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November 25, 1950 - Image 4

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Michigan Daily, 1950-11-25

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SUNDAY, NOVEMB~E1 26, 1950

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nd Wrren s of Califvornia. ctin f
the cnserative foes Hle y Sentr Taft,
lcanesgee was onestgned the modi-
eatel prgesive andh moe Hinenatonlit
wigreof th aty hichGoqernorasd Deey
andWcarn, anduc East-We axis re leading
*Thi exlatrntgnt semngygo
ne Treri CnTGern or James H. Duff of-
Pnnslana ygite of hisedrsimCngs ctio o
the Sate he od bems thdendishput-s
idbosser ofoongis staewihaw singsrpe s
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Thaesi outom ofe thstra-partye batle
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Nft EWepuIA-ITYhpumedocito- h
mitions ofl rtese proesa political
loees phrobabl y lhv aotereffect
toinisor a' degreeth prospecnha ts o
noitio o "us hcercgider" whichst t is
Ptage, mans Geerl DightD.rEsbenhower.
his dnesite that that ovesrnora
hat endorsement was discountedwby yn-e
Rubicanitcswooined ut thatress cae
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the nogfamu Jhoghe nenlete. They
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nisretio hichrve ssequen case Re-
publicans imuc ntroen ruirsesor
mhexlaining. h 2n Cogesbt
puicanesPariblty SenatorTaft haps he l ad
ted prt's precosrd is made andcheren isy
sene rin post es of mad The l Taft
ladersp hsbeenstrnghedb thewres ny-
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Taftill edentifsned wihast.sle Unliey th
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cnrated oalyrren his evr c n eision.d
enmodies them threevbiggeshenational cn
peoralnitinI id secre that senator-al
Yrgonrsnomination in1948d.n
in Peylvania195, hisUittetr e nie, and.)
lue Caway UTig E hunk d offPnnslaia's
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Duftherer ha deveoe qteaiqen sdi
n Hw mchus th attl inl the Rpulican
vealeny the "duraft" ofGvro ee
Tbe inalentials psositine ato the
convt.in to calln the Tft kw exmet-
Bywih Easrni-Taftrk inernationdaist
sude nly reaizied at the lesvent hor what
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tol nxminationdtk the senastorial
nonton inthe a. ucmn. dns
(Copyright 90,b Utntd e atur Synid inte, In
Eucationafte ee hysol
TiH CTRUabeCTIVE atytitudeofhlpig
stunts willingly aishoo rae at theni-
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Thne tre course isan oulndfo h
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It Seems ito Me
A DAS buess ma reake o m
lrat yner:s it that ou Amneras -
cando sh a Crmarkabl jboavetsn
y u sso sw idourselves tothnwrl?
Thise pint upr Callrtss clealy one o
Amepric'ratestn dficitenciliyes eads
th world tha we ae pursun caitsel
Tea tbrol whrmots Amc, i seems
toome, iosidati tak tooncfgr a ned.
Weou asume th atbecas weldn hav a g
standar ofliving dafnd ecause we are the-
riethfrppe of the world wlnaulywandt caupy
ourfeconoi sthem.nk Furthermorey weroas-
sme at bausewuare ightacigin, the
nil ame reed andtdemracyn the est
ou leadehip. ha a Aeicna:
Theutrh ish foreign e o p a qute
are taunc onppone ntsfthe ovmisstem.--
TDepartment hs had tohte nmCnrss d
"Voe ofsin Aeia." Inateligen reot fromn
Comuntcngtlled contMr.iesink tor h
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m-ohe whicfen roves trongr th an gnst
Howat eng do youl hear n mera sad-:
"Btsn ho can foreignrsobecy suiast
be tae inry thish fanaiccomni s po-
panda?" or oe t detieis
The anrtse r tth Cbommuist an
th sians are arer tha we are ingou-
Mr.d Maib onyofi the UNowiththeir
can expectaon to beleepr thae.brd
Bu ine oundotre likoe Cxhinaor endiangor
Itpoga ther aregny spueople weahr are s-
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inthe present world csuis rw r not l
smrteoughlto apgpl. our gseiusfo adsru-
ried aory whsich ndicted' oinesap coms-

cannot solve this problem.
America might build the world's most tre-
mendous defense force, but if it fails to gain
the support of the free peoples of the world
itmight very well lose the world struggle
despite its military superiority.
A N UNDERDOG Michigan eleven over-
came a 14-0 first period score against
them and bounced up to defeat Ohio State,
the Conference champions, by a score of 21-
-From the Pages of The Daily.

Te Wek' NeGws


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and sufiint aplcaonsm haver. bee
1 -Daly--B1 HamtonComm.,son will27 cne tLec-
.~.'A"*'~'/.~ ~*. et n ap lctosu ntil"T he cose f
PROFESORS wee confontedw....rws .ndrows o empt sets PrepsnateEnoive fromthe rde-
thisweeendas he hankgivng oliay roveoutthosa nanceso Deelopmen Divisio Co-f
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.asupher,.ut ihngwogaea an andte thr physics.E PLTer gratsp in
. t.rsaandydoctorsrdegrees.TApps.ca-
BLOO, STEL &BODIS-Dsastr stuck cros th naFor tifuEgtnern Bidf.rEaincallma
aud Lecstdreseac e-

Bbe Std ateGidHu.
BeCoo:mitte Chisa.",8
Rv.kHenr0 Amodtear. Ptr of
Lutheran Sturde Assito, will
speak on the sujet "uTan Be
in." and bnrefstd inPie Rolom.
torn, wTlseak Son Christyanu-
Gamma Detauthern Stu
den-t Clb 5:30 spm. 2suppe4- n
pram. Thfe e prorm topckwhll
bedg "Chrisian Painti:g Do. Rael-
inaing Crumink sUnier"ot."
Bring: ownne skaesn orrt thema
theres., ing ID , card Mett.1
pCmeOtin Club roomn, ntwest
corne o:f Rackm, Uin
ComersingTravnts ru
Contsrotl:n l Mon., 273 p..
B.t Burr Purde Haniersi.,, will
speak Ton "pAkn Intoducmtingt
tins."PAl trstaraeome.w
AfternoonTea SiologyV facug,-
invited Mon., Nov. 27, 4-6g.mA.,
East Cnferene Roomi ackha
Woentidmen of the erityFa
cl:nDine eeting t thesea-
4gue, Tues., Nov. 28 6:15 pram.t
28,d7:30. nRom aDaes Unin
uLtyeadeshprainige cry o n-
metsaLne Hdsu'al Mn., A:30ep.
Naene Stuents Fellowship
pobmy ofThe aei ora te men
willyb Dr.l Panucota ofp How-
ell, Mirchria ,Idtia
Itr-Art nind:Meeturing,8
Rm20E.Engineering Bldg.at~

week as freakish weather combined with even more freakish train
and plane crashes to push the pre-Thanksgiving death toll well
above 150.-
Before the week got started, a steady deluge of warm rainfall had
melted snow on the high Sierras and swelled Western streams to the
danger point. By Monday the rivers and creeks crested over their
banks and spilled into the lowlands. Ten thousand people fled their
homes in California as damage soared above $10,000,000. In Nevada,
the rampaging waters swept through the swank gambling club district
of Reno. And along -the Atlantic Seaboard cold gale winds, rain and
snow marked the first big blow of the season. By the time the storms
had subsided, they had brought death to at least 29 persons across
the nation.*
On Tuesday, a late-running troop train collided head-on
with a trans-continental passenger train high in the Canadian
Rokies. At least 61 persons were In'jured and twenty--most of a
them Canadian soldiers-were killed.
The same day a twin-engine DC-3, chartered by a religious
organization, crashed into jagged Mt. Moran in Wyoming. The wreck-
age yielded 21 bodies.,
The climax to a week of horror and destruction came early Wed-
nesday evening. It was tbe, height of the New York city rush hour,
ancd more than 2000 homeward-bound workers and shoppers were
jiammed into two trains of the Long Island Railroad. The front train
slowed for a stop. Suddenly the brakes locked. As the train stood
motionless on the track the second train came roaring in from
behind, ploughed into the first and ripped its end car into tangled
bits of blood, steel and bodies. The death toll mounted to 77 and
injuries numbered above 300. It was the fifth worst rail disaster in
American history.
U-S. COMMUNISTS-In a history-making move, the Justice Depart-
ment issued a formal ultimatum Wednesday to the Communist Party
of the United States. The department, in a petition filed with the
new Subversive Activities Control Board, charged that the American
Communists were directly under the control of Russia.
Local. . .
CAMPUS ELECTIONS-Cold, wet snow held the vote to below 3,000
in the first day of campus balloting last Monday. However, by the
time the counting began on Tuesday night, 7,221 students had cast
their ballots, the second highest turnout in history. Counting began
on a note of discord, as things didn't get under way until about two
hours late. By 5 a.m., the tabulation was really fouled up, partly

sone are ivited
Willian L. Laurence, Science
reporter for the N.Y. Times, will
be presented Wednesday, 8:30 p.-
in., in Hill Auditorium as the
fourth number on the Lecture
Course. "The Truth About the Hy-
drogen Bomb"' is the subject. Mr.
Laurence was selected by the gov-
erment to explain ,theh Atomic
recently been permitted toa dothe
same concerning the Hydrogen
bomb. Tickets go on sale Tuesday
at the Auditorium box office,
which is open 10-1, 2-5.
Academic Notices
NGame Theory Seminar: M on.,
Angell IHall. p. cm ,
Psychology-Sociology 232. Dr.
Burton Fisher. There will be no
special class session Monday eve-
ning, Nov. 27. Class will meet on
Friday evening, Dec. 1, as well as
at the regular hour.
Stochastic Processes Seminar:
Mon., Nov. 27, 4 p.m., Room 3001,
Angell Hall.''
Doctoral Examination for Fred
A. Beeler, Mathematics; thesis:
"A Study of the Variation in the
Moments of a Frequency Distribu-
tion Due to Grouping," Tues., Nov.
28, 3001 Angell Hall, 1:30 p.m.
Chairman, C. C. Craig.
Mathematics Colloquium. Mr.
Daniel Resch will speak on "A
transformation theory of partial
differential equations"' at the

Washigton Mrry-G- Ron

because of fraud. Sieepy, election oflicis, in despair of ever gettinge cs JWJ.Lu1m LFn e.,
things straightened out, turned over the job of selecting the 25th Nv. 28,at :0pl.i R 31
legislator to the Men's Judiciary. Agl al
DISCRIMINATION-Last week the Inter-Fraternity Council was pre- C n et
sented with an ultimatum from Student Legislature in the form of an
SL-proposed time limit for wiping out fraternity bias clauses. This The Polytech Chorus of Finland
week IFC feebly bounced back with an enervated anti-clause plan of will give the fifth concert in the
its own. The IFC voted, 27 to 10, to tirge its members to make an Choral Union Series, Tues., Nov.
active effort to rid their constitutions of the bias clauses. 28, 8:30 p.m., Hill. Auditorium.
They will present a program of
Finnish songs by distinsguished
Around th Worl. ..
composers of their native land,
UN-Most UN members have long stood firm in their refusal to viz., Tornudd, Palmgren, Kuula,
recognize the Chinese Communists. Even this week a new Russian Linnala, and a group by Sibelius-.
demand to seat Red China in place of Chiang Kai-Chek's Nationalists Tickets are available at the of-
was turned down. But the Reds have found a way to circumvent fices of the University Musical So-
their opponents. Brandishing a charge of American aggression in ciety in Burton Tower; and will
Formosa, a Chinese Red delegation arrived at Lake Success Friday to tho e onr inate Hil Ahudveioriu
press action against the United States. U.S. rep~resentatives were box coffcer afte H l Ap dtm.

TAHI.NGTON-Though a large part of
the American public appears to be con-
vinced that flying saucers do exist, so far
the Air Force has not been able to track
down a single bona fide saucer.
This is despite the fact that U.S. aviators
have spent hour upon hour checking reports
not only og flying saucers, but of such weird
phenomena as midgets from Venus, shooting
Ts column hs no w beenable to ex-
amine Air Force files, and it is quite evident
that the Air Force has done a painstaking
job of trying to establish whether or not
flying saucers do exist.
These files show that considerable time
was even spent checking the report re-
ceived from movie actor Bruce Cabot and
the Wyandotte Echo, a newspaper published
in Kansas City, that corpses of blonde,
beardless 3-foot men from Venus had been
seen arriving on a flying saucer by a mian
named Coult er-.
Dead on arrival, these space-traveling
midgets had no cavities in their teeth, and
wore shoes resembling human skin accord-
ing to the story told the Air 1Force. Further-
more, Coulter was supposed to have as proof
of this visit from Venus-a lunar clock oper-
ating on a 28-day cycle, a space radio, and
agear from the flying saucer, all of them
supposedly arriving with the blonde midgets
from Venus.

of Korea without recovering the bodies of
these missing men, it is believed they must
have been taken prisoners and removed to
So f an, Chinese troops have treated Ameri-
can prisoners almost as if they were allies,
returning many of them to American lines.
But if the 4,000 G.I.'s were transported into
Siberia by the Russians, the stony may be
dlifferent. This possibility is giving the Army
great concern.
Note-as of the last official count, 4,144
G.I.'s were listed as missing.
(Copyright, 1950, by the Bell Syndicate, Inc.)




wiiilng bo a+llow admissiun t the Reds; tiS country had some corn -____
plaints of its own-dealing with Chinese intervention in Korea-to
take up with the Peiping delegation. Thus, while formally snubbed Ev ns To a
by the UN, Communist China for all practical purposes appeas- to Congregational, Disciple, Evan-
have slipped in the back door. gelical and Reformed Guild: 6 p.-
KOREA-Gen. Douglas MacArthur watched from a front-lines jeep m. supper at Congregaional
Thursday as United Nations forces launched an all-out offensive to Address: B"Compa t
end the war. Initial resistance was encountered by Friday, but the Secretary of the Department of
troops rolled on. Meanwhile the release of American prisoners by the Higher Education of the Congre-
Chinese Communists touched off a brief flurry of peace rumors, but gational Church, and a brief won-
no official top-level negotiations were reported in progress. ship service.
GERMANY-Rearmament of Germany was given top bill in consulta-
tions among Western European nations at Strasbourg, France, this Canterbury Club: 9 a.m., Holy
week Tw prbles soodout D hw mch f a ary wuldCommunion followed by student
week Tw prbles stod ut:1) ow uch f a ary wuldbreakfast. 5 p.m., Evening Prayer
Germany be allowed, and 2) would war-ravaged, man-short Germany followed by supper and program.
.agree to raise an army even if it w/ere permitted to do so.
-Bob Keith and Chuck Elliott 1Roger Williams Guild: 10 a.m.

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LET'S DANCE in technicolor with Betty
Hutton and Fred Astaire.
IN SLIGHTLY less than two hours, this
movie runs the entertainment gamut from
pure to poor. Betty Hutton, looking as soft
and pink as ever, does some beautifully exe-
cuted song and dance routines with Fred
Astaire, who manages to keep up with her
in spite of the fact that he is no longer soft

is on the up and up. She goes back to Bea-
con Hill to live with her mother-in-law, a
domineering dowager who speaks only to
God and a few Cabots. The hoofer instinct
proves too strong in our heroine and she
soon feels that her son (Richard something,
something VII), now four years old, is not
being brought up in the best show-business
tradition. When the Queen Mother sends
to Princeton for their 1968-1969 Announce-
ment Catalogue, our heroine begins to fear
for her son's manhood, and whisks him off

year: by carrier?' $6.00; by mail. $7.00.

Mr. O'Malleyi


That legend about the Goose that Laid
the Golden Egg turns out to be another
of those wish-fulfillment yarns invented
by a hopelessly impoverished peasantry-

The assay office said this egg was only
gold plated... And thinly, at that..,

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