
Tues., March 5
General Electric Company, Appara-
tus Sales Division, Schenectady, N.Y.
-See above listing.
General Electric Company, Appara-
tus Sales Division, Schenectady, N.Y.
-Location of work, first nine weeks
Schenectady, N.Y. Men with B.S. or
M.S. in Liberal Arts who have been ex-
posed to some technical training or
Business Admin, for Technical Market-
ing Technical Sales).
Metropolitan Life Insurance Co., New
York City, N.Y. - Men with M.A. or
B.A. in Economics, Law, Mathematics
or Business Admin. for Management.
Training. Assignments throughout U.S.
Manufacturers National Bank of De-
troit, Detroit, Mich. - Men with B.A.
in Liberal Arts including work in Econ-
omics and related business subjects
or General Banking.
U.S. Department of Labor, Washing-
ton 25, D.C. - Location of work, Wash-
ington, D.C. Men and women with de-
grees in Economics and/or Statistics
for Economic Research.
The Pennsylvania Railroad Company,
Chicago, Illinois. - Location of work,
unknown. Men with degrees in Liberal
arts or Business Administration inter-
ested in Pennsylvania R.R., for Per-
sonnel Acctg. and Transportation.
Additional information can be ob-
tained from the Bureau by coming into
the office or calling extension 3371 at
the University. Material is also avail-
able on many of the companies inter-I
viewing during the week of March 4,
Appointments for these interviews
must be made by 4 p.m. of the preced-
ing day of the interview.

Thaddeus J. Obal, senior eco-
nomic analyst of the Ford Motor
Co., will speak on "Economic Con-
siderations of Conservation" at
4:15 p.m, today in the Rackham
This talk is the first in a series
of informal lectures sponsored by
the conservation department of
the School of Natural Resources
and the local chapter of the Soil
Conservation Society of America,
The lectures, which deal with
the use and conservation of raw
materials in our economy will be
given by members of the Ford
Motor Co.

Organization Notices

"Industry's Needs and Search for
Raw Materials" will be discussed
by Robert L. Bodor, manager of
the Mining Properties Department
on Friday.
Stanley J. Gillen of the steel
division will speak on the use of
raw material in the automotive in-
dustry on March 15.
On March 22 Frank J. Kallin,
civil engineer, will discuss the uses
of industrial wastes. The search
for new materials will be discussed
by Donald Frey, associate director
of the Ford Scientific Research
Laboratory, on March 29.

Use of this column is restricted to
organizations. Registration forms are
available in the Office of Student Af-
fairs, 1020 Administration Building.
Registration for the current semester
should be completed not later than
March 2.
Westminster Student Fellowship: St.
David's Day Dinner and recreation,
March 1, 6:00 p.m., Social Hall, Pres-
byterian Student Center; Grad. supper
and discussion, "Modern Rivals of theI
Christian Faith," March 1, 6:00 p.m.,
Lewis Room, Presbyterian Student Cen-
* * *

party, March 1, 8-10 p.m., Coliseum.
Meet at the Union at 7:45 p.m.
The Congregational and Disciples
Student Guild, Co-ed I-M Sports Night,
March 1, 7:15 p.m., Guild House; Grad-
uate-Professional Group, March 2, 8:00
p.m., Guild House. Program: "Jazz, its
Meaning and Significance"; Disciples
Married Student Fellowship, pot-luck
supper and housewarming, March 1,
6:30 p.m., 216 N. State St., Apt, 5.
* . *
Acolytes, March 1, 8:00 p.m., East
Conference Room, Rackham. Speaker:
Robert Olson, "A Defense of Ethical
Newman Club, Mardi Gras Dance,


Unitarian Student Group, skating I March 1, 8:30 p.m., Fr. Richard







An executive of the Warner & Swasey Co., leading manu-
facturers of machine tools, textile machinery, earthmoving
equipment, and other precision. machinery, will visit the
University of Michigan on MARCH 5th to interview high
caliber men with technical backgrounds or mechanical in-
terests who are looking for a career in research, development,
engineering, sales, manufacturing, or finance.
This medium sized company offers either immediate
productive employment or programs planned to prepare
you rapidly for positions of responsibility in line with your
background, training, and objectives.
See your placement director to arrange an interview, or
write direct to: C. W. UYFORD, Director of Industrial
The Warner & Swasey Co.

DON'S THE NAME - Rushees are ushered into CARUSO SANG HERE - Rushees receive
a vacant chair and introduced to the active grand tours of the fraternity houses they visit.
members in rapid succession. A knack for small Actives relate tales of fraternity tradition and
talk comes in handy for the rushee. point out house landmarks.






We've g ot'ern ..





oft ---- do%

MUSICAL ENTERTAINMENT - Music hath charm to sooth the nervous rushee and active.
Rushing would not be complete at a number of fraternity houses wtihout intermittent bursts of
spontaneous song. Rushees gather around a piano while the actives sing the grand old fraternity
songs. Rushees join in on the songs they know and look hilariously amused at the ones they don't

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