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December 10, 1943 - Image 14

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The Michigan Daily, 1943-12-10

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Gifts for Folks at Home
Are 'Must'for Student
Christmas Presents May Be Carried Home
Without Arousing Parental Suspicion

Next to Greeks bearing gifts, there
is probably nothing which people are
inclined to distrust more than stu-
dents bearing gifts. It is common
knowledge that around report card
time, a student bearing gifts is about
the most cagey character that a par-
ent could let into the house.
Now, however, with Christmas just
around the proverbial corner, we can
take presents home to the "folks"
without any ulterior motives. And,
in the face of this, a brief survey of
the field might be helpful.
While the "here - is - your - pipe-
where - can-I-findI-your-slippers-Fa-
ther" era seems to have died a slow
and natural death, a Christmas pres-
ent for Father is, nevertheless, some-
thing to think about, especially since
it will probably be his money that
pays for it in the end. "Father, dear
Father, come home to me now"-
Here is a leather wallet to hold your
diminishing income-Here is a book
to take your mind off "the coin we
blew at dear old Michigan," Here is
a pipe to bite, a cigar to smoke, a
pen with which to write out checks.
Indeed, while Father is probably
well-bowed down under the weight
of a daughter in college, there are
still many things which will bring
back the old light to his face. Natur-
ally, the source of such light must
differ with the personality of the
individual father, but rumor hath it
that most of them are basically alike.
Make it a wallet;, then-or a book-
or anything along the good old de-
pendable line. Anything but ties!
Don't Forget Mother1
Mother is, of course, another prob-
lem. If she is the "leave-me-alone-
type, then, by all means, bring her
an elaborate cook book, leave her
alone with her kitchen, and she'll be
happy. If, on the other hand, she
leans toward the other extreme, the
type that passes through the house
every morning and evening, or her
way to and from the Red Cross,
something practical, like a pocket-
book or a ratiopi book will probably
do the trick. Nylons are nice, too.
Now we come to a species of Amer-
ican Mother that is practically ex-
tinct-i.e. the happy medium or "I-
home-and-the-war" type. For this
kind of mother there is, in this town,
a veritable hotbed of welcome gifts,
perfume, handkerchiefs, gloves, com-
pacts, and so forth.
Thy Shining Gace
Mothers, in general, are very easily
satisfied when it comes to gifts, and

the average student may go home,
this Christmas, fairly confident that
even the sight of his or her shining
face, is, to his or her mother, a gift
of beauty "and a joy forever." From
the mother who harbors this atti-
tude, any gift she receives brings
forth a "you-shouldn't-have-done-it-
but-it's-lovely" reaction which is a
reward in itself.
Go to it, then. Buy out, if you like,
the local book stores and department
stores and drug stores. But never let
it be said that a Michigan student
returned to his home at holiday time
-giftless and fundless. Ohe or the
other, but never both.
Gifts for the
Servicewo man
If you have a friend in the WACs,
WAVEs, SPARs or Marines, you may
be wondering just what kind of
gift can be welcome and useful to a
woman who must dress and live ac-
cording to strict government decrees.
Fortunately, a recent poll of ser-
vicewomen, here and overseas, re-
veals what they really want to find
in their G.I. lisle stockings. On the-
"dream list" come portable radios,.
cameras with extra film and alarm
clocks, (try and get any of 'em) but
the women in uniform can be made
very happy by items which civilians
can still find in the shops.
The WAVEs and SPARs want reg-
ulation gloves in black or white, ray-
on hosiery for dress wear, stationery
and shoeshine kits. An officer would
bless you for engraved calling cards
with her rank on them. All branches
request regulation shirts and hand-
The WACs want pajamas and all
the corps want tailored slips and
other lingerie, emphatically the kind
that needs no ironing. A cheering
touch of feminine luxury would be
enthusiastically received in the form
of beauty kits, compacts, cologne,
bathpowder and hand lotion. A fit-
ted toilet case with mirror is sure of
appreciation. The only jewelry ser-
vicewomen can wear are identifica-
tion bracelets and wristwatches.
Incidentally, hardly a woman
questioned didn't mention on her list
that she wanted war bonds and
stamps, a pocket Bible and mail,
mail, MAIL from home.

Roommate Will
Cherish P.J.s,
When the good old Yuletide Season
roles around, one person who really
deserves a carefully chosen gift is'
that swell gal-your room-mate.
After all, wh. shouldn't she? Just
look at all she's put up with (and
vice versa). Well, anyway here's the
lowdown on some gifts she'll treasure
and really love you for.
In the first place, you can't go
wrong with a stuffed animal and
Ann Arbor is a college girl's paradise
in that respect. There are types for
every girl as well as for every purse
which is an important thing to con-
sider this year. One of the cutest
ones seen around lately is a darling'
fuzzy deer with cream-colored spots.
The coldest part of winter is just
ahead, so if you don't want to hear
"roomie's" teeth chattering as the
breezes blow, get her something
warm. Cozy flannel pajamas are A-1
with any girl, and what Michigan gal
would turn her nose up at a wool'
sweater or a hand-knit pair of socks?
If the dear one who sleeps in the+
upper birth (or lower, whichever the
case may be) is the fastidious type,
get her a "heavenly scent" gift. Per-;
fume is always a morale booster and
seems to be especially thrilling
around Christmas time.
Just a word about wrapping thisF
carefully chosen item. Do it up with
gay plaid ribbon, pine cones, ever-
green sprays, or small tingling bells.
Make the wrapping original and
clever and she'll enjoy the gift twice
as much.
War Brides
Want Gifts
With Future
Is she Lovely? It she Engaged? Is
she married already and waiting for
the' warrior's return? Then, what
does she want especially for Christ-
Since you can't present her with
immediate Total Allied Victory,
wrapped up with a sprig of holly,
you might remind her of a hopeful
future with gifts for the home she is
thinking about.
Much silver and more kitchen
gadgets have marched to war but
you can give her handsome glass
cooking utensils, practical, well-nigh
indestructable, and reasonably priced,
in sets or impressive single pieces.
Good-looking American and Mexican
pottery and china dishes will liven
up a future table for two and table
linens, from this country or from
Good Neighbors can add personality
to the smallest apartment breakfast
Soft all-wool blankets are again on
the market. Prints or maps to hang
on a wall are fine, if you are sure of
her taste in art.
If the wedding date is still remote,
"sometime after the duration," con-
sider trousseau lingerie, efficient
beauty kits, or the romantic new per-
fume named after that "something
blue" a bride carries.
Sweethearts and wives whose men
are overseas need lots of V-Mail pa-
per and you can purchase quantities
of it in attractive boxes. Good sta-
tionery is a requirement for those
women whose favorite correspond-
ents are still in this country.
For complete practicality and good
taste in a present to a wartime bride
or fiancee, there could be nothing
better than a war bond or stamps
which wil help speed the way to do-
mestic happiness

Tardy Folk
Make Poor

By MARY CHERNUS of blue, wine, and canary? Of course,
C"' Flash! Unofficial but reiable sour- there are always striped shirts.
S l C"" ces have it rumored that civilian men Something new has been added to
on campus WILL NOT be ignored by the ever-welcomed sweater. Stores
'Procrastirgation is the thief of General Santa Claus on his travels today have a limited stock of those
time' some philosopher once said and during the holiday season, neat sweater and hose sets of wool
how right he was. And so I fondly In fact, that grand ole gent has and camel's hair, and you've a choice
been dreaming up all sorts of nice between crew or V neck pullovers and
dedicate the following to those who gifts for Michigan's almost "forgot- cardigans. But if you're not fortun-
every year wait until the 23rd of ten men" this Christmas. A state- ate enough to get one of these sets,
December to do their Christmas shop- ment from his winter quarters in- select a sweater for him anyway. Be
ping. There is in all of us some trait forms us that "the" gift for men this it a sleeveless slipover in a novelty
of human nature which revolts Yuletide will be clothes, wearing ap- knit with a V neck or be it a coat
agains uyngCristm g sin parel, and more clothes. sweater with a plaid cloth front and
agaist buyNmg Christmas giftsri Does the man whose gift you're plain knit back and sleeves, it will be
October or November. Such spirit, worried about like to feel that eyes appreciated.
such atmosphere exists on the 23rd. follow him as he walks hither and Flannel Robe Appreciated
The crowds, the pushing, the wonder yon? Then, get him one of those su- "Stormy Weather, when my man
U e o. o o iper "plaid" shirts that are a tempta- . ." -when your man will be safe
Uncle Hugo is first on your list, tion to a he-man's love of warmth- from the blowing snow and howling
usually a very easy person to buy for they come in all shades of the color winds outside, for he'll be studying in
-socks will do. After being trampled spectrum and guaranteed to attract his room wrapped in a smartly tail-
to death you finally reach the coun- attention. ored flannel robe you gave him for
ter, only to find the saleslady com- If you've decided to pamper him Christmas. If you've inherited a
pletely oblivious to your shouts of, this Christmas select a pair of those thousand dollars or so this past year
h attrst nerasetionp wese h-comfy, soft slippers-the kind that and have decided to splurge for him
To attract her attention two meth- will let his whole body relax when he this year, take a look at those ultra
ods are prescribed, scream and fait slips his feet into them. Have you robes, fully lined with fur and hand-
(at which point she will dash to your seen those lined with sheepskin, or somely tailored with silky satin
side to see what the commotion is those pliable kid ones with the shawl and belt. Luxury Plus!
all about) or if you prefer to be more smooth leather soles? However, if you don't know what
subtle about it, find an accomplice,siehwaranyodn'kowf
station him in a far corner of the Try Colored Shirts size he wears and you don't know if
store and at the appointed time have Well, you've thought about giving he'd like this or that, stop worrying,
him shout, "Quick, they have nylons." him a shirt or two this year. But be- just give him a gift certificate from
Naturally this will start many a fem- fore you buy, think. Yes, white shirts your favorite clothing store, and let
inine heart aflutter and the bewil- are infinitely better looking, but re- him do the deciding.
dered saleslady will soon be quite member that they soil more easily
alone to give you her undivided at- and there's a laundry situation. Try ADVICE TO SHOPPERS
tention. buying him colored shirts this year. Don't want till you get home to
Size ten and a half socks you ask Why not one of those beautiful Jac- do your shopping this year as
for only to find that the preceding quard shirts tailored in the finest stores in the big cities are rapidly
customer just bought the very last shirtmaker manner in pastel shades running low on stocks.

Dark Clouds Lift for Civilian Man
As Santa Claus Remembers Him

War Creates
Hosiery Styles
Stockings "ain't what they used to
be," Heaven knows, but women must
wear them, at least in winter, and
any and every female on your Christ-
mas list wants hose of smooth fit and
siren sheerness, in short, something
a little reminiscent of those gone-
but-not-forgotten nylons.
Stocking manufacturers have made
tremendous advances since the be-
ginning of the war in the spinning
and knitting of rayon and cotton
yarns. Celanese stockings are parti-
cularly successful since they dry in
eight hours, resist knee and ankle
sagging bravely and come in quite
delicious textures.
A new fashion in stockings, creat-
ed in large part by the war, is that
of cotton or rayon mesh, woven in
qualities to suit almost any occasion.
Mesh stockings are particularly smart
and British gentlewomanly when
worn with suits but, also in mesh, and
quite on the other end of the scale in
effect, comes a wicked Gay Paree
stocking in a lacy black weave which
might bring out the inlcipient can-
can dancer in anybody.
, Stores Save Labor
Because of the shortage of help,
stores have invented many labor-
saving devices for this year's holiday
season. The customers see samples of
gifts and after they have decided up-
on their selections, are given pre-
wrapped packages of their choice.

pair, and would size twelve do for this
particular party. You realize, of
course, that they are much too large,
but the insistent saleslady is certain
they will shrink and you have just
bought Uncle Hugo's Christmas pres-
Next you need something for your
maiden aunt, a sweet young thing of
about forty-eight. You decide on
perfume, a brand to suit her person-
ality and type. Naturally your better
senses tell you to buy some sweet
floral perfume, but without saying a
word of protest you find yourself
walking off with a very large bottle
of "Sinful Soul."
By this time your feet hurt, you're
hungry, so you decide to call it quits
and go home. Are you worried, of
course not, you have another entire
day to finish your shopping.
For Pets' Pleasure
Purchase Presents
When you are purchasing that
present for your roommate, parents,
or friends, think of the faithful one
at home, patiently waiting for vaca-
tion to arrive so that he may see you
Is it fair not to include him in your
.Christmas list? He would be satis-
fied with so little, yet he seldom gets
it. So this year why not include your
family pet among the Yuletide gifts?
Be he (or she) a canary, dog, cat,
monkey, or parrot, some little gift
would make him, (or hbr), so happy
and brighten his Christmas day.
For canaries, bird-seed, of the im-
ported variety is the best gift. This
can usually be found in a dime store.
Another welcome gift is a piece of
cuttlebone, on which to sharpen his
beak. For dogs, a rubber bone or ball
is very popular (refer to your private
Black Market for these items). Some,
scented with either beef, lamb, or
chocolate flavors, offer a greater in-
centive to the animal. Hint, beef is
way in the lead as far as canine
tastes are concerned.

.... .........


They Sti I ...I .(
"Say It With Flowers"
r Potted Plants . . . Center Pieces
Bouquets ..Corsages
The Traditional Gifts for Christmas
Chelsea Flower Sho
203 E. Liberty 2-5616
]i 'f',tii- i {{tK'#iK' f.' I lTL F $Lc: i {. 7IGirJ{Tt~c f F /. '3{ " T T~tlk1 'S. i

.. 'x
;I; P Give Her
'VA~ ~for Christmas
No other gift will make her eyes sparkle like a
beautiful diamond ring will! Choose it with care,
she'll cherish it for all the years to come. Ivest c
in the traditional quality for which we have long
0 been famous.
3. B.WEIBIER, fewe&P6
Since 1904 . .. Now at 308 South State
p 5e
OBe Smart! L
This year is a war year! Most of
us have brothers and sweet-
hearts fighting in the armed
services of the country. We want
to do our all to keep up their
morale-we can only do this by
keeping our wardrobe up to date'
This Christmas our gifts must be
practical-what can better fill
the bill than well-made tailored
clothes? These will be gifts that
will be more than appreciated.. .
SUITS . . . BLOUSES .. .

Fine quality white
or without monograms
for Dad, Mother, and
the children.
For Better Selection mak



More Miles Per Foot

dge Sets
9 Bath Towels
ugerie Cases


$1.29 to $1.50
$1.16 to $1.23




ICH SETS that help
e such an attrac-
table! Pretty for j
-y day-and "com-

Softer than lisle
Stronger than , either


r l n t

"""r A rnr


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