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February 17, 1956 - Image 7

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Michigan Daily, 1956-02-17

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1 7. 1956



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Meader Asks Investigation
oOf Military at Willow Run


'No Longer What I Was'-Gibson





Rep. George Meader said that
he hopes to have congressional in-
vestigating committee look into the
situation at the Willow Run and
the Detroit Wayne airports.
"It seems the facts warrant an
investigation ,by a congressional
committee," Rep. Meader said
speaking before the Ann 'Arbor
Chamber of Commerce yesterday.
Certain commercial airlines have
threatened to transfer their op-
erations to the Detroit Wayne Ma-
jor airport due to the fact that the
Air Force started using Willow
Run last year and will soon ini-
tiate a jet training program there.
There is some question on whether
the Navy intends to base at Wil-
low Run at any time in the fu-
ture and the problem of overburd-
ening it could conceivably impose.
"I think too much attention has
been paid to the separation of
civilian from military flying,"
Rep. Meader said. He noted that
during a recent lay-over he made
at the Pittsburgh airport Air Force
jets taking off did not seem to
bother the airlines in any way.
He noted that the Detroit Wayne
Major airport received 52% of all
Federal airport aid to the state
last year and that it was follow-

ing a position established many
years ago to promote the switch.
The Air Use Panel that was
formed to look into the situation
was stacked he continued. The
panel consisted of four air force
representatives and only two civil-
ian members.
Rep. Meader said he hopes to
have a congressional investigation
because it seems that improvement
of Detroit Wayne Major airport
may cost more than it would war-
rant and be a "waste of the tax-
payers' money." Previously he had
introduced a bill that was rejected
to limit Federal aid to the Wayne
Rep. Meader ,answered other
questions concerning restrictions
on small business at the Chamber
meeting. "I suspect they would
have a hard time extending the
minimum wage coverage to retail-
ers," he stated in reply to query.
Quadrants Tap
East Quadrangle Quadrants last
night tapped two persons to its
service honorary.
Karen Grooms, '58N, and Sara
Gullette, '58, were the women
called by the Quadrants.

Say Reds
Not Sincere
College students have declared
their skepticism of the Russian
"Peace Offensive by nearly ten to
one in a nation-wide survey by
the Associated Collegiate Press.
In the light of the developments
at Geneva, the students were ask-
ed, "Do you think the Russians are
sincere in their desire for peace, or
do you think they are merely
stalling for time and have no in-
tention of giving up their plans for
world conquest?"
Seventy-five per cent said they
believed the Russians are bluffing
while one eight per cent said they
thought the Soviets are sincere.
Coeds tended to be less certain
of Russia's hypocrisy than men,
with 68 per cent saying they doubt-
ed the Russians as contrasted with
80 per cent for the men.
In responding to the poll, stu-
dents stressed past behavior of
the Soviet Union and basic aims of
Communist doctrine.
A student of Iowa State College
explained, "Their plans for world
conquest have not been altered.
This is only a change in tactics."
At the University of Nebraska, a
coed said, "It would be entirely
contrary to their basic beliefs to
want peace."

(continued from page 4)
the greater part of the thirty-five
months outside the walls as a
trusty. I had not been inside
long enough to suffer from its
deadly monotony, strict discipline,
brutality, tasteless meals, constant
surveillance, fear, which, collect-
ively, in those days, had been Colo-
rado's idea of confinement with
a purpose.
In 1949, in the village of Dex-
ter, Michigan, a few miles west
of Ann Arbor, I stuck a gun under
the nose of the manager of one
Kroger store in town and relieved
him of the money in the safe.
Two weeks later I was arrested,
accused of the robbery, eventually
tried by jury, convicted, then sen-
tenced to serve from 20 years to
life in Southern Michigan Prison.
* * *-
"WHY," FREE world friends
have asked, "did you elect to
stand trial, knowing you were
A formidable question, that, in-
duced in the belief that a court
will often give a lighter sentence
when the guilty "cops a plea" in-
stead , of forcing an expensive,
time-consuming jury trial.
Because I now for the first time
answer the question publicly, which

admission could, in turn, cause a
possible perjury charge against my
witnesses, I wish to impress these
facts: To understand why I stood
trial, we have only to contemplate
that self-preservation is the first
law of life. This law of nature,
not subjugated in the instant
case, along with the fact that wit-
nesses for the defense would testi-
fy that I was 325 miles from the
scene of the robbery just three
and a half hours after it had been
committed, does answer the ques-
My witnesses were not lying
when they testified; they thought
they were siding an innocent man.
And as far as I could determine
during the trial, one man only
suspected the truth. The prose-
cutor expressed his belief that I


had traveled by air in order to
establish the alibi I used. I had-
a private plane. But the best laid
plans of mice and men .. .
* * *
I'M NOT ONE bit proud of the
story I've told here. It is not a
pretty story; and most of it is
true only because I could not see
beyond my own big nose and be-
cause two and two always came
out five.
I am no longer what I was when
I came here. These seven years
have taught me that I was a use-
less appendage-a thing that was
not wanted, a moral and a mental
mess. Today I understand fully
why crime is a noxious way to
make a living, and I am paying a
sure and heavy price for the les-





1 '


Los Angeles

Has Design Positions Open For


For the first time in 3 years Gilfillan, one of the
nations leaders in military electronics will interview
on this campus to fill Junior Engineering Positions.


Dine at





I. if

(Continued from Page 4)


officials of their School, with
1513 Administration Building,
it will be transmitted.

review and approval of the contract by
the University Attorney.
Approvedr theholding of the Cichi-
gan Regional International Studen't Re-
lations Seminar at the University of
Michigan on April 6, 7, 8, 1956.
Granted recognition to Little Sym-
phony, subject to review of constitu-
Heard reports on: Free University of
Berlin program, Structure Study Com-
mittee, Progress toward removal of
restrictive membership clauses: frater-
nities; Out-of-order registration pass-
es, distribution for spring term.
University Lecture, Fri., Feb. 17. Dr.
Emil H.ff White, "R actions Leading to
the Dea3mination of Aliphatic Amines."
Room 1300 Chemistry, 4:15 p.m%
Lecture. "Recent Developments in
the field of Physical .Acoustics." Prof.
Uno Ingard, Fri., Feb. 17, 4:00 p.m.,
Room 2084, East Engineering.
Academic Notices

Law School Admission Test: Candi-
dates taking the Law School Admission
Test on Feb. 18 are requested to report
to Room 100, Hutchins Hall at 8:45
Sat. morning.
Make-up final examination for Botany
1 in Room 2004, Natural Science Build-
ing, Tues.; Feb. 21, 7:00-10:00 p.m.
Doctoral Examination for Martin Eu-
gene Rowley, Chemistry; thesis: "The
Base-Catalyzed Dealdolization of A, B-
Diaryl-B-Hydroxy Acids," Fri., Feb. 17,
3003 Chemistry Bldg., at 2:00 p.m.
Chairman, C. S. Rondestvedt.
Placement Notices
Sat., Feb. 18:
Mrs. Hjordis Ohberg, Camp Director,
of the Teaneck Golden Knot Girl Scout
Council, Inc., Teaneck, New Jersey, will
interview for counselors. Call the Bu-
reau of Appointments for appointments,
3528 Administration Bldg.,* Ext. 2614.
Tues., Wed., Fet. 21, 22:
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Stein, Camp

Engrg. background, for Research, Devel.,
Design, Prod., and Sales. U.S. citizens.
Aluminum Co. of America, Pitts., Pa.
-all levels in Chem. E., Civil, Construc-
tion, )Ind., Instru., Mech., Engrg. Mech.,
Metal.; B.S. and M.S. in Elect.; B.S. in
Aero. for Research, Devel, Design, Prod.,
Conat., and Sales.
David Taylor,Model Basin, Washing-
ton, D. C.-all levels in Aero., Civil,
Elect., Instru., Math., Mech., Eng. Mech.,
Naval and Marine, Physics and Science
for Research, Devel., and Design. U.S.
Thurs., Fri., Feb. 23, 24:
Eastman Kodak Co., Rochester, N. Y.
-all levels in Chem., .Elect., Ind., In-.
stru., Mech., Eng. Mech., Metal., Physics
for Summer and Regular Research,
Devel., Design, and Prod.
Fri., Feb. 24:
Sun Oil Co., Marcus Hook, Penn.-
B.S. and M.S. in Chemfl E., Math., and
Mech. for Summer and Regular Re-
search, Devel., Production and Sales.
Cities Service Oil Co., Bartlesville,
Okla.-B.S. In Auto., Chem. E., Civil,
Ind.. Mech. for Training Program in
all phases of the Oil Industry.
Factory Mutual Engrg. Div., Norwood,
Mass.-B.S. in Chem., Civil, Elect., Ind.,
Math., Mech., Eng. Mech., Physics and
Science for Field Engrg. Work. U.S.
or Canadian citizen.
Elect. Controller and Mfg. Co., Cleve-
land, Ohio-all levels in Elect. for Devil.,
and Sales.
Bendix Aviation Corp., Bendix Radio
Div., Baltimore, Md.-all levels in Elect.;

B.S. and M.S. in Mech.; B.S. in Physics
for Research, Devel., and Design. U.S.
Beech Aircraft Corp, Wichita, Kan.-
all levels in Aero., Civil, Elect., Math.,
Mech. and Physics for Research, Devel.,
Oesign,tComputor, Structures, and Test.
U.S. citizens.
Avco. Mfg.. Corp., Lycoming Div.,
Startford . Conn.-all levels in Aero.,
Instrw, Math., Mech., Engrg. Mech.,
and Physics for Summer and Regular
Research, Devel., and Design. Same
company, Advanced Devel. Div., all
levels in Aero., Chem., Elect., Ind., In-
stru., Mat., Math., Mech., Engrg. Mech.,
Metal., Nuclear, Physics, and Science
for Research, Devel., and Design.
Calif. Inst. of Tech., Southern Cal.
Cooperative Wind Tunnel, Pasadena,
Calif.-B.S. and M.S. In Aero., Elect.,
and Mech. for Research, Devel., and
Design. US. citizen.
American Bosch Arma Corp., Arma
Div., Garden City, N. Y.-all levels in
Elect., Instru., Math., Mech., and
Physics for Research, Development and
Design. U.S. citizen.
Crucible Steel Co. of America, Pitts.,
Pa:-all levels in Chem., Elect., Ind.,
Mech., Metal., and Physics for Research,
Devel., Prod., and Sales.
Bailey Meter Co., Cleveland, Ohio -
B.S. and M.S. in Elect. and Mech.; B.S.
in Chem.; M.S. in Instru. and Nuclear
for Research, Devel, Sales and Project
For appointments contact the Engrg.
Placement Office, 347 W. E., Ext. 2182.

The most popular
Oriental eating place in
.Specializing tl
week-end in He
Turkey and .emu
Orders to take out -
across the street.
Free Parking in Gas Station
Phone NO 2-5624


If you are interested in work in California, Gilfillan
has an Engineering position to discuss with you.
See your placement office now for complete

Gilfillan holds 65 prime contracts with every military
agency for research, development, design, and produc-
tion of complete electronic systems ranging from
Guided Missiles, Radar Countermeasures and Radar
Trainers. to Navigational Radar (GCA, AGCA).

Our Engineering staff (450 employees supported by
3,000 production and administrative personnel), has
developed a requirement for several Junior Engineers
for positions offering an unusual opportunity.



Read Daily Classifieds



118 West Liberty
Open 11 A.M. to 12 P.M.
Closed Mondays

Schools of Business Administration, Nebagamon for Boys, Lake Nebagamon,
Education, Music, Natural Resources Wiscinsin, will interview for male Coun-
and Public Health: Students, who re- selors at 3528 Administration Bldg.,
ceived marks of I, X, or 'no reports' at 9-12 and 1-4. Must be at least 19.
the end of their last semester or sum- Call the Bureau of Appointments, for
mer session of attendance, will receive appointments, 3528 Admin. Bldg., Ext.
a grade of "E" in the course or 2614.
courses, unless this work is made up.
In the School of Music this date is PERSONNEL INTERVIMWS:
March 10. In the Schools of Business Representatives from the following
Administration, Education, Natural will be at the Engrg. School:
Resources and Public Health, the date Thurs., Feb. 23:
is March 13. Students, wishing an Babcock & Wilcox Co., N. Y., N. Y.-
extension of time beyond these dates all levels in Mech., Metal., Chem. E.,
in order to make up this work, should Ind., Eng. Physics, Civil, and Elect.,
file a petition, addressed to the appro- also graduates from BusAd with an

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...4 .. .



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