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March 15, 1956 - Image 11

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Michigan Daily, 1956-03-15

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15, 1956



15. 1956 THE 1It1~HIGAN DAILY





-Daily-Sam Ching
ANTICIPATING SPRING -- Janey Wilson surveys Mason Hall
greenery in a silk blend, scooped neck dress indicative of the
trend toward sheaths in spring fashion. The dress is topped by
a capelet lined in white pique.

-Daily-Sam Ching
PLEASURE BOUND-Katy Braun's slim, unbelted dress is charac-
teristic of the Spring silhouette. In linen, it is delicately trimmed
with white.


Spring Suits, Dresses Appear in Vivid Hues

-Daily-John Hirtzel
SHEATH DRESSES-Wearing the latest style for this spring,
Sally Swigert and Marlene Crawford model sheath dresses in silk
prints, with linen coats. Miss Swigert's dress is of a brown and
black mixed print, with a beige coat, while Miss Crawford wears a
white dress, with contrasting-pattern and solid color coat in
r t
Full Petticoats Retain
Poularity for Coeds

Lightweight fabrics, namely silk
in combination with a multiplicity
of other materials and in numer-
ous colors, are the most talked
about topics in the fashion world
this Spring.
Silk is the number one fabric,
because it is light enough for the
still- popular silhouette dress, yet
when combined with linen it is
ideal for the ensembles which are
dominating the women's fashion
Used with wools and worsteds,
silk is found in many of the Spring
Slim Dress
The slim dress is popular with
various styles of capes and cape-

lets which add emphasis to the top
of the silhouette.
Women may choose a long coat
ensemble with a print dress and
plain coat in harmonizing colors.
The popular miss will select wool
and linen for daytime wear, while
she will step out in silks, laces and
satins for evening festivities.
Or, "Miss Fashion" may select
a bolero outft wiith either a short
or waist length jacket, or perhaps
a short semi-fitted jacket over a
silhouette dress or a dress with
many pleats-the smartest news
for full skirts this Spring,
Stole Ensembles
Then, too, stole ensembles are
extremely popular. On dress racks
women will find slim one-piece

dresses in wool and linen-weave
silk with dramatic stoles which tie
or button in the front.
As well as various styles from
which to choose, milady will find
a variety of colors at her finger
Predominating the color scene
are black, beiges, browns and
blues ranging from the ever popu-
lar navy to Persian blue, and deep
Bright Side
On the bright side of the color
wheel the smart miss will find
shades ranging from apricot to
the rising color, copper.
Along the suit line this spring
women will find that their waists

Although the slim silhouette, as
seen in the sheath dress, is fash-
oin news for this spring, crinolines
are still popular under formals,
and other full skirted styles.
* Crinolines, which for several
years have been one of the most
popular feminine frivolities, are by
no means a recent fashion inno-
The petticoat -worn today orig-h
nat'ed during the time of the court
of Queen Elizabeth and James I.
Crinolines in vogue at that time
were supported by whalebone and
were made of horsehair.
Popular in 1850's
In the 1850's the petticoat In-
vaded the wardrobes of women of
all ranks and classes. Reaching
huge dimensions, they proved very
uncomfortable and inconvenient to
both the wearer and to those near-
er her.
These immense bell-shaped crin-
oilnes left the- fashion scene in
the late 1880's.
The advent of the tiny waist
and billowing circular skirts of
about four years ago caused the
crinoline to regain its popularity.
A wide variety of styles and brand
names appeared on the market,

with the nylon hourse-hair type
leading the fashion parade.
Since the price was originally
too high to accommodate most
pocketbooks, many variations soon
appeared which offered stiff petti-
coats at more reasonable rates.
Other Styles
In addition to the nylon horse-
hair garment, popular for its qual-
ity of lasting stiffness, other styles
are also big sellers. Petticoats are
available in a variety of materials,
much as nylon tricot, taffeta, net
and crepe as well as cotton or-
Crinolines come in several dif-
ferent styles. One of the most pop-
ular is the straight top with the
flare beginning at. the hips.
Also shown are novelty petti-
coats, some of which have fancy
fringed bottoms with dangling
charms and artificial fruits.
Fashion authorities advise the
heavier coed, who contemplates
wearing the full crinolines, not to
do so. It is suggested that they
avoid the gathered waist style and
stick to the smooth hip-line pet-
ticoat which is more flattering to
the waist.

Coeds Bow to Goddess of Beauty

U If

Aphrodite, the goddess of nat-
ural beauty, might turn over on
her cloud if she could witness the
advancements made by cosmetic
manufacturers in furthering femi-
nine loveliness and cleanliness.
To enhance the sheen of your
hair, try shampoo with color ac-
cents. O n e reasonably - priced}
shampoo is especially designed to
bring out highlights in red and
brown hair, to lighten blonde tres-
ses and to elminate any yellow
discoloration in silver 'tones. It
will not harm or bleach the hair.
Conditioners with coloring can
be found on the market as a sup-
plement to the shampoo. There's
usually an uneven coloration in
the normal head of hair. The dif-
ference in shade is seen between
the shaft and the ends of the hair.
The new dressing creates an even-
ness in color and brings out the
natural luster.
Wet Hair Vanishes
It isn't necessary to go around
with wet hair after a shampoo.
A new spray, now on sale, will dry
the hair swifter than nature. But
no time to shampoo? Then try
another spray that will revive and
wave the hair, while cleansing.
For those who like to shampoo
their hair in the shower there is
a new lavender-scented cream
shampoo in an unbreakable tube
with anattached plastic top. The
tube is also equipped with a cord
which enables it to be hung con-
veniently over the shower faucet.
The face must not be neglected
either. Spot sticks applied before;
the foundation make-up cover
blemishes, lines or cracks. One
brand contains an antiseptic
which will heal the blemish while
concealing it.
Scented Cream
A recently developed product is
a sweetly-scented cream which
dries when applied to the face.
This product which may be pur-
chased for home use takes the
place of a mud-pack facial.
As a base try a new velvety liq-
uid foundation make-up. This
preparation's chief selling point is
that it doesn't change color under
different lighting conditions.

After the foundation, the fea-
tures come in for their share of
attention. Accent the eyes with
effective opalescent eyeshadow,
which is toned with silver. Be-
sides the ordinary small case, it's
now put out in a tube for greater
Eyelashes may be emphasized
with a colored pomade instead of
mascara. This'cream will not rub
into the eyes and has a unique
effect when used with an eye-
last curler.
Rouge for Naturalness
Liquid rouge is still the best
compliment for the cheeks, it
creates .a more natural look.
There is now a concern manu-
facturing two lipsticks of the same
shade, one for day and one for
evening wear, because lights have
a different effect on the lip color.
For example, clear red lipstick
appears orange at night. To avoid
this change, manufacturers sell
two lipsticks in a combination
package so that the color selected
will always appear the same tone.
Indelible Accessory
Women now enjoy the advant-
age of indelible lipsticks. Ong
company has introduced an un-
dercoat that will insure indelibil-
ity of any lipstick. In the form

of R-Tone for red, V-tone for
blue-red and T-V for orange, this
undercoat is also worn alone.
The hands are another focal
point. The skin should be lubri-
cated with a whipped hand cream.
Coming in a can with a spout,
like men's shaving cream, this rea-
sonably-priced lotion works into
the hands, is absorbed and is non-
Hand lotion is a must every
time the hands are washed. To
aid this habit, manufacturers
put on the market foil-wrapped
purse packets of cream. Designed
for the "use once and throw away"
idea, the packets- come in boxes
of 96 packages.
Cologne Foam
An application of cologne-foam
all-body lotion, scented with dif-
ferent scents, completes the beau-
ty treatment.
But for the dieting coed, a clin-
ically tested and approved body
lotion is available which will mas-
sage and make the skin firm after
loss of weight!
Dietary aids and cosmetics have
been found to mix successfully.
hat the next move is, Aphrodite
only knows. It's doubtful that she
will even tell.
But it will be discovered next
season, to be sure!

have been brought out of hiding.
Jackets are shorter, yet do not
have that "pinched in" look. They
will also mould rather than em-
phasize miladies hips.
Leading the suiting is silk
worsted in a variety of stripes and
checks. Because of this, suits will
be ideal to wear under coats on
chilly days.
Pretty, Feminine, Young
banging from dressmaker styles
to soft casuals, suits will have as
their common denominator de-
signs which make them pretty,
feminine and young.
Designers have obtained the
pretty and feminine effect in cas-
ual suits by adding inserts of
velvet, new nevk and shoulder
Stand away collars which frame
the face are the number one news
in necklines. Headlining the collars
will be cuff, cape and draped scarf
Softness Predominates
Highlighting the shoulders, the
fashion conscious woman will find
softness predominating. Generally
the sleeves will not be set-in, and
they will be shorter, from bracelet
to three-quarter length.
Added touches which will give
a feminine appeal will be pockets.
The newsmaker being pockets
placed low on the jackets gener-
ally at the hemlines.
Bows on the lapels, jacket hem-
lines and pockets will also lend a
feminine touch to the popular
miss's spring suit.
Kick Pleats
Her skirt will be slim with a
great variety of kick pleats.
,The color story in suits for
spring centers around blues, which
range from medium to pastels to
cornflower blues, and beige rang-
ing from pale to mocha.
Vivid colors will also be seen
in the suits worn by women this
spring. Red will predominate in
various shades from bright to wild
strawberry, a "pink red."


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Perfume Products Come
In Variety of Fragrances

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in "Heavenly Pastels"
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In choosing a scent women have
a myriad of fragrances from which
to choose.
When choosing the proper per-
fume several factors must be
taken into account. The buyer
must consider her own personality
and the occassion on which the
perfume will be worn.
Most coeds prefer a spicy or
light -floral fragrance for every
day use and a more sophisticated
one for wear on special occassions.
Most manufacturers offer a com-
plete line of fragrance accessor-
ies in addition to the standard
perfume, toilet water and cologne.
Scented deordorants, shampoosI

and cosmetics are available which
match perfume fragrances.
Items such as sachet, dusting
and talcum powder, soaps, bath
oil, bath salts and bubble bath
powder are also offered to the
discriminating woman.
An ingenious ways to make the
most of cologne is to pour a few
drops in shampoo rinse water for
delightfully scented hair. Cologne
may also be sprayed on light
bulbs and when they warm up they
scent the room.
When pressing delicate lingerie,
if cologne is sprayed on the iron-
ing board first, the scent will per-
meate the material.

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