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March 14, 1940 - Image 18

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The Michigan Daily, 1940-03-14

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Neatness Termed Essential For Well-Dressed Man Of'


Soclks Popular
Pastel Colors To Be Worn
This Spring,_Summer
Much as the campus aesthete hates
to hear the news, indications still
reveal that multi-colored men's socks
will be worn this spring and summer.
Again the 1940 male will buy wool
socks consisting of horizontal strips
of green, red, blue, black etc.
Ini lisle socks, however, men seem
to be more on the conservative side
varying the wearing of plain socks
only with the ribbed variety or with
an occassional clock. The colors here
will be mostly solid pastels in blues,
greens and browns and, of course, the
white sock will be worn as usual.
A, great tendency seems to exist
in the getting away from plain white
swckts, authorities state, and whites
are now appearing with larger and
larger clocks as well as being fre-
quently ribbed.
Two-toned socks are also quite
popular with the college male es-
pecially the browns and whites

Obese Individuals Given
Tips On Optical Illusion
Frequent butt f or the alleged joke-
sters is the fat man. But to him "it
ain't funny." In fact, if he knows
how to pick his clothes, there's no
need for him to be the object of sneers
from Michigan's redoubtable coeds.
Here's how it's done:
The heavy man should so select
his clothes as to elongate and un-
broaden his frame. In other words,
if you tend to be a little big around
the midriff, don't for the love of the
aesthetic, and yourself, wear loud,
blatant colors and bold patterns.
Of course, the rather heavy student
can still wear plaids; in fact, a plaid
jacket with well-matching vertical
striped slacks is an excellent com-
bination. Also recommended for the
obese Michigan man is a simple-
patterned Norwegian shoe and taper-
ed crown semi-Tyrolean hat.
And here are a few more "don'ts"
for the rotund male figure. Avoid
rounded shirt collars and wear long
points leading away from a round
face. Jacket sleeves should definite-
ly taper to snug wrists. Tweeds of
bulky thickness should not be worn,
as .cheviots and Saxonies are better
rough cloth choices.

Flannel Suit, Fea
White Shirt Is
Clothes, trial and tribulations that
they are. have tonbe granted a place
of importance in the day-to-day life
of the modern American male-or
male of almost any other nationality,
for that matter. In the first place,
most civilized parts of this terrest-
rial spheroid have anti-nakedneess
laws. Secondly, most men realize
than unpretty corpus can be well
hidden by a few yards of wool, linen
and cotton. Thirdly, like it or not, we
are judged in business, academic and
social life by the clothes we wear.
Of course, the mad poet, the blue-
print-crazed inventor, the student in
the engineering college and the non-
conformist painter may all be ex-
cused for sartorial eccentricities. But
they are breeds apart from the rest
of humanity, generally thoroughly
engrossed in serious enterprises, and
it would be unfair to quibble over
what they wear. They are rare, too,
and the great majority of the poor,
ordinary human beings of the male
sex must concern themselves with
the important question of what to
buy and what to wear in order to
look their best.
Overdressing Poor Taste
Looking one's best scarcely means
dashing about like the fabled plush
horse belonging to Mrs. Astor-in
other words, "overdressed" 'is not a
synonym for "well dressed." It is
however, necessary to exercise taste
and to develop powers selection in
order to look one's best. Clothes
sshould fit the occasion and local
usage: Park Avenue is scarcely the
place to wear the dirty grey flannel
slacks that are favorites; nor is an
economics class the proper locale
for a cutaway and grey-striped trou-
Neatness and studied sloppiness
of the Yale-Harvard-Princeton var-
iety are two manners of styles of
dress that come in for a great deal
of comment today. The merits of
each of these ways are many; their
advocates are legion. Each group of
followers has his own set of reasons
for adopting the manner of dressing.
Sloppiness Careful
Regardless of the why and where-
fore of studied sloppiness or of knife-
edge-crease neatness, a little obser-
vation will inform anyone that the
"true believers" in these two modes
of dress are all uniformly careful
in their dress. The sloppy lad is
careful about his melanges of colors,
his mixtures of stripes-just as pain-
staking as the neat person who keeps
his trousers always in press and in-
variably picks out the correct tie
for the correct socks and suit and
shirt. And neither will wear the
wrong thing to the wrong place at
the wrong time-if he is truly an ad-
vocate of neatness or studied slop-
A little care is all that is needed to
be clothed at one's best. A very
small amount of money, judiciously
spent, will go a surprisingly long way
toward the attainment of this sta-
tus. And the status can be main-
tained easily with a small amount
of overhead for cleaning and press-
New Summer Styles
Oil companies advertise changes
in lubrication for spring and sum-
mer; clothing stores follow their lead,
or take the lead themselves, and
prattle on about new styles for sum-
mer, for spring, for any season that
is reportedly on its way. Naturally
enough, with spring and summer
only a few lbng months in the offing
men are prone to take the hints of-
fered and to begin thinking about
what to buy and what to wear once
the overcoat and heavy tweeds have
been put away in moth ball-laden
closets and trunks. Besides, adver-

tisements of spring styles and con-
templation of these styles are heart-
ening harbingers of the approach of
that season (and subsequently that
of summer) to a part of the world
sick of winter's blood-freezing gusts.
This spring the would-be wel]
dressed man could hardly better
than to insert himself into a soft
light flannel suit. These flannels are
comfortable, combining this charac-
teristic with excelelnee of style. They
will probably be available in pain
colors-grey, blue, tan-or in pin;.

therweight Hat,
Ideal Ensemble
striped materials. Three - button,
notched-lapel models should once
more dominate in popularity, using
the English drape effect to good ad-
vantage. This suit, loose, cool enough,
comfortable, will look the way one,
wants to look-never taking a razor-
crease, always appearing loungy and
at ease.
The hat to go with' this suit-if
the college male wants to wear a
hat "en ete"-might well be a soft,
featherweight felt with a snap brim,j
the less shape the better. Shades
and colors will be available in abund-
ance, so the well dressed lad will
procede with care when picking out
his head-cover.
Shirts De Riggur
Shirts will naturally have to be
worn with suits-oh, yes, they will!-
and no model or color wit lbe more
popular than the white shirt 'with
button-down collar in broadcloth or
Oxford cloth. Second choice will
certainly be plain, soft shades of
colors, with stripes taking a back
seat. The white. offers the neatest-
appearing shirt and an unbeatable
background for setting off thos gay
summer ties.
Gayety but not blatancy should
be the rule in both tie and hose colors
and patterns. Silks, soft and non-
wrinkling, will' dominate the tie field.
Lisles, light wools and silks should
prove to be the most popular models
of hose.
Sports wear is the line along which
men can be permitted to release
their suppressed desires to burst forth
into colors. They can be as bright,
as blatant, as loud as is desired as
long as their combinations are har-
monious-don't let green and blue
get together, incidentally.
To climax this ideal summer and
spring outfit for the lad who wants
to be well dressed, a light, high
quality gabardine raincoat should be
added. This will be found in bal-
macan. fitted double-breasted and
half-breasted models.

Myriad Fabrics Offer Many Choices
Of Combinations Of CoatAndSlacks

Many pages and columns of copy bone, tweed, which comes In green
have been devoted to describing the 'and white predominantly, but with
latest suits men wear for morning, small threads of other colored ma-
afternoon and evening, with, it seems, terial, suitably matched and sewed in
altogether too little copy devoted to the cloth is one of the most "ver-
the men who break up the monotony satile" articles of clothing a man can
of the three piece ensemble by put- have. It has a plain back, with one
ting together the jacket and pants of slit in the middle, three button front
two of 'their suits in a neat looking and single button on the cuffs. Green
combination, and brown are a good color combina-

Currently popular in suits are
tweeds, gabardines, covert, in the
standard variety of colors and shades,
or other materials with which we
aren't as familiar from which the1
dapper male can choose his combina-
tions. Add to this the smartly cut
sport jackets and the large variety
of sport slacks which the man has
to choose from, and the choosy male
has a large selection fron which he
can suit his taste.
Covert Cloth Popular
One of the most popular materials
for men's suits have been those made
of covert cloth. A few green covert
cloth suits have been seen about, but
they haven't been as popular as the
natural shade. A fortunate fellow
who happens to have in his posses-
sion a chocolate brown tweed or her-
ring bone in addition to the covert
cloth is indeed lucky; he has two
combinations already. The sportier
male will wear the pants of covertI
with the herring bone brown jacket,I
a white shirt with a green botany
bow tie. A pair of cordovan shoes
with green or brown ribbed woolen
hose completes an outfit any man
can be proud of wearing. It's just
as easy to wear the same accessories
when wearing the tweed pants with
the covert jacket, though a pair of
brown, Scotch grain saddle shoes
might go better with this outfit.
It's been pretty hard to get away
from the influx and popularity of
green into men's wardrobes and pro-
bably the most popular sport jackets
have been in this color. The herring

Lion, the psychologists tell us; so the
jacket can be worn with either covert
or brown tweed or herring bone pants
with the same accessories as men-
tioned before. For the more conserva-
tive male, who doesn't like the white
space which appears between his chin
and the top button of his jacket, a
green foulard may be substituted for
the bowtie.
To get into the realm of the blues
and grays, one of the "old" stand-
bys for many a year has been grey
flannel. It's a well known fact (ac-
cording to above mentioned psychol-
ogist friend) that grey looks well with
just about any color. Despite this
fact, it would be wise when wearing
one part of the grey flannel suit to
select a jacket preferably of' a darker
shade than the grey pants.
Checks Retain Favor
The grey-blue small checked jacket
and the grey-blue checked which give
a plaid effect have been most popu-
lar with the males this season. The

former is the usual two button, single
breasted front, with four buttons on
the cuffs and a bi-swing back; while
the latter is a four-button single
breasted affair (this style has been
announced as the coming thing by
leading New York tailors and fashion
magazines) with two slits in the back
and two buttons on the cuffs. With
the latter jacket, a white, blue-striped
oxford cloth shirt, with button down
collar, and a solid, navy blue knit
tie may be worn. Solid, blue woolen
imported socks and the campus black
and white saddle shoes make up an
qually "sharp" combination. A white
cable-stitch, slip-on sweater can be
added to increase the sport effect,
It's the "smart" male who can
choose the proper combinations in
pants and jackets, but it's the Beau
Erummel of the day who can com-
plete the job with the right combina-
tion of shirt, tie, socks and shoes to
go with them.
Neckties Deserve Care
Good neckties deserve proper care
but unfortunately very few people
know how to preserve their appear-
ance. Ties should never be placed
under an iron, but should be mois-
tened with a damp cloth and then
held against the fact of a hot iron.


Ya t


( I
manufacturers, are selected for
their' weight, balance, and fine'
cat gut. The polo shirt and
sleeveless sweater assure com-
fort. and good appearance on the

,.' '~-"


are easy on your feet and easy to
keep clean. The white wool an-
klets absorb the perspiration and
there's no color to run.

Th ueS
Designed and printed in Eng-
land. Available in small nea't
designs and also in bold patterns
at only $1.00 each.

In sports clothes particularly, the difference between
a fine garment and a mediocre one is quite notice-
able. First of all, top quality sports suits-the kind
that Hickey-Freeman customized' for us-are made
of unusual fabrics. They are not only smart and
attractive in pattern, but also have a beauty of color
that bears witness to the excellence of the wool used
in the weaving. Then, when it comes to tailoring, no
one can surpass the craftsmen of Hickey-Freeman.
They create "soft" sports clothes that give you ex-
ceptional comfort. $52.50. ..Two-piece.

VAN BOVEN is pledged to style but in our own definition
of style we include the world's finest woolens, careful hand-
tailoring - and a worthy way of doing business.
Let Van Boven dress you this Spring with Style Authority
and complete clothes satisfaction.
Prices start at $35.


I "' 1 11 I


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