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April 02, 1944 - Image 14

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The Michigan Daily, 1944-04-02

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S ~ r%' ;ANJ ii~~ l , il ft i

'Origin of the
Pajama' Specie
Found in India
War Brings Temporary
Halt to Development
Of Bedtime Attire
Statistics have it that most of us
(maybe not college students) spend
at least a third of our lives in bed.
Loads of people have made it their
business (and a very lucrative one
at that) to see that, whatever we do,
we're dressed for it. But did anyone
see that we were equally well dressed
for bed? Not a soul, for years.
But here is the modern story. How
did pajamas creep into ye olde Am-
erican culture?
Began in India
The scene does a swift change to
India where a fakir is yawning in a
bored fashion as he reclines upon the
newly sharpened nails protruding
from his latest mail-order catalog tor-
ture cot. He is nattily attired in
"puyjamas." A British diplomat stops
to watch the drama unfold, losing his
monocle and letting escape a slight-
ly incredulous, "'Pon my word, how
verry extraordinary."
British Take Over
The natives wore "puyjamas" for
just about everything except sleeping
but the British domesticated the in-
novation. They smuggled them into
the house and, in fact, in 1800 they
took pajamas to bed with them.
So then the Yanks took over, an-
glicized the word to pajamas. A
process of introduction and assim-
late took place in order to overcome
the ready opposition from the men-
folk, who with shaking head, declared
tey would have nothing to do with
itheand so stuck to nightshirts, oc-
casionally relieved by a stoplight pair
of red flannels.
Rudy Plays a Part
The scene switches now to a popu-
lar theatre in 1900. The average Mrs.
America is sitting there adoring from
afar her matinee idol, Rudolph Val-
entino (The Shiek, rather than The
Voice). The bedroom comedy as-
sumed tremendous popularity and
the smooth idol was seen in-yes,
pajamas. Rudolph's oh-so-smooth
hair, lounging pajamas and technique
started something . In the vain hope
that if her husband dressed like Rudy
he might also exert a little charm,
Mrs. America demanded more style
in her husband's boudoir attire
so she ended up with elaborately de-
signed silks, pongees and heavy satins.
And Then the War
But, wait-then came World War
II and accompanying it, WLB regu-
lation L-169. This meant removing
the tassels you always woke up chew-
ing anyhow. No more fancy cuffs-
cuffs and collars .. . and the yardage
was cut to about 41/3 yar:ds a pair.
This will undoubtedly pose a tr-
mendous problem in the post-war
reconstruction. Will flamboyant pat-
terns, styles and colors again appear
in men's pajamas, looking like the
original Dali nightmare, as a con-
trast from -the long suffered 'khaki
and Navy blue? Well, it is anyone's
guess from here on.
But it appears from all appear-
ances that pajamas are here to stay.
In the last decade they have become
the chief concern of many clothing
establishments and they are an ac-
cepted piece of clothing for most any


f /
/,' 4 #M.

t r r W w
THE WISE WORDS GIVEN ABOVE are no dream to the slide-rule boys on this campus for they know,
without a doubt, that Michigan clothes are definitely dominated by Old Man Weather and on one will
even argue with the fact. The Michigan man arises in the morning, looks at his enormous, ". . . so
nebby and neat" wardrobe, throws open the window, gets a big breath of the dank fog, sighs, gets out his
boots, trench coat (the one covered with red becau se the physics book faded on it) and gets ready for
the day. It has been rumored that on some college campuses men wear clothes like white flannels, suave
blazer jackets but those things are for other campuses. The reason Michigan men make such good sol-
diers and sailors is that they are so accustomed to mud and water. Oh well, let's wear our raincoats
today. Spring would be such dreary weather . . .
What the Michigan Man Is To Wear

Watch Those
Argyle Plaid,
Socks, Boys
Do you have a sister? Do you have
a girl friend? Does your sister have
a girl friend? Did you leave all your
lovely pre-war clothes in your room
at home thinking they would still be
there when you returned? Brother,
what a mistake that was!
If you have a sister, girl friend-in
fact, if you know any women at all
who are fond of sport clothes, we
warn you. Buy a good sturdy pad-
lock, get a strong, upstanding young
safe and salt those argyle plaid socks
The girls have gone argyle plaid
sock crazy and you don't have a
chance. Do they care if your socks
are two sizes too big? No, sir. They
just turn them under at the toe. Do
they care if they're your brightest,
gayest and most cherished socks?
No, sir. They say that the yellow in
them is a perfect match for that
lovely ol beaten up cardigan sweater
and then, brother, those socks are
goners. Well, we warned you.
Anyway, it says down here in small

Difficult Choi
Joe College FE
He gets up in the morning andI
nonchalantly peruses his wardrobe.
What should he wear this morning?
It is a difficult problem.
He has come a long way since he
first learned to select clothes. The

ce Faces G.1.
ach Morning
What shall I wear? The bugle
sounds at 4:30 a.m. and up jumps
G.I. Joe College and he drags out
has attire for the day.
The well dressed soldier on the
University campus is in tune with the
_times. He takes out his khaki trous-
ers, his light khaki shirt, his dark
khaki blouse, puts on his medium
khaki tie, polishes his brass - buttons
and hops down to meet the new day.
The bugle sounds at 4:15 a.m. and
the bouncing "blood and guts" Mar-
ine hops out of bed and peruses his
wardrobe. He flips out his olive drab
trousers, his light olive drab shirt,
his dark olive drab blouse, puts on
his medium olive drab tie, ignores his
brass and hops down to get his de-
The bugle sounds at 7 a.m. and the
"old salt" hops out of his bunk, slips
out his navy blue trousers, his light
navy blue, his blue navy jumper,
throws a white T shirt on under-
neath-he is a clever sailor-and he
slides down the pole in the West Quad
to meet the orders of the day.

Question: What, in your opin-
ion, will the well dressed man on
campus be wearing this spring?
(asked in front of the library).
JOSEPH BLOW, '44E,-I don't
know what the other guys in Engine
School will wear, but I have my
spring outfit all picked out. All I
need is the dough: First of all I want
a bright- orange tee shirt. Next, I
have ordered the peachiest looking
fronted sport jacket with a bright
red front, and a plaid black. The
pants are yellow corduroy. They are
the rage this year, you know. I'd
like some yellow shoes, but can't find
ROBERT PRIGG, Grad.,- What
will I wear this spring? Well, I
haven't purchased my wardrobe yet,
but I will probably stick to conserva-
tive clothes again this year. They
are so chawming, don't you think.
Loud clothes are so vulgar.
JOSEPH COLLEGE, '45,-Well, I'll
tell you, kid, I'm not much for this
clothes stuff. I only have about
twenty different outfits, and that's
not much for a college man, you
know. I guess for spring, I'll get
myself a new corduroy hat, a snazzy
knitted tie, some sloppy glen plaid
pants, the brightest they have, and
a bright colored sport jacket. My
orange suede shoes will have to do
this year, I'm all out of coupons. I
Suspenders Favor
Flamboyant Colors
Atlas' task of holding the world up
was nothing compared to the day-in
and day-out responsibility of the
modern suspender.
A startling evolution of this article
of men's wear appears when we trace
its history from the clothes-line var-
iety of Huck Finn fame to the broad,
gaudy species of today. A rumor has
been circulated that a mad, color-
blind artist is designing the day's
suspenders. So that's the reason for
the purple, orange and green sus-
penders. We wondered.
And then, there's the suspicious
character who insists on wearing both
belt and suspenders. He probably
doesn't even have faith in himself.

wouldn't mind trading these books in
for some snazzy shoes, though.
BILL SPORT, '46SM,-Why the
well dressed man, will be wearing the
usual things-pants, shirt, jacket, tie
(maybe), and of course, shoes and
socks. Seriously though, the men will
Yes, There Will
Be Warm Days
For Swimming
It may seem a little chilly now, but
come the June exams and I bet we
find you lazily pulling through a
game of tennis just in time to me-
ander out to the old swimming hole
(believe me, it's a hole).
Wherever your natural swimming
habitat is, it is generally considered
correct by the Hays office and the
general population to make at least a
pretense at a garment known as
trunks. The Hays office, as we all
know, seems to go in for things with
long sleeves and ruffles around the
ankle . . . but for ordinary home-
grown snapshots the American man
seems to prefer to appear in some-
thing a little less concealing.
Your best girl spends hours mak-
ing her annual bathing suit choice
and this year the manufacturers have
done their best to make your choice
hard. Of course, you can settle for
something that is a cross between a
cowboy handkerchief and nothing..
but somehow, even though they look
pretty (violent) on the immovable
dummy we have our doubts as to their
practicality for the Joe who is really
serious about the water.
Next in line are the printed cotton
shorts which come in all sorts of
motifs from India prints to palms
swaying gently across the waistline.
Some of these are specially treated
so that they dry just thinking of that
after-the-swim sunbath. The stand-
by of past years, wool suits, are
scarce, but may still be had in a
wide variety of knits which include

pick out clothes they know will at- print, that greater love hath no man chec
tract the members of the opposite than this, that he give his argyle r k shirts, the brown salt and pep- G The sailor, the marine and the
sex. Yum. The brighter and crazier plaid socks to his sister, per tweed trousers, the tan and plaid GI all wonder if the ordinary civil-
the clothes are, the more they attract sport coats-these things make a ian has as much difficulty in dress-
a woma's eye. Of course, this is BYchoice difficult. A man has got to ing each morning. Yes, he wond-
aonly my aopinion. BUY WAR BONDS look his best. ers.
TOM JONES, '44,-Mejfor a smart,
but not too loud looking leisure, jack-
et, several sport shirts in white, pale
yellow and tan, a few striped or solid
color tee shirts, some tweed or glend
plaid slacks and a couple of knit ties.
For good wear, I have already pur-
chased a smart looking tan tweed
suit. The extreme types of clothes,
I leave for the show-offs. o
Shoe.Rationing . FrLD Nr
Fails To Halt W SE
The pedal extremities demand pro-
tection from the wet under-foot of
the Ann Arbor spring season. And
along that line, the male is still the MAIN DISHES, served with all the trimmings which make Easter
most conservative,. considering as
how his shoes cover up all of his feet,
comparing his fine brogans with the dinner a special banquet, are planned to make you feel at home.
little wisps of something or other
that most women wearo their feet. An excellent cuisine served amid pleasant surroundings will make
What will the well-dressed man
wear this spring? Probably the same
thing that he has been wearing on your Easter dinner an event to be remembered. Plan it now!
his feet all winter (probably last fall,
too.) You can cross two-tone jobs
off your list because you couldn't get
them even if you did have a shoe
stamp. And then, all-whites aren'tE
practical because they get all black 4~ tMrir
Of course, the sporty joes are ap- 126 East Huron Street
pearing in those brown suede jobs
and unless they inherit some shoe
stamps somewhere they will probably I _
continue to wear the brown shoes. L --
Wanna stamp, buddy?____-*_
~ 4
i, o, - II
or opt eliern
BLESSED ARE THE MEEK . . . . . . Zofia Kossak . . . . . . 3.00
THE APOSTLE . . . . . . . . . , Sholem Asch . . . . . . 3.00
THE NAZARENE . . . . . . . . . Sholem Asch . . . . . . 3.50
GOLDEN APPLES OF THE SUN . . . . Rosemary Obermeyer . . . 2.50
AMEN, AMEN . . . . . . . . . , S. A. Constantino, Jr. . . . 2.00
THE EAGLE AND THE DOVE . . . . V. Sackville-West . . . . . 2.50
IN TUNE WITH THE INFINITE. . . . Ralph W. Trine . . . . . 2.00
SILENCE OF THE SEA . . . . . . . Verscors. . . . . . . . 1.00
THE TEN COMMANDMENTS. . . . . ed. Armin Robinson . . . . 3.00
T THE ROBE . . . . . . . . . . . Lloyd Douglas. . . . . . 2.75
DAILY STRENGTH FOR DAILY NEEDS . . . . . . . . . . . 1.00
SOLDIERS AND SAILORS PRAYER BOOK. ed. Gerald Mygatt . . . 1.00

Also a Complete Line of JUVENILE BOOKS

I. ____-,-___________________________ _ _____IT

bya (u64titute!
Be sure of fine quality material
and superb workmanship . . . in
STEIN BLOCH clothes for men.


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