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December 06, 1940 - Image 21

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The Michigan Daily, 1940-12-06

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Garters And Suspenders Offer
Variety Of Selection This Year

About the only thing that we can1
truly say they're wearing in garters
this season is men's legs. (Joe Miller,
The same thing goes (but'not too
literally) for suspenders; because
there is such variety in these articles;
-especially this year.
The great variety of patterns and
colors in garters this year make this
item a suitable gift, lwith bright new
plaids dominating the scene.
Wrapped in Christmas packages,
they make an easy gift to select, and
are especially desired this year, since
college men seem tobe giving these
much abused articles of clothing a
new lease on life.
First, let us clear up one important
point. There are those who would
have us desert the good old-fashioned
term, "suspenders" for "braces." Ever
since father wore the wide red-white
and-blue brickyard variety to the
hod-carriers ball they have been sus-
Whole Country
To Wear Shoes
Peculiar Problem Created
By Demise Of Saddle
Lengthy consideration 'of what will
be fashionable in the shoe line this
winter leads all fashion experts to
the same conclusion: shoes will be
worn in the northern section of the
nation at least until balmy spring
weather puts in an appearance.
Just what shoes will be worn pre-
sents a difficult and touchy question
---now that the last requiem mass
has been said over the saddle-shoe,
standby for many years.
The moccasin has stepped up in,
popularity as rapidly as the saddle-I
shoe has slipped, and moccasins are
now alnong the best-selling articles
in Ann Arbor booteries. Close behind
are the wing-tipped, heavy soled
brogues, made of smoked elk. Soles
and heels are heavier than in past
years, and the general accent is on
dark shades of leather.
Slippers-always dear to the heart
of any male-make an ideal form of
foot-covering for a gift. Leather slip-
pers continue to be the most popular,
with fur linings to keep the feet warm
on the long winter evenings of study-
ing for final exams.

penders, so there seems to be nol
plausible reason for making them
sound like something people wear on
their teeth.
But, call therm as you will, mer-
chants are offering a variety this year
that would satisfy any gift buyer-
and, what's more, any gift receiver.
This goes for suspenders' little broth-
ers as well-leftie and rightie gar-I
Probably the most startling de-
velopment of recent years in the
suspender and garter industry are the
new transparent plastics. In case you
haven't seen them, or have seen them:
and are wondering about them, or
are just wondering about them, here's
some dope: these neat-looking arti-
cles are transparent and come clear
or in various tints. In the case of the
suspenders they blend in perfectly
with whatever color shirt the male
happens to be wearing, because the
color simply shines through.
If he's wearing a green shirt, the
suspenders are green, if he's wearing
a white shirt, the suspenders are
white; if he's wearing a purple and
yellow striped shirt-he ought to be
shot. And the wonderful thing about
these articles is that they wear like
leather and are completely flexible!
They will settle back to natural shape.
after being stretched and will
breathe with you. That's why they're
so comfortable as suspenders or gar-
ters (but who breathes with his legs
As you may or may not know, sus-
penders come with many different
types of fasteners and in many dif-
ferent widths. Most predominant of
the fasteners are the old-fashioned
button-on type and the biting or
pinching type. Don't let the bite or
pinch scare you, because they're real-
ly very comfortable. Although the
trend in width now goes to thin in
suspenders as well as garters, many
still prefer. the thick type,
Solid colors, as always, are popular,
but Scotch plaids are greatly in-
creasing in demand.
Back to fasteners again-they are
made of two materials this year-'
plastic and metal. Take your choice.
There are- also two types of hitches
used on garters-single or double. Al-
though most people prefer the single
hitch, it might be a good idea to get
him a double hitch (they both cost
the same) and cut the extra hitch off,I
so that when he gets the garters for
Christmas you can give him the
hitch separately and say, "Ah, but
here's the hitch!"


Wide Variety
Of Selections
In Glove Field,
Old standbys dominate the selec-
tion of men's gloves this year, but
they come in a greater variety of col-
ors thanusual.
Still most popular is the familiar
single button pigskin or calfskin style.
They can be obtained in grey, tan,
or in the shade of brown new this
year - almost a copper hue. The
new color is being worn a great deal
with black.
One of the newer variations on the
plain leather gloves is the gauntlet.
This is a simple pull-on style that in-
volves no snap likely to come loose
and has the added advantage of leav-
ing no open places in the glove, mak-
ing for added warmth. As yet these
gloves come only in grey and copper
Woolen gloves come in all bright
colors this year and are particularly
popular when they come with a muf-
fler to match. These, though not
suitable for dress, are preferred by
many because of their superior
To attract those men who like
leather gloves, but who desire warm
appeal, manufacturers this year have
introduced a style that combines the
best features of both. The top glove
is of leather, fastened at the wrist
with a buckle. The inside gloves is
of wool and can be worn separately
if desired. This combination is espe-
cialy desirable for sports wear.
All Cbuntries. Contribute
To Men's Style Lists
Men's fashion firsts this fall and
winter are strikingly similar in one
respect to recent "All American" foot-
ball teams which ,have been replete
with names like Rzotkiewiecy,
Froechtenicht and Kryiozopolos.
Thus the well dressed college boy will
include on his All American style list,
Tyrolean hats, Scotch plaid argyle
socks, Irish brogans and Cordovan
shoes, Shetland jackets, and Russian
cord shirts. Evven the popular jock-
ey shorts are copied from Mahatma
Gandhi's outfit.

More 'Drape'
To Be Feature
Of Year's Coat
Tendency Is Noted Locally
Towards Favoring Tux
For Midnight Attire
There used to be a saying along the
fashion front that the male was the!
lucky one when formal time rolled:
around-the female of the species
always had to get herself fixed up
with a new dress while her date could
get by with "that same old shining
Those days. however, are definitely
In the past despite the recent trend,
toward more and more comfort in
formal attire. Today there are many
rules which must be adhered to.
Back in the so-called "roaring
twenties" on the Michigan campus,
when style was a thing of the great-
est import, there existed very little in
the way of "careless dress" for for-
mals. However, during the depres-
sion years the attitude changed and
at the University the general idea was
that you could get by with most any-
thing. Today you can't.
More Drape For Formals
In order to aid men in feeling
more comfortable while at the same
time looking "proper," formal coats
will have more drape. According to
one fashion authority "in these new-
er coats men will be able to walk
about just as easily as in ordinary
street clothes."
Also to aid in the trend toward
ease the manufacturers of other
dress wear are making fuller wing
collars and shorter shirts fronts, facil-
Another important thing in the
Ann Arbor tendency to get away from
the tux in favor of tails. They still
may be worn at formal affairs and
are preferred at dinners and some
dinner-dance but are definitely on
the out as far as such affairs as the
J-Hop and Senior Ball are concerned.
This year's tails are practically the
same as last year's with grosgrain silk
lapels on the preferred list. Again
they are being worn so that the front1
of the coat will come below the vest
about three-quarters of an inch. In
the past the style was to have white
t ends of the vest showing.
Midnight Blue Gains
Only three years ago midnight blue
formal dress was introduced to the
public and the gains which it has
made over the traditional black is
definitely continuing. It has the ad-
vantage, it is said, of appearing even
darker than black in evening shad-
ows as it usually comes in unfinished
Italian worsteds.
Probably the only new thing this
year is the oxford pump made of
patent leather. The leather is much
softer than that used in the ordinary
dress shoe and is said by some to be
more comfortable. They have a zip-
per in the back and are without
Some care, women claim, must be
taken in the purchase of these shoes
for they have a tendency to make
some men appear a bit feminine. It
is the strong masculine type who is
most suited for this type of foot-
And in relation to shoes it may
also be noted that the ordinary
black shoe is not to be worn. It has
neither the appeal nor the appear-
ance of patent leathers and is defin-
itely not in keeping with formal style.
Some care should be taken in the
purchase of formal dress in regard to
buttons for it has been found that
certain inferior manufacturers have
(Continued on Page 6)

All men's suits carry buttons on
the sleeves; suits for the country
having three and town suits having
four buttons on each sleeve. Most of
these, however, have merely a line
of stitching and will not open.
Smart custom tailors frequently
make the buttonholes workable and
in adition to adding an individual
touch to the suit they permit a man
to roll back his cuffs when he is
washing his hands or doing any sort
of light work that might soil his

Good neckties deserve proper care,
but unfortunately very few people
know how to preserve their appear-
ance. Tie's should never be placed
under an iron, but should be moist-
ened with a damp cloth and then
held against the face of a hot iron.
This removes the wrinkles satisfac-
Most reliable dry-cleaning estab-
lishments will recondition ties for a
very small charge. A tie that has
been cleaned carefully will far out-
last one that has been neglected.







The Wear Long Worsted-Tex
The Worsted-Tex Special
The Worsted - Tex . .



Of Suits And Ties


Bow-Ties Give
Lazy Person
Key To Eden



x . . . $31.50
S. . . 35.00
" ".w . 40.00

Newly created bow ties offer the
lazy man a perfect paradise with
their built-in clasp feature. These
smart ties clip on the collar and
necessitate no round-the-neck wrest-
ling so characteristic of other bow
Particularly striking about these
new creations is their smartness of
style. Regimentals designed to sat-
isfy the most colorful yearnings of
any college man are available in any
number of designs. Polka-dots, al-
though passe in present day fashions,
may still be obtained with the built-
in clasp.
One slight disadvantage of these
ties may plague their owner. A par-
ticularly tight and close fitting tie
pin effect is achieved and constant
used of such a device may result in
the premature wear of collars. A
saving feature, however, is that the
bow tie when worn and slipped over
the collar will conceal any damage


OUR STOCK of clothing is complete. At this time with the price
of raw wool fabrics up appreciably our suits and top coats remain
unchanged as to quality and price.
When downtown, drop in and give us a visit - always a pleasure
to show you our merchandise.
2We /Serve to Se/e Agdtr






.... ...

Be Satisfied With A MICHIGAN DAILY Classified



Christmas Shoppers
How to look best in.. .

wear an Arrow Shoreham
Shirt, with collar at-
tached . . . with a semi-
soft pleated bosom .
with Arrow's exclusive
Mitoga shaped fit. Sniart,
because it's beautifully
tailored . .. and sensibly
comfortable. $3.


'' .
,,,. :.:


wear an Arrow Kirk Shirt
,. . its narrow bosom al-
ways keeps neat' and in
place . . . it is tailored
immaculately . . . and
like all Arrow Shirts,
Sanforized-Shrunk - the
fabric can't shrink even
1%! $3.
We have both Shoreham
and Kirk in your size. Get them today for your
big 1940-41 evenings.

a point
That's really
If you have lop-sided, down-at-
the-heel shoes, bring them to
us for rebuilding. With new
soles, new heels, and reshaping,
they'll give you lots of good
service-and ease and comfort
for your feet that will add to
your enjoyment of the Xmas

0 f THE
Make your gifts as outstanding as the man who receives
them. The popular features of the Christmas market are:
CASHMERE, the softest most luxurious yarn used in wearing apparel.
Featured in pull-over sweaters at $8.50, sox at $2, gloves at $2.50.
ments of bright colors than ever before. These promise to be "collectors
items" if the import market doesn't change. Only $2.50.
GABARDINE LOUNGING ROBES. This very popular wool-rayon material
makes ideal leisure garments. Available in plain, striped,
and plaid patterns at $10.
CALIFORNIA CASUAL leisure in-or-out door shoes $5.95, moccasins of all
styles $2.95 up. NETTLETON loafers $6.85.
VISIT OUR PIPE AND TOBACCO SHOP. Most items are exclusive.
Sutliff's Mixture 79, Honeydew and White Burley tobaccoes.
COMDY imported British-made pipes $1.75 up. The famous
American KIRSTEN radiator pipe $5 up.


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