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November 30, 1948 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1948-11-30

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SL, Publications


Ca didates State Positions

Campus Issues Faed
By Potential Legislators
Today is election day and as a public service, The Daily herewith
prints the qualifying statements of the candidates for Student Legis-
lature and Board in Control of Student Publications.
SL candidates were asked to submit a 25 word statement on the
role of the legislature and to answer four questions on their petitions.
TURE PRE-ELECTION ACTIVITIES. An affirmative answer here
means that the candidate participated in the SL tryout program for
the last month, working with the Legislature,'or is an incumbent.
Legislators elected today and tomorrow will take office at the
next SL meeting Dec. 8.
PLANS FOR the election anticipate a vote or 10,000 students,
almost double that of any previous campus election. The two days
make it possible for everyone to vote and the leaders of every student
group on campus have urged all students to exercise their right to
elect their own representatives.
SL president Blair Moody, after urging all students to vote,
said, "Vote for what they think, not where they sleep."



Ou, Block Voting Syste ,
. _


Con tenders

the center is the machine, run by
up to vote as they are told and on

Bill Hlamp den's conception of the block voting system. In
an organization. On the left are the students, blindly lining
the right, the finished product, the vote.


SL Candidates Statements



Ginny Bauer
The Student Legislature as the
coordinating agency of student-
faculty relationships should fos-
ter a stronger unity between them
and promote solidarity within the.
student body.
1. Yes; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes.
A mares K. Bose
It should represent the student's
viewpoint' so that the various
branches of the University are run
to the satisfaction of the greatest
number of students.
1. No; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4 Yes.
Kenneth Bottle
After working on the Campus
Action Committee and in the Stu-
dent Offices'of the Union, I strong-
ly favor a much stronger stfldent
voice on campus.
1. Yes; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes.
Jim Brown
The Student Legislature should
be the, voice of the students on
Michigan campus alone, always
striving for academic freedom and
representing all groups and indi-
1. Yes; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes.
Frank C. Butorac
It is the duty of the Student
Legislature to promote student
opinion, with an opportunity for
expression to 'originate from any
student, and to promote the gen-
eral welfare of the students.
1. Yes; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes.
Elliot Charlip
All students should have an
equal opportuntiy to secure an ade-
quate education. I have attempt-
ed to work for this on NSA, Hillel
Student Council and the SRA
1. Yes; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes..
Bill Clark
I believe the Student Legislature
to be the medium through which
student opinion is expressed and
acted upon accordingly.
1. Yes; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes.
Joyce Clark
The Student Legislature should
be a vital active group well repre-
sentative of the opinions of indi-
viduals and of the student body as
a whole.
1. Yes; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes.
Debbie Dubinsky
The Student Legislature must
be a truly representative body,
crystallizing student opinion and
coordinating student action. The
Legislature shoud be the main or-
ganization in formulating educa-
tional policies for the student
1. Yes; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes.
Gerald M. Flury
It is the role and function of the
Student Legislature to represent
and further student interests.
1. No; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes.
Dave Frazer
The role of the Legislature
should be; first, to determine what
the student's needs and complaints
are; and second, to provide posi-
tive leadership in attaining the
ends prescribed.
1. Yes; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Ye,.
Jack Gannon
The Student Legislature has
been formed primarily to express
student opinion and to coordinate
student activities. I go on record

William S. Gripman
The Student Legislature should
co-ordinate the activities of the
various campus organizations so
that they can efficiently work to
improve the position of the stu-
dent on campus.
1. Yes; 2. No Opinion; 3. No
Opinion; 4. Yes.
Besondy 'Bud' Hagen
The Student Legislature should
be an effective organ for accur-
ately and fairly expressing all seg-
ments of student thought to the
University administration.
1. Yes; 2 Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes.
Walter L. Hansen
I believe that the Student Legis-
lature has at least two functions:
to serve as the representatives of
broad student interest, and to co-
ordinate other campus groups.
1. Yes; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes.
Robert L. Herusky
The Student Legislature should
present student problems to the
faculty, express the desires of the
student body, and provide for
them a program of social recrea-
1. Yes; '2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes.
Stuart E. Hertzberg
The Student Legislature is pri-
marily representative of the stu-
dent body on campus. I believe it
should be their sincere desire to
further the student welfare.
1. Yes; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes.
Dick Hooker
The Student Legislature must
assume effectively its role as the
only real voice of the students.
Each legislator represents the wel-
fare and interests of all and not a
1. Yes; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes.
'Johnnie' Inman
I consider the basic function of
the Student Legislature to be (1)
to represent and express the opin-
ions of the student body; (2) to
co-ordinate student activities.
1. Yes; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes.
Howard D. Johnson
Our Student Legislature needs
new life. With experienced leg-
islators serving all the students
and understanding all the issues,
student government of thb best
kind will be in the making.
1. Yes; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes.
Joanne Judy' Johnson
The Student Legislature, a rep-
resentative body, should be a me-
dium through which student
interests are advanced.
1. Yes; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes.
Jim Karras
I believe the function of Stu-
dent Legislature to be that of an
actively representative organiza-
tion that will assume responsibil-
ity for regulating student conduct
and student affairs.
1. Yes; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes.
Calvin Klyman
The Student Legislature was
established to further the inter-
ests and welfare of the students.
I believe the Legislature should
work to increase the civil and per-
sonal rights of those they repre-
1. Yes; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes.
Mary Georgia Kokales

ests to the University Adminis-
tration, and (2) offer direct serv-
ices to the students.
1. Yes; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes.
Michel Leiser
The Student Legislature should
be the organ which coordinates
student-faculty relations and
meet in order to advance proposals
and settle problems existing be-
tween the faculty and the student.
1. Yes; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes.
Marv Lubeck
I believe that the role of the
Student Legislature is to trahs-
form student opinion into action,
which will benefit the student
body as a whole.
1. Yes; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes.
Marv Maier
The Legislature's present task
is to unite student resistance
against the assaults on personal
freedom and social outlets by the
University officers and regents.
1. Yes; 2. -Yes; 3. Yes: 4. No
Jean 'Jeep' Marson
The Student Legislature should
represent a cross-section of the
student body, working actively for
its benefit in setting up its stand-
ards and solving its problems.
1. Yes; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes.
Dave Mayer .
Student government should: as-
sume gradually the responsibility
for solution of student problems,

to fight racial discrimination, and
explicit difinition and implemen-
tation of academic freedom.
1. Yes; 2 Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes.
Robert 'Bobbi' Reid
The function of the Student
Legislature is proven the student
body in academic and social ac-
tivities so that campus affairs are
democratically controlled.
1. Yes; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. No
John J. Robertson
To be a truly all campus govern-
ing body, the Student Legislature
must represent all students in car -
rying out a conrete program for
campus betterment.
1. Yes; 2 Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes.
Phyllis Rosen
A student legislature should pro-
vide its students with experience
in citizenship through such activi-
ties as intelligent voting and
careful evaluation of all sides of
pertinent student issues.
1. Yes; 2 Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes,
Donald Rothschild,
Representative of student opin-
ion . . . liaison between student
body and the University ... coor-
dinator of campus activities-.
these are the -functions which our
Legislature must carry out !
1. Yes; 2 Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes.
Bob Russell
I believe that the primary func-

relationships . . . and ultimately a
representative body.
1. Yes; 2 Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes.
John N. Stewart
I believe the Student Legislature
should represent fully the opin-
ions of the student- body and to
make known and promote those
opinions on any matter affecting
the students.
1. No; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes.
Mary Kay Thurber
The only way that we can gain
a voice in the administration of
our own affairs -is through ade-
quate resperesentation in Student
1. Yes; 2 Yes: 3. Yes: 4. Yes.
Leo J. Travers
The men and women who com-
prise the Student Legislature are
elected for the primary purpose of
representation. Theirs is the duty
to express and represent your
1. Yes; 2 Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes.
Herbert Van Bur gel
I believe the purpose of the Stu-
dent Legislature to be that of rep-
resenting the student body, in its
relation with the administration
of the University.
1. Yes; 2 Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes.
John L. Waller
The Student Legislature is the
main body of the Student Gov-
ernment. It should represent all
students-the independent as well
as the affiliated.
1. Yes; 2 Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes.
Catherine Warren
The. Student Legislature should
represent student opinion in
bringing about cooperation be-
tween the faculty and students and
in solving important student prob-
lems justly.
1. No; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes.
Tom Walsh
Incumbent. Two Years. Running
again because I believe my experi-
ence on Legislature, as NSA dele-
gate and Committee Chairman can
be of constructive value to the
1. Yes; 2 Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes.
Edward Yellin
The Student Legislature must
take an active part in the fight for
student civil rights and in the
fight for international student co-
operation to obtain peace.
1. No Opinion; 2. Yes; 3. Yes;
4. Yes.
William B. Zeller
In my opinion, the Student
Legislature should be devoted un-
compromisingly to the best inter-
ests of all the student body, thus
assuring a better student govern-
1. Yes; 2 Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes.

for senior president

Candidates Outline aims in
Student Publications Race
Terrence H. Benbow
Student publications are only as representative and comprehensive
as the capabilities of the staffs allow. Your vote is your most direct
voice in influencing the quality of your publications. I have six years
of commercial journalistic experience. I am unaffiliated and free
of all possible pressure groups. Therefore I feel I have the know-how
and freedom to represent the whole student body.
Bill Caldwell
I believe that a member of the Board in Control should have an
understanding of publications work and at the same time be grounded
in basic business principles. I have had publications experience at
another college and at the present time I am working for my Master's
Degree in Business Administration. The important point, however,
is that I am not connected with publications at Michigan and thus
am in a position to best represent both the students and the publica-
John B. Campbell
I believe that my experience as managing editor of The Daily last
year qualifies me for a position on the Board. I am familiar with the
functions of the Board, but would like to see more responsibility for
student publications given to the editors. Theyearned their jobsr
Richard Kraus
+ One who attempts to tackle a job should Ie familiar with the
problems it involves. Three years of association with every student
publication are my qualifications. I have been sports editor of The
Daily, a regular contributor to Gargoyle, and unofficial aide on the
Ensian sports staff.
Bruce Lockwood
As a member of the Board in Control of Student Publications I
would try to make the existing campus publications more representa-
tive of the Student Body and actively encourage the establishment of
new publications. In addition, I would strive to maintain a closer
relationship between this body and the individual student.
Alfred Millstein
I believe the students who work on The Daily and other publica-
tions are the ones best qualified to determine policy. The Board should
be little more than an advisory body. Promotions should be made
strictly on merit as judged by senior members of the staff, the stu-
dents themselves.
Richard W. Morrison
Student publications jre an important part of campus life. They
should be as representative of the student body as possible. I will do
everything I can to make this ideal a reality. I feel that I am qualified
to serve on the Board in Control by reason of my experience as a
member of The Daily staff.
Thomas C. Walsh
Incumbent. I'm seeking re-election because I believe that my
contacts with students and student organizations as well as the pub-
lications themselves qualify me to continue as one of your three
student representatives on this 11 member board which sets policy
and appoints editors for student publications,

Tear out this page, and take it with you when you go to vpte.

increase self-rule; and act as a
forum on student neeas, social,
recreational. informationa'l, and
1. Yes; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes.
Bailiss Mclnnis
The SL should carry on proj-
ects such as a co-operative cafe-
teria& and lifting the political ban.
I will support the SL program for
foreign students.
1. No; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes.
Al Miller
I believe the Student Legislature
is a unit of service to students
and the administration by pre-
senting student opinion and mak-
ing suggestions to the adminis-
1. Yes; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes.
Bill moll
I consider coordination of stu-
dent activities the primary func-
tion of the Legislature. I would
ike to see it represent equally and
serve wholeheartedly the interests
of all the students.
1. Yes; 2. Yes; 3. No Opinion; 4.
Quentin Nesbitt.
I believe the Student Legisla-
ture, as the representative body
of the entire University, should
work toward goals desired by the
majority of students.
1. Yes; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes.
Delores Olsen
I believe the Student Legislature
shoul express student opinion on
all levels and act as a liaison of-
ficer between the administration
and the student body. *
1. Yes; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes.
Wiliam L. O'Neill
It is my opinion that the Stu-
dent Legislature should accurate-
ly reflect campus student opin-
ion, and, within its own frame of
reference, operate as the instru-
ment of that opinion.
1. Yes; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes.
David Pease, Jr.
For the Student Legislature to
become really effective, it needs to
perform practical jobs from which
each student with directly benefit.
The one aim should be to improve
the lot of the student in a finan-
cial, social, and educational way.
1. Yes; 2 Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes.
Norman Rappaport
Not to be "someone," but to do

tions of the Student Legislature
should be to integrate campus ac-
tivities and to regulate student
1. No Opinion; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4.
Charles Rymes
The Student Legislature should
represent all groups on this cam-
pus, at the same time making sure
that minority opinions are given
equal consideration before action
is taken.
1. Yes; 2 Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes.
Doug Sands
The Legislature should stand for
the individual rights of you stu-
dents. Doing all that is possible to
give you more voice in areas which'
concern your welfare.
1. Yes; 2. No Opinion; 3. Yes; 4.
Gellert Seal
As a delegate to two NSA Con-
ventions I have been discouraged
by the lack of coordination be-
tween NSA and' SL. My primary
goal is securing better co-opera-
tion between them.
1. Yes; 2 Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes.
Gil Schubert
In my opinion the Student Leg-
islature, the barometer of student
opinion, should be a strong voice
in student affairs at the Univer-
sity of Michigan.
1. Yes; 2 Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes.
Morton Simons
The Student Legislature should
investigate food and finances in
the residence halls, ensure all stu-
dents decent seats at the football
games and establish a co-opera-
tive book store.
1. No; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes.
Susan Siris
Role is to serve students in func-
tions as: lifting political ban, cre-
ation of non-profit student book-
stores, broaded international stu-
dents' program, endorsing pur-
chase card system.
1. Yes; 2 Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes.
Jack Smalter
The role of the Student Legis-
lature is to accurately present the
views of the students on various
policies, and to have as its pur-
pose the advancement of student
and administration cooperation.
1. Yes; 2. No Opinion; 3. Yes;
4. Yes.
r)IFJC... wry-

...for senior president
* * *
Class Officers,
J-Hop Group
To BeElected
With campus wide interest cen-
tered in the SL and Publications
Board elections, Juniors and Sen-
iors will have to select class offi-
cers and a J-Hop committee.
Senior class presidential candi-
dates are Pete Elliott and Val
Vice presidential aspirants are
Audry Buttery, Marilyn Howell,
John Kampmeier, Arlynn Rosen
and Mary Wright.
Candidates for secretary are
Betty Cole, Nancy Culligan, Mar-
garet Ellingwood, Jo Kitchen,
Ginny Nicklas, Ruth Parsons and
Elinor Abramson.
Treasurer candidates are Ann
Griffin, William Marcoux and Eu-
genia McCallum.
All but twelve of the J-Hop peti-
tions were originally thrown out
by the Judiciary for faulty signa-
tures. Those whose petitions were
accepted originally are Richard
Entenmann,Delores Olsen, Mar-
ilyn Stone, Burt Shifman, Donald
Greenfield, Nancy Cupples, Ralph
Hillman, Nancy Williams, Harold
Mindell, Joyce Atchison, Morgan
Ramsay and Lloyd Oliver.
The rest of the J-Hop candi-
dates had to repetition. They are:
Jim Burk, Virginia Correll, Steve
Bernard, Janice Olivier, Ken
Gould, Joan Leszczynski, John R.
Montrose, Mac Barnum, Donald
Hiles, Jo Lyons, Jeanne Hendel,
John Baum, Jack Hayward,
George Hawthorn, James Ely,
Ruth Campbell, Margaret Price,
Bill Owen, Donna DeHarde, Joan
Fast, Mary Ann Harris, Jeri Mul-
son, Reginald Sauls, Betty Jane
Schmidt, Esther Kaufman and
Georganna Willson.

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