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March 17, 1955 - Image 13

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Michigan Daily, 1955-03-17

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THURSDAY, MARCH 11, 1955 'lilE MIUliuIiA1'~ DAILY

w awE irv..s'VEN

Solve Hair Problem With New Hairdo

Home Permanent

t .- - ,A__-------.--___________

SIDE GLANCE - The side is BACK VIEW - The back of her
swept upward away from her hair is set in a short version of
face and falls into a soft wave the bustle back, falling into soft
in the back. The "refreshing curls which are brushed up.
look" hairstyle accentuates the
new line.
Ganis, '58, is shown wearing the
"refreshing look" hairstyle. The
front of her hair is set in an
Italian style with spit curls on
each side.

Coeds' Home Permanents
Answer to Straight Hair

Proper Care, Health Habits
Important for HairBeauty

No longer must coeds complain
about expensive beauty shop perm-
anents or straight hair-thanks to
the popular home permanents.
Not only are they cheaper than
those given in beauty shops, but
they are also much quicker to use.
There are home permanents to
suit every woman's taste. Some
come with neutralizers, others
without. Many permanents take
only 10 to 15 minutes to give
whether tight or soft waves are
Pick the Right Type
Be careful to pick the right
strength permanent to fit your
hair. The gentle brand is sold foi:
easy to wave, bleached or tinted
tresses. The regular is manufac-
tured for the easy-to-wave hair
while super strength permanents
for hard-to-wave-hair are also
The self-neutralizing sets are
especially helpful to the busy coed
since they do not require resetting
of the curls.
For an effective hairdo, a local
salesclerk suggests that students
make very small pin curls, about
the size of a dime. She emphasiz-
ed that about twice as many curls
which are ordinarily set should be
made when giving a home perma-
nent. She also recommends that
women begin setting at the nape
of the neck and then do the rest
of the hair.
New Types Available
Another new type home perma-
nent on the market today lends it-
self to varied uses.
A new method of choosing hair
styles to fit the face is proving
successful with smart coeds. A'
national company has decised a
way of deciding which style is1
best suited for an individual be-
fore cutting off those curly lockst
that coeds often hate to part with.7

First it may be adapted as a
pin curl wave, for normal, bleach-
ed or dyed hair. Most important,
it may be used with the neutral-
izer for fine hair or, without it for
normal hair. The latter type may
also be used safely on children.
Local clerks suggest some simple
rules which will aid the coed in
acquiring a more perfect hairdo.
Make two rows along the nape of
the neck, with the hair wound
close to the scalp, using small curl-
ers for those hard to wave back
Improper Use CitedI
Waves which have no body are
the result of improper.use of wav-
ing lotion, neutralizer or the curl-
ers taken out too soon. A cellu-
lose sponge will counteract theI

... Through the ages men and
women have regarded their coif-'
7 -fures as a vital part of their pgeT-
. ..4sonal appearance and attractive-
Special headresses involving in-
}v:;tricate braids, twists and twines
made hair one of the most distinc-
tive features of ancient costumes...
Today proper hair care is im-
,.portant for reasons other than
embellishment. Through proper
Fashion-WiSe Coeds Will Adopt
1 rnror IHkr . 'xlocThi,;.' Zr;nri

£L'tm,,i~vu#E I il I %. lj qua I I 55

rst4 1,tlBy BERT CORWIN
first problem, for more of the and SUE RAUNHEIM
liquid can soak the hair better.I
Another reason waves lack body "The Kissable Necklines!"
may be that too much hair was That's the name for spring's
used in each curl, newest hairdo which will add soft-
Frizzy ends may result from put- ness and fullness to the styles of
ting a new permanent on top of an previous years.
old one. This hair should always: Already popular with stylish New
be trimmed before a new perma- IYorkers ,it's just beginning to
nent is given. make its appearance in Detroit.
Kinky or too tight waves are Recent Styles Hug Ears
often due to leaving the waving In previous years hair was worn
lotion on too long. They may also above shoulder length. Recent
result from not having wound styles, such as the shell cut, Ital-
enough hair on each curler. ian cut, d.a., shingle cut, crew cut,
Curl Guide and shadow cut hug the ears and
They also become uneven and head, however.
hard to manage when too much .Wondering about length? Lead-j
hair is wound on a curler or when ing hair stylists predict hair will
the hair isn't spread evenly. By be worn a little longer than last
marking a comb with nail polish year. However, it will still be short,
two inches from the end, an easy with just enough hair in the back
guide is provided for getting the to form a short row of curls.
proper amount of hair on each
Salesclerks maintain a clock Popular accessories for that new
should be set for the correct time spring hairdo are metal and plas-
stated in the permanent direc- tic bands that clip over the top,
tions. They also suggest that coeds of the head.
undo one curl and see how it has These versatile hair ornaments
taken before unwinding the re- come in models adorned with se-
maining curlers. quins, rhinestones and colored

With this added length, the air
may be worn off the face in an
upsweep or around the face, fram-
ing it casually.
"College women will continue to
wear their hair short, probably in
an upsweep, with a row of curls
going up the back," a local stylist
Pixie Bangs - the Fad
Pixy bangs are the fad this sea-I
son. Borrowed from actress Aud-
rey Hepburn, the bangs extend
from the tdp of the head to the
forehead at uneven lengths.
The "classic casual" style shows
the trend toward somewhat long-
er tresses. Hair is set straight back
with soft waves covering the ears.
The front is worn high and blends
into a wave.
All the new styles reinforce the
casual look wardrobe now in local
stores. The "dandy bob" is no ex-
ception. It features the "no part"
trend. Hair is worn loosely and,
brushed high in the front. Softness
is added with a stylish wave at
bottom and back of the head.
The "Refreshing Look"
Another attraction to make the
hair style parade, which takes top
billing is the "refreshing look." It
highlights an Italian front, high,
with spit curls coming down on
the forehead and on each side. The
sides are swept off the face in a
soft wave which blends into the
back of the hair.
Taking the place of the old chig-
non, we find a bustle back com-
posed of soft curls. These curls
may be brushed up to give a poodle

effect in back or brushed down in-
to "the kissable neckline."
The Italian front may be blend-
ed into the sides in one wave up to
the ear. This type of hairdo is
flattering to students who have
oval or slightly - full faces, since
the upward sweeping effect is used
to make the face appear thinner1
and longer.
It's Easy to Set
This hair style may be set in
the following manner: use threel
rollers in front with two pin curls,
one to each side going toward the
center of the face. Set the sides
either with 'wave clips or pin curls
directed away from the face.
Set the back with four rows of
pincurls covering the head. When
dry brush them out. This hair-
style is suitable for most occasions.
These made-to-order hairstyles!
add to a woman's features, person-
ality and are easy to manage at
the same time. Although the hair
is short, it has enough length so
you may try other styles, should
you tire of one.
Give the new longer hair styles
a chance! Whether it be the "re-
freshing look," "kissable neck-
line" or short bob, a new hairdo
will make you feel like a new per-
Sweaters and mothballs once
signaled that summer had arrived.
But with the advent of orlon,
the sweater girl doesn't go into
retirement- when the thermometer
goes up. Sweaters have become a
year around fashion particularly

care, the hair will be more at-
tractive, clean and healthy.
Proper health habits include
adequate diet and sleep. Regular
washings every week or two with
a mild soap, as well as daily
brushing, will help maintain
healthy hair.
Correct combing and brushing#
of the hair cannot be over-em-
Brushing Necessary
Hair brushing should be done!
at least twice a day, using long,
firm strokes.
The proper time to shampoo
varies with the individual.
Unfortunately; some persons are
plagued with oily hair, caused by
too much secretion of fat from the
sebaceous glands of the scalp. Ex-
cessive oiliness often results in
extreme cases of dandruff. By us-
ing tar or sulphur soaps or green
tincture of soap, the oiliness may
be reduced.
Dry Condition
Due to a reverse condition of
the sebaceous glands, exposure to
sunlight, improper care or health
reasons, others have trouble with
dry hair.
Dryness may be aided by lightly
greasing hair with vaseline.
Coeds often have difficulty with
split ends or broken hairs. This
condition usually results from a
lack of oil, health disturbances,
curling hair and mainly from im-
proper hair care.
By restoring oil and clipping off
split ends at a point below the
split, this unattractive difficulty
may be eliminated.

- v
E* X C L"~ U S E\ L L
d g
naton hv. take th onr bysom h
Jtja aa
Introducing to Ann Arbor another famous Ameri-
can designer, Saba of California, whose cotton
.I dresses and separates in their glorious color combi-
nations have. taken the country by storm. The
lovely cotton number pictured comes in two tones
of violet, peacock or flame in sizes 9 to 15, and
is only $14.95.
and you 'can charge it at
302 South State Street



and Spring's
newest colors

stones for formal occasions. They
are also available in plain gold or
silver plate or mottled plastic.
Some of the bands are made of
wire covered with velvet ribbon
and decorated with tiny artificial
One of the most popular fea-
tures of the bands is that when a
veil is attached, the headpiece 4is
immediately transformed into one
of the brief new spring hats.

11,6111FIVOUR-prM TV F T T TV T 7 F =..


Y-r-s r r r v T-v w a r v O r+ a 7 r r r r 7 a r v T Y

'Kj *' ~
1 I)



l/[/~ Id~nq

Which light-up does your wardrobe need
-Pink? Patent? Pastel Blue? Panama?
Navy? or the new Mist Grey?
Avocado? Red? Butternut? Hurry







If you are planning one, we sin-
cerely. will enjoy helping you in
working out the details of your
printed needs.
We offer tasteful, beautiful wed-
ding invitations and announvements,
printed, embossed, or engraved and
,-nri~t, ia/ Pcmnv

in, you lovers of little heels
('n soft toes!) Such style
variety you'll swoon--
want 'em all!

...:..,.,J i ....

it i ; w ! 11 :


X : IX

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