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March 11, 1942 - Image 12

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The Michigan Daily, 1942-03-11

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-Hair.Styles Are'
Shorter, Need
More Primping
Since the "defense hair-cut" was
featured in one of the more popu-
lar weekly magazines, many short-
haired women have been seen dart-
ing hither and yon on the campus.
Not only the particular styles shown
in this magazine have been seen but
many variations of thisfashion are
manifesting themselves.
The philosophy behind the new
hair-do is to minimize the amount
of time and effort American women
h ave previously expended upon their
This is a fallacy however, accord-
ing to local hair dressers as well as
to actual guinea pigs for this new
experiment because they insist that
the Veronica Lake style takes much
less time in keeping trim. Short
hair requires an extreme amount of
time because constant curling as well
as trips to the barber are essential
to perpetuate the effect. It is also
generally believed that only those
with abundant natural curl can
weather the rains with little con-
Despite all of these obstacles hair
is getting shorter. Men will have to
forgive their "short-headed" friends
if they arekept waiting even long-
er, (if that is possible) because of
last minute primping.
Be sure you've got compacts-A
and more compacts. Why not have
yourself a new spotlight compact with
a tiny blackout light for making up
in the dark. The case is made of
black bakelite.

Ut iity I n Su its Key Words, 'Bigger And Better,'
Is Emphasized Describe New Trend In Jew


* * :* * *

For Duration
Tailored Gabardines, Patterned
Tweeds Prove To Be Popular;
Bright Colors To Predominate
Suits are in the first rank this
spring because busy lives and war
sacrifices mean the necessity of a
realistic point of view in the matter
of clothes.
War means fewer materials for clo-
thing and less money to spend for
them. Fashion for the duration
will notsbe so flippant and variable
as it has been in the past and fads
are almost treason.
Investment in an expensive and
durable suit is a sound practice, for
it will be worn for a long time to
comeband for many occasions. The
best bet for this wardrobe mainstay
is a distinctive wool suit in classic
lines. A tailored gabardine or mono-
tone patterned tweed, with a well-
fitting jacket and comfortable skirt
is ideal.
Avoid Drabness
Suits that look like uniforms
should be avoided. There will be
enough of them in defense work and
the men in the armed forces will not
be apt to appreciate seeingcarbon
copies of themselves when they must
look at the same monotonous uni-
formity of style every day, anyway.
However, the old axiom of sticking
to the tried and true conservative
is more fitting than ever in choos-
ing a basic suit. Drabness can be
overcome by brilliant accessories.
Find 'Young' Suits
Not all suits are classic styles. This
spring ,more than ever, there are
many of those "extra" little suits that
dress up a wardrobe and raise your
spirits. You'll find them in soft
wools with young dirndl fronted
skirts, straight and long modified
peg-top skirts, and short tight fit-
ting or bolero jackets.
Bright colors predominiate, par-
rot green, sun yellow, cerise, blue and
white. And these are in novel fab-
rics because of the priorities on silk
and wool. A very ultra, ultra Easter
suit might be in moire or taffeta,
with a long slim skirt and a short
bolero jacket.
Colorf Replaces

"The bigger the better' sums
the trend of the latest fashions
jewelry, with earrings, bracel
necklaces, ins, and rings all gr
ing in leaps and bounds. Rings
large stones or cameos can be fo
that extend to the first joint of y
finger, while bracelets have Bre
increased in width, some actu
measuring almost two inches.
Wood is one natural resou
which is evidently still quite ple
ful for. it is being used extensv
to give that finishing touch tor
lady's outfit. Painted wooden b
compose many a colorful neckl
and anything from a kangaroo t
duck can be found in wooden l]
pins, often times with earrings
Patriotic jewelry is still gci
strong with the last. word in la
pins being soldier boys with eyesa
limbs that "jiggle as you walk."
raid wardens ate also being sh
and are made of this same comp
tion material.
It no longer can be said that ei
Watch For 9fackout
To date Ann Arbor has had
blackouts, darn it! since we are ni
such a vital industrial area, peri
we will have the pleasure of exp
encing one of these delightful affE;
As a word of warning cautio!
and when they do come it is poss
that some students will not ft
realize the seriousness of the sit
tion. Blackouts are designed for
specific purpose which we all tund
stand. Let everyone cooperate fu
with the proper authorities so t
it can be shown that Mfichi
students are taking the civiliani
fense programs seriously..

up rings are sheer ornament for they
in are now being made of tiny hexa-
ets, gonal mirrors, so the next time you
ow- see your date gazing at you so in-
in tently. don't forget he's probably just
and admiring his own image in your ear-
our ring!
atly A small flock of sterling silver
ally geese flying north or south, or which-
ever you please, sir, makes a nice
urce lapel decoration for a dark dressy
nti- suit, and a necklace in abstract sur-
ely realistic design goes well on a dark
mi- dress.
dlls Another idea for added chic is a
ace, pair of golden pears to wear as ear-
o a rings which can be carried out if
ipel you're still interested, with a bunch
to of them at the throat or on the belt.
pel Don't Give Up Ghost;
slid .
Air Stay In Sealed Room
S;'And Avoid Measles _
D51- -
Beware-measles at lrge It has
happened here! You may be a car-
rier-Dtroit cai, be bombed! But
s don't give up the ghost! For thereis
no a way to avoid this horible plague.
ear Stay in a sealed room, you know, win-
aps dows closed, doors locked, no air.
eri- This is what you will have to do if
irs. you get the disease and you might as
If well stay in now. and avoid all the
ible discomfort that accompanies meas-
ua- les. An incubation period of one year
one ought to give the government time
der- to check the spread f, the disease
ully but if it isn't you'll probably be con-
gan vmced by that time that it is easier
de- to have them and be done with it.
Crime does not pay!.

War Uniforms
Are Versatile
And Flattering
Shirt Waist Dresses, Slacks,
Jerkin Jackets Will Be Worn
By National Defense Workers
With the defense movement going
full blast, American women are right
on top. At this point, there are about
nine positions open for them and a
tailored neat uniform to go with

Petites Pommes de Terre
This is the time of year when buds begin to bud and the greenery starts
your thoughts toward poison ivy in the Arboretum and the carillon music
begins to beat your eardrums back into your spinal chord and Spring Prints
start tempting you to relax your stern vigilance toward advertising blurb.
Spring Prints are stuff that look smooth in the ads and sometimes they
even look smooth on you in the store. They are also stuff that you wear once
and hang back into your closet because everyone began to rub his eyes and
complain of astigmatism that first beautiful ecstatic day you first wore it,

each Th insiraioncome frm aand finally they make just about the nattiest little bed for the Airedale that
recent magazine's "Women Into Uni- you've ever seen.
form" explanation. In other words, Spring Prints sort of symbolize to us all the little things
American Women's Volunteer Serv- we've wanted and gotten and felt slightly revolted at. All the wooden turtle
ice offers a gray wool gabardine out- pins, and the carved oyster shell tie clips and the diamond-
fit. It includes men's style shirt and
tie and a long military jacket. The starred barrettes and suede-and-patent leather sandals we've
overseas cap and wide leather belt ever tripped at in our closet.
complete the A.W.V.S. uniform. Even Solid Colors
Use Coat-Dress
The American Red Cross uniform There are even solid color dresses which come, figuratively,
consists of a covert double breasted under the heading of Spring Prints. Sweet little navy blues with white
coat-dress with four patch pockets. collars "demurely sweet under your chin" suddenly, after you've had them
A white sharkskin dickie and man's on a couple of hours start resembling, horribly, the navy serge uniforml
tie underneath. Once again, the over- you shined in through four years of high school. Pleats that at first made
ed reefer with flannel zip-in lining you feel that you were stepping out of winter in earnest, all of a sudden
to fit over it is used. The reefer is become reminiscent of Stylish Stouts. And the cute shoes that you thought
blue and of cavalry twill with broad gave you a cunning baby look, you realize, don't give you a cunning baby
shoulder line, look or anything like it. They just make your legs look thick and bulgy.
Women in civilian defense have a In other words, steel yourselves, gals. Get a burlap sack and be safe.
two piece outfit. Long jacket, single ~\\ ~ ~ \ \NN~~'N\ K~~<\\\ Q>.~
breasted, and four pockets complete
the top. The skirt is straight lined
with a single pleat. Also included are.
the broad leather belt and chic cap.
The nurses' aid uniform consists of
a cotton sport dress in blue and white i E
stripes. Over it is a white pinafore
apron with large pockets. For can-
teen work, a light blue shirt waist /
dress, with numerous pearl buttons
and insignia on the left sleeve is
worn. A rLIV T
Women Volunteer
East coast city women are volun-
teering for air-raid wardens and fire
wardens. The latter outfit is in navy
blue- with slacks that narrow off at
the ankle and are anchored down by
jodphur straps. The sleeves have /
shirt cuffs and a square white dickie
peeps out. Change in cap for this Only four weeks to choose that flat-
'one; visor style.
For indoor service, a long-sleeved !tering bonnet to join the Easter Parade.
jerkin stvle jacket with two big patch !.

'V' For


In Fashions.


Spring brings back the wide,
high brims, proud halos that
expose your soft curls and are
so flattering. Yes, we're really
keeping our "Heads Up" this
Hats moderately priced,
Sizes 21-23
Michigan Theatre Building

It's the men who go to war but the'
women find their duty at home 'in
keeping up the morale. This year
fashion dictates color for victory!
Shoes in adhering to the color
stimulant have been designed with'
a special multi-colored stitching and
even patent leather has been given
color by smart pin stripes lacquered
over the shoe. Gay colored suede
shoes may be had to match your
favorite spring outfit with a special
emphasis on red this season.
Pocketbooks offer every opportun-
ity to add originality and color to
your costume. Unusual bags have
been made up of dashing shades of
"sherry," lavender, British tan, and
even blues and greens have been put
together effectively.
Gloves are another possibility of
adding a touch of color to your en-
semble. Suedes, fabrics, leathers, and
silks all adhere to the color trend
this season. Hats are being trimmed
with. every "doodad" imaginable to
lend color and distinction.


pockets. Skirt follows uniform lines,
and the white dickie and tie are also
included. Hair worn in the tiew fea-
ther bob looks trim and neat under
the pert uniform caps.
O C.D. office workers of fet a one
piece blue rayon outfit. Two large
pockets above the belt, trim collar
and wide belt add the military effect.
Grosgrain epaulets on this one and
gold gilt buttons ,'extending to the,
waist line.
Positions O01t
Here are some of the positions open
for ambitious American women:
nurses, operators of canteens, Motor
Corps drivers, telephone operators,
aircraft-warning plotters, and spot-
ters. Organizations all calling for
volunteer workers and army head-
quarters have asked for women vol-
American Women's Volunteer Serv-
ice lists the following defense cours-
es: Motor Mechanics, Map Reading,
Motor Corps, Defense Photography,
First Aid, Air-Raid Protection, Physi-
cal Fitness, Nutrition, Welfare, Com-
munications and Junior Auxiliary



.......... ................ -

/~ e leen edenu #at lAr'
~>\ \\ N\ > Corner State Street at. William

I will


1 1 S !'


w , .; .s$> .
::.: 4"1 tlt '4'e' i
~ 512t z COLOGNE 1.25
.aCPERUME 5N 1875 PK t"A 250
i , tgib... s.::i' : s 1 ! i:,....,ra.n(

HnBas for Srn
Let the choosing of your new
C Spring Hand Bag be from a
selection of 1000-which in-





Silk Jersey




obtain icir lustre and body during thie

cludes every style and
$1o $50




process in which


pores of these !naterials are filled with


This sizing comes out with wear


and is replaced

duringo our finishing



, z, i
' , { ,
_ ii r
-:: T iTT7 1371 Rrt f :R

Noa~'yii~ av new a nfei
. 1 Y ,her gfew' Sexcl ui o !ui s.s eWhit

k'or New ife a.nd Lustre

Far youC)(r c(JlVCelic- c ' otI1 Swl

these 1 0 0)0!bags at* a *gauce,

I I I illit olfr ulcpartinent. II


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