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January 15, 1953 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1953-01-15

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(Continued from Page 2)
community planning work and the lat-
ter makes and interprets the results
of a wide variety of chemical, bacterio-
logical, and physical determinations
and analyses of water samples, etc.
ierpolsheimer's Department Store,
in Grand Rapids, Mich., has openings
for men and women graduating in Feb-
ruary on their Executive Training Pro-
gram. Those interested should contact
the Bureau of Appointments, Ext. 371,
as soon as possible.
Summer Employment.
The Kellogg Company of Battle Creek,
Mich., has available openings for
Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors in
Business Administration, Economics,
Industrial, Mechanical, Electrical, and
Chemical Engineering schools. The
work would be general in nature
throughout the plant and would not be
confined to specialized fields. Those in-
terested must have their applications
mailed to the company no later than
Feb. 15, 1953.
Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, Los
Alainos, New Mexico (University of
California) is planning a Summer Grad-
uate Student Program for those stu-
dents in the fields of Physics; Chemis-
try, other than organic; Mathematics
and Theoretical Physics, for students
who have completed at least one year
of graduate study; Electrical, Mechani-
cal and Metallurgical Engineering. The
program is open only to graduate stu-
dents or to students intending to work
for graduate degrees. Applications must
be in before Feb. 1, 1953.
For further information concerning
the above positions, application blanks,
and appointments, contact the Bureau
of Appointments, 3528 Administration
Building, Ext. 371.
University Lectures, auspices of the
Department of Biological Chemistry.
Dr. Vincent Du Vigneaud, Professor of
Biochemistry, Cornell University Medi-
cal School, New York City, will give
two lectures. The first today at 4:15
p.m., in the Rackham Amphitheater,
entitled "The Hormones of the Pos-
terior Pituitary Gland." At 4:15 p.m. on
Fri., Jan. 16, he will give a second lec-
ture entitled "Transmethylation and
the Biosynthesis of Methyl Groups," in
the Rackham Amphitheater.
University Lecture, auspices of the
Department of Psychology, "Naming
and Pseudo-Naming," Dir. Kurt Gold-
stein, Professor of Psychology of the
Collegeof theCity of New York, Fri.,
Jan. 16, 4:15 p.m., Kellogg Auditorium.
Academic Notices
Room Assignments for Final Exami-
nation, English 1 and 2, Wed., Jan. 21,
2-5 p.m.

English 1
Ackerman, 2408 MH; Allison, 2439
MH; Bagoe, 439 MH; Barnhill, 2042 NS;
Batzer, AH Aud D; Bedard, 1035 AH;
Boys, 35 AH; Carr, 2037 AH; Cherniak,
2225 AH; Clugston, 110 Tap; Cobb, 1412
MH; Cochran, 2402 MH; Copple, 1020
AH; Dickey, 2 Ec; Dickinson, 108 RL;
Dufner, 25 AH; Engel 2203 AH; Felheim,
2413 MH; Firebaugh, 2016 AH; Foster,
2407 MH; Fraiberg, 451 MH; Glenn, 207
Ec; Going, 202 Ec; Grace, 230 TCB;
Green, 1035 AH; Gross, All Aud D;
Guth, 234 TCB; Hankey, 103 Ec; Hanlan,
5 Ec; Hart, 1402 MH; Hendricks, 215
Ec; Hill, 2443 MH; Jackson, 1018 AH;
Kaufman, 2412 MH; Keppler, 443 MH;
Kessler, 407 MH; King, 2203 AH; Kraus,
35 AH; Lamberts, 417 MH; Lawrence,
1121 NS; McCaughey, 252 TCB; Mandel,
1429 MH; Marckwardt, 25 AH; Mason,
3017 AH; Miller, 2039 NS; Moon, 225
AH; Morillo, 2219 AH; Muehl, 1408 MH;
Newman, 2014 AH; Oppewall, 2231 AH;
Parsons, 3010 AH; Pearce, 2029 AH;
Rockas, 3011 AH; Rueckert, 1007 AH;
Rus, 3023 AH; Schendler, 2116 NS;
Scott, 447 MH; Speckhard, 209 AH;
Squires, 3231 AH; Steinhoff, 2013 AH;
Super, 2215 AH; Swartz, 25 AH; Us-
sery, 102 Ec; Weaver, 3209 AH; Weimer,
2413 MH; Wells, 2435 MH; Weatley, 203
Ec; Woodruff, 435 MH; Zale, 102 Ec;
Zwickey, 429 MH.
English 2
Baker, 2440 MH; Cox,22429 MH; Cul-
bert, 2054 NS; Gilman, 2235 AH; Hun-
tley, 35 AH; Markman, 25 AH; Pearce,
2029 AH; Stockton 2235 AH.
Final Examination History 11, Lecture
Group II, Tues., Jan. 27, 9-12. Donald-
son's and Slosson's sections in Angell
Hall Auditorium D; Cassels', Leslie's,
and McLarty's sections in 1025 Angell
Doctoral Examination for Harriet Wil-
son Foster, Psychology; thesis:. "Stim-
ulus Predifferentiation in Transfer of
Training," Thurs., Jan. 15, 7611 Haven
Hall, at 10:30 a.m. Chairman, D. G. Mar-
Doctoral Examination for John Clif-
ford Herbst, Geography; thesis: "The
Naugatuck Valley," Fri., Jan. 16, 210
Angell Hall, at 4 p.m. Chairman, S. D.
Doctoral Examination for Earl Rob-
ert Sinnett, Psychology; thesis: "An
Experimental Investigation of the De-
fense Preference Inquiry for the
Blacky Pictures," Fri., Jan. 16, 7611
Haver Hall, at 2 p.m. Chairman, G. S.
Doctoral Examination for Jay Mer-
vin Jackson, Social Psychology; thesis:
"Analysis of Interpersonal Relations in
a Formal Organization," Mon., Jan. 19,
West Council Room, Rackham Bidg.,
at 3 p.m. Chaih;nan, Dorwin Cart-
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Cov g Camu



! * R *

'> -

The Daily spent an evening with
the campus cops.
There were no wild chases, no
raids, not even an accident. But
one thing was very definitely prov-
en: the University is still attempt-
ing to enforce the car ban.
A REPORTER and photogra-
pher joined Harold Swoverland
and Leslie Armbruster, Washte-
naw County Sheriff's deputies, at
the Administration Bldg. The eve-
ning began with a check of the,
registered parties list at the Of-
flice of Student Affairs. After de-
ciding which parties to check on,
the two officers started their
rounds in a University police car.
First on the agenda was a routine'
look in on the student parties tak-
ing place outside the city.
En route to the Washtenaw
Country Club, the police radio
called for investigation of a
shooting in the vicinity. The of-
ficers investigated but it turned
out to be a false alarm.
After visiting the party at the
Country Club and one at the Wil-
low Run Flight Room, and check-
ing with sheriff's deputy on duty

at the affairs, the duo headed back
to Ann Arbor on the lookout for
illegal student drivers. Ten stu-
dents were caught; their reaction
varying from the age old query,
"What am I doing wrong, officer?"
to threats of law suits. The majori-
ty of students however accepted
their summons with little or no
* * *
IN ADDITION to Swoverland
and Armbruster's car patroling
duties, the two officers also gave
several fraternity and apartment
houses a once-over from the car,
looking for illegal parties. Any
party not registered with the Of-
fice of Student Affairs is consid-
ered illegal and when such a par-
ty is uncovered the names of the
participants are turned over to the
One driver told the officers
that he was not a student. His
name and licence number were
taken and his story was later
authenticated by a check in the
University files and the state
automobile registration records.
All students nabbed by the po-
lice were asked to check with As-
sistant to the Dean of Students
Karl D. Streiff. Fines were de-
termined by such factors as pre-
vious record and circumstances of
the violation.

Tips for Woul-Be Drivers
Students within the following groups may apply for exemption
from driving regulations by calling at the Office of Student Affairs,
1020 Administration Building, and by supplying that office with com-
plete information about their cars.
a) Those who are twenty-six years of age or older.
b) Those who have a faculty rating of teaching fellow or
Any other student who has absolute need for the use of a car
while at the University may petition for a "special permit" at the
Office of Student Affairs. Special driving privileges will be granted
within the following classifications:
a) Family (Married) Use, for married students.
b) Family (Resident) Use, for residents of this locality living at
c) Commuting Use, for students living beyond reasonable walk-
ing distance (11%2 miles) from the campus.
d) Business Use, for students requiring a car to carry out
business activities or to reach their place of business if adequate
commercial transportation is not available.
e) Health and Limited Social Use, for physically handicapped

8:45-Officers Leslie Armbruster and Harold Swoverland of the
Washtenaw County Sheriff's office arrive at the University Ad-
ministration Bldg. for a last minute check.

Story By
Mi Pryor
Photos By
Don Campbell

72-Hour Color
Print Service
Complete Stock
Photographic Equipment
9 .I

Registered parties are given a last minute once over.

9:;20-Student stopped on the expressway. He was cited for driving without a University driving permit




an& yjour


and panic t ,
leads 3ou
-bo the lake..
don't jump.

9:55-Student stopped and ticketed in back of South Quad. He was driving with an expired permit.

10:35-Driver maintained that he was not a student. Student
directory was checked and since he was not listed he was released
after his name was taken for further investigation.


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