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December 05, 1941 - Image 19

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The Michigan Daily, 1941-12-05

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Luggage Is Suggested As Presents
For All College Students Who 'Go'

Wide Variety In Type
Is Offered In Luggage;
Pigskin Is Most Popular
Bags Are Excellent
Gifts For Parents
Here today and gone tomorrow ...
That, in a sentence, describes the
life of a student. Every college stu-
dent looks forward to the Christmas,
spring and summer vacations but
when the time comes to go home many
a headache results from the worry
caused by the lack of luggage.
If you are planning to give the
roommate or the "one and only" a
gift that will please you should visit
a luggage shop and view their wide
assortment of articles. There you
will find everything in leather goods,
from a two-by-four key case to an'
enormous trunk.
Especially convenient for the travel-
ing student are the two and three
suit carrying bags. They come in a
variety of different colors and in
many grains of leather. This type of
traveling bag ist usually covered by
grained pigskin and cowhide but can-
vas covered bags are becoming in-
creasingly popular.
For students who go home . every
weekend or for men whose jobs re-

Luggage Is Always

Favorite Gift

Modern Iesign,
Means straight
Cigarette Cases Prevent
ManglingOf Smokes
Some guys are particular, they don't
like to smoke corkscrews.
If you know any of this ilk, the
only gift that could completely sat-'
isfy them is a cigarette case, gold-
filled, silver-filled, or butt-filled.
The most recent innovation, if you
are looking for utility, is a leather
case big enough to hold the entire
package intact and traced up fore
and aft to take a breakneck dash,
through Christmas shopping crowds.
For formals and that bon-vivant
air, a flat case is imperative. You
can get them ini metal, but with in-
creasing arms production it looks
like leather will be used more and
more. Tip to gift-givers: nearly
every leather goods shop has a gold
stamping machine which can set any
initials you want into a leather cigar-
ette case.
The sedentary cigarette case, found
mostly in the living room, shows more
and more plastic in its construction.
Wrinkles include humidor compart-
ments, automatic ejection of cigar-
ettes, and the faithful built-in light-

Western Trend Is Featured
In Leather Belts This Year

Go western, young man . . . That
seems to be the latest trend in the
line of leather goods that are being
displayed on Christmas counters all
over the country this year.
Belts, suspenders, wallets and even
riding boots are being embossed in a
variety of western designs such as
Wild Bill Hickok and Jesse James
once wore,
In the line of belts there is a wide
selection of widths and colors. The
narrow, %-inch belt usually seen in
a light tan leather is very popular
around sporting circles. It looks es-
pecially good with sports ensembles
and vacation outfits.
Embossed Belt
Then'there is the larger, one inch
belt which is usually embossed in
more intricate patterns. Some de-
signs include steer heads on the leath-
er and also on the buckle. This belt
comes in selected shades of brown,
red, black and blue.
Also included on the belt counter
is an assortment of belts made of the
new plastex, or as it is commonly
known, "live glass." These transpar-
ent belts are colored to match any
style of suit. Wallets and suspend-
ers are also made of this new ma-
Among the oddities in the line of

belts there are several. For the man
who always eats too much at the
dinner table there is a special belt
which expands and contracts with the
abdomen. It is composed entirely of
leather and contains no rubber. An
appropriate gift for traveling sales-
men or college students is the new
money belt. In appearance it is no
different than the ordinary belt but
underneath there is a zipper com-
partment in which dollar bills may
be concealed.
One belt manufacturer just came
out with a novel style. Real four-
leaf-clovers have been imbedded in
the buckle and the leather is em-
bossed in a clover design. Cuff links
tie pins and other men's jewelry are
also being sold bearing the live clovers.
Suspenders As Gifts
When it comes to Christmas gifts
for men suspenders also play an im-
portant part. Someone once said
that the greatest pessimist was the
man who wore a belt and suspenders
at the same time. Esquire doesn't
exactly encourage this ensemble eith-
er, but suspenders alone are quite
the thing these days. Besides the
western designed suspenders and
those made of braided and plain live
glass there are many other styles and
colors made of leather and lastex

Handy Radios
Are Displayed
Portable Variety Makes
Excellent Gift
"You Can Take It With You" might
well be the slogan for the new port-
able radios being displayed on Christ-
mas counters everywhere.
Made in a variety of shapes and
sizes these radios are very low priced
and make gifts which bring much
pleasure and entertainment to their
owners. They are very light and con-

For that picnic . .
venient to carry. These portables
are commonly covered with canvas
and different shades of leather.
The volume of these radios is almost
a great as that of any house radio
and they can be heard as distinctly
outdoors as they can inside. Some
have built-in aerials while others have
the apparatus attached.



f ...,


fljew &r;&Ia


at WIPji

For The One And Only
Here's What To Buy The Little Woman For Christmas
Revealed By One Of The Sex


Protect Your Home
from TuberCulosis
quire that they take short trips, the
small traveling bag is usually an ap-
propriate gift. They too are covered
in a variety of different grained leath-
ers and contain in one compartment,
several toilet accessories for men.
Some even include an electric shaver.
The other portion of the bag allows
for clean linens sufficient for the
short trip. Canvas bags made on this
order are especially convenient for
travel by air.
Among the larger traveling bags the
Gladstone still seems to be number
one on the hit parade. pladstones
are especially popular in' shades of
brown and black. A newer model in
the luggage line is the bag covered
entirely by canvas and having raw-
hide bindings. _
Rawhide bags are also very cin-
mon on the market and make a pleas-
ing gift. These come with either a
clasp or zipper top. Many of them
are waterproof and dustproof.

Christmas is rapidly approaching.
With its abundance of Christmas
cheer, a problem arises that has been
in existence since time began. Now
what in - - - - can I buy the little
Believe it or not, there is really a
solutipn to this problem. It is the
purpose of these articles to help sooth
troubled'minds. The first thing to
consider is the degree of familiarity.
The degrees will be categorized and
then corresponding appropriate gifts
will be suggested..
The Silent Admirer
The first stage of intimacy to be
considered is that of the silent ad-
mirer. Now this admirer has seen
some queen for a long time. She is
always surrounded by men. Every
time he sees her, jealousy towards
her male escorts is practically uncon-
trollable. For months he has been
scheming of ways to meet her-per-
haps he could trip her, maybe set
fire to her sorority house. At any
rate, since all of these methods are
so drastic, he has decided to send her
an anonymous Christmas gift.
He will follow up this gift with
little notes or phone calls for several
weeks after Christmas-such as,
wouldn't you like to know who sent
that present? If so, be under the
clock at 4 p.m. Finally, out of sheer
curiosity, she will respond to one of
the notes, they will meet, and from
then on the results are unpredictable.
Jewelry Is Best
If any men fall into this cate-
gory, the following gifts are appro-
priate. Something in the line of
jewelry shows a certain tenderness.
Silver, in particular, is most popular
this year. All girls adore plain, nar-
row, silve bfacelets. A ring of In-
dian design would be most relished
by the secret passion.
The second classification is of the
speaking acquaintance type. It in-
cludes the relationship between a
boy qnd a coed in his History 179
class which meets M, W and F at 11
a.m. At these times he says "Good
morning" upon going in, and "good-
by" when leaving. All very intimate!

Perhaps he feels that this girl has
potentialities so at Christmas time
he puzzles over what type of gift to
send her.
Trinkets Maybe
For this relationship, the most ap-
propriate present would be something
very impersonal. A handkerchief,
preferably plain white linen, or a
little glass animal would serve the
The third type is the very 1 good
pal (?). Perhaps she has been play-
ing Beatrice Fairfax for years and
he thinks the friendship is purely
platonic-this is strayinghfrommathe
point. At any rate, Christmas is
coming and a gift must be senteto
the "pal." What to }buy her? Wear-
ing apparel would most logically sig-
nify the bonds of friendship. Argyle
socks, cashmere scarfs, preferably
with monograms, bunny fur mittens
or even a leather wallet are all ac-
The Frustrated Type
Next comes the relationship be-
tween the furiously dated coed and
the frustrated BMOC. He has to call
her months in advance for just a
Something extravagant, is neces-
sary since competition is so great. A
very extreme evening bag, a large flat
cigarette case with a compact to,
match or even a large spray of red
roses would be apt to give you an
advantage over your competitors.
Matter Of Intensity
The pinned or engaged types will
be classed together since the dis-
tinction between the two is only a
matter o'l intensity. The gift ques-
tion for this advanced relationship
is a serious problem. It involves a
careful consideration of the person-
ality involved. Perhaps she could use
some luggage, a radio, a string of
pearls or a wrist watch. Anything
along this vein is accepatble. Re-
member, however, that Emily says
no on any type of wearing apparel
for the fiance.
If anyone discovers that the ac-
quaintanceship doesn't fall into any
of these categories, "We the People"
would be glad to meet you. Merry
Christmas all . . .

ii tat
'. // .'A" i .

Give Formal Gi'fts

Varsity-Town promises young men a very grand eve-

ning in "Casino CluS" ... in "Club Royal".


. . or a very

elegant formal one in "Club Tails".

This isn't. formal

wear in the accepted sense . .. it's AUTHENTICALLY




Longer Tux jackets with low-spaced pockets and but-
tons .. tail suits with slightly wider shoulders . .. per-
fectly proportioned . : . dress toppers that have casual

formal" wit

Now young men can go ahead and "go
h the same comfortable, smart style en-

--l gea a~e d
f" .
See This Amazing. New instrument

The correct shirt with tra-
ditional wing collar for wear

joyed in all other Varsity-Town models.
132.50 and $35
For "Casino Club" Tuxedo, "Club Tails"
Suit, or "Club Royal" Toppr

with tailcoat.


All white crepe scarf, gen-
erous in width with self-
fringed ends. Essential with
either tuxedo or tails.
$1.95 to $3.50

Humorous, Haunting, Hilarious
Book' AreSuggested As Gifts

1'hte dress gloves of ex-
$2.00 and $3.50

The collapsibl'le opera hat for

White birdseye waistcoat for
wear with tailcoat. $5.50

Even though Tom or Bill may say
that he hasn't time for any literature
aside from school texts, there are
many new books guaranteed to at-
tract and hold his interest.
T. R. Ybarra's "Young Man of
Caracas" is humorous, haunting and
really swell-not a travel story as the
title might suggest. As for Gypsy
Rose Lee's "G-String Murder," forget
it because he's already read it.
Whether* or no the young man is
preparing for law, he will find "Clar-
ence Darrow For the Defense," byl
Irving Stone, tremendously absorbing.
The manner in which Stone treats
the Leopold-Loeb case and the Scopes

out an appraisal of the results of a
college education--title of their ef-
fort: "The U.S. College Graduate."
Very inexpensive, but nonetheless
Another, rather ponderous, but like-
wise excellent, volume is Carl Van
Doren's "Secret History of the Amer-
ican Revolution." As you probably
know, Van Doren came to Michigan's
campus to study rare historical docu-
ments in the Clements Library.
Humor In Books
Don't let the formidable title, "A
Subtreasury of American Humor," by
the Whites, E. B. and Katherine,
frighten you. It's more fun than that
ntit_,in rnm hi n th. rt flr

tailcoat wear.

$12.00 up

The pearl dress set. $2.50 up



The white tie for full dress.
The black tie for tuxedo.


Dress suspenders.



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