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February 12, 1951 - Image 26

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Michigan Daily, 1951-02-12

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Page .Eighteen



A1~/U~C1Marshall Ilerson, Helen Greene
aidBoemaElaie Grenbergand
and William Jagger, Glenna Greg-
ory and Micheal Liuzzi, Margaret
(Continued from Page 171 Grein and Howard Hilfinger, Bar-
bara Grimm and Jack McGregor,
strong, Joan Glover and John Arlene Gringer and J. Recanati.
Purvis, Robin Glover and Robert Evelyn Grossman and Bob Jaf-
Erf. fe, Marilyn Groe and Don Waat-
Ruthie Gaebel and Allan Law- ti, Betty Anr Gruschow and
son, Adele Godfrey and Robert Jerry Stonkoff, Phyllis J. Gun-
Carbeck, Carol Goldenberg and drum and William N. Sweet, Ber-
Ralph Coskey, Nancy Golder andn
Harry F. Hillman, Rhoda Gold- nold, Laura Guttentag and An-
stein and Edward Goldstein, Lu- thony Block Jane Gwyn and
cille Goldstone and Arthur Sch- John Marr.
neider, Daone Golumbia and Lar-
ry Wellman, Nancy Goodhew and
Paul Bagrow, Marjorie Goodman NANCY HAADSMA and Dan R.
and Warren Cawan, Mary Lou Antrim, Mary Hackett and Jo-
Goodrich and Russel Bradley seph L. Simpson, Nancy Habig-
Ives, Lolita Gordin and Don E. hort and Bill Owen, Ralen Hager
Dulany, Maxine Gordon and San-'and D. B. Yntema, Margie Hager
fodaywaxe ooa S and Glenn Lieving, Charlotte
ford Schwartz.Haig and Walter Tabar.
Sheila Gordon and Theodore Doreen Halpern and Sanford
Zipf, Sandy Gotshalk and Herb Dre apr n afr
Rovner, Mary Jo Gould and Krongold, Mr. and Mrs. Richard
REichard F. Dunn, Rugh Grabow- Lee Halsey, Jo Halton and Thom-
skihand JF.kDhie, Magh Graw-as Jacobson, Joyce Halzberger and
ski and Jack White, Mary Gra- and John McMichael, Mariel
ham and William G. Ball, Peggy Hamilton and Richard Snow, Dol-
Graham and Paul Paris, Betty ly Hammel and Johnny Hutton.
Gram and Keith Baguley, Joan H
Grambow and Jim Kneussl, Lu- Dorothy J. Hammett and George
cile Graburg and George Merritt, L. Allen, Peggy Harrigan and John
Wanda Gray and Harold Heruson. E. Flynn, Ann Hanson and John
s Piazza, Dolores Hanuva and Mich-
BEVERLY GREEN and John ael Anthony Marchese, Mr. and
Hobyak, Georgia Green and Don- Mrs. William C. Harding, LouF
-Harnden and William Maitland,'S
Doris Harold and Reginald G.
MUSIC and * k
RECORDS b Yeo, Joan Hass and Robert Saure- li
gret, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hass, I
DonB ilCarolyn Hauf and Edward M.C
Don Baey Pickett, Laura Ruth Hazzard and r
Jack E. Hulburd, Mary Todd F
Spike Jones' unmerciful rib- Hedges and Dan Danton, Mr. and s
bing of "Tennessee Waltz" has Mrs. George Heenan, Ingeborgn
- -, _L_ . ..... mvn

OH NO-Ysi Nicholas explain-
ed that she couldn't attend the
J-Hop this year because her
health is delicate and the dance
floor is too drafty.
Heesch and Edward Bell Van Bu-
ren, Jean Beidgen and Robert
Minnie Heller and Leon Reis-
:in, June Hellman and Allen D.
Helman, Elvera Hellner and Wil-
iam H. Van De Graaf, Norma
Hendershot and Haven Doane,
Collen Henderson and Alfred Per-
y Bowles, Gloria Henderson and
Herb Woodrich, Nellie Jo Hender-
on and Bud Nagelvoort, Jean-
ine Hendges and Bill Zabiosky,

Monday, February 12, 1951
Margaret Hergicinski and ,Herb son and Chailes Mayer, Pat
Peck. Jahns and Cordy Russell, Shirley
Maryell Von Herrmann and Jaques and Joe Cameron, Maxine.
James Meola,kRose Mary Herz- James and Donald Van Tenam,
berg and Jack Conlin, Mavish Nancy James and Andrew Karo-
Heyzog and Fred Thompson, ly, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Jarosik,.
Nancy Bough and Carl Bryant, Joan E. Jeffery and Ward Van
Marilyn Hey and Robert Webster, Wormer, Nancy Jena and Robert
Joan Hildebrandt and Thomas R. Van Arsdel, Joan Jensen and'
Sawyer, Martha Hill and Clifford John Lee Rogers, Joan Jewett and
A. Mitts, III, Mr. and Mrs. R. P. John Stitt.
Hills.,Virginia Jobes and William Er-'
JOANNE HINKLE and John icson, Betty Lou Jockwig and Rob-
JOANE IINEE ad Jhnert Lide, Barbara Johnson and._
Sposito, Ledra Hirsch and Walter Bruce Booker, Barbara Johnso n
Littman, Jacque Hirt and George Bruim B urker, BetbyaJohnson
Inman, jr., Mr and Mrs. William !a Jim Turner, Betty Johnson
C. Hiscock, Margaret Hobbs andngJohnoon and Gay. Van Ottren,
Van Monroe, Anita Hoert andJ
Harold L. Ward, Joan C Hoff Karlin Johnson and Leonard
man and Duane N. C.dHof-n~ Robinson, Lillian Johnson and
mSunerran.Wally Vaughan, Marcella John-
Laura Hoffman and Bruce Wal- son and J. Allan Weygandt.
marth, Marge Homant and Lee
Boboltz, Elizabeth Holloway and MARY ELLEN Johnson and Jim
Harold C. Cunningham, Diane Jordan, Pat Johnson and Ned.
Holloway and King Bridgman, McClellan, Doris Johnston and
Betty Holley and Jim Dunnbar, Merwin Phelps, Constance Jones
Eunice C. Holmes and Ronald H. and Jack Vandenberg, Jean Belle
Johnson, Lois Holmes and Ray J. Jones and Richard Lee Pew, Mary
Symons, Mary Lousie Hook and Jo Jones and Ross Licero, Patti
Norman Sparks, Jones and Porter Hicks, ir., Shir-
Marilyn Hoopingarner and Rob- lee Jorgenson and John Madden,
ert Schmidt, Toshiko Horiuchi Judy Jorstad and Richard Berg-
and Herbert Tanigawa, Audrey man, Mr. and Mrs. H. Iilliott
Horsburgh and Richard T. Duffy, Jose, Susan Joseph and Donald
Jean Hoyt and Bruce Corliss, Bar- Bachrach, Patty Joy and Bruce
bara Housler and Millard Derr, Arden.
Nancy House and Gordon C., Joyce Kaiser and James Ham-
Sharpe, Sally M. Hovey and burg, Ralle Kamens and William-
James W. Reese, Marilyn Howes Rothman, Luella Kananen and
and Jim Bishop. Lawrence Jobin, Dorothy Kandt
* * and James Bagnall, Carolyn Kap-
PAT HOWIE and John Griffith, Ian and Hugh W. Greenberg,
Dorothy J. Hubbell and George Marilyn Karasek and Tom Un-
Timoff, Suzanne Huber and Ben gerleider.
Pederson, Ann C. Huddle and Barbara Katz and Jack Lyison,
Ivan P. Lambert, Mary Rose Hud- Geraldine Katz and Dean Ladas,.
son and Robert T. Wagner, Mar- Barbara Kaufman and Richard
garet J. Huebshman and Ralph Z. Rosenfeld, Laurel Kearns and
E. Olson. Charles V. Crossley, Kathleen
Adele Hulburd and Wayne Mel- Keely and Donald Zill.
chiori, Janice Hulett and Dean* *
Harris, Doris J. Humes and David CAROLYN kEITH and James
H. Ponitz, Helen Humphrey and F. Smigel, Barbara Keller and
Edgar Stone, Joan Hunsiker and William Horne, Louise Keller and
Royce H. Shafter. Warren Spalding, Joan Kellett
Miriam Hurlin and JackIP and Howard B. Bingham.
Raymond, Nancy Jo Huston and Louise L. Kelley and Ronald S..
Ted Harrison, Marge Hyde and Swarthout, Anna Kelly and Bob
Fred Pitman, Mary Ann Hynes Ridgway, Lois Kenny and Earl
and Michael Lamb. Hunigman, Carolyn Keppler and
a a a Harland Dodge, Elsie Kerlin and
MARJORIE Ingram and Rob- Paul Downie.
ert E. Lemmer, Sally Ippol and eaAnnee Kermath r and a Jae A-
Theodore Daykin, Joan Irvingemn u enradBro
and Doug Lawrence, Jo Irwin and R. Shifman, June Kerns and Al
Dayne Davis, Nancy Isley and Goldman, Frances Kerschenbaum
John T. Buck, Nancy Isolampi and Hubert J. Brandt, Nancy
and Dan Smith, Lou Israel and Ketchpaw and Conrad Ettl.
Larry Stein. MARY VIRGINIA Keyes and
Merle Jacobson and Thomas P. John R. Hathaway, Diana Khoury
Massnick, Muriel Jacobson and and James C. Meehan, Dorothy
Robert B. Mersereau, Helene J"eck- (continued on Page 20)

had its repercussions. T ue
tune's publishers have protest-
ed to RCA Victor, which pro-
duced Jones' satirical waxing,
and a number of radio stations
have issued a ban against it.
Evidently there are some people
who can't see the value of a
good laugh in these troubled
Already the best selling pop-
ular record in England, "I
Taut I Taw a Puddy Tat" is
fast climbing to the top in
U.S.A. listings. On MGM's ver-
sion of the tune, Mel Blanc
sings all the parts, including
those of the lisping canary,
Tweety Pie, and the hungry
pussy-cat, Sylvester.
Quite a fuss is being made
in a show business publication
over the reportedly widespread
practice of disc jockeys being
"on the take," or riding the
payola. In other words, accept-
ing loot from record manu-
facturers and distributors for
plugging certain discs.ISt is
only fair to report that no
blanket indictment is made
against the deejay fraternity.
It is safe to assume that the
majority operates legitimately
and spin their pl.tters in ar-
cordance with public dema nd,
rather than at the behest of
operators handing out bribe
Band Leader Elliott Law-
rence has an invitation from
the navy to join up with a
commission and brin along
his band, intact. Similar deal
to those worked out by the
snrmed services during World
War IS, shen Artie Shaw and
Sam Donahue headed navy
dance crews. and Glknn Miller
fronted an orchestra for the
Billy Eektine's fir t record
hit of the New Year is "When
You Return," barked by "If."
The latter tune is already off
to fast start, thanks to Perry
Como's resdition.
Decca is preparing an all-
out promotion of Bing Crosby
record hits in connection with
his 20th anniversary in show
business, Ai(tually Bing s ca-
reci eoes bark a little further.
Sis voice can be iseard on some
Paul Whiterman re.ords made
in 1927. although he is not
identified on the label.) Decca's
efforts will include the release
of EIGHT albums loaded with
hits from 16 Crosby motion
300 S. Thayer St.
Just West of Bill Auditorium
Phone 7200 or 2-250
(Tune in the Don Bailey Show,
Station WPAG, every Saturday
at 11:45 A.M.)

605 Church St. Phone 8696
2 - - - - - - -
Priced at $2.98 and $3.50 a set
211 Sout'h Main



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