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March 27, 1949 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1949-03-27

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SIhNDA ,1%MARcM I21, i94



Regents Candidates Quizzed

Running for Board Positions

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students for taking responsibility.1
FALK-I believe it would be

the Communist Party I regard as
such an issue.

in my. opinion, should stand large-
ly on their own feet, with the
definite understanding that to the
extent that private funds and re-
search foundations established by
business and individuals are in-
adequate, funds for such purposes
might well be advanced by gov-
ernment. In the administration of
a university recognition of such a
policy would call for a much more
careful accounting than is now
characteristic of many institu-
5 What role do you think
should be played by student gov-
ernment at the University?
ARSULOWICZ - I think that
student government should be
given the widest possible oppor-
tunity to function at a university.
The youth of America has been
able to assume responsibility in
an intelligent manner when given
that chance.
BAITS-I regard student gov-
ernment as being essential in our'
University. Its role, to my mind,
is fourfold:
1. To improve and enrich extra-
curricular student life as prepara-
tion for well-rounded citizenship.
2. To provide channels for the
expression of representative stu-
dent opinion.
3. To assume official responsi-
bility for student relations with
faculty and administration.
4. To act as the vehicle of liaison
between the University's student
body and those of other colleges
and universities in this country
and throughout the world.
CONNABLE-I believe the stu-
dents should be given all the ie-
sponsibility they can constructive-
ly take. Furthermore, we parents1
too often under-estimate the ca-
pacity and maturity of college age

foolish and presumptuous for meI In principle, the exclusion of
to suggest just how far student Communist Party teachers from
government should obtain in any an academic community appears
university or college. However, to me to be justified. The wisdom
university students on the thres- and good sense of procedure in
hold of business and professional any individual case should, I
life certainly should be drawn into think, be given individual consid-
ever widening areas of responsi- cration through recognized demo-
bility. I am committed to this cratic channels.
principle and believe that these And at the University of Mich-
areas of responsibility should in- igan such, channels are provided
' eude areas that 'may at present ia uh hnesaepoie
beudegared as hatnmayaticrnfor in explicit detail in the By-
be regarded as of no particular Laws of the Board of Regents. In
concern of students. I would sum it those By-Laws initial authority
up by saying that faculty and ad- and responsibility in such matters'
ministration, just as students s
should not and must not be bound is vested in the various faculties.
down by authoritarianism, what- CONNABlE--I do not believe a
ever its justification, but that all Communist should be allowed to
must share in democratic partici- tech in our colleges. By Co-
pation and even experimentation. munist I mean an avowed or prov-
en member of the Community
6. What are your views on Party. The primary function of
the controversy regarding polt- education is to seek and teach the
ical affiliation of professors, truth. A Communist is allowed to
particularly members of the 'discover truth" only as Moscow
Communist Party? teaches it. It is my belief, there-
ARSULOWICZ-I believe that fore, that he is automatically dis-
academic freedom is necessary qualified as a teacher. Freedom to
aongde acultyeomfnuniver- speak and freedom to teach should
among the faculty of any umer oL be confused. -
sity, tax-supported or not, to de-
velot our democratic way of life However, I deplore the hyster-
and to afford the greatest pos- ical tendency to label anyone a
sible development of independent Communist with whom we dis-
thinking. We have seen the unfor- agree The vitality of a democ-
tunate results obtained in coun- racy is its ability to explore ideas
tries where academic freedom has freely. The defense of academic
been restricted, for example under freedom is a grave responsibility.
Communism and other totalitar- It must be protected wisely. My
ian forms of government. I am most thoughtful and earnest re-
against the promulgation of Com- flection persuades me we protect
munistic pHnciples under the the freedom of teaching by refus-
guise of academic freedom. ing teaching posts to known Com-
BAITS-I believe that the fac- munists.
ulties of institutions of higher FALK l-- The Communist Party,
learning properly bear corporate by its record in the United States
responsibility for recommends- and in other countries, has shown
tions on the status of their mem-thant it is not a political party in
bers or potential members when the ordinary meaning of the term.
vital political issues are at stake. By confession of its leaders the
Affiliation or fellow-traveling with Communist Party in the United
States, as in other countries, is
- dedicated to assisting Russia,
whatever the circumstance. Thisl
fact would seem to me to justify
American institutions, including
universities, in refusing to em-
ploy members of the Communist
tnoinPls ~oigit.asitnihtcrdw party as instructors. However, in
iolimi Plus tonight as a1 iihit WU. taking this position, one must rec-
improvement in the morning -thlen ognize and guard against witch
gently apply a few drops more as hunts, red baiting, and efforts of
foundation under your imtke-up. totalitarians on the right to smear
in Plus is quickly absorbed and non- the progressive and liberal fac-
I go ulty members by shouting "sub-
sy. Its high content of pure liqid
closestuplicate ever found or versive" and attempting to pin
h sd .,thered label.

Poll Reveals
Students Back
Class Spir it
(Continued from Page 1)
gestions was that there was not
enough school spirit. Several sug-
gested athletic competition be-
tween classes, class functions, pic-
nics and the rebuilding of college
traditions. Another student want-
ed the freshmen to meet the "big
wheels" on campus.
One graduate student said it
was all right for the freshmen
and sophomores, while five up-
perclassmen were indifferent
about the whole question.
Several women students wanted
to limit the wearing of freshman
Caps to men.
One student, evidently in a
sadistic mood, opposed the whole
program except the tug of war
across the Huron

Four Bographies Presented
Of Regents Board Candidates

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Alfred Connable, 45, an invest- A nursing teacher and public
ment counselor from Kalamazoo, health expert who has held posts
is seeking reelection to the Board in several colleges and hospitals,
of Regents on the Republican Mrs. Rosa Falk is the Democratic
slate. Party's candidate for Regent from
His previous political activity Detroit.
has been confined to an unsuc- Previously engaged in many pub-
cessful bid for the GOP Regent lie service activities throughout
nomination in 1939 and state the state, Mrs. Falk is now engaged
campaign manager for Wendell in her first political race.
Willkie in 1944. He gained the She holds a Bachelor's degree
GOP nomination and was elected from Wayne University, Masters
regent in the 1941 race. from the Universities of Detroit
As a student here lie was active and Michigan and a teaching cer-
in extra-curricular activities,, tificaite from the University here.
serving as president of the stu- M alk lashltea
dent council, night editor of ThepM i kh as hldteching
Daily, member of the Glee Club ofNursi. i Wisco1inUniv esio
and the Michigan fOpera.Sp i-H icho- urig.Wsoni;anvest
aland mhembehrMedical School; University of Ver-
igamnua, Delta Kappa Epsilon and rmont, and Detroit schools.
Alpha Kappa Ps. n For the Ted Cross she organized
As a regent li .has beevi ('u-war find ctonpaigns <(Iring 1942-
man of the Regents War and Ed-_ 43 and was a member of their De-
ucational Policies Committees. Ile troit Speakers Bureau.
was also narned vice-president in political wvork she has been a
and later president of the Also- member of the board of the League
ciation of Governing Boards of of Women Voters in Det'oit and
State Universities and Allied In-Pis t Lansing. She is also a peC-
stitutions (national group of re- cint delegate from the 14th Con
gents ind trustees of colleges. rsonDitc.

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Socialist Will
Speak Here
Norman Thomas, long-time fix-
ture in the American political
scene and untiring Socialist can-
didate for president, will speak at
8 p.m. Wednesday in the Archi-
tectural Auditorium.
Directly following the speech,
which is sponsored by the student
Democratic Socialist Club, there
will be a reception held for him
in Lane Hall.
The former Presbyterian min-
ister, who polled about 150,000
votes in the last Presidential elec-
tion, will be feted at a dinner at
6 p.m. Wednesday preceding the
speech. All those desiring to at-
tend this dinner should contact
Pat Stites at 5058 Stockwell be-
fore Monday evening, according
to the sponsors.

He is married and the km the '
of three children.
Bais .s..
Seeking re-election to the Board
of Regents on the Republican
ticket is Mr's. Vera Baits of De-
She was appointed by former
Gov. Harry Kelly to fill a vacancy
on the Board in 1943 and has'
held no other political posts.
She taught in Illinois and De-
troit, following schooling at Mich-
igan State Normal Cbllege and
the Universities of Michigan and
As a student here she was par-
tially supported by a scholarship
and part-time outside work. She'
has been active in alumni groups
throughout the state. In Detroit
she served from 1937 to 1943 onC
the YWCA board.
As a regent she has served on
the University Relations and the
Educational Policies Committees
of the board.

The Democratic Party's candi-
date for Regent from out-state
areas is Attorney Joseph E. Ar-
sulowicz, a resident of Grand
This is his first venture into
politics though he held the ap-
pointive position of assistant state
attorney general in 1937-38.
While an undergraduate and
student in the Law School here,
Arsulowicz worked in the Union
on part-time jobs to make ex-
penses. Ie was fmlso an athletic
manager and member of the Board
of Directors of the Athletic Asso-
Married and the father of one
child, 40-year-old Arsulowicz has
been active in community affairs
while carrying on a private law
His activities in the party car-
ried him to the post of Secretary
of the Kent County Democratic
Committee in 1942-48.

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