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December 06, 1940 - Image 14

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The Michigan Daily, 1940-12-06

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The Men Tell Us Off They Don't Want Ties For Chr


Type The Man,
And Choose
Gifts To Fit
The Kernel From Kentucky
Attempts To Reform Feminine
Tastes; Hasn't Much Hope
I feel like I am fighting against
a tremendous current. When I
think of all the bilious green and
bloody crimson and botchy-spotted
ties that women have hung on my
side of the sex fence, I don't see
what good it will ever do to try to
reform the feminine taste at Christ-
mastime. Are not these things as
inevitable as Christmas itself?
Maybe not. I am an optimist of
my own abilities. I've tried to tell
Roosevelt what to do and D4 Ruth-
ven what to do and Hitler what not
to do, so what hurt can there be in
a little advice directed at the ladies?
1. Don't buy ties. I advise that
first. Don't ever buy ties. You
are as hopeless a t that as we would
be in choosing the proper shade of
face powder or nail polish for you.
My grandpap back in Kentucky
thinks he can tell where to dig a
well by carrying a peach fork over
the ground. If it dips, dig. We
men use the same cabalistic process
in buying ties. We look along a
rack until instinct tells us that this
one is in harmony with our sensi-
bilities. We don't understand the
process any more than grandpap
does his peach fork, but it's there
and ydu don't have the touch. If
your lucky pinnee's tie is frayed,
give him a dollar.
2. What to buy then? Shucks,
there are plenty of things no man
has too many of. A good belt, whe-
ther stout and sturdy or slim and
dressy, can't miss, unless he's a
suspenders-wearer. Neither can
sleeveless sweatersto go underneath
that sportscoat on cold days. If
you're sure of the size, good white
shirts are safe, and plenty accep-
table, but mistrust your taste in
colors. The stripe that suits your
Cousin Willie may look like prison
bars to the Boyfriend. A good key
chpin on which he can egotistically
dangle a key or Michiginsignia would
go well, methinks.
3. How well do you know Boy-
friend? I know a guy once who was
made extremely happy and grateful
when Galfriend gave him a very nice
model airplane kit. It just goes to
show you.
4. Wanta do something different?
If you're audacious, you might try
this one: find him a pair of the
pajamas called "first-nighters." They
are a snug sweater-like upper and
snouzy snoozy trousers-a welcome
respite from the usual type of night-
5. Is he intellectual? There are
some. How do you know he wouldn't
shiver with ecstasy at the sight of
"For Whom the Bells Toll," or Sib-
elius Second or some collection of
art masterpieces?
6. Every man needs something.
Even a Vanderbilt enjoys Christmas

Men's Jewelry



To Qift Problem
r N f~f " ". ..*
-, .
- :
---------- ' .. ! .
One of the easiest things to buy a
man, because the choice is so wide
and comparatively inexpensive, is his
"jewelry." Men don't need rings, or
necklaces, or bracelets or other trink-
ets which women like to wear; buy a
man a leather tie clasp with his ini-
tials, a gold or silver key-chain, a set
of modern cuff links, and he'll be
tickled pink.
Ever since its inception into men's
fashion leather in collar pins, tie
holders, key chains and cuff-links
has been a favorite. The tie holder
comes with many, good-looking
"props" and in many different shapes.
"Tops" with the well-dressed man
are the vari-colored "gem" jewelry
-solid-colored red, maroon, or blue
glass- cuff-links. One of the novel
ideas in cuff-links, which has been
getting the compliments from other
males, is the gold-plated link in the
shape of a braid.
For those who say that the man
already has too many of these little
items, we say never fear; they're so
easy to lose, a good supply is never
a bad idea. Besides, variety in ac-
cessories is as important to a man,
as changing his suit and shirt.
If he's not just an ordinary date
and you really want to spend some
money for a more expensive, lasting
and expressive gift, buy him studs
for his formal wear. For the tuxedo
it's black studs, black links; for the
formal (tails) it's white all around.
Throw in a white- bow-tie too, they
get dirty so easily.
If he's a senior, you can get him
a class ring. Not a very personal gift
from a romantic viewpoint, but strict-
ly within the bounds if he's an old
faithful or the brotherly type. You
can get official class rings for en-
gineers and senior lits through local
jewelers, or, even if he's not a senior,
you can get him a ring bearing the
University's - insignia. Men may tell
you they don't like rings, but they
can't deny that, if they have them,
they certainly flash them around.
occasionally. Use your wiles. De-
lilah found out Samson's secket,
didn't she?

Cameras Make
Excellent Gifts1
Gadgets For Any Photographer
Include Filters And Color Film
If he's a camera enthusiast you're
lucky, because almost anything along
the camera line that you buy will
satisfy him.
Of course there are cameras.-f
from cheap (but efficient) little min-
iatures to expensive reflexes . . . but,
he'll be just as happy if you give him
one of those little inexpensive helps-
For Indoor Pictures
For that indoor picture taking over
the winter season nothing can beat
a couple of photoflood units and may-
be a little table-top tripod with a
tilting top. The flood reflectors come
in all styles-clamp-ons, which may
be fastened to a piece of furniture
and floor stands with double bulbs.
A flash gun outfit that will fasten
onto any size or make of camera will
help him if'he wants to take candid
action photos indoors.
If he does his own darkroom work
he will welcome enlarger attachments,
film developing tanks, safelights,
paper holders or even a good accurate
Gadgets Open Up Field
Camera gadgets like portrait len-
ses, self-timers, filters and sunshades
will open up a new field of work for
the conscientous photographer.
Along the movie line: the new 8
mm. and 16 mm. movie projectors are
handy, economical and pleasure giv-
ing. A real surprise would be a roll
of color film with which to preserve
Christmas holiday activities in full
natural color.
And here's a tip if you'll act fast.
For $1 you can buy a photographic
greeting card outfit to make personal
Christmas cards with your own pho-
tographs on them. Somehow an em-
bossed greeting card seems to over-
shadow even the most expensive of
the printed cards. It lends that per-
sonal touch.
For The More Advanced
For the more advanced photogra-
pher, the electric eye photo exposure
meter is an ideal gift. These are prac-
tically indispensable for the color
photographer and are a help toward
better pictures in black and white.
They range in price from $8. to $25.
and will last a lifetime.
Don't overlook the camera angle
just because your friend may be a
rank beginner. Nothing is better suit-
ed for him than some books on com-
position, the use of filters or how to
develop your own pictures. If you
just don't know what he has or what
he could possibly want give him a
year's subscription to one of the many
photographic magazines.
Because if he is a photographer,
you just can't go wrong.
Of course, if he'd rather look at
pictures than take them, you can get
him a subscripition to one of the
national picture magazines. Not the
less respectable ones, but one of the
two which are above the bathing
beauty level. We can't mention their
names here. In fact, we were supposed
to write about cameras anyway.

Elimination Method Is Suggeste d

To Assist


In Selection Of Qifts For Prodig al Male Friends

Unoriginal Man Must Accept
Old Standbys; Comparative t
Masculine Radicalism Rare
The Perfect Man's gift is hard to
find-but so is the Perfect Man. If
you have one, the other should be
Coeds, of course, are traditional
worriers over men's Christmas gifts.
They have been grubbing around in
men's stores and fraternity jewlery
catalogs for years-but take heart for
the men have been behaving queerly
Men's Gifts Never Outmoded
They never seem to get an original
idea for one thing. Why way back
in 1923 when the women were wear-
ing the long since discarded "choker
necklaces" and were asking for such
things as tea wagons and Pavlova
boots for Christmas, men were still
on the receiving end of shirts, sox,
ties, cuff links, pigskin billfolds, belts
and buckles, tie pins, and pocket
A year later, they went compara-
tively radical, in a choice of silk hand-
kerchiefs, gentlemen's umbrellas, Mi-
chigan songbooks, woolen mufflers,
vests, and canes. Prize gift of that
year was the cigar-like "safety pipe"
which eliminated the "bite" and had
no sparks or ashes to fly. The "gift
supreme" of 1923 was a silk dressing
Eliminating Method Explained
But if men won't be different, the
women can at least try to be different
for them. Select a gift by the elim-
ination method. It will be easy for
you and perhaps the result will
please him greatly by mistake. Omit
first the classic misfits unless you
have actually held his hand so much
that you can tell his glove size by a
long, loving look at the clerk's hands.
To avoid disapproval from the very
beginning, cross neckties off your list
of possibilities. Since a choice of his
liking in barber pole socks might be

Mand-Made Shoes
Or Boots Will Please
Men Who Li ke QuaIi ty

too much for you, leave them out
Getting into the cultural sphere,
you might try a victrola record if
you're sure what kind of music he
wants and if he hasn't got it already
and if he has a victrola. Or you
might try a book if you're sure he
hasn't got that either and if you're
sure he can read. One is never sure,
however and few men live in the cul-
tural sphere anyway. Omit musical
accoutrements and objects for the lit-
erary elite.
Never Use Telephone
One habit well to eliminate in buy-
ing men's or anybody's gifts for that
matter is that of using the telephone.
For example one recipient received
bedends and a book lamp instead
of book-ends and a bedlamp be-
cause a hurried clerk did not under-
Men shouldn't have such gifts
forced upon them anyway. A wise
precaution to follow is not to give
men anything to be found in the
so-called "gift shop." Hardware of
the more rugged individualistic type
is more appealing to the masculine
Individual Gifts
This gets one down to brass tacks.
What he'd really like would be some-

thing as individual as an Egyptian It might take some doing, but if
ivory sports roadster-omit that on
account of the Michigan driving ban. you have your nerve about you, you
Motorcycles must go for the same might please that best man no end
reason. "A" papers and dates with by this stunt: buy him a pair of hand-
movie stars are always. popular but made boots or shoes.
they are too likely to bring on super- Lots of men, you know, can't find
conceit and must be omitted fortat that
reason. anything ready-made that contents
A last precaution in masculine them. They.like tailored suits, tailored
gift buying is to be sure not to give coats. And there's something remin-
the B. F. something that may force iscent of Galsworthy's "Quality" and
him into such incovenient habits as of aristocracy in having tailor-made
reading the wrong literature, get- boots.
ting too intellectual or too ruggedly There is a shop in Ann Arbor, and
individualistic, over indulging in the probably will be one in your home-
vices of smoking, drinking, gambling, town, where some old craftsman will
or expecting too much from his girl make shoes exactly to your specifi-
next Christmas, or just expecting too cation. Thin tan riding boots. White
much from his girl. topped hunting boots. But also very
Well give them their own medicine modern-looking oxfords, crepe-soled
then. They've asked for the conserv- sports shoes, dressy black models.
ative now for too many years to be The catch is to find out the best
ignored. Make it jewelry and billfolds man's pedical specifications. You
and belts and buckles and pocket might trap one of his prints with a
knives-but, men, don't act disap- blotter as he comes from his shower,
pointed now. We're still waiting for but that also presents problems. You
you to change your minds. might come right out and ask him.
Here<s one fellow --> <
Who really knows
SWhat we want!
MOTHER . .. bridge sets, luncheon sets, ^
linen tablecloths and napkins, handker-
chiefs, and towel sets. -
FATHER . .. plain or monogramed land- t krhe .
C kerchiefs. I
SISTER . . . cocktail sets, headkerchiefs,
and gay handkerchiefs.
BROTHER . . . handkerchiefs galore
white or with plaid borders.

------..._..._._.__,.__r..__.._.., 1


\ \ \ \ \ \ \\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \' SE \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ 'EM

7~ '7 \ \ \ \ N \\N \
/ /7
7' /



, /

Give her something PERSONAL this Christmas - some-
thing exciting to wear! That's exactly what SHE'S hoping
for, whether she's wife, mother, sister, daughter, fiancee,
grandmother, or aunt. We've a suggestion for every "ther"
on your list, from evening gowns and wraps for the luxury-
loving on your list, to exquisite lingerie, evening bags,
gloves, and sparkling jewelry for the unusual gifts you'd
like to make ... and the prices are a gift to you!
Evening gowns 14.95 to 29.95
Evening wraps 16.95 to 19.95
Evening jackets .5.95 to 7.95
5 ' Evening purses 1.00 to 5.00
Housecoats 5.95 to 25.00
# a#Lingerie 1.95 to 10.00 ,
Snow clothes 12.95 to 19.95
Sweaters .1.95 to 5.95
Gloves.. 1.00 to 3.50
Jewelry .. . 1.00 to 15.00
Hosiery .. . ..79c to 1.25
Handkerchief s . . 35c to 1.50
Purses .1.00 to 10.00
O .s 1





with jewelry
ideas galore
to solve all
your gift problems.

47 }

1 1 t1 \ f
. ,,,


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