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March 17, 1954 - Image 6

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Michigan Daily, 1954-03-17

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WEDNESDAY, MARC!! 17, 1954

Courthouse Progresses

-Daily-Don Campbell
TAKING TO THE AIR-The $3,250,000 county courthouse is fast
taking shape around the old building located at Fourth, Huron
and Main Sts. Completion of the U-shaped structure is slated
for the end of 1955.
lattery Often Promotes
Successful College Dys

An old saying warns the stu-
dent "flattery will get you no-
where," but there seems to be a
difference of opinion.
Robert Tyson, of . the Hunter
College psychology and philosophy
department, listed a few sugges-
tions-recently for students "who
want to stay in college."
* * *
AMONG them:
1) "Bring the professor news-
paper clippings dealing with his
subject. If you can't find clip-
pings dealing with his subject,
bring any clippings at random.
He thinks everything deals with
his subject.
2) "Nod frequently and murmer,
'How true!' To you this seems ex-
aggerated; to him, it's quite ob-
3) "Laugh at his jokes. You can
tell. Ifx he looks up from his notes7
and smiles expectantly, he has told
a joke.
4) "Ask for outside reading. You
don't have to read it, just ask. ;
5) "Ask any questions you;
think he can answer. Avoid an-
nouncing you have found the,
answer to a question he couldn't
answer, and in your brother's
second grade reader at that,
City Officers
To Meet Today
Representatives of Michigan cit-
ies will meet here today and to-'
morrow in the East Conference,
Room of the Rackham Bldg. 'for;
the fourth annual Municipal Fi-
nance Officers Training Institute.
The meeting is sponsored by the
University Institute of Public Ad-
ministration and Extension Ser-
vice in cooperation with the Mich-
igan Municipal League and Michi-
gan Chapter of the Municipal Fi-
nance Officers Association.
Current legislation, annual aud-
its and parking meter revenues will
be examined during the meetings.
Discussion groups will highlight
most of the sessions.
Schultes To Speak'
Today at Rackham
Richard Evans Schultes of the
United States Department of Ag-
riculture, will speak today at 4:157
p.m. in Rackham Amphitheater on
'Twelve Years in the Northwest+
The lecture is sponsored by the
botany department.

6) "Call attention to his writ-
ing. Produces an exquisitely pleas-
ant experience connected with you.
If you know he's written a book or
article, ask in class if he wrote it."
* * *
' REACTIONS to Tyson's sug-
gestions were varied. A Michigan
psychology instructor laughed
heartily. "Of course," he said, "you
can usually see through these
tricks." -
He went on musingly, "I had
a student once who always
laughed at my jokes. I remem-
ber one spring day he was al-
ways laughing. But maybe I was
being particularly funny that
day . .."
The instructor thought it would
be handy to have a few additions
to the Hunter College list. Larry
Hulack, Grad., obligingly said there
were two things to watch, dress
and mannerisms.
"If the professor wears a tweed
suit, you wear a tweed suit," he
said. "If he wears knitted ties, you
wear knitted ties. If he smokes in
class, you smoke in class- and
smoke a pipe if he smokes a pipe.
If he drums on a desk, practice
on a piano or typewriter until you
can keep time with him."
* * *.
A COED thought there was a
lack of the feminine touch in the
suggestions." Keep your eyes on
his face ,constantly," she advised.
"Believe it or not, some of the
profs still fall for the helpless ap-
proach. Talking to him after class
and intimating you've never known
such an intelligent instructor-
well, women still have some ad-I
vantages over the fellows when it1
comes to flattering men."
A dissenter to the flattery ap-
proach is Etienne Thiel, Grad.,
from Paris. "I hate apple-pol-
ishing," he said emphatically.
"If the professor is boring, show
him that he's boring.. If his
jokes are bad, laugh too loudly."
"However, you must be Machia-
vellian about exams," Thiel added
with a note of caution.
"Any means you mnust use to
pass an exam is good. I once came
to class for an exam impeccably
dressed in a soldier's uniform. I
told the professor that I had been
on maneuvers and drills for days.
I was yery tired and had had no
time to study. I passed."
. Summing it up, he said, "In the
end, it's a kind of game between
the two of you. You must fight all
the time and you must try to dupe
the professor."

SL Agenda
Student Legislature will meet
to discuss the following reports
and motions at 7:30 p.m. today
in Strauss house dining room
of East Quadrangle:
Student Loan Committee re-
'Driving ban petitions
Fresh Air Camp Tag Day
Cinema Guild sponsors
Motion calling for a special
election in May concerning the
Elections report
Free University of Berlin
drive report
Motion on academic freedom
Student Discount Service
Recommendations qn a stu-
dent book store
Mock UN Assembly progress
SL has invited all interested
students and faculty members
to the meeting.
Berlin's Free
U Discussed
{Continued from Page 1)
replaced by more serviceable ave-
nues of learning.
For there .is the conviction
amongst younger faculty members
and students at the Free Univer-
sity that academic work in Ger-
many must become functional if
the German universities are ever
to regain their former role in Eur-
opean culture.
Therefore, to make scholarship
of this type possible and mean-
ingful in the future, it will be the
main task of the scholars to mould
a new generation, even at the ex-
pense of individual research.
THIS AIM, however, can be
served against all the inroads of
misunderstanding and hostility
only if the university is able to
preserve its dynamic character.
Besides bein an institution of
higher learning of the Western
type it'has to perform the increas-
ingly difficult function of assimi-
lating the two types of German
students who become more diverse
from year to year.
Since the adaptability of the
university as an institution to
this task depends largely on a
close and considered co-opera-
tion between students and fac-
ulty (which is an exception for
German conditions), it is essen-
tial that safeguards be taken to
prevent this newly achieved pat-
tern from being destroyed by
student groups which desire to
import into Berlin the old-fash-
ioned forms of German student
life revived ii West Germany.
The modern traits of German
academic life which seem to
emerge at the Free University may
briefly be characterized as
1) the longing for a higher de-
gree of critical realism,
2) a pragmatic approach to
3) a functional conception of
academic freedom.
Ihmediately after the war there
was much discussion of the handi-
caps imposed upon a German
democratic government by this
lack of political awareness on the
part of the educated classes. How-
ever, the only concrete reform of
significance to date is to be found
at the Free University.
Inter-Arts Union f

To Hold Tryouts
The Inter-Arts Union will hold
tryouts from 7 to 9 p.m. today and
tomorrow in Auditorium D, Angell
Hall for a one-act fantasy to be
performed at its festival in May.
Tom Arp, '54, vice-president of
the Union, also announced tryouts
from 2 to 4 p.m. Sunday in the
League for a one-act social satire,
scheduled to be produced at the




FLUSHED F R O M DE I T H -S .--A"frogman" holds
two ancient Greek jars in a Paris store. He helped to recover
them from a ship wrecked in the Mediterranean in 200 B. C

S Q U A R E- S H A P E D P L A N E -.William Horton sits in cockpit of his experimental
plane. at Santa Ana, Cal., after it made second test flight. Wing tips fold back into fuselage.



N I C E H A N D F U L -- Mrs. Margaret Clark displays a
56-pound Brazilian aquamarine valued at $2,500,000 now resting
in a New York vault pending decision in an ownership dispute.

G 0 0 D S T A R T-- Ticonderoga, White Heather and Caribbee, left to right, get away in 125-
mile Great Isaac ocean race at Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Caribbee, owned by Carleton Mitchell, won.




BEAUTIFYING R A P I D T R A N SIT- Workersbuild what mayappearto bea
rural farmer's home but is in realityjthe subway station in the Dahlean district of West Berlin.t

LLAMA AND LOVE L Y-Nicole Maurey holds llama
that makes movie debut with her in "Legend of the Inca." Llama
was brought to Hollywood from Peru where much of film was made,

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or Dry-Cleaning Your Draperies.
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SPECIAL RATES for Sororities, Fraternities,
and Rooming Houses during Spring Vacation.

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