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November 29, 1955 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1955-11-29

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Latest Deadline in the State.

:43 a tty




Fraternity Ike Will Run IfReds I
Fined $650, Ameri
On Probation A b le, Hall Says At Gu
Women, Liquor GOP National Chairman Optimistic East Ber
Cause of Penalty Over Eisenhower's Future Plans Inspires
A stiff $650 fine and probation GETTYSBURG, Pa. (A)-Republican National Chairman Leonard. congressmen an
for the remainder of this semes- W. Hall came out of a 45-minute political huddle with President were held at gun
ter was levied on Alpha Delta Phi lnSna na
tn connlecti on withptheiolationDwight D. Eisenhower yesterday with the prediction Eisenhower will n Suay isi
of state and city laws on the pre- run f he feels hab Soviet sector of
sence of women and intoxicants Hall gave that to newsmen as his personal opinion, city.
in a fraternity house. He said he and President Eisenhower didn't discuss the President's The impicati
The penalty, most severe of five second term plans as a specific situation, but Hall reported he felt ment of the
levied at Joint Judiciary Council "very much encouraged" and would continue making campaign plans escorted by Un
meetings. Oct. 25, Nov. 1, 10 and on the prospect that President men, were sos
15, was announced yesterday and Eisenhower will run again for Gen. Charles L,
is contained in the list of discip- President in 1956. E isenh ow er commandant in
linary action in today's Daily Of- Feels Better advisers worked
ficial Bulletin. " I feel better about it after the the draft of a p
No Social Affairs meeting this morning," Hall said. sassksAid h a ft
The Alpha Delts are prohibited, And he said he felt more optimis- It Das nothe
except in cases where rushing is tic about the chances of President becausDahsr
interfered with, from holding any Eisenhower running than he didr choolsWork To
group social affairs through this when they last met, in Denver, two Work will be
semester. weeks before the President's Sept. Dsr lern
Fraternity president Lawrence 24 heart attack. WASHINGTON () - President Dasher personal
Brown, '56, had no comment on "Insofar as I am concerned," the Dwight D. Eisenhower said last protest.
thePInsoar sad tersnoohrThe general's
theJoint Judic action which was GO leader said, "there is no other night the federal government will issues are at st
approved, with the other cases, by candidate." have to step in if necessary to pre- Americans tov
the University Sub-Committee on Hall said it was his personal vent "a lack of schools in certain without being
Discipline. opinion that President Eisen- important areas." whether an offi
In one other group penalty, an hower's decision will be based on Hr ar eas." heranioffdi
unidentified fraternity was dis- the findings of his physicians when He cautioned, however, that "if hicle equipped cte
ciplined for presence of women he undergoes what Hall called a we dependh . . . o t Communisteoli
and. intoxicants. A $150 fine and "final examination" at the end of federal government, we will lose US. officials fi
wrigwsise.January independence and initiative" USfiil
arigwas issued.auay in the four-po
Hall reported the President told The President's remarks were zone are in jeop
Two Individual Fines him he was "feeling good." On his sound-filmed at his Gettysburg,z o cured:
Heaviest individual penalty was own, Hall said: "He looks a mil- Pa., office for presentation at the occurredE
> $15 in fines and a warning for lion per cent, and I have never White House Conference on educa- shrty incident
aid offered two fraternity alumni seen him looking better." tion, which opened yesterday Harold C. Oste
in stealing a trophy from another Peppered With Questions with the issue of federal school his wife, and E
fraternity houge- Their conference, to which Hall aid pushing to the fore. Mass) visited th
In cases of conduct unbecoming drove from Washington, took placeLCemetery tn an1
a student involving intoxicants, in the President's offices in the Reviews Lead-up A ry in an
two students were fined $10 each Post Office building. Reviewing the lead-up to the Army officer esc
Communist p
and warned. Hall was peppered with ques- conference, President Eisenhower y
Joint Judic voted to take no tions. Among the first: "Did you said: party, declaring
action in three other cases refer- ask him if he was going to run?" "In the last 10 years our popula- two-way radio i
red to it. "No," Hall replied. "Of course, tion has increased by 26 million been violated.
all of you know that the question souls. During that increase a The Russian
of the final examination - the similar increase in the number of dant, Col. I. A.]
S=D D ay et physical examination some time at schoolrooms and qualified teach- ed the German
Y the end of January must be had,
and naturally I wouldn't ask that ers available for teaching our but released th
question at this time." young has not come about . . . hours.
Td-He added: I think he will. The "There are many conflicting U.S. officials
nis whether or not he opinions as to how to provide these tom as well as a
would be a candidate. My answer things. 'use distinguish
W arn N ation 'would be - this is my personal But there are two points, l of Berlin from
opinion - I think he will, if he think, on which we all agree as Allied persom
eels he is able." "The first thing is that the edu- Might Und
While Hall said the president cation of our young should be free. If this has b
WASHINGTON P)-All over the had not told him what to tell re- It should be under the control of said, the entire
world today this fact must be porters, Hall conferred before and the family and locality. It should four-power city
faced: Few weapons are more after the meeting with James C. not be controlleocality. It shoul r-power city
dangerous than an automobile Hagerty. authority . . . The American
when it's loaded with a careless Must Have GoodEducation pistol point and
driver. Tm tiseHhisGpoiEttheheld in a guard
To dramatize this point, the r ers "At the same time, we know surveillance of a
President's Committee for Traffic that everybody must have a good tommygunner.
Safety has set aside this Thursday . education if they are to properly I The congressic
as S-D Day, National Safe Driv- Conduct Code discharge their functions as a Army sedan of
ing Day. citizen of America." equipped with r
It wants everyone to be especially This, President Eisenhower said, that the occupa
careful and not get himself killed GETTYSBURG, Pa. ()-Presi- T the heart of thisewhole prob- in touch with
Thursday, to show what can be dent Dwight D. Eisenhower issue m: quarters.
done when safety is practiced by a conflict-of-interest order requir-n ds h The U.S. Mil
everyone. ing "high standards of ethical We want good facilities on the
Gloomy Facts conduct" for government "WOCs" one hand, and we know there are Potsdam, create
The committee is stressing such -business and industry experts many areas in which people can- mission in Wes
gloomy points as: serving the government without not afford to build the schools. this type of rad
1. Last year 36,000 persons wer compensation. He spoke of the dilemma in and has never b
killed in traffic accidents in this The order follows up legislation which many educators find them-
country. If we keep our present passed by Congress just before selves today:
bad habitsxnore will die this year. adjournment last August requiring "If we depend too much on out-
2. Every 25 seconds someone is "-uch defense production specilists side help, too much on the federal or
hurt in an auto accident. to file information on their finan- government we will lose inde-
3. The cost is staggering - cial connections, and to keep the pendence and initiative.e
$4,400,000,000 each year in medi- file up to date.aout 1000 WOCs in "But if the federal government
cal bills and property loss, The re a out On "Bu doesn't step in with leadership
Destructive Blows fense contracts and the like. Sev- and with providing credit and Communist
The automobile was invited in eral cases alleging that some of money where necessary, there will
this country, and here it has got them had conflicts of interest be- be a lack of schools in certain im- FORT LEW
in its most destructive blows. But tween the government and their portant areas. And this cannot be broadcasts attri
wherever the wreck occurs, safety congressional committees. allowed." American prison
experts agree on this: The chances West Pointer's c

are that a little ,more care and The recordi
consideration for the other fellow Tms-here-codin
could have prevented it. Otherwise, transcriptions pr
there would be no point in an S-D ra D en estancrhtiraonspCrc
Day. I r mD u e sn wahara of Chevy
In stressing safe driving the im- The transcri
portance of safe walking often is * in evidence subjf
forgotten. Yet in the larger cities Profanity A 0bout N1xo Ala., career soldi
more than half the fatalities are recordings inimic
walkers.o h ntdS
LOS ANGELES (/P) - Former President Harry S. Truman, who of the United St
has made it abundantly clear he is not exactly fond of Vice President
Bur lars H it Richard M. Nixon, nevertheless denied yesterday that he had called Reversal,
Nixon a profane name. BUENOS AIRE
Asked in a news conference how the profanity business came House sources
City Twice about, Truman said: President Pedro
"I can't understand how it came. about. My secretary, Mr. David ernment is issuin


n point
fin Affair
U.S. Protest
Two United States
d the wife of one
point in East Ber-
n incident threat-;
rn rights in the
the still-occupied
ons of the treat-
American party,
ited States Army
serious that Maj.
Dasher Jr., U.S.
Berlin, and five
all afternoon on
rotest to the Rus-
elivered, however,
still was dissatis-
e and content.
Be Resumed
esumed today and
ly will deliver the
advisers said two
ake: The right of
visit East Berlin
molested and
cial U.S. Army ve-
ith two-way radio
d to East German
ce patrols.
ear all Allied rights
wer city's Soviet
Before Noon
noon when Reps.
rtag (R-NY) and
dward Boland (D-
e Soviet Memorial
Army car with an
olice detained the
the laws of the
republic against
n foreign cars had
deputy comman-
Kotsibua, support-
Communist view
e group after four
reasoned that cus-
greements long in
the Soviet sector
the regulations of
n Republi as far
nel are concerned.
ergo Clange
een changed, they
character of the
could undergo far-
s were detained at
for 2 hours were
shack under the
Communist police
nal party used an
a type that is
adio telephone so
nts are constantly
Vest Berlin head-
litary Mission at
i by mutual agree-
nts the Soviets a
t Germany, uses
io communication
een challenged.







Well Aware,
Of Location
Foreign Secretary
Admonishes Soviets
OTTAWA (41) - Foreign Secre-
tary Lester B. Pearson says he was
told by Soviet Communist Party
Secretary Nikita Khrushchev that,
in event of a new world war, Can-
ada would have no geographical
immunity from attack.
Pearson made the statement
Sunday night in a radio broadcast
on the Canadian Broadcasting
Co.'s special speakers' series.
The minister, who visited Russia
in early October and conferred
with Premier Nikolai Bulganin
and Khrushchev, said:
Russians Not Unaware
"They, the Russians are not un-
aware, I may say, of our strategic
location as their neighbors across
the pole.
"Mr. Khrushchev, for instance,
averred that if there were ever
another world war, Canada would
have no geographical immunity
from attack. He thought that this
should make us all more anxious
to be on good terms with both our
"I replied that we were well
aware of our strategic position and
also of the tact that we could
never feel rp1.ly secure if either
of our two neighbors were hostile
to us-or' to each other.
Pearson said there is a "great
gap of ignorance and misunder-
standing" which divides the Com-
munist world from the West.
Not on One Side
"This ignorance and misunder-
standing is not, of course, all onj
one side. But on their side it is
colossal; almost pathetic, and cer-
tainly dangerous.
"Western--and especially Amer-
ican-policy and purpose is judged!
on the basis of cabled newspaper
stories which give only one side
and the most lurid side of life in
free countries.
"It seems quite impossible to
convince Soviet leaders-who seem
to base their alleged fear of us:
on such information-that these
stories are distorted and unrepre-
sentative, I told Mr. Khrushchev
that we found the truth out of the
clash of varying opinions. It didn't
make sense to him.


-Daily-Hal Leeds

.. . only one more week for practice.
Opera Actors, Dancers
Ready Takeoff on Movies
Union Opera actors and dancers have suddenly found themselves
in their last week of rehearsal for their fall show, "Film-Flam," a
parody on the heated competition in the Hollywood movie industry.
The script of this fall's humorous production was written by Russ
Brown, '56, Bill Russell, '56, and Chuck Reynolds, '56.
The all-male cast which has been rehearsing for six weeks, is. called
by Opera officials "one of the best arrays of talent we've ever seen."
In past years such men as Thomas Dewey, former governor of
New York, Robert Q. Lewis, television star, Chester Campbell, president
of Chicago Tribune, and band- 4
leader Bill Mills appeared in Union CS
The Opera was originated in,

Big Crowds
Hail Touring
Red Leaders
Russian Praises
Indian Poliy
MADRAS, India ()-Soviet Pre-
mier Nikolai Bulganin yesterday
praised India for its "wise decision
In refusing to enter any kind of
military grouping."
It showed, he said, the Indian
government's understanding that
"the same powers wlich supported
colonialism . . . threaten a new
war" through extension of military
Addressing a civic reception for
himself and Communist Party
Chief Nikita Khrushchev, Bulgan-
in said :
Understand Dangers
"We note with satisfaction that
many Asian states are now fight-
ing the use of their territory for
the installation of foreign bases
or the stationing of foreign troops.
"They understand these great
dangers - turning their territory
into fields of war and annihila-
tion .. .
"There are still some who at-
tempt to push the Asian people off
the path of independence and de-
velopment and onto the path of
militarization and preparation for
a new war.
"Different kinds of pacts and
blocs in Southeast Asia and the
Middle East serve these purposes.
These military groupings arouse
suspicion in Asians because they
are started by the same people
who fought on the side of the
colonial powers."
Cheered Wildly
The touring Soviet leader was
cheered wildly when he said Rus-
sia supports India's "right to
oust" the Portuguese from Goa
and the other Portuguese posses-
sions on India's west coast.
Bulganiri and Khrushcliev re-
ceived another tumultous greeting
when they arrived in Madras and
drove through the streets wearing
garlands of jasmine and carry-
ing bouquets. About 60,000 lined
the route and more than 200,000
attended the civic reception.
Local Trotskyites, however, plas-
tered walls with posters demand-
ing: "Why . was Leon Trotsky
murdered by Stalin's stooges?"
Lewis SeeKs
Fund Misuse
Lewis called on Congress Monday
to crack down on the "human
jackals and scoundrels'" who Its
said misuse union welfare funds.
The 75-year-old chief of the
United Mine Workers Union sug-
gested a congressional resolution
urging the attorney general to step
up prosecutions in all such cases.
Union leaders themselves did not
escape his wrath.
"If some of the leaders of or-
ganized labor would abandon their
holier-than-thou attitude and for-
get what they are going to do
with the rest of the world and
put their own house in order, wel-

fare funds might have a better
chance to live," Lewis told a Sen-
ate Labor subcommittee.
The subcommittee is making a
study of the need for new legisla-
tion to protect union welfare
funds, now growing at the rate
of about five billion dollars a year.
Angelo Inciso, a Chicago labdr
union leader, did ftot answer when
called as a witness, although he
had been subpoenaed. Chairman
Douglas (D-Ill.) said he would
,move later that Inciso be cited for
contempt of Congress.
The senators seek an explana-
tion of how the health and acci-
dent insurance program works in
Inciso's Chicago Local No. 286 of
the AFL United Auto Workers.
This is different from the CIO

ld News Roundup
By The Associated Press
IS, WASH. - Recordings of communist propaganda
buted to Lt. Col. Paul V. Liles, and other former
ers of war in Korea were played yesterday at the!
ourt martial on collaboration charges.
rgs, unintelligible to the untrained ear because of
editions and other noises, were supplemented by
repared by a trained radio monitor, James T. Kashi-
y Chase, Md.
ptions, presented by the prosecution, were admitted
ect to their being connected with Liles, Birmingham,
er who is charged, among other things, with making

1907 to raise money to build a new
Union. While achieving that goal
the Opera gaineasuch popularity
it has remained as an annual
Union eveny for almost fifty years.
In keeping with a tradition es-
tablished many years ago the
Opera will stage a road show. This
year Flint and Detroit have been
scheduled on the tour.
Bill Stone, '57, publicity chair-
man, said, "We started planning
for this year's opera last Decem-
ber, only a few days after last
year's opera closed."
Stone agreed with other officials
"This year's opera has the makings
of being the greatest ever staged.
Over two hundred students have
been working on costumes and
props for next week's production.
Male leads who will do take-offs
on famous actors are: Tom Lewy,
Dick Booth, '57, Beorge Bashara,
'56 and Bob Berner.
Playing the part of female
actresses are Ken Smith, '56, John
McCrea, '56, Mike Palazzola, '56
and Bruce McClelland, '56.

IN ears .inirng
CHICAGO (W)-Agreement aim-
ed at ending the bitter, violent
four-month strike of CIO United
Auto Workers at the New Castle,
Ind. plant of Perfect Circle Cor-
poration was reached yesterday
after a month of mediation.
The settlement proposal will be
submitted to 229 UAW employes
in New Castle today at 9 a.m.
Ratification by the members of
UAW Local ,370 would bring the
dispute to a close.
Federal mediators and union
officials declined details of the
settlement proposal, but a com-
pany statement said it called for
a two-year contract ending July
1 1957, embodying a 10-cents-en-
hour wage increase which the
company put into effect last July,
and an additional increase of seven
cents an hour, effective July 1
next year.

cal to the interest
* * ___________
ES- Government Deceptio
said last night
Aramburu's gov-.
ag a decree, prob- WASHINGTON (P) - Three out


Burglars continued to plague
Ann Arbor's understaffed police
force this weekend as two robber-
ies netted thieves $55.
Employees reporting to work at
the Washtenaw County Tubercu-
losis Association Office yesterday
morning discovered $35 taken from
a file cabinet in a ransacked
An empty cash register greeted'
workers at tho Modern Beauty
Salon yesterday' morning, but bur-

Lloyd, was with me and he didn't hear it. No such statement was ably today, returning La Prensa of every four persons the govern-
ever made." to Dr. Alberto Gainza Paz, its ment fires under its security pro-
The Los Angeles Times said that upon arriving from Seattle last former editor and publisher. gram are never told they are
night, Truman was asked what he thought about Nixon being the This action, they said, will be suspected security risks, Chairman
based on the grounds that seizure Philip Young of the Civil Service
1956 Republican presidential candidate and replied; of the big independent newspaper Commission testified yesterday.
Terse Language by the Peron regime four years The official reason given for
"I don't like the---- -- ------and I don't care who knows it. ago was unconstitutional. The de- their dismissals, he told the Sen-
The Los Angeles Examiner quoted Truman as saying, "I don't cree already has been prepared. ate sub-committee on Constitu-
even want to discuss that --- ---------. Don't even mention his k_ * tional Rights is some other charge,
name to me." such as excessive drinking.
An indication of Truman's feeling toward Nixon came in Mon- I uC Offered.. But in each case there are addi-
acv's news eonference when a renorter asker about his remark in WASHTNGTON - nmncratic tional "serioAsq estinns nf s-

r h
in Used for Security
In a new report today, he told' Young insisted he makes no
the subcommittee 3,685 persons claim that all of those fired were
have been "actually fired" under "security risks," and said that is
I the program from its start on May a term he avoids unless he uses
Ithe 5, hog ls et.3. .
128, 1953. through last Sept. 30. It inadvertently as he did at times
I This is an increase of 99 over during the hearing.
the last report, which covered the "Frankly," he said, "I don't
period through June 30, 1955. know the definition of a security
Young acknowledged that three- risk, and I never use it."
quarters of the 3,685 may not know, Young disclosed his agency has
until this day that there were se- maintained since 1940 a big card
curity risk as well as other charges index file which now contains the
against them. names of about two million per-

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