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April 21, 1954 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1954-04-21

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- > .--.

Latest Deadline in the State
V.. I


Reporters Flood Coed
For FBI Information


The Pendleton Library in the
Union will be open until mid-
night for one month on a trial
basis which began March 30.
Continuance of the policy will
depend on attendance during
this period

Dulles Seeks 'Honorable






Ed Shaffer
Made Known
"It's been a rough day," accord-
ing to Daphne Price.
Miss Price, a 19-year-old former
University student, was revealed
yesterday as a former local in-
formant for the Federal Bureau
of Investigation. Since then, she
has been bombarded with numer-
ous phone calls and visits from
photographers, radio newsmen
and reporters.
* * *

Wayne, 11-1

By The Associated Press
DETROIT - Gov. G. Mennen
Williams said yesterday a long list



of unfinished state business influ-'
Leaden skies and chilly winds enced him to try for an unprece-
did not impede Michigan's steam- dented fourth term.
rolling diamondmen as they Williams took to a statewide
nradio-television network to elab-
soundly thumped Wayne liniver- orate on his earlier announcement
sity, 11-1, yesterday afternoon on that he would run for governor on
the Tartar ballfield. the Democratic ticket rather than

Ai To Hold
Y U-S- Troops
Fresh.Charges From War
WASHINGTON--WP-Sen. Joseph McCarthy (R-Wis) charged AdflniliStrationi S
yesterday an Army report blasting him and his chief aides was insti- Poli taled Tough
gated by a high Pentagon official trying to dodge investigation "for
misconduct and possibly for law violations." By The Associated Press
The official, Asst. Secretary of Defense H. Struve Hensel. re- Secretary of State John Foster
torted: "Bare-faced lies." Dulles left for the Geneva confer-
* * * * ence last night, promising to seek
an "honorable" peace in Indochina
McCARTHY HURLED the accusation as investigating senators and a free, united Korea.
reached final agreement on "ground rules" for public, televised hear- At the same time Vice-President
ings opening tomorrow in McCar- _- ----- --- - ---- Richard Nixon in a speech in Cin-
thy's bitter row with Army off i * cinnati described the Administra-
cials. tion's policy as aimed "to keep us
The gist of the agreement: from having to send American
McCarthy will step off the Sen- boys to fight in Indochina or else-
ate Investigations subcommittee are*tw e
during the hearings. Sen. Dwor- c trh*
shak (R-Ida.) will sit in for him. W NIXON characterized the policy

Michigan trailed until the third shoot for the U. S. Senate.

rr r nsr r. rerr

- -l- --V--

out," she said. "I had to explain
to them the current atmosphere in
this country before they could un-H
derstand the situation I had been
Miss Price's father, University
Carillonneur Prof. Percival Price, P o licy
had no comment last night on his
daughter's actions or statements.
Newspaper statements which By ALICE B. SILVER
reported Miss Price as saying Associate Editorial Director
"My only motive was to protect A policy of cooperation with governmental investigating agencies
my family" were attacked by the was affirmed by University President Harlan Hatcher last night.
former coed. She said many con-
siderations entered in her de- The President-made his statement following the revelation by
cision to work with the FBI and former student Daphne Price and Ed Shaffer, Grad., that the
added "I'm still sorry for what coed worked as an FBI informant.
I did." (Miss Price signed a notarized affidavit April '1 which stated
Earlier she had been quoted in that she had, since December, been giving information on her
reports as saying she thought she "fellow students to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.")
did the right thing, even though d t t F fn g . )
her decision brought her and "Ed-
ward" great mental anguish.PEIE Hth sa te{
(The Edward referred to Is Ed University will answer for any
Shaffer, Gradwhorrsdbeen sub-"duly constituted governmental;
poenaed along with Myron Sharpe, agency their questions pertaining /
Grad, to appear at hearings of the to security or criminal actions." To E m bark
House Un - American Activities The general reaction to the
Committee May 10 in Lansing.) story of Miss Price was one of
Shaffer, who dated Miss Price OsnT ipissn Prisef
from December until ear'ly thisI uneasiness and surprise.O n F j p

inning when it came up with four
runs on a pair of hits. Center-
fielder Dan Cline opened the in-
ning by beating out a slow roller
hit to the second baseman.
FRANK RONAN, Wolverine sec-
ond sacker, bunted and Wayne
catcher Dick Gogolewski threw
low to second, leaving men on first
and second. Right fielder Paul Le-
pley walked to fill the bases.
Third baseman Don Eaddy was
also issued a base on balls to force
in Cline with the first Michigan
run of the afternoon.
Jack Corbett smacked a base-
cleaning double to left-center
field. On the play Eaddy raced
across the plate when Tartar
shortstop Walt Banks bobbled
the throw from left fielder Frank
At this point lefthander Bob
Pershing was relieved by Roland
Pearsib Pearson who promptly re-
tired left fielder Howie Tommelein
and shortstop Moby Benedict on
strikes and induced backstop Dick
Leach to lift a fly to center field.

spokesman said last night that
several F4U Corsair fighters were
flown from the U. S. aircraft
carrier Saipan Monday to Indo-
china to bolster the French air
strength against the Commun-
ists there.
The spokesman revealed the
delivery in answer to an inquiry


But McCarthy and his Army an-
tagonists will have-as McCar-

heacd Vies

as "tough" and repeated Dulles'
statement that if "the Chinese

but said he did not know the ; thy has insisted all along-the ; iIImve on verticaly
exact number of planes involved. right to cross-examine witnesses. Dr. Robert Gesell, chairman of across the border into Indochina
* * the physiology department since as they did in Korea, they would
While this agreement was being 1923 died suddenly at 6 p.m. run the risk of retaliation of the
WASHING n Chageof hammered out, McCarthy and Monday following a stroke. United States against China it-
bribe-seeking and possible corrup aides Roy M. Cohn and FrancisMself."
FrancGesDellll68, yers odnted
tion in getting FHA loan insur- Carr filed a "bill of particulars" .Gese, , years o, noe Prior to leaving for Geneva
ance were aired yesterday along declaring the Army's original for his medical research in the Dulles said the recent "reckless
with testimony that 1,149 apart- charges against them were put chemical basis or respiration, was assaults" by the Reds in Indo-
ment builders reaped more than out under the influence and walking through the Arboretum hina are "not a good prelude
65 million dollars in quick profits guidance" of Hensel inaneffort with his wife when the attack oc- t to Geneva." He said it is tragic
from their operations. to block an investigation of "ser- cu'red1 that the lives of tens of thou-

No names were mentioned in
testimony at twin hearings by the
Senate Banking Committee and
the Joint Committee on Reduc-
tion of nonessential Federal Ex-
penditures, headed by Senator
Harry Byrd (D-Va.).
Boethius Gives


'ous charges" against himself.
The McCarthy statement said
the investigations subcommittee
has established Hensel made at
least $56,526 in three World War
II years from a private ship
supply firm operating with gov-
ernment priorities while he was
a high-ranking Navy official.
Declaring McCarthy is "cor-

month, said yesterday "I don't
know what Miss Price told the FBI;
about me. If she told the truth
about my 'activities,' she could
not report any unlawful actions,
on my part. But that, to me, is be-
side the point.
"What in ordinary times had
been considered legitimate po-
litical activity," Shaffer con-
tinued, "is in the United States1
of McCarthy a 'crime.' I would
not be surprised, therefore, if
this will be part of the 'evidence'
the Committee has compiled
against me."I
Shaffer, a 32-year-old bushy-
haired graduate student who is
presently completing his PhD. in'
economics, has figured prominent-
ly in campus activities for many
He was put on probation by
the University, along with four;
other students, for his part int
bringing Arthur McPhaul, execu-
tive secretary of the Civil Rights
Congress' Michigan Branch to
speak at a private dinner at the
Union in 1952. McPhaul had pre-
viously been banned from speak-
ing on campus by the University.
IN DECEMBER, 1947, he paid

Wayne scored its only run in the' Ir }anered" and resorting to "cowardly
"There is something basically yotmhl ftefis nigJ r m
wrong when in an educational University Vice-President Mar- bottom half of the first innin;girresponsibility." Hensel threat-
institution there is an atmos- vin L. Niehuss and Regent Roscoe when Dick Oritz's double sent ened to sue him if the senator
phere of suspicion," commented Bonisteel will fly to the Philippines home John Galeas who had walk- Roman imperial architecture repeated the charge without the
Prof. Theodore Newcomb, chair- today to inspect the Institute of ed. Oritz smacked a long ball to has come down in several waysin protection of senatorial immunity.
man of the Social Psychology Public Administration of the Uni- left field, and before Tommelein fluencing architecture even today. McCarthy was asked to comment
Program. versity of the Philippines. ! could return it to the infield, said Prof. Axel Boethius, Swedish on Hensel's statement when he
Galeas had crossed the plate. 'archaeologist and historian landed at Houston, Tex., late Tues-
Prof. Philip Taylor of the politi- the Unesityto ihs an r InSpeaking in the Jerome Lecture day after a flight from Washing-
cal science department explained on "Roman Imperial Architecture ton.
he does not think "this kind of a Foreign Operations Administra- ines added another run on an er- and Its Influence on Medieval ,
thing imposes an atmosphere of tion contract which is up for rb- ror by the Wayne pitcher, Pearson. Town Planning" yesterday, Prof., -
fear except when an individual is newal this year. Lepley started the inning with a Boethius continued, "Housing is a JIFC Chanues
in a government job or plans to Vice-President Niehuss and Re- walk and went to second on a neglected chapter of medieval am'- ar
k sgent Bonisteel will also consult wild pitch. Eaddy struck out but chitecture although it is most im-
s c"ith University officials in Seoul, Corbett reached first safety when1portant in showing the life at the ' iiiina 1tio
Student Legislature president, at the FOA's request. Possible ar- Bank's throw drew first baseman !time"
Bob Neary, '54 BAd., said he would rangements with Korean universi- Ortiz off the bag. Ray Paviche-
hope "the FBI does not take the tes will be discussed. vich, batting for Tommelein, scor- The professor ofclassical archae-Univeir
kind of information Miss Price Stops in Hong Kong, Formosa ed Eaddy on his long hit to left. oteborg illustat witslides
;ave at face value but has someoneofGtbriluraewthsds
more experienced check on it." and Japan will also be included Southpaw Mary Wisniewski the similarities between imperial 1,Fraternity House presidents last
on the FOA sponsored trip. In ad- started for the Wolverines and set architecture and that of the me- night voted procedural changes in
* * * dition to talking with government down six Tartar batters on strikes dieval period after the twelfth ! nominations for Interfraternity
"THIS KIND of story makes us officials in the Philippines and in- See "M" Page 2 century. - Council officers and approved a
all feel uneasy," Prof. Arthur Carr specting the University's Center - -- - - ------ - -- - proposal giving the IFC executive
of the English department said. for Japanese Studies, the itineraryj . committee "jurisdiction over mat-
"We begin to wonder what the includes visits with alumni clubs L-Cb ne-le ton ('1 ters of fraternity conduct referred
FBI is doing, whom they are in Hong Kong, Formosa and e to it by the Dean of Men's office.'
watching and why." Korea. Climaxing lengthy discussion on
The two University representa- D ethe right of the presidents' assem-
Young Democrats president, Taeeo tw U e i e ac bly to have a part in the nmina
deceas i capu poitcalac-Juef1ieteD alofxpeecti O ltoy obaveabprtin hehomna
Ralph Goldberg, 56, forsees a tJune 1tion of IFC officers, a motion was
decrease in campus political ac-___pse rvdigta ohn n
tiiyresulting from the story. pase┬░roidn-ta nothing ini
tivity e i r he yBy BECKY CONRAD the present IFC by-laws can be
"It is a disgrace that students RlieSnaR inTo C1i'VE' It seemed a toss-up last night on the outcome of today's Student construed as preventing nomina-
chn.A lh cna on otherstu 1 .

IN HIS later years, the profes-
sor of physiology concentrated his
interest on the mechanism by
which the nerves control body
functions. Stressing the electro-
chemical nature of nerve impulses,
he pioneered in developing instru-
ments of measuring electrical phe-
nomena in the human body.
Recently Dr. Gesell became
interested in the peripheral
problems of medicine, specifi-
r cally the physician's obligation
to mankind in combating over-
. population and moral ignorance.
t He thought a moral re-arma-
a ment of mankind was essential
to keep pace with medical science's
rapid advances.
Dr. Gesell came to the Univer-
sity in 1923 from Washington Uni-
versity of St. Louis. Previously he

sands should be sacrificed by the
Communists in an attempt "to
improve their bargaining power
at Geneva."
The Secretary served notice he
would oppose an expected Russian
move to turn the Geneva meeting
' on Far East issues into a Big Five
meeting on world problems.
i * * *
I THIS WAS in line with the U.S.
government view that specific
Iproblems should be tackled one by
one, as a means of testing Russian
good faith.
Dulles declared anew that
American participation in the
Geneva conference on Indochina
and Korea "does not Imply our
diplomatic recognition of Red
China," which will sit in at the
In advance of his departure, he

had been a physiology instructor conferred with 15 congressional
at the University of California. leaders of both parties and diplo-
Funeral services for Dr. Gesell mats representing the United
will be held in Alma, Wisconsin, States' 16 Korean War Allies.
* * *

Vulcans ro T
New Members
Mighty Vulcan, holding
his forge, Mt. Aetna, sa
tered at man's misuse o
d loved fire.
' Then came to him his

MEANWHILE ii Indochina
American-supplied planes dropped
a p tons of food and war materiel to
the defenders of Dien Bien Phu
Thousands of French, Viet Nam
court in and foreign legion troops were dug
it embit- in to hold against a massive new
f his be- assault. They chalked off 151 days
of desperate defense as of yester-
faithful day.

followers, saying, "Mighty Vulcan,
- hear these candidates for admis- "
- sio nto our Sacred Order." These W inlningPiy
sbeing engineers, the only form of
mankind the god would hear, wereiGive
'forthwith put to the test, and,,
having passed the ordeal and "

$10 and reserved a room in the !"' ' syigv k'J'ab
League for an unknown speaker dents," he asserted. Two Talks Here
and an unknown sponsor. Later Malcom Schlusberg, Young Re-'
the sponsor turned out to be the publican president, is more opti- Author, lawyer, educator and
Communist f r o n t M i c h i g an 's mistic. "I think the story will have social scientist. David Riesman of
Youth for Democratic Action and a very slight effect on campus Chicago University will discuss
the speakers were revealed as Ger- politics." "However," he said, "the "Planning Research on Our Ag-
hardt Eisler and Carl Marzani, case, though an isolated one, ing Population" at 4 p.m. today
two of the nation's top Commu- points to a generally bad trend." in Rackham Amphitheater.
nists. "I think it is a disgrace that Prof. Riesman will be the fea-;
When MYDA was banned from legal minors should be encouraged tured lecturer tomorrow at the
campus in 1947. Shaffer took over' to do that kind of thing," Prof- annual initiation banquet of Phi
chairmanship of the group, and Marvin Felheim of the English Beta Kappa. He will speak on
was termed by former Daily City department maintained. "Freud and the Good Life."
Editor Dick Mallov "an active __At present, the well known au-
member of the Ralph Naefus Club" thor of "The Lonely Crowd,"
--later listed as one of threeCom- iHou s"Civil Liberties in a Period ofE
munist cells operating in Ann Ar-Transition" and "Faces in the!
bor by Mrs. Berenice (Toby) Bald- ir Research Crowd" is a visiting professor of
win, who testified for the govern- sociology at Johns Hopkins Uni-
ment at 1952 hearings of the Un- oya~
- versity.

Legislature Cabinet elections.
Either Steve Jelin, '55, or Ned Simon, '55. will take over the
gavel from retiring SL President Bob Neary. '54BAd.
One SL member explained the race for the leading SL post as
"one that a flip of a coin will decide."
* * * *

may likely
that losing

FOR THE top post will run for SL vce-president and
win. The custom of Legislature Cabinet elections is
candidates run for positions on down the line.

tions from the foor. proven their worthiness were ad- ' rei i r
Usual procedure is for nomina- mitted.
tion of a slate of candidates by - - Premiere performance of Eugene
the IFC executive committee fol- PePions uee Hochnman's 1953 Hopwood Award
lowing interviews by that group.' winnin pay "Veranda on the
The action on jursdiction over Petitions for the three to five Highway", will be at 8 p.m. tomore
matters of fraternity conduct was member at large positions open on row in Lydia Mendelssohn Theater.
taken in an effort to formalize the new Engineering Council arei
what has been regular practice in due at 5 p.m. Friday in Rm. 313, The p 1 a y, running through
the past according to IFC officials. West Engineering. Saturday, deals with a young
---__- Frenchman who has been both
a successful ballet dancer and
EXPAND: forceful leader in the French u
derground during World War II.
e o * * *
ill Meet Rising Enrollment THE playwright, born in Tram
sylvania took his bachelor's degree

Hank Berliner, '56, may be a
candidate for the vice-presiden- UNIVERSITY
tial post now held by Fred Hicks,
'54. Present Culture and Edu-
cation committee chairman Lar- Hou m
ry Harris, '55, has thrown his
hat into the ring for the SL


in social work from Temple Uni-

treasurer slot now held by Jelin.
Three legislators have announc-
ed their candidacy so far for the
two member-at-large posts vacat-
ed by Simon and Janet Netzer, '54.
Ruth Rossner, '55, and Berliner
will run for the two positions on
the Cn inet

American Activities Committee in
More recently, Shaffer has
been associated with the Labor

Research operations at the Uni-
versity air research building lo-I
cated at Willow Run will be slowed

Qutadrants Tap

(EDITOR'S NorE: This Is the versity. He and his wife now live
third in a series of articles about the University housing to from 1100 Three thousand more in private in Toledo
problems created by expanding en- to 1200. homes, plus 1,100 or 1,200 more in During the last fourteen years
rohnent and how the University 3) But by 1958 or 1959, student existing or planned University Hochman has been a visiting
plans to meet them.) rents will have paid off enough of housing and 800 or more in new hToledoBoard of
teacher for theToeoBadf
By JON SOBELOFF the debt on existing quads for the quads to be started in '58 or '59E
Enrollment here is expected to University to start building some should add up to a solution for his uor as th connective is
hit 22,000 by 1960 and 30,000 to new housing, using present resi- the housing problem in 1960, Shielhs wobetasenthe connit n
35,000 by 1970, but Manager of dense halls to back up the neces-susays. ste between the community and
Service Enterprises Francis C. daryelhallst aku h ee-sy.* * *tesho ytm i epn
Shiel 'isn't too worried about hous- 4) Private rooms and apart- BETWEEN 1960 and 1970, while children solve their problems."
ing the rising student population. ments will take care of the rest, the campus population is expected His work is in a sense the train-
Shiel points out that Ann Arbor Shiel expects. to reach 30,000 to 35,000, the Ann; ed,modern version of the old fash-
is expected to grow at least as fast * * Arbor metropolitan area is expect- ioned truant officer.
as the University, so that many ABOUT 5,000 more students are ed to bulge to a population of The play was written under

Youth League, listed as a Coin- six months as the result of a $300,- Last night West Quad Quadrants
munist-front organization on 000 fire that ripped through the tapped the following men for out- LARRY LEVINE, '56, and Jane
the Attorney General's list. building Monday night, Willow standing service to West Quad and Germany, '56. will vie for the Na-
Shaffer's reaction to Miss Run officials reported yesterday. the University: Bill Votruba, Reed tional Students Association Coom'-
Pricc's revelations was that her Possibilities of sabotage of the agst John G dinator, newly created Cabinet
"actions have shown that in fact 1 building in which government re- vis, Pete Black, George Jones, post. Ricky Gilman, '55N, is the
- .~ , + .~. ~ ~ - - - ... Ger'ry Bur'kePhil M cCarthy, Keith ...., P i n A ~ in - ---'- - -- -- ,. ,~.. ,. k. , F.. - ,....

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