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March 26, 1950 - Image 8

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The Michigan Daily, 1950-03-26

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SUNDAY, MARCH 26, 1950

I - _..

.....DAY .. MARiv va 20.. 1a~v.:.


)oe-Eyed Look T
kill Yields
ark Eyes
Shadowing Lends
Dramatic Effect
Mhat a line! The line around}
eyes, that is-an important .
for in acquiring the doe-eyed
950 eyes, as they are called,
the biggest news since the
iper trend began its steady
ab back into the thoughts of
erican women.
ELIEVE IT or not, the. look'
fattering. All women realize
importance of their eyes. Let's
e it, they couldn't see without
m. But how about the people
look at them? If a woman
its her eyes bigger, bluer, andr
hter,, with a few quick, deft
kes of eyebrow pencil, she will
e her wish.


Set Style for 1950


New Trends
Of Fashion
Receive Tria

.. t.. ey::..

Pants, Shirts, Jackets Remain 'Just the Thing'
In World of Men's- Fashions, Surv'ey Reveals


Granted, the look is only for
women who have the desire to be
ifferent, and the courage to be
bviously artificial. But it's a
inny thing-a woman would
ot step outside of her house
vithout her lipstick, and yet
efore 1900, she could not be
een wearing it. And who knows
-maybe eye make-up will go
hrough the same process of evo-
However, the application of the
ake-up requires a definite know-
Ige of the technique involved
d a great deal of practice.
* * *
THE TOOLS of the art are an
ebrow pencil sharpened to a
od point, mascara, either brown
black, and eye shadow in al-
ost any color. Naturally, blondes
d redheads will choose brown
ascara and pencil. For gals with
Sblue eyes, the latest thing is
le mascara; however, blue eye
adow will suffice.
A small dot of cream shadow

-Daiuv-Ed Kozma
THE DOES ABOUND-Competition runs wild, with the feminine
adaptation of the doe-eyed look, as illustrated by Ann Lindbloom,
'52, and fellow eyecatcher. The new look in eye make-up also
sports an oriental slant which gives it a distinction all its own.
* * * 4 * * *

Two fashion minded Newberry
girls, Ida Semerjian ('51) and
Doris Stoll ('51 Ed.),nare seriously
thinking of writing a book en-
titled, "How To Make an Im-
pression in One Easy Lesson."
Dressed to the teeth in blue
jeans, Michigan T-shirts, and
long, dangling earrings, the coeds
decided that their ensembles were
not complete. They needed the
new artificial look.
Upon making this momentous
decision, they proceeded to get
theatrical. After they had made
up their eyes, complete with' eye-
brow pencil, mascara, eye shadow,
et al, they covered their 'faces with
dead-white powder.
** *
FEELING THAT the terrific
doe-eyed look wasn't quite notice-
able enough, Doris and Tda pulled
back their hair, and both have
very short hair, in the latest ex-
treme fashion. .
Then they went down .to din-
ner, perfectly composed, to ob-
serve the frightened expressions
of their house director,. Mrs.
McCoy, and their fellow New-
After creating a sensation here-
tofore unequalled in the. history
of the dormitory, the girls went
to the drugstore-
* * '
THE DRUGSTORE clerk looked
at them, turned away, did a double
take, and "just roared." He re-
marked, quote the girls, "I don't
think it's here to stay!"
Evidently Mrs. McCoy had re-
covered by the following day,
because she stopped Ida in the
hall, and told her that she was
glad to see that the girls had
taken off their eyes.
Confidentially, Doris and Ida
are in absolute agreement with
their friend, the drugstore clerk.
They don't think the look is here
to stay. In fact, they aren't quite
sure it has arrived!
Lipsbick shades have been de-
signed to compliment the doe-
eyed look this year. Bright, vivid
hues will be generously but care-
fully applied to give full, neatly
outlined contours.

Men's styles still seem to be run-
ning to pants, shirts and jackets,
a survey of State Street haber-
dashers revealed, with no very pro-
nounced sub-trends in view.
Each of the clothiers contacted
seemed quick to point out a differ-
ent trend as "the current fad," but
nylon summer suits, suede shoes
and plaids on assorted items of
clothing appeared prominently on
all lists.
* * *
NOVELTY ITEMS, such as golf
caps and cumberbunds - a broad
plaid belt to be worn around the
waist of a topcoat-are also quite
Scotch will probably be com-
mon on campus soon with.not
only the cumberbund a popular
item in that motif but also neck~-
ties, socks and a new kind of
topcoat which has no vent in the
back and is very fully cut.
"Soft natural construction in
suits isa very notable trend," one
haberdasher disclosed.
"THE NATURAL shoulders, with
little padding, the straight back
line, the absence of vents in the
back and the pockets with flaps
is the latest look in jackets," he
A store across the street re-
ported the two-button double-
breasted suit with flapless patch
pockets a fast-selling item.
"Blues and grays are very popu-
Nai Is To Shine
By New Method
For women who like well-kept,
shiny nails but hate to have chip-
ped nail polish the perfect answer
is powder polish.
It gives the gleaming look of
colorless nail polish but is minus
many of the offending character-
istics of nail lacquer.
The only instrument needed to
apply it expertly is a nail buffer.
It is applied by shaking a small
quantity of the powder onto the
buffer and buffing the nails brisk-
ly in one direction.
The luster is heightened. by
washing the hands and finished
off by rubbing the nails against
the palms of the hands once or
twice. The use of a nail-white pen-
cil underneath the tips of the nails
enhances the attractiveness.

lar suit colors this year," this deal-
er commented.
* * *
on suit, with the conventional fine
blue and white strips, closely re-
sembling the apparently-out-dated
seersucker, was expected to be a
big seller this spring.

Linens Feature New Look;
Place-mats Come into Style

li the less formal summer
style; the blue jean and T-shirt
is expected to continue its popu-
larity, along with the swimming
There seems to be no revolution
in pants this spring; worsted flan-
nels are, selling "well, as. are a new
beltless slacks-the dak-which is
held up by elastic.
NECI TIES are running to small
patterns ggain, as well as stripes..
The bow tie is more than here to
The vividly - colored short is
becomipg more common, one
clothier pointed out.
Suede shoes of the loafer type,
and white bucks are predicted to
sell well for those men who will
wear shoes this summer. And ar-
gyle socks, to go with them, are
Shirts in peculiar pastel shades,
including pink, are still going
rapidly, though the craze for them
seems to be quieting down.

1950 Styles
To Feature
Checked Suit
Easter Parade
Hails Irinova tion
It will be checks - checks every-
where - this spring when coeds
don their new Easter suits, if one
can predict from the large selec-
tions of checked suits being shown
by leading fashion magazines.
What kind of checks? All kinds.
In size they will be tiny and reti-
cent, medium, big and bold, giant,
or startling. Colors will be usual
and unusual.
Checks can add glamour to any
color, occasion or figure. Some
fashion experts have said that a
single checked fashion can workd
like two solid costumes when it
is properly aided with accessories.
CHECKS ARE handsome, fun
to wear and above all tricky. Small
checks make you appear tinier if
excess poundage is your problem.
Large, reckless checks, some with
contrasting skirts in plain colors,
flatter a thin figure and are high
fashion if you are more than five
feet three.
Suit silhouettes will offer a
variety in choice. There will be
long or short, loose or fitted
jackets, and straight or full
Unusual details will be abund-
ant. Among the innovations will
be winged cuffs, flared lapels,
contoured belts, dolman sleeves,
bloused backs, link buttons, and
pockets, pockets, pockets.
COLOR CHOICES this spring
are yellow, green-gold, the red
family from soft pink to scarlet,
beige, and the everlasting navy.
One worsted suit combines
five spring style notes in One.,
It is checked, has dolman sleeves,
bloused back, patent leather belt
and hip pockets.
An all-purpose checked suit
which can be worn morning, noon
and night is cut so classically that
it seems to be a perennial fashion.
Straight as a string, it has a long
jacket with unusual giant saddle
pockets starting at the waist.
Checks so minute they can hard-
ly be detected give another suit
that different 1950 look. ' It has
a pointed collar, slim skirt, and
looks well with more checks as ac-
cessories - a checked gingham
helmet and small necktie.




._ _

is put on the lid, smoothed from
the center lid out. The color
should be heavier toward the
temple to give a wider appear-
ance to the eye.
A line is drawn with the pencil
from the inside corner of the up-
per lid, just above the lashes,
following the line of the lashes,
until it fans outward and upward
toward the temple. On the lower
lid, below the lashes, another line
is traced until it meets and thick-
ens the outside fan of the first
* * *
THE EYEBROW is darkened,
and mascara is applied. Speaking
of mascara, one cosmetic company
believes that it should be worn to


flatter the eyes; the skin, and even
the clothes.
Although it may sound startl-
ing to wear blue or green mas-
cara, these shades are perfectly
beautiful for evening wear. But
it seems there is a catch. One
must have the right shade, on
the right eyes applied by a
knowing hand with a light
With the new accent on eyes,
the essentials of good-looking eyes
must not be forgotten. Eyelashes
look much longer curled, and if
they don't have the natural bend,
it is a simple matter to curl them
The John L. Lewis look in eye-
brows does not blend with the
doe-eyed look, so eyebrows must
be shaped and plucked carefully
and regularly. And besides all
this, the fair-haired lasses have
a surprise in store. Lashes and
eyebrows can be dyed! It takes
only a few minutes and it lasts
for weeks.
The male element claims to be
in opposition, but, after all, many
don't like lipstick, either.

There's a new look in linens as
the prospective buyer may quick-
ly note.
For instance, place-mats, a
comparatively new innovation in
linens, have really come into their
own. Fashioned out of everything
from bamboo to linen damask,
they can be used for the most in-
formal or formal occasions.
Some of the more informal mats
are made from cork or reed, while
others are of heavy woven cotton
or plain linen. Most of these can
be gotten with matching or con-
trasting napkins.
* * *
OF COURSE, the important
thing in all of these styles is Col-
or! Practically every hue in the
spectrum can be had. Colors
ranging from deepest grape and
wine to the palest of pastels are
present in one style or another.
Colors such as these have been
introduced to help make the
table into a coordinated whole.
In fact, some place-mats have
been designed to match a few
of the more popular china pat-

While lending charm and beau-
ty to the informal table, place-
mats have also become an accepted
part of the formal table.
available in the finest linens and
damasks. They usually come in
sets together with dinner napkins
of the same material. Many of
these place-mats are hand em-
However, it must not be
thought that the traditional
clotb *hla given way completely
to place-mats. On the contrary,
tablecloths, too, are taking on
the moilern look.
Not only are the colors new and
different, but a wider variety of
materials has also come into use.
The mo're informal cloths are of
cotton, spun rayon, plastic and
some linen.
The -most important hint to
those'intdrested in purchasing lin-
ens iS to make sure that all arti-
cles are color-fast and pre-shrunk.
Better linens (and these are us-
ually tie higher priced ones) have
hand-rolled hems.



)pring Perfumes St
With the coming of spring, per-
3me, as well as the minds of
nen, turn to thoughts of the
ghter things of life!
The biggest news in scents this
ear is the change from heavy to
ghter odors such as florals.
Taste in scents is an important
i taste in clothes and make-up,
rmarily because if any one of
he three contradicts the other,
he entire effect, is lost. In the
pring, when light-weight pat-
erns and materials are being

ress Lighter Scents
worn, a heavy perfume is as in-
congruous as a fur coat in July.
Although floral scents are the
biggest news, tweedy perfume is
still fine for casual outfits. And,
of course, the sophisticated is al-
ways good for evening.
So that perfume can be carried
with no fear of leakage, several
companies have manufactured -a
perfume-pencil. It consists of ex-
actly that-a lead pencil on one
end, and a tube for your favorite
perfume on the other.








t .

Lovely Nancy Eggleston, 5OEd, models one
of our new Spring prints. So cool and
comfortable, yet so distinctively stunning,
you'll be in style for all dressed-up
occasions. Just the creation for the
many campus parties coming this Spring.
It comes in a wonderful pure silk
paperized taffeta.
(other dresses .. . 14.95 to 25.00)
* The suede opera pumps are from
our new shoe department. In black
or navy; suede or leather.
On the right, Nancy models one of our
beautiful Spring formals. The green dots
on a pure white organdy are set off with
a lovely, green, taffeta, ribbon-trim.
This gorgeous gown is high on the fashion
list for the campus formals this Spring.
(other formals ., 19.95 to 35.00)





--Kozma Photo


Photo by Ed Kozma

Modeled by Betty Bridges

R In, 1

NNtol n ZA* h r.U r NAN --,.


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