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December 05, 1945 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1945-12-05

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E~DAY IiECF~ThER ~ 194~

Veterans' Question and Answer Box




EDITOiW NOTE Qestons fio -thi ciw
Um13 are olpiie',r mIem ere adressi
to Veterans Editor ol ie SWU a "4 "ri " i
be answered by Cla kibitts ad "he
staff of the Veterans' Service Bureau
Question: Can subsistence be in-
creased if a single man changes his
marital status from single to mar-
ried after subsistence application
has been made?
Answer: Yes. All he need do is submit
proof of marriage to the U. S. Vet-
eran Administration at Dearborn
Question: Can a single man antici-
pating marriage in June apply for
housing facilities now?
Answer: Yes. Leave your name with
Miss Scanlon in the office of the
Dean of Students.
Question: Since I am a veteran may
I drive a car?
Answer: As a student of the Univer-
sity, you are subject to the same
automobile regulations as any other
student. The regulations are printed
in full in the Guide published by
the Veterans Service Bureau, or you
may get information at the office
of the Dean of Students from As-
sistant Dean Rea.
Question: I have not received any
checks for some time and have ex-
hausted my bank account. Where
can I obtain some financial aid?
Answer: The University has funds:
from which it makes student loans.
Make application to the Dean of
Students, Room 2, University Hall.
Question: How do I go about getting
back at the end of my terminal
leave my tuition payment and mon-
ey paid out for books?
Answer: As soon as your terminal
leave has expired, send a Form 1950,
Application for Educational Bene-
fits, to the U. S. Veterans Adminis-
tration at Dearborn. As soon as you
have received a Certificate of Eligi-
bility and Entitlement, Form 1953,
bring it to the Veterans Service
Bureau. The Bureau will make ar-
rangements with the business office
for refund of the appropriate part
of your tuition and for the money
paid out for books.
Question: What determines the reg-
ipnal office to which the claim
folder is sent?
Answer: The separation center sends
your military record to the Veterans
Administration facility of the state
in which you claimed to have resi-
dence. The folder remains in the
Veterans Administration office of
that state until you ask to have it
transferred to the office of the state
in which you are attending school.
Club To Plan
Yule Activities
Discussion of plans for their Christ-
mas celebration will be held at the
Deutscher Verein meeting 8:00 p.m.
today in the Women's Athletic Build-
The program for today will also in-
clude German folk songs and dancing,
directed by Julia Wilson and Mrs.
Werner F. Striedieck.
All students of German and former
members are invited to attend.
Atkinson Will Leave
Army Medical Unit
Capt. Charles P. Atkinson, who has
been in charge of the Army Medical
Unit on campus for over two years,
is leaving his post today and will re-
turn to civilian status.
Capt. Atkinson will resume his law
practice in Fort Worth, Texas. A re-

placement will be announced next

Q iesticn When my application for
the ( I Bill benefits was filed in
fi3dtsiuli, l indicated that I wou ld
definitely attend the University of
Michigan. Does this not constitute
notification of region?
Answer: This should constitute noti-
fication, but in order to be sure
that your subsistence is not delayed
beyond a reasonable time, it would
te well for you to make a written
jequest to the Pittsburgh office.
Question: Why can't the USO be
turned into a veterans' club house
where veterans, their wives and
friends can meet for social gath-
Answer: The USO was set up in Ann
Arbor to accommodate service men
stationed at the University and else-
where in the county and for men
passing through Ann Arbor. It is
a community agency, therefore, and
not a part of the University. Vet-
erans enrolled in the University are
bona fide students and the Univer-
sity expects to provide for them
and their wives through its regular
Question: I have no certificate of sat-
isfactory service, no official release
from active duty other than orders.
I applied to Dearborn for a certifi-
cate of eligibility with a copy of my
orders of release from active duty
and an affadavit showing my length
of active duty. Will I receive my
benefits or will I have to wait until
I receive my papers from the Navy?
Answer: Ordinarily, when separated
from the service you would receive
Form 553, "report of separation."
The Army equivalent is Form 100;
the Marine equivalent is Form 78
P.D). For reasons unknown to us,
some naval personnel receive only
a "Certificate of Satisfactory Ser-
vice" when separated. This docu-
ment is of no value since it con-
tains no record of service. Neither
a copy of orders nor an affidavit
will suffice to establish your eligi-
bility. A certificate will be issued
School Buildtig
Plans Vetoed
The proposed program to build the
first unit of a new senior high school
with a health, physical education and
recreation plant was vetoed at city
polls Monday when two propositions
for raising the school tax to finance
the buildings were rejected by the
local electorate.
The election was prompted by a
petition to the Board of Education
unanimously voted by Ann Arbor sen-
ior high school students and signed
by more than 350 citizens of the
school district, asking that the build-
ing program be accelerated.
Proposition No. 1 to extend the 15
mill tax limitation was defeated by
179 votes, and Proposition No. 2 to
levy an additional two-mill school
tax was eliminated by 286 votes.

only poin seeeit of .,om -z
However, the date of appiieation P
ihiPortaint if enitering sehol beforn
receipt of the certificate, and tif
1950 application and orders servf
to establish this date.
Question: Why are marriage certifi.
cates insufficient evidence to war-
rant the $75.00 monthly subsistenc(
allowance? Why are notarized affi-
davits required in addition to thi
Answer: A blank marriage certificali
is readily obtainable and could bf
completed, photostated, and notar-
ized without the ceremony taking
place. A certified copy of the docu-
ment, on the other hand, is ob-
tainable only after it is recorded
by the county clerk. This consti-
tutes satisfactory evidence of mar-
Varsity Band
To Be Formed
Initial Meeting To Be
In Morris Hall Monday
Organized as a separative organiza-
tion from the Concert Band, the new
Varsity band will augment the Con-
cert Band when the occasion arises,
Prof. William D. Revelli, announced
The first meeting of the new band
will be at 7:15 p.m. Monday, Dec. 10
in Morris Hall. Auditions will be held
after this meeting. Openings exist in
all sections, according to Prof. Re-
velli, although wood-wind players
especially are being urged to ,join.
Prof. Reveilli is particularly encour-
aging those students to come out for
the Varsity Band who do not have the
time or the proficiency to play in the
Concert Band.
Rehearsals will be held twice week-
ly, under Prof. Reveilli, with a maxi-
mum of two and a half hours being
spent in rehearsals each week. The
hours will be determined at the first
The need for this type of band has
been clearly expressed, now that the
war is over and there are many re-
turned veterans and more women on
campus, according to Prof. Reveilli.
Many students have expressed a de-
sire to participate in some band or-
ganization which would not require
as much time as the regular band.


R E T U R N I N G-Former
President Washington Luis Pe-
reira de Sousa (above) of Brazil
expects to return to his native
country. He has lived in exile
.since 1930 in the U. S.;

C U A R D D U T Y--Jap sentries stand guard at the gates of the U. S. embassy in Peking and
watch as American officers of occupation forces pass through. U. S. Marines had been guards there
since the Boxer rebellion, but were captured by Japs during World War II.

On city

Speaks in Alpena

F 0 U N D-Mrs. Hideki Tojo,
shown in picture taken when
her Husband was :;till premier of
Japan, was fond at Fukuoka,
Kyushu, Japan. She claimed she
had fled the Japanese capital to
escape "the unbearable pain of
Tokyo where I was exposed to
public glare."

Prof. John Perkins of the political
science department spoke on "Prob-
lems of Relation of Planning to Mu-
nicipal Administration" at a meeting
sponsored by the Michigan Planning
Commission held yesterday in Alpena.

C I D 0 C S H 0 W IN C E R M A N Y-Lt. Sheldon Machlin (center) of New York City
holds a leash on his blue-ribbon winner, "Roif," a black shepherd, while Sgt. Noran Weinberger,
,lemon _iach, _N.Y., restrains his first prize winner, 5-weeks-old terrier, "Marhe Noir," at a dg
show staged _byU._ S. soldiers in. Wiesbaden, Germany.'

the Nuernberg defendants, was
a Nazi publisher and notorious

M E M 0 R I A L I N B E R L I N-Russian memorial built in the Tiergarten near the Branden-
burg gate in Berlin was unveiled recently by Marshal Zhukov in honor of Russian soldiers.

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