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January 15, 1947 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1947-01-15

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r- TUP, MICUiP--AFV ri-firirv

r... .,

WEDNESDAY, JANTJ~,Y 15, 1f141 ifl MI'IWI% T1T1-11UU.4 Y.&.ALAU J .l LH111I


Al Townsend Will Pro
Music for Coed Bid Afi

Mortarboard Pay-off Dance,
coeds' aid event to which women
students traditionally take J-Hop
dates, will be held from 9 p.m. to
midnight Friday, Feb. 14, in the
League Ballroom.
Al Townsend, Campus Casbah



Students were reminded this
week of the new Judiciary Council
rule concerning latenesses beyond
the time of the late permissions
by Jean Louise Hole, Judiciary
Regulations concerning late per-
missions apply to the blanket per-
missions given for J-Hop and other
special events, as well as to indi-
vidual permissions granted by the
Office of the Dean of Women or,
on week-ends, by house directors.
Coeds who are less than 15 min-
uts late beyond the time of their
late permission are required to
make up this time at the rate of
15 make-up minutes for each min-
ute late. Thus, for a lateness of
five minutes beyond a late perniis-
sion the offender would be re-
quired to sign in 75 minutes early
the Friday or Saturday following
the lateness.
Any lateness of more than 15
minutes beyond the stated time of
the permission is treated as a vio-
lation of a late permission. The.
offender will be brought before the
Judiciary Council and is subject
to social probation by ,the Coun-

maestro, and his 14 p
provide music for th(
1earts and cupids
to decorate the ba
Valentine's Day1
heart-shaped boxe
will be given as d
holders of lucky ticl,
The Pay-off Danc
event on campus
Mortarboard, senior
orary society, is thi
the direction of Ele
with Betty Lou Bidwe
general chairman.
Other committee
for the dance are
Dunivan, tickets;J
patrons; Ellen Hill
Olive Chernow, deco
Dawn Saari and Am
Tickets will go on
pus Friday and SatL
and 8. A limited nu
sold, Miss Stewart sa
will be available on
Tickets are priced
Fashion Sd
Offers wa
To Senior (
The Tobe-Coburn
Fashion Careers is sl
annual nationwide co
fashion fellowships op
ior women interested
as a career.
Candidates will c
three fashion fellow
$850 each ffor the on
in the Tobe-Coburr
New York. Tnstructior
en in fashion coordit
chandising, advertisi
nel, buying and stylin
Registration blanks
the competition may
at the Bureau of A
and must be mailed t
by Jan. 31. Test top
be sent to each dandi
4, and must be mailed
March 7, 1947.
The directors and f
School will be the cor
winnprs will be anno
about April 5. The
cover full tuition for
year beginning Aug.
ending May 28, 194
Further informatioi
School, courses offer
three awards which v
may be obtained at th

vide B d
a rCniudfo ae1
During the war, Elman was in
iece band will command of the Sixth Ferry
e dance. Group band in which he played.
swill be used After his discharge, he rejoined
Iilroom in a Dorsey and played his first post-
theme, and war engagement at the 1946 Mich-
s of candy igan J-Hop.d lman is well known
Dor prices to for his recording of his own co-
ket numbers. position, "And The Angels Sing,
e, an annual and for his appearance in several
~e a anulmovies with te orchestras of
sponsored by
women's hon- Goodman and Dorsey
s year under After Dorsey's band broke up.
anor Stewart Elman formed his own from half
ll as assistant of the members and played his
first engagement the first of this
e chairman year. Virginia Maxey, Bob Man-
Mary Alice ning and Clint Garvin are vocalists
o Simpson, with the band.
, programs; Jimmie Lunceford's band re-
orations; and ceived laurels in the Metronome
n Kutz, pub- Magazine band popularity contests
for seven years, and won first place
in Orchestra World's Official poll
sale on cam- for the same length of time.
urday, Feb. 7
rmber will be He began his professional musi-
aid, and they cal career when he played saxo-
ly to women phone for a dance orchestra while
a student at Fisk University. After
at $1.25 plus graduation, he became a profes-
sor of music at Manassa High
School where he organized a stu-
dent orchestra. After the members
1001 of this band graduated, they en-
rolled at Fisk University together
rrdS and continued playing dance en-7
gagements. Five of the original1
"nine members are still with the
Lunceford band.
School for Lunceford has been much in de-
ponsoring its mand . for college proms, and
mpetition for played here for the 1942 J-Hop.
en to all sen- He has appeared at the University
in this field of Texas, Purdue, Duke, Harvard,
Dartmouth and other colleges.
compete for Lunceford is especially known
ships worth for his recording of "Blues in thec
year course Night," which he introduced and
r School in popularized.
n will be giv- -
nation, mer- Wn . S
ing, person-W omenMay Sign s
g. For Ball Positions
for entering
be secured A list will be posted today and
ppointments tomorrow in the Undergraduate
o the School Office of the League for all thoses
ics will then eligible independent women in-
date on Feb. terested in serving on committees
1 back before for Assembly Ball.x
According to Shirley Loeblich,
acuity of the publicity chairman, the annualt
atest judges; affair will be presented on Fri-
unced on or day, March 7, and the followingr
fellowships committees will begin functioning
- the school at the beginning of next semester:r
27,: 1947 and publicity, patrons, music, build-
8. ing and grounds, tickets and dec-
n about the orations.
ed, and the Miss Loeblich urges all indepen-
vill be given dent coeds who are eligible, espe-
ie Bureau of cially those residing in league
houses, to sign for one or more of
these committees.
JG Play Tryouts
Tryouts for Junior Girls Play,
produced annually by junior wom-
en, have been announced accord-
ing to Delores Massey, publicity
Acting tryouts will be held at 7
p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday and
Thursday, Feb. 4, 5 and 6 in the
rations League. Singing and dancing try-
to 5;00 outs will be held at 7 p.m. Mon-
day, Tuesday and Wednesday, Feb
].FFLL 10, 11 and 12.






J-HOP BAND-Jimmie Lunceford and his band which will play
at this year's J-Hop to be held from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. Friday and
Saturday Feb. 7 and 8 in the Intramural Building.
4c~~ini (~ ~~aemenki
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Lazar of Dr. and Mrs. M. R. Greene of
Chicago, Ill., announce the engage- Pittsburgh, Pa., recently an-j
ment of their daughter, Ruth,.to nounced the engagement of their
E. Phillip Sitkin, son of Mrs. Ed- daughter, Jacquelin to Mr. Norman
ward Sitkin of New York, N. Y. L. Weissman, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Miss Lazar is affiliated with Al- Saul Weissman also of Pittsburgh.
paEoPiMiriss Greene is a member of the
pa Epsilon Phi and is circulationi class of '47 and is affiliated with
manager of the Michiganensian. Alpha Epsilon Phi. Mr. Weissman
wedding. j attends the University of Pitts-
. ___ burgh where he is affiliated with
Phi Epsilon Pi and Alpha Omega.
Casbap To Hold An.August wedding is planned.
Let CDown Dance Mr. and Mrs. Herbert F. Har-
rington of Fairfield, Conn., an-
A Let Down Dance will be the ncunce the marriage of their.
theme of the campus Casbah from daughter, Margery, to Mr. Harold
9 p.m. to. midnight Friday and Sat- J. Lawson, son of Mr. and Mrs.
urday in the League Ballroom. George R. Lawson of Royal Oak.
The affair will be completely in- The ceremony took place Dec. 28.
formal with blue jeans, plaid 1946 in Royal Oak.
shirts, and saddles as the custom- Mrs. Harrington is a member of
ary attire for both nights. Accord- the class of '47 and vice-president
ing to the chairmen of the campus of Senior Society. Mr. Harrington
nightclub, this last dance of the is a member of Theta Xi, treasurer
semester is designed to give the of the Veteran's Organization, and
students their final fling before a pre-law student at the Univer-
examinations begin. sity.
As usual Al Townsend and his 14
piece orchestra will be featured. TYPEWRITERS
The members of the band will also Bought, Sold, Rented rRe paired
be dressed informally in keeping
with the atmosphere of the eve- STUDENT & OFFICE SUPPLIES
ning. Q. 1). MORUL
Tickets are now on sale at the 314 S. State St. Phone 7177
main desk of the League. 3.-
-T -_--_-

Honor Group
Will Initiate
New Women
Alpha Lambda Delta, national
honorary fraternity for freshmen
women, will hold its initiation
spmetime in April. after the coeds
who are eligible have been noti-
Freshmen women who have at-
tained a 3.5 average during their
first semester are eligible to be
initiated. Coeds remain active
members of the fraternity until
the next group is initiated the
next year.
Alpha Lambda Delta awards
certificates each year to senior
women who have maintained a 3.5
average throughout their college
years. The National Council of
the fraternity awards a prize to
the senior who has made the
highest grades in her work. As Al-
pha Lambda Delta is primarily a
scholarship organization, the ac-
tivities consist only of a few teas
given during the year.
There are forty-nine active
chapters of Alpha Lambda Delta
in colleges a n d universities
throughout the country and two
more are to be added in the near
future. Last year the Michigan
chapter initiated sixty-five mem-
bers which is the largest group in
its history.
This year's officers are Lois
Garnitz, president; Pat Hannagan,
vice president; Carol Vanderloot,
secretary and Carolyn Vicinus,


According to newly formed
plans, formal dress will be optional
for the "Final Design," annual
winter ball to be presented by the
Engineering Council from 9 p.m.
to 1 a.m. Friday in the Union Ball-
Sale of tickets for all students
on campus wishing to attend the
affair will continue from 10 a.m.
to 4 p.m. at the Engineering Arch
and at the Union. Attendance will
be limited only to ballroom capaci-
Dance To Be Revival
"Final Design" will be the first
postwar revival of the traditional
winter ball given by the engineers.
In keeping with the engineering
theme, caricatures of well known
professors in the School of Engi-
neering will adorn the walls. Spe-
cial programs have been planned,
and refreshments will be served to
the dancers.
Art Jarrett and his orchestra
will provide the music for the af-
fair. Jarrett, upon his recent dis-
charge from the service organized
his new orchestra, which is com-
posed of several members from the
late Hal Kemp's band.
Jarrett Was Soloist
Before the war, Jarrett distin-
guished himself as a soloist with
Ted Weems and Isham Jones. He
also appeared in the movies with
Carole Lombard, Joan Crawford,
Sonja Henie and Ginger Rogers,
and has been a vocalist on several
radio programs.

During his career in the Navy,
Jarrett was placed in charge of en-
tertainment for all branches of
the service in the Pacific theater,
and commanded the Armed Forces
Radio Show for the Nimitz Navy.
Committee Chairmen
General chairman for the "Final
Design" is Eugene Sikorovsky.
Other nembers of the central
committee are: Hal Walters, deco-
rations; Ev Ellin, publicity; Herb
Schreiber, band; Andy Poledor,
programs; Bill Hannig, tickets;
and Lenore Olson, refreshmentes.
Special 1:30 a.m. permission will
be granted to women attending the
A wool evening dress was shown
in a recent issue of a popular
fashion magazine. The skirt takes
its interest and flowing lines from
the qualities of its fabric, a knitted
knotty wool which drapes beauti-
fully. The bodice is simple drama
of black velvet.
DIamojIds g
f 717 North University Ave.




Strictly Formal Attire Optional
At Engineer's 'Final Design' Ball



Advisers Named
Names of women who will serve
as advisers for freshman and
transfer orientation groups for the
spring semester were announced
this week.
Freshman a dvis er s include
Jeanne Marie North, Doris Wais-
brod, Audrey Weston, Elizabeth
Bloomstrom, Shirley Fryman, Syl-
via Meyer and Audrey Bernard.
Women who have been appoint-
ed to the transfer positions are
Kate Hearst, Dorothee Strauss,
Marilyn Neff, Patricia Brezner and
Mary Daugherty.
The orientation programs will
be held for coeds entering the Uni-
versity this spring. Transfer ori-
entation is headed by Lois Iverson,
while Joan Schlee is chairman of
Freshman Orientation.

flJLhnlrJ~JLmTFTILrlLniJ1 LFF~.
Would you like a gown made
just for you?
1352 WILMOT Altei
Telehone 3906 Hours: 9:00


:i 'c', :a ,
A n
q ri , ..
z ; .
_ <.,

flo. 1 in
Otr p Qearance

'I letC cecU
doJf, checb
Be sure you have loads of separate skirts and
slacks on hand . . . just the attire you'll need
for sports and lounging now, out-of-door
parties later.
Muted Tattersall check in wool and
rayon flannel . .. yellow, green, blue
or brown grounds . . . Junior and
Misses sizes.
Trimly cut slacks in pure wool flan-
nel . . . precision cut from a tailor's
pattern . . . brown, navy or grey
smooth-finished flannel; vari-toned
shadow plaids and pinstripes.
8.95 to 10.95

Rj <.:



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K1i N
I "5.


Other slacks from 5.95 to 16.95

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o- ;

for Desk. . . to Date . .. for Campus
... a dress for every occasion.
at 5.00

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proportioned slacks! Just select
them according to your size;
short, medium or tall . . . put them
on and enjoy active sports or
fireside lounging. Expertly tailored
in 100% wool flannel. Dark
green, brown, or black.

Wools . . . Spuns ..
Originally from

. . Rayons

at 10.00 and 14.95
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soft, smooth leath'er flatties in your
favorite color - brilliant red , .

with the new closed toes!...
also in rich black!



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