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March 02, 1941 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1941-03-02

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Pandama-Bound Brothers Leave
Today 0Motircycle Expeditwiio
-With --all preparations comiieted, archr u the C0sta Rican cross-wise
two new motorcycles in perfect tune, ioulail ranges. This 820 mile see-
emergency food and water rations tionl of their route through Indian
Ecountry lying between Oaxaca, Mex-
packed. supplies and spare fuel in ico and Panama., is so primitive that
the tanks in place, two youthful the natives there have never ad-
adventurers will leave today in an at- vanced to the civilized stage of using
tempt to travel 5,000 miles on wheels a wheel.
to Panama, a feat never before ac- Though the trip may take six
complished. months because of dubious weather
Brothers Alan R. Bott, '42E, and conditions, strange as it seems, the
George R. Bott, ESpec., will ride down brothers are making the 5,000 mile
to Mexico and then further south- jaunt a race against time. Four
ward into primitive Indian territory months ago, the Richardson expe-
where the "roads" are mere gully- dition left Detroit to try to accom-
like mule trails, becoming most haz- pllh the journey to Panama by auto-

Bound Por Britain,

Gas Attack To Precede Invasion
Of England, Kelogg Declares
B y E"EDT4M'NT s HO ington is apprehensive about at the
Predicting a German move of far- moment is an overhead German of-
reaching consequences in the spring, fensive designed to spread gas over
Dr. Charles E. Kellogg, Chief of the the entire Eastern Coast of England,
Soil Survey Division of the U.S. De- with the immediate objective of es-
tablishing bridgeheads at various
partment of Agriculture, warned of points on the indented coastline,"
a widespread gas attack upon Eng- Dr. Kellogg pointed out.
land followed by an attempt to in- Once the gas has taken its deadly
vatde the British Isles. toll, German troops would be
A close confident of the General launched across the English Channel
Staff in Washington, Dr. Kellogg is and landed at strategic points all
well-informed on U.S. policy and is along the English coast. This would
aeninermstedos U.vpof the baffling be followed by a concentrated move-
an interested observer ti ment inward of all troops until op-
international moves being made by position was encountered. Such a
the nations at war in Europe. His plan would establish a good landing
statements followed a luncheon position for approximately seven
planned for him by members of the miles inward and would make it pos-
sible for massed forces to strike from
geography department. different directions, Kellogg pointed
"What the General Staff in Wash- out.
The element of confusion would
r1 be a big factor in the success of such
Hill el o Give an invasion, he went on to say. Brit-
ish troops, although massed for ready
action, would find it difficult to cope
with organized attacks from multinle

that reflect
good taste
have their
head uarters
at the
Oriental GIFT Shop
300B South State

mobile. Latost reports would indicate
that at this time they are near the
Guatemela border. The Botts hope to
overtagke them in spite of the four
-n,_th's lead and reach Panama to
tail the story first.
Two new, light motorcycles will be
used capable of 70 miles per gallon
of gasoline. They will be equipped
with special racks which will carry
a 14.-gallon reserve tank, motor-!
cycle oil, and various kinds of ma-
terials and rations. For day-to-day
food, the boys will subsist on Mexi-
can dishes and Indian fare.
The cost of the trip, estimated to
be about $1,500, will be partially re-
duced by unique photographs taken
along the route, which will be sent
back to the United States fordevel-
opment and sale. Cameras with spec-
ial lenses for speed, distance and
night shots have been purchased.
- 4


John G. Winant (left), new ambassador to Great Britain, ac-
companied by Benjamin Cohen (right) presidential adviser, left New
York by trans-Atlantic clipper for London.
One-Quarter Of Student Body
Attends Church, Poll Indicates

'Success Story' Scheduled
For March 7 And 8
A Broadway hit comes to town
when the Hillel Players present their
major production of the year, "Suc-
cess Story," by John Howard Lawson,
at Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre, March
7 and 8.



Sprif L9t+ '

b y
"Fashion Strait"
So figure flattering are
these "Fashion Strait"
slips that you'd think
them an outstanding
value at a much higher
price. They are just
made for the college girl
because they won't sag,
twist or ride up. Made
of rayon satin in white
and tearose. Sizes 32 to
44 and 31 % to 37 1
$ .95
9 Nickels Arcade

, ..

Church attendance on the Michi-
gan campus for the last three years'
has always been between 25 and 30
percent of the student body, a Bur-
Zau of Student Opinion record re-?
This year's poll shows that 25.8
percent of the student body went to
church on a representative Sunday.
No records of general church,'atten-
lance are available, but to equal the
campus figure 7000 Ann Arbor resi-
dents would have to attend the com-
munity's churches on a given Sunday.
Catholics Lead List
Various breakdowns of the results
make interesting reading. For ex-
ample, the poll shows that 70.4 per-
-ent of Catholics attend church on a
given Sunday as compared to 23.6
percent 6f Protestants, 7.7 percent of
Jews, and 10.8 percent of all others
questioned. Although only a quarter
of the campus attends churches on
a given Sunday, the poll indicates
that only 28.7 percent of the stu-
dents have never attended church
while at Michigan.
Contrary to popular conception,
woman are not better church-goers
than men; 26 percent of campus
males attend on a given Sunday and
only 25 percent of the women, the
poll indicates.
Considered from the point of view
of those who have never attended
church while at Michigan, the poll
shows that the lawyers are the cam-
pus heathens (3.8 percent never),

C" ------- ---_-- ----_..

points on the Eastern voa t.
"Then it would be ac in feresting
battle between excellent offensive op-
erations of the strong German army
and the equally effective rear-guard
action of a determined English mili-
tary machine," Dr. Kellogg observed.
At the present moment, Germany
is turning her attention to the in-
creasing action of British-led forces
in Libya which are now engaged in
mopping-up maneuvers and are rap-
idly encircling the northern coast of
Africa, he said.
"The German government is afraid
of a possible British attempt to land
troops in southern Europe and push
upward in a counter offensive. Hence,
the British campaign in Africa is a
constant source of irritation to Hit-
ler's future plans," Kellogg comment-

followed closely by medical students So far this year the Players, un-
(7. ehder the direction of Anita Newblatt,
5never) while the engineering '41, president, have taken two one-
and literary colleges are nearly even act plays to Detroit, Pontiac, Flint
with approximately 25 percent "nev- land Lansing where they were re-c
er's" each. ceive l by capacity audiences.I
'42 Similar To Lawyers Besides its numerous short pro-
As revealed by the poll, the class of ductions the Players present one longt
'42 occupies a position among the play every season. Last year they1
enacted "The Gentle People" by Tr-e
classes similar to that of the law- win Shaw.
yers among the colleges. Thirty-three All of the technical work involved
percent never have gone to church in the production is done by students
while on campus. The classes of '44, who include Sidney Steinhart, '41,
'41, and '43 follow in order in the business manager in charge of pro-
same classification. duction Dan Seiden, '43, directorof
i + the stage crew; Lorraine Schwab, '42,
Although 29.8 percent of rooming- in charge of costuming; Burt Rubins,
house men attend church on a given '42, handling the publicity; Ruth
Sunday, 32.3 percent have never at- Aleinik, '43, supervising the proper-
the poll reveals. On the other ties crew; Hilda Snyder, '42, leading
tended, th olrvas nteohrthe ushers; Marjory Teller, '42, in
hand, 18.3 percent of fraternity men charge of tickets; Beverly Cohen, '42,
have never attended, the poll shows, in charge of programs; and make-up
but only 19.7 percent (less than room- I yin r me o senf ;d ma-u
ing-house men) attend on a given!y oaRe l,4
Sorority members make better Riding au Group
church-goers than their Greek rela-
tions, fraternity men, 29.8 percent to Is TO Be Formed
19.7 percent, the poll indicates. Only
16.3 percent of apartment house stu- Boot and Spur, a riding organiza-
lent residents attended on a given 1 tion for men will be formed this week,
Sunday, th^ poll shows. the committee in charge announced.
Polls Conducted By Bureau All men interested in participating
The polls conducted by the Bureau in the sports group are asked to call
of Student Opinion are based on a 2-3441 between 4:30 p.m. and 6 p.m.
cross-section of the student body, for the week. On Friday tryouts for
modeled after the selective samples membership will be held at Golfside
used in Gallup Polls, Frank Bender, ; where the members of the group will
'43, director of the poll explained. The ride every week. All men who wish
cross-section is chosen at random to join will be called for at the En-
from all sections of the campus and j gineering Arch at 4:30 and 5:15 p.m.
the possibility of error in the con- Friday.
clusions drawn are very small, he The group is under the faculty
said. There is a greater m:argin of sponsorshfp of Dean Lloyd S. Wood-
error in the breakdowns, he noted, burne of the literary college and
than in a question involving the en- Prof. Joseph R. Hayden of the poli-
tire campus. tical science department.




Typically American, com-
pletely casual . . . . this
cool-ee in glove-soft crushed
kid is a true all-occasional.
Saddle - stitched, square-
toed, with a neatly buttoned-
down collar, it comes in
navy or brown.

Introducing i .. Newt ~...

fisher s
fan o/a ted



: .

ace and

- JAtn J,



Lathers Freely ... Soothing to the most sensitive skin ..
Rich in Pure Lanolin ... One dozen41 2oz. cakes for 89c
Try fischer'scosmetirs today!

Hand Cream
3 oz.-29c
Extra Rich Cream
2oz. -$1.00
Lanolin Cream
Lotion - 8 oz. - 35c
Emulsified Cleansing
Cream - 8 oz. - 85c

Cream - 16

oz.- $1.35

1 Regular Size Cake of
Lanolated Skin Soap Free
with the purchase of any
Fisher cosmetic item,
March 1st to 15th

Hand Cream
8 oz.-59c
Lanolated Skin Soap
89c - box of 12 cakes
Hand Cream
16oz. -98c


Dresses .. . suits ... coats . . . costume suits
. .. accessories. All echoing the dashing spirit
of the Army, the Navy. Here an eagle, there
an anchor, gold stars and gold buttons galore.
In navy blue, red, white, beige and browns,
it's spring's way of giving you the trimmest,
most becoming outfits you've ever known.
Suits . . . 19.95 to 29.95. Dresses . . . 14.95
to 25.00. Coats . . . 19.95 to 55.00. Costume
Suits . . . 22.95 and 29.95. Blouses . . . 1.00
to 6.50. Jewelry . . . 1.00. Hats . - - 3.95 to
8.50. y


p\A/0 Aplnnpi ~~Athpg Finep Cosmetics to save you money!


x 10,


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