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October 01, 1940 - Image 17

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The Michigan Daily, 1940-10-01

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Y, OCTOBER 1, 1940



Jumpers, Boy Suits, Baseball Caps Are Among New


New Styles Reminiscent Of Old
But Total Effects Are Opposite

Jumpers Were Novelties!
In 1930. With Skirts
Longer And Slimmer
Just fresh from an intensive tour
of the college shops and full of the
really NEW ideas that the fashion
magazines had to offer, it came as
something of a shock to our modern-
ity to pick up a copy of The Daily,
dated ten years ago today, and to
discover that the newest costume
way back in 1930 was the "jumper,
worn with a matching or contrasting
Think back carefully to all the
fashion talk you have been hearing
and reading within the past few
weeks, and see if these exerpts from
a fast-yellowing newspaper do not
strike a strangely familiar note.
Paris openings "avoided the use of
black, stressing for daytime wear,
blue, beige and brown . . . a great
many dark blue coats."
Silhouettes Are Similar
"The silhouette clings to the fig-
ure at the waistline and hips and
has a slight flare at the lower edge
circular flounces giving a spiral
effect are the most recent develop-
ment in the search for flowing ef-
fects in the longer skirts."
These fashion dictates nmight as

easily have been cut from an article
describing the 1940 openings as from
an old paily, but a cursory glance
9t the illustrations of these clothes
shows us that these collegiate sis-
ters really looked different (thank
goodness) than we do.
Cded's Figure Berated
At first glance, the typical coed,
looks at least seven feeet tall with a
figure resembling nothing so closely
as the nearest telegraph pole. Her
blouses were softly draped, if they
were draped at all, and the invariable
medium-low, round neckline was in-
evitably trimmed with a flowing ruf-
fle. Skirts were-just look at any
old snapshot-worn eight to twelve
inches from the floor.
And now, if any of you freshmen
meet up with a typical Michigan
man (you will recognize him by the
fact that he spends half of his wak-
ing hours deploring the clothes that
the campus women wear), you will
know what to do. When he calls for
you on your next date, try wafting
down the stairs clad in one of these
fetching creations that the "sensi-
ble" coeds he is always talking about
used to wear. The next time he takes
you out he is sure to compliment
you on your dress-if there is a next

Campus Wear
To Incorporate
Many Fashions
Jeweled Clips And Flowers
To Be Worn On Coeds'
Coats This Fall Season
Once they're all dragged out into
the light, it's amazing how many new
fashion features have casually in-
corporated themselves into this fall's
campus classics.
Little boy coats, jumpers, shoes
without laces and hooded fur coats
have all subtly slipped into the col-
lege wardrobe. Little boy suits are
at their best in camel's hair and
tweed, with both great coat and
sport jacket cut on boxy, masculine
lines. Their lapels are cut severely,.
and the skirts that go along are ei-
ther straight, or have knife-edged
pleats all around.
Jumpers Match Baseball Caps
There's no doubt that corduroy is
the favorite material for being cut
into jumpers, and the colors that
set it off most adequately are royal
blue, red or chocolate brown. Self-
figured velveteen is also perfect for
With jumpers, go baseball caps.
They, too, are usually in corduroy
and velveteen, and are shown to a
good advantage when the color
matches the jumper. The beanie
hat too, with its saucy long feather,
is making a successful entree.
When winter winds force out fur
coats, hoods will be seen o many of
them. They're lined in bright colors
to frame the face. Now on fur coats
there are also jewel clips or flowers.,
The clips must be big and splurgy,
or they're dwarfed to insignificance
in the luxury of fur.
Shoes Take Style Turn f
Shoes, too, have taken a turn inL
style, and are now without laces.
Saddles and moccasins are held
snugly around the foot with elastic
bands. Dress shoes have the elastic
in contrasting colors.
Date dresses have the new trumpet
figure, which is very straight, then1
flares out toward the hem line. Herek
at Michigan it cannot be as extreme1
as for town wear, with many flouncesr
on it. But a campus adaptation of
this style shows neat pleats allc
around the bottom of a silk dressf
that is topped with an open collari
bodice, and sleeves that have a few
pleats inserted.
Pompadour Is Hair-Do News
Newest of hair styles, the pompa-
dour, goes well with such a dress. Tof
go to the opposite extreme, it also
goes well with longish, man-tailored
coats. They're in tweed or beige flan-
nel. Short skirts also are among the
newest notes, and are worn with
good-looking long wool socks.
Covert-cloth coats are among the
latest rages for rain or shine, and
are one of the most direct swipes
women have from men's clothes. To
femininize them a little, many have
soft velvet collars.
The long torso is a feature of both
afternoon and evening dresses. This
is a style that answers the dream of
those with good figures, for such
dresses fit smoothly from the neck-
line to the hips, and often have no
belts. For formal wear, especially
with a lame top and billowing net
skirt, this style is tops.

Skirts Go Up-Socks, Too

Dateless Women Are Given List
Of Entertainment Opportunities
By FRANCES MENDELSON alone, you will come home with com-
There will come a time. after the pany.
first flurry has died down and life For the average coed busy during
the day with classes and activities
has begun to take on as settled a pace and at night with dates, the oneeve-
as it ever does in Ann Arbor, when, ning sans anything special to do is
unless you are something of a super pretty much of a boon. Here is a
glamour girl, you won't have a date. grand opportunity o devote a few
Don't worry about it and, above hours to You. Curl up that lock of
all. don't for orfe minute think that hair that never seems to look just
there is nothing left for you but to right, do your nails, wash and iron
sit in your own little room all night some clothes so that when you do go
writing morbid poetry. There's lots out you will look perfectly groomed.
to do around Ann Arbor that doesn't (Michigan men are fanatics on that
require two to accomplish. subject, by the way.) -
Find A Pastime Catch Up On Sleep
No law. unwritten or otherwise, says Dig up that sewing kit that Great-
that it is illegal for several girls to aunt Clothilde gave you as a going-
take in a good movie on a weekend away present and sew-not pin-some
night. Public opinion will not censure droopy hems or dangling slip straps.
you for this and there are those that While you are hunting for the kit,
admire a girl for having enough in- you might do a general clean-up job
dependence of spirit to entertain her- on your dresser drawers. And that
self. stack of unanswered mail-answer
The innumberable amount of con- those letters or you spend Christmas
certs, lectures and other special vacation in the style of a hermit.
events are not necessarily date af- What's that? Did you say you had
fairs. If you have a free evening on nothing to do? Well go to bed and
your hands and don't know what to catch up on a little lost sleep,
do with it, pick up a copy of The --
Daily and glance through the DOB R ed Boxing Gloves
for suggestions. The WAB is open in
the evenings anf you might try your To Be Winter Fad
hand at bowling. This, incidentally
is a sport fast rising in popularity
among Michigan women. Right at this time, most minds
A look around your house or a few are far from gloves, but chill winds
astute telephone calls will reveal that are due soon, and they'll make co-
you are not the only one who isn't
going out. How about a game of ed minds conscious of their presence.
bridge? Newest member of the glove fam-

r R
Front Hair Rolled

Meets or

Ribbon Design
Is Decoration
On Cardigans
There's no doubt about the fact
that Michigan women are trying to
escape the long Sloppy Joe (or Slop-
py Sal, as one prefers) sweater.
Although cardigans are still big
and room those that have been seen
on campus this first week of school
are no where as exaggeratedly large
as sweaters of past years. Another
new feature of boxy cardigans is
decoration along the ribbon binding.
An attractive example of this is
a powder blue cardigan that has a
pair of scotties embroidered on the
binding between each button hole.
Others have flowerette designs around
the neckline and cuffs as well as
down the front.
Finding favor in the college wo-
man's eye are loosely knit woolens.
These are usually short sleeved pull-
overs that have all their distinctive-
ness in the weave, and in their strik-
ing colors. Of the closer knit sweat- ,
ers, many are shown in a new In-
dian penny color.
tit -- - iii


La Pompadour
New Fall Style

: .,-.

The, lustre of three-
tone gold jewellery
is as high as its style

, Y
, .
? " .
_ _.
.. .., ,,;, :?
.f, r
'. : .

WAith a comb in hand and a great
desire to go modern with your coif-
fure, the best thing to do is to whip
up a pompadour.
They can be made in so many
ways. The simplest one, and the one
which is most like a real pompadour,
is merely a swish of hair rolled back
in a big, smooth roll over the fore-
head. The roll goes under and can
be held there with a mob of bobby
pins. If it's rather small, a bow fits
nicely in back of it.
Another way of making a pompa-
dour is to set a large wave in your
front hair, then puff it up so that
it stands rather high, and put the
ends of the hair in a few curls.
A bunch of loose curls tottering
over the forehead is a good way to
render the pompadour effect, so if
you switch your side curls to the top
front, you'll have a much more com-

Attend Stag Mixers
If a dateless dance or gathering"
happens to occur on the same even-
ing that you are dateless yourself,
for heaven's sake, go to it. If every-
one thought that there was some-
thing intrinsically wrong about ven-
turing abroad without the support
(generally only moral support any-
way) of a masculine arm, these af-
fairs would not be held. You will find
these dances a lot of fun and a won-
derful place to broaden your scope
of acquaintances. And it is this. writ-
er's guess that, while you may go
fortable night and you'll set a style
If you already have bangs, set
them a little farther back and tend
toward loose, natural curling rather
than frizziness. At any rate, do
something to your front hair, for
that is where the emphasis is this
fall. Some people prefer to just pull
it smoothly back with a bow that
matches their outfit. A bow set
above a very high side part also
marks the new and different.

ily are capeskin boxing gloves.
They're very nearly as big as the
ones worn in the ring, and will keep
one warm as toast. Although fire-
man red is popular color for these
big things to appear in, they'll come
out in every hue.
For the first football games, neat
tan or brown pigskin gloves, with
stitched fingers, will prove most pop-
ular. As time and the weather go
on, however, a much larger group
of colorful mittens will be seen.
Beauty for You!
and WAVE
Raggedy Ann
Beauty Shop
1114 So. University Ph. 7561
TUT T7. TI .Ll

Beats any
FPhone 5933
J ust pick Up
the phone-call
For Feminine
Reg. - Super - Jr.



Eastern college girls have chosen it for
smartness . . . everyone chooses it for its
PINK GOLD . . . combine into exquisite
clips, bracelets, necklaces. Just right for
sportswear . . . Perfect for date-time
J/rcad'e }eweryS0FB

_ Mimi's prediction
football week-en d :



Liberty at Main
for col le

town shop
ege women




for....... 1.00
for. .....48c
for ...... 20c


II i
yl / I

success and a gay time at the football lunch-
eon, and the tea dance, she is wearing a
silhouette dress of flatteringly draped crepe!
0 For all your important campus moments,
the sorority rush, the library date, we offer
you clothes to fit the campus mode!


68 Reg........ 89
75Jr......... 1.0
Reg. -Super -Jr.
30 for........45
12 for........ 20








Come in to buy-
just look around
-you're always

lO for ........20c
Genuine American Made
"Takanin Style"
6 for 54c











I Vx



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