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September 21, 1955 - Image 32

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Michigan Daily, 1955-09-21

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Editors Welcome Tryouts
To Join Daily Staff in Fall
Hello Newcomers:
Welcome to the University!
We hope you will enjoy your college days, Each of you will, we
think, find some niche here, with friends and in studies and activities.
As editors of the Women's Page of The Daily, we would like to
welcome each of you to join our staff as tryouts, in keeping the stu-
dents informed about these activities and in being a part of many of
Our staff members. "cover" all phases of life in their stories--
reporting events sponsored by the League, Union, Women's Athletic
Association, dormitory, fraternity and sorority "happenings" and all
of the "big" dances and projects on campus.
No writing experience is necessary, our requirements being some
writing ability, interest and enthusiasm, and preferably, some typing
skill, which comes in handy when there are deadlines to meet.
Upon joining our staff as tryouts, you will receive training in
news and headline writing, and interviewing, and will learn the
Daily style rules. While working on desk, you will have a chance to
practice these skills by helping to put out the page.
At the end of one semester you will become "soph" staffers and
will receive a regular beat to cover, as well as special events. At
this time you will also begin training in copyreading and editing and
in page make-up, in preparation for night editor positions.
As juniors, you will have the opportunity to petition for the po-
sition of Women's Night Editor, of whom there are five at the pres-
ent time. These women are responsible for putting out the paper
once a week, editing the stories that are handed in by staffers each
day and making-up the pages.
Night Editors are also assigned the more important beats and
help in the training of "sophs" and tryouts while on desk.
The Women's Editor, and her associates, heading a staff of ap-
proximately 20 women, are chosen from the night editors.
We are hoping to see many budding reporters at the first tryout
meeting, which will be held Wednesday, September 28.
Be sure and stop in at the Women's Desk any day from 3 to 5
p.m., and we will be :glad to show you around and explain more of
our work to you.
Best of luck,
Mary Helithaler, Women's Editor
Elaine Edmonds, Associate Women's Editor

Various Honoraries Recognize Hard Work, Effort of 'U' Students

Hard work and effort are two
things which should always be
The University pays tribute to
those who deserve the right to
some kind of recognition by .ad-
mitting them to a number of vari-
ous honorary societies on campus.
New members are chosen on the
basis of scholarship, service lead-
ership and participation in campus
The goal of these societies is to
get the students together who
have many characteristics and
likes in common. The combined
groups work together to solve
many problems concerning the
University or a certain part of the
Service Projects are carried on
each year by the honoraries.
Among the- activities engaged in
by the organizations are charity
functions, sponsoring dances and
manning election booths.
Coeds are informed of their
membership by tapping ceremo-
nies. The time that tappingoccurs
is kept secret although it usually
occurs in the fall semester and
again in the spring.
Alpha Lambda Delta
Alpha Lambda Delta is an hon-
orary open to all freshmen women
who have obtained an average of
at least 3.5 during their first se-
mester or two semesters on cam-
pus. Their initiation usually takes
place on a Sunday in the spring. It
is followed by a breakfast in honor
of the new members.
It does not have any campus
projects as most of its members
are just beginning to become ac-
tive in other campus organiza-
tions. The pin of this society is a
gold lamp of knowledge with the
Greek letters, Alpha Lambda Del-
ta inscribed on it.
The society honoring junior
women is called the Wyvern Hon-
or Society. It's name is taken from

'IN AND OUT"-Senior Society, a local honorary for independent "BEAUM DAMN HUMBLE"-Michigauma, honorary for senior
women, goes "tapping" in the spring and fall. Its members, men, has a highly unusual tapping ceremony. Covered with war
dressed in black robes and white collars, sing their traditional paint and feathers, they drag their new members out of bed,
"In and out the halls we wander ,. ." Their pin is a black rec- dump them on the lawn, strip and douse them with beer by the
tangle with two gold S's intertwined. light of kerosene fires. Initiation lasts several days.

an old Welsh word meaning "pro-
tecting dragon."
The symbol for membership is
a gold pin in the form of a dragon
curled around the letter "W."
It is composed of 12 to 20 wom-
en who have been recognized for
outstanding scholarship, campus
activities and leadership.
Tapping usually takes place in
the spring. The members are
dressed in brown skirts and yellow
sweaters with yellow bows in their
hair, as they wander through the
corridors and rooms of the dorms
and sorority houses, singing their

traditional chant, "Damn, damn,
damn to Michigauma."
The Wyverns perform many
services throughout the year
which include counting votes at
election time, raising money for a
scholarship fund and presenting
record concerts at the League.
The Mortarboard Society, na-
tional honorary for all senior
women choose their new members
on the basis of service, scholar-
ship and leadership.
The present Mortarboard mem-
bers, dressed in black caps and
gowns, tap the newly chosen
members, who must wear their
mortarboards the following day,
everywhere they go.
The purpose of the society is to

serve the campus by performing
certain activities.
The group has worked in the
Student-Faculty Lounge, aided
the local chapter of the League of
Women Voters, raised money for
books to complete the Alice
Crocker Lloyd Drama Collection
in the League Library and has
helped to sponsor SL movies.
In addition, the Mortarboard's
members raise money for a $100
scholarship fund to be awarded to
an outstanding junior woman.
Their pin is a black and gold
Senior Society
The Senior Society is a local
honorary for independent women.
The new members are selected as
examples of those who have shown
leadership ability, participated in







o\C N




Welcome to "MICHIGAN"
and to BALFOUR'S .. .
Our store is located conveniently for your shop-
ping pleasure, and we invite your visits often.
s Official Jewelers and Suppliers of all major
Social, Honorary and Professional Fraternities and
Sororities at Michigan.
Large selection of Michigan Seal Jewelry, Gifts and
Novelties always available.
Traditional Michigan Seal Beer Mugs, Glasses,
lnd Keys and Pins.
Designers, and manufacturers of the Official
Michigan Rings.
Complete line of costume jewelry, lighters, cigarette
cases, greeting cards, diamonds, adult toys, medals,
Q ~trophies, and awards. q
We are located on South University Avenue, just around the
corner from Washtenaw and U.S. 23.(
L. G. Balfour Company
1321 South University Avenue
Ann Arbor, Michigan

campus activities and maintained
a high scholastic average.
The new members are dressed
in white collars, as they walk
through the Michigan campus
singing their traditional song "In
and out the halls we wander..."
After each new member is reg-
istered, they receive a yellow rose
and the Senior Society pin, which
is a black rectangle with two gold
S's placed one over the other.
The group works on such proj-
ects as counting votes during the
SL elections, manning election
booths and selling 'Ensians and
boutonnaires for the Assembly
Another local honorary for sen-
ior women is Scroll, a local society
for affiliated coeds, who are tapped
on the basis of leadership, charac-
ter and service.
The new members must bike
through the campus, wearing
black robes. As each new member
is tapped, she receives a cardboard
scroll which she must wear around
her neck the following day.
At the initiation at the League,
the members receive a necklace
with a small gold scroll on it.
This organization raises money
from the sale of "Michigan Alum-
nus" magazines and the Scroll
Jazz concerts in order to finance a
$100 scholarship for. an affiliated
junior woman.
There are several honorary so-
cieties which pay tribute to the
outstanding men of Michigan. One
of the very highest and most select
is the honorary for senior men,
This society was written up in
the June 7, 1954 issue of Life mag-
azine which described the tapping
and initiation ritual.
Covered with war paint and ea-
gle feathers, the Michigamuans
dragged the new members out of
bed, dumped them on the lawn,
stripped them, 'doused them with
beer by the light of kerosene fires,
where the candidates were ad-
jured to "beaum, damn humble"
and left with a birchbark of in-
After that the candidates had to
go through several days of initia-
tion procedures. The Michigamu-
ans get together once a week to
discuss campus problems.
The Druids, another men's hon-
orary, honors senior men who
are outstanding in various campus
activities. The new members are
chosen from the senior class or
from members of the junior class
who will be seniors the following
The tapping begins at night
when the older members quietly
spirit out th'e prospective members
and take them to a secret place

wheredcertain rituais are per-
The following day on the Diag-
onal, the new Druids perform cer-
tain public demonstrations to
symbolize their loyalty to the so-
ciety. The ceremony terminates
around the Druid rock near the
site of the old Haven Hall.
Several days later, a banquet
and secret initiation are held for
new members. The men receive a
Druid pin of a sickle and a serpent
at the initiation ceremony.
The Druids have worked togeth-
er to sponsor parties at the Michi-
gan Children's Institute.
The honorary which recognizes
outstanding J u n 1o r men is
Sphinx. This honorary acquired
the name Sphinx from the great
Egyptian monument of that name.
It signifies the qualities of *isdom
and silence which the Sphinx em-
The traditional tapping cere-
mony is held on the lawn of the
new member's residence the night
he is tapped. On that night, the
candidates are dragged out of bed,
carried outside, drenched with
water while the Pharoah reads a
proclamation concerning the rit-
ual of the River Nile.
The following day the candi-
dates perform a demonstration in
front of the library in which they
must publicly "swim the Nile."
Later a formal initiation is held
which is followed by a banquet.
The new members are then pre-
sented with a gold pin on which
there is a sphinx head.
Sphinx holds meetings every two
weeks in order to bring the men
together and to provide time to
discuss problems. This society has
held parties at the University Hos-
pital. They have also worked.on
the J-Hop and on other campus
There are two societies which
honor outstanding men in the En-
gineering School. The Vulcans
honor the senior men and the Tri-
angles honor the outstanding jun-
ior men. These honoraries tap
their new candidates, and hold in-
formal and formal initiations ac-
cording to the traditions of their
For example, the new members
of the Triangles are blindfolded
and driven away from the campus.
Then they are. left to walk back
to campus. The purpose of this is
to enable the new members to
become better acquainted with
each other
Each society has its own pin
which all the new members re-
ceive. The members are chosen on
the basis of activities anh on an
acceptable scholastic average.
The main purposes of these two
honoraries are to perform services
and to,promote the interest of the
University and the Engineering
These are just a few of the
honoraries which serve to recog-
nize the earnest efforts of the stu-
dents of the University.
Amerian Friend
Program To Aid
Foreign Students
The International Committee of
the League in association with As-
sembly and Panhellenic Associa-
tions hasundertaken this past year
an "American Friend" program to
help new coeds from foreign coun-
tries, who are coming to the cam-
pus this fall, feel at home.
American students who are in-
terested in helping foreign coeds
receive the names and addresses of
all new foreign women attending

the University.
Through letters exchanged be-
tween American and foreign coeds;
questions regarding campus life,
courses and methods of dress are
"American Friends" help the
foreign women students to become
orientated to campus life by shop-
ping with them, taking them to
dinner, touring the campus or at-
tending church with them.





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ILLUSTRATED - Pendeiton's new
sweater-jacket at $12.95 in authen-
tic Tartans. Matching plaid skirt




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