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December 17, 1941 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1941-12-17

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~Fghtiug Fool Grady

Wins Again In

Hero Fights To
In Fight With O

Blasting, twisting, chain-stitching his way t
trick, every bit of native cunning known to croc
dazzle amazed onlookers, pile-driving Jack Gra
available competition here, today, and proved]
emerging as the triumphant winner of the 56th;
a battle, the echoes of which will ring down th
tell tales of valor and the strong of heart, for Ja
The milling mob in the giant bleachers, set ul
of the season which is equalled only*--
by Derby Day in Louisville or the they knew
World Series in Brooklyn, fought, trying.
pushed, scratched, squirmed, mauled, IBack s
battered, elbowed, sandbagged and arms of
black'jacked each other in a frantic Twenty s
effort to be in on the final kill. And Jack was
in on it they were ! As a matter of And then

Id Hands
o victory, and pulling every * A n her Fan Letter
cheters out of his sleeve to
ady, '42, met the finest of
himself the better man by M MlnCorfHas Labor Trouble
annual Kroch. Kut-ups in
e centuries as long as men
ck is the kind that tries.
p for this, the sporting event
he would be right in there, bH
napped the needles. The
the young knight steeled.
strong fingers in combat.
trying as only he could try.
suddenly, it was over. He



fact, they were all in on it. Gadyrwacthenictor.
But calm, cool, and collected before The Titanic Struggle
all this adulation sat Grady, crochet Never had anyone in that tremen-
needles in hand, crocheting yarn bal- de erdnyomenthatspremin-
arced evenly on the end of his nose dous gathering come to a sporting
where it would be handiest and the seein truggleg down og
fearless, indomitable glint of all the the ages and seeing a great try, and
centuries of Gradys who had cro- never had expectations more fully
cheted before him in his eyes. It was been realized than they were in this
his great try, and he was trying. great battle which reached so fever-
Grady Is Cool sh a heat and which had so startling
Quickly and efficiently he worked, a denouement that the most generous
slipping a stitch here, increasing and I of impulses were smothered by the
decreasing there, and always with vivid flame of partisanship kindled
his two closest competitors, Bill 810- by the desperateness of the conflict.
cum, '42, and Gus Sharemet, '421 It was a competition to live foreverj
panting at his heels-or rather at in the memories of those who had
his flying fingers. run a gamut of emotions never ex-
"He can't do it," thought the ceeded in the history of the Krochet
massed multitude. But they knew he Kut-ups. For this,' certainly, had
would try. They knew that Jack al- been the trial of Jack Grady, and he
ways tried. even if it were only a try, had tried.
Student Sectioi Train No. 44 (all points East) leaves 3:45 P. M.
Student Section Train No. 8 (alt points East) leaves 6:30 P. M.
To Chicago ! and Internediate Points
Leaves Ann Arbor 1:00 P.M.
To Grand Rapids-and Intermediate Points-

OF COURSE you realize that this
has nothing to do with sports; at
least I do; but we got a letter the
other day from the sports editor of
the Minnesota Daily, and I tho'ught
that I would reprint it, because it
seems to be very interesting, at least
I find it so-so here'it is, and I hope
you will find it interesting, I really
think it is quite good:
Sports Editor, Michigan Daily
Ann Arbor, Michigan
1 eDear Hal:
Well, I guess we showed you.

the bigger men on the Maize and
Blue cinder aggregation (whose
name we cannot divulge) is becoming
dissatisfied, and threatens to offer
} his services to Slippery Rock Teach-
ers. if his demands are not met . . .
.- . Mentor Ken Doherty is losing
;plenty of sleep these nights, too . .
. . the malcontent is one of the best
men who ever raked a broad-jump
pit for the Maize and Blue . . . . his
timing and poise are the result of
many seasons of intensive training
This brings to mind the scandal
that blasted the campus three years
ago when Flash Wojiechowkovski
went on a one-man strike and Mentor
Doherty had no one who could roll
back the iron shot-put ball in a way
that could inspire confidence in the
cinder aggregation . . . Insiders are
agog over a report that there is a

dearth of good sophomore cheer-
leaders at Dismal Seepage Wesleyan.
. . . According to our esteemed col-
league, Richard Harding Bolenko-
witz of the Eloise A&M Wet Sheet,
the A&M Bugs' cinder squad will be
without the services of assistant man-
ager True Blue, who was recently put
on the shelf when he missed the
pole vault 'pole for the first time in
three years and was kayoed when the
pole walloped him on the noggin.



Yours truly,
Bob Blunk,
Sports Editor,
Minnesota Daily

Sports Hash . . . It is rumored
around here hereabouts that one of

Betas Pilfer Piiniing Pennant
As Juke Grabs Title For Beta

Special Student Train Leaves Arne Arbor
6:35 P. M.

-rw. }

Low fares to all points


Beta Theta Pif got a stranglehold
on the fraternity pinning champion-
ship last night at the Tri Delt House
when the Betas placed seven men in
the semi-finals, two more than Phi
Delta Theta, the only other house!
with a good chance to win.
Bud Juke of Beta Theta Pi won tho
only championship decided last night
by pinning Delta sister Babs Kallikak
in 53 seconds in the final match in
the unlimited weight class. All told,.
it took exactly one minute and 55 sec-
onds for Juke to throw two opponents
and claim the reward. /,
However, the quickest job of the
evening was turned in by Man Moun-
tain (Stranglehold) Mahoney of Phi
Gamma Delta who reached the finals
in the 175 pound division by pinning
Helda Grady of Theta in 20 seconds.
Although the Phi Delta Thetas
placed five men in the semi-finals,
their chances of winning were cinched;
by the fact that three of these were
competing on one division, the 165
pound damsels. The Betas, on the
other hand, showed more evenly dis-
tributed strength, placing men in five
weight classes. Since the scoring is
on the basis of five points for each
winner, three points for the runner-
up, and a black eye for each of the
other two semi-finalists, Beta seems
- -----

.:__ __

V11"Y], 4 Y r1h~Cav. . .r"sta;:: 1h 7 '
,3 {Z}1.,. : ." "EL I tir- ' ^ - e~ q 'Y . "
1" ? v ,% '. 1=:t 1"t" ':{ T <h 44VV. Y ih",ri w r1" 1
G1'RE Y H O U ND{{,..hi. {, ..1~ ',1,.:M1.,T hSy
1{{,\' ..{:'{of course ":'"":1Y1tid':' "4:' 1" '" 5

to have a Pretty firm clinch on the
Remaining matches will be made
tonight in the Arboretum. beginning
at 7:30. The scheduleS:
7:30-Don O'Connor, Zeta Beta
Tau vs. Judy Jones, Jordan Hall.
7:40-Bertha Henderson,, Kappa
Kappa Gamma vs. Eliott Matthews,
Phi Delta Theta.
7:50-Bob Hershey, Theta Xi vs.
Pearl Harbor, Martha Cook.
8:00-Tonio Kroger, Chi Phi, vs.
Myrtle Hall, Pi Beta Phi.
8: 10-Carolus T. Clark, IDelta Tau
Delta vs. Mercy Ward, Alpha Phi.
8:20-Finals in 145 pound division.
8:39-Finals in 155 pound division.
8:50-Finals in 165 pound division.
8:60--Finals in 175 pound division.
8:70-Finals in 185 pound division.
Campus Is Agog
Over New Sport
In an interview yesterday Bob
Shedd announced(that the Junior Phi
Bete club had perfected a new game
called gumbo-ball, andhe predicted
that the game would soon be a cam-
pus rage. !
Shedd, when asked what the game
involved, said, "Gumbo-ball will cer-
tainly take the campus by storm with-
in the next few weeks."
According to Shedd, originator of
the gan e, gumbo-ball, which tests
to the utmost all human capacities,
is slated for a huge following as soon
as the campus hears about it.
- When interviewed as to whether he
would sponsor a varsity gumbo-ball
team, Mentor Fritz Crisle said, "No."
Mentor Crisler did say however that
gumbo-ball was destined to gain a
large following among campus sports
Grady Does It Again;
Hits Front Page Again
I (Special to 4al Wilson)
(Daily Asst. Sports Editor)
ANN ARBOR, Dec. 19-Jack Grady,
'42, composer of "Love on a Bicycle"
and Michigan's new crocheting
champ, has been named the mascot of
the 1942 football team. He will re-
place "Butch," the beloved Wolverine
who has wolved his way into the
hearts of the team.
3 0

Icemnan Squad
Recalls Bfetter
Days.In Daze
With Michigan's hockey squad
making its first timely appearance
of the season Saturday night against
the Boston -V..'s this seems to be
a pretty good time to look back to
last year at this time . . . if you 'can
spare the time.
Back in the halcyon time of * 365
days ago, the Michigan puck aggre-
gation, as aggregated by Mentor Ed-
die Lowrey, was turning over in thew
doldrums 'on its way down to the
dumps. Two star wingmen were in-
capacitated with the D.T.'s while the
-Wolverine athletes' goalie had been
afflicted by the athlete's footie. Men-
tor Lowrey (not to be confused with
Mentor Williams) was literally tear-
ing the floor as he strewed his hair.
with cigarette butts.
Ice-Men Sloughed
In a previous muscle tussle, the
ice-men had been sloughed by a
54-40 count- in an all-service battle
with the Salvation Army. At the end
of the first chukker, there was one
Wolverine on the ice, two looking for
St. Joseph's Mercy, and three in the
penalty box. The shatteringly bat-
tered remnant of a once great
rinkrew, stick in hand and heart in
mouth, was cut down mercilessly by
the Battling Brigadiers.
But This Year
But this year, according to locker-
room reports, the hallowed name of
Michigan will no longer be dragged
through the sawdust by the opposi-
tion. Never again shall the outlanders
grind a Wolverine down to frigid
rigidity. The sports staff scribes over
in the Maynard Street hangout will
not receive any more Associated
Press reports of Wolverines humbled
at the Coliseum.
The gauntlet has been thrown
down, the die is cast and six pairs of
unused skates are on the block.
Sports staff and Women's staff
have changed pages for today's
issue. Perhaps you've noticed.



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rrtAnun Aruur s uurgesrsete EonOTuine osue~ 3

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