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December 02, 1938 - Image 18

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The Michigan Daily, 1938-12-02

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[it, .'. . , I

lvening Shoes
Have Sparkle
wels, Brocade, Crepe,
And Velvet Stressed In
Sandal Creations
Designed to charm the roving eye,

Angora Cardigan, Pullover Sweaters
SUversal Favorites On mpus

Latest Fashion Reports
Indicate Tweed Skirts
Will Gain Great Favor
Certainly every college coed feels
she has risen far above her youth-!

Sweaters Remain 'Campus Classics'

muenasto compemnent the new ful prep school days. No more march-
shions in formal wear, night-life ing to chapel, under the stern vili-
ndals "have come into their own" gance of an iron-ribbed chaperon, no
is year with an excitingly new ac- more light bell, and no more uni-
nt on jewels for decorations, plat-. forms! That's what she thinks.
rm soles, and spool-shaped heels. At least the college girl's uniform
>r have the designers left anything does show a little more individuality
be desired on the "material side" than her former jumper dress, but
there is definitely a basic plan that
is season-not with brocade, crepe, is universal. That essentials ground
tin, bergaline, velvet, even celx- plan is always-a sweater and skirt.
ane rivaling for top honors, along The comforts and joys of these not
th the more conservative kid. too-glamorous garments are too
A new sea-green sandal, with well-known to waste space on here,
arls studding its platform sole but for the enlightenment of some
a particularly Kellyish green freshman
nks highly among the velvet crea- who may stumble across these lines.
ins. And just as smart is a silver- it might be well to describe a few of
ocade-on-black shoe which uses the favorite models.
ver kid for its platform sole. Pullovers Are Universal
Paste Diamonds Good For a long time, pullover sweaters
Paste diamonds, new pretenders with long sleeves rolled up were the
Zong jewels for your ears, find a overwhelming favorites. They still
ae also on the platform sole of an are very popular, but it has become
herwise conservative sandal of at least permissible to roll the sleeves
aped black satin. Or, if you must down, if it's below freezing outside;
radical, a hooded heel shoe offers to wear short sleeves if it's not. That','
entirely new and definitely intri- getting away from the, uniformity a
ing silhouette. It features a seam- little.
s heel covering, which is of the Also with cardigans, some fashion-
ne piece as the counter, the ends wise coeds are being radical enough
otting over the instep. to wear them the old-fashioned way.
One of the cleverer notes to be in- That is, after years of being different
duced into evening styles this and buttoning theer sweaters down
ar is that of matching jewels on their backs, they are now being dif-
ur shoes with those in your hair. ferent and buttoning them down the
ld sequins winking on a black sa- front. The advantage of this innova-
, open-toed sandal, to complement tion is that its much more comfort-
sequin bows twinkling in your able to sleep in classes without but-
ir, radiate an enchanting aura of tons digging into your spinal column.
,mour. Favor Pastel Angoras
Sandals have Comfort Sweaters can be tough, long-en-
[his season's crop of evening san- during and practical. Or they can
s also includes that much sought be fluffy, light-colored and rather!
er rarity--the shoe which provides mpractical. Every girl should havf
nfort along with beauty. A flexible at least one impractical angora swea-'
tform sole laced with gold kid ter to tickle the noses of her class-
der a dramatic red velvet sandal # mates and delight all beauty lovers.
rges both elements successfully; Prices in sweaters range from one
doets a shoe of latticed black suede dolar to twenty-five dollars. And
d gold kid, with a comfortable that is why they seem to truly re-
ther-high-nor-low heel. present a democratic college feeling,
Among theleaders in-the dinner- even more so because some girls can
>e line we find one favorite in knit their own.
ck satin whose straps interlace Knitting sweaters keeps many col-
er the vamp to screen the foot al- lege girls from wastingvaluable time
)st to the ankle. And for the perfect in meetings. And there is a great
era pump, a cyclamen crepe shoe satisfaction in wearing a self-created
mmed in baroque kid is singled sweater.'
Pleats, Plaids In Skirts
Sandals Have Comfort As to skirts-that other half of the
The sophisticate will want to in- college girl's uniform. This is another
tigate a new spool-heeled shoe extensive field that can only be skim-
red suede which uses gold on its med over in this brief time apd space.
tform sole, and gold celephane for There are pleated skirts, and plaid
ties. And at the other extreme we skirts and pleated plaid skirts. But
d'a black velvet slipper, patterned occasionally there are new notes like
her like a child's, featuring silver this late fashion report from Paris-
lian embroidery on the vamp, and "skirts of rough tweed in soft pastel
ng high around the ankle. shades". That seems a particularly

Variety Marks '
Newest Robes
New Flannel Housecoais
Prove Practical, leer=n
You will long cherish one of the
new housecoats as a Christmas gift
this year. Many smart new materials
are being used. Angora, which is very
good for campus wear all the day
long, is also being used for trimming
robes. We noticed a fitted white one
with a tiny patch pocket just below
the waist line edged with maroon
For really practical use a Botany
flannel robe in red, trimmed with
multicolored fringe, will keep you
warm these snowy nights. Another
flannel housecoat is pale blue with
a crimson velvet collar, or perhaps
you would prefer a robe of billiard
table felt with a Talon fastener from
collar to hem. ,
Individualists should see the fitted
robe which has equal charm for
traveling, college, or at home. It has
your own initials snapped into the
button which will close the front
tightly to the neck or can be left un-
done, forming large revers. The rich
two-toned sash repeats the color of
the button and adds to the luxury of
the housecoat.
For chill, wintery nights, when you
want to look your best, a diagonally
quilted velvet wrapper, lined in sky-
blue-pink, should fit the occasion.
Red faills silk, striped with satin and
dipping into a tiny train, is well fash-
ioned for lounging in a warm bou-
Bed jackets for those few who have
breakfast in bed are of unusual design
this season. We noticed some of white
angora or pastel marabou with small
rolled collars and long, swishing bows.
Another glamorous one was peach
matelasse withsbroad shoulders,
and full flowing sleeves, cuffed be-
low the elbow. These will give you
that long desired feeling of luxury
while reading in bed.
Gift Question Solved
By Handkerchiefs
It's Christmas time and we sup-
pose you all have the spirit of giving.
But there's always a question con-
cerned with giving, and that is what
to give?
Linen handkerchiefs with flannel
patterns are a good answer. A lady
looking through a lorgnette adorns
one while another has a girl strug-
gling over a golf game.
Chiffon handkerchiefs with em-
broidered corners are quite versatile
as they can be worn either for eve-
ning as kereiieves with your sweat-
ers. Thn, too, if the wind should
start to blow your new "hair-do" you
can even tie it around your head.

Christmas Cheer Is Suggested
By New A merican Perfumes

Of Famous Creators
The Christmas holidays always
bring forth a flood of intriguing new'
perfumes in tempting and decorative
little bottles. The American per-
fumers have produced some of the
Imost subtle and delightful new whifs
this year that equal or even surpass
in some opinions, those of the French.
Harriet Hubbard Ayer is a leader
among these with her new Yu. Yu
is a festive new perfume just suited
for the vacation parties and makes
a gift that is a compliment to the re-
ceiver and a symbol of the good taste
of the donor. Yu has been made in-
to a light, refreshing toilet water, and
bath powder to make the perfect set.
Twin Set Is Attractive
Another New York creator, Helena
Rubenstein has brought out her new
Town and Country duet in a set of
two tiny bottles attractively pack-
aged in a little cellophane box. The
former of these twins is a rather
heavy, sophisticated odor while the
Country twin is light and carefree.
Lavin, the noted French perfumer
has put out a very unusual holiday
package of his four best-known crea-
tions to suit any mood and occasion.
The most distinguished is the most
subtle of the odors: My Sin. Then
there is the daring one Rumeur, and
Pretexte is the third. it is light and
refreshing to contrast to the fourth,
Scandal which is a rather heavy, al-
most oriental scent vaguely sugges-
tive of the Near East.
Emerand And L'Aim,*nt
Mr. Coty has brought out a set in
his inimitable Emerand that consists
of the perfume, a very fine bath talc,
toilet water and face powder all in
that wonderful whif that might well
be called the smell of smells. His'
clinging triumph for the great mom-
ents in one's life is his L'Aimant with
L'Origan to supplement it in a high-
er holiday odor.
In the same Christmas spirit comes
Lentheric's Miracle which is the ideal
all-around perfume. Lentheric's
Shanghai is a more festive vacation
mood and has a gayness that can't be
For chic smartness every authority
on perfumes is suggesting Millot's
Crepe de Chine. It makes a flawless
gift and perfect for tea dances and
smart, informal dinners.
Concentrate Perfume
Something new in the perfume line
has been put on the market by Orloff
and is seen in his dainty hand-paint-
ed packs that contain concentrates in
a variety of smells that will not leak
or evaporate and which will go won-
3derfully in even a small sized purse.
Corday may well take the blue rib-

ii, Twin Sets, Emnerand
Are Cift Suggestions

bon for the most attractive ntainer
of the season in his clever little cabo-
chon bottle for his Orehidee Bleue.
that exotic perfume that must be
wcn on just the right occa'sion or
be spoiled.
Another very chic purse combina-
tion that comes in a tiny leather case
and consists of a little perfume via┬▒
and lipstick is called "Pursette." It
is put out by Chevalier Garde of
Peppy Scent Is Popular
D'Orsey's Belle de Jour will make
her a delightful gift for dressy after-
noon and evening holiday occasions.
This peppy perfume comes in a
stunning white porcelain dressmak-
er bottle with a little cellophane cov-
er that resembles the glass cover on
paper flowers in Grandmother's
Corday has created a new triumph
too, to play up the gypsy in your
soul. Tzigane is a mysterious and
daringly new perfume suggestive of
vibrant gypsy music. In sharp con-
trast to this new perfume is Ciro's
Danger. It's heavy land warm and
will give one courage to face bluster-
ing days in the city.
The lucky ones who are planning
winter on cruises will be delighted
with A La Concarde de France; a re-
freshing warm weather perfume just
made for southern days and nights.
Angora, Wool,
HtMttens Keep'
Hands Warm
Mittens are a campus indispehs-
able. They are the one sure way of
keeping fingers warm these sparkling
winter days. They are a wise choice
for a Christmas gift, too.
Angora mittens in soft pastel
shades and snowy white are worn
for dress and formal occasions: Their
snug warmth makes them practical,
and they add a gay touch of color
to a fur coat or a velvet evening
Wool mittens, for winter sports
and long walks to campus must be
more durable. Austrian mittens with
designs knitted into them in a con-
;trasting color of wool are new fra-
vorites, and come in bright color
combinations. Other mittens have
vivid yarn flowers embroidered on
Light canvas mittens to wear over
wool gloves for protection are a grand
idea 'for skiing. They have tight
bands at the cuffs to keep stray
breezes out, and are waterproof.

Sweaters are always a popular gift for the college miss for she can
never get too many of them. Pull-overs, cardigans, peasant, just any
kind of a sweater, is sure to meeo with her approval, but especially the
soft angoras and the cardigan-pull-over sets. They come in all colors
and thus will match any outfit desired. The waist-line length sweater is
being shown a lot this season. It has a lastex band which ensures it
against slippilng up unawares. So you see, you really can't miss if you
get her a sweater.

lovely idea and one that may gain
great favor on campuses soon.
A fine wool beige skirt with grace-
ful lines sets off a bright angora
sweater beautifully. And for a coed
with a good sense of color, there is

no limit to the lovely color combin-
ations one can achieve with contrast-4
ing sweaters and skirts, smoky pur-
ples with silver gray, spruce green
and pale yellow, and blue and deep

Long Capes Are
For Formal


Off-white, sophisticated, extrava-
gant-appearing evening wraps of soft
smoky cloth comprises the latest
fashion mode in formal wear. One
wrap of this new style is trimmed in
gold galloon embroidery, and pro-
duced the broad-shouldered effect
by its full, pointed sleeves. Another
wrap of the same type has a luxurious
silver fox collar and presents a slim
lip l

the perfect tribute!

Our store is filled with clothes that will give pleasure and service for many, many
months to come, because on Americans' gift lists "SOMETHING NICE TO WEAR"
has always been the No. 1 choice.
The Good Wife may have her heart set on a nice new holiday frock; your deb
daughter has been wishing secretly for a bright new formal; your school girl daughter
has been yearning for a nice new robe, or a sweater-and-skirt outfit, and all of them
want hosiery.
It is no secret that money isn't over-plentiful this year - as in several years just
passed - and that will make the gift you select here so much more acceptable.
Ours is a specialty apparel store, devote solely and simply to the needs of well-
dressed people - a store built around quality clothes and quality standards and serv-
ing representative Ann Arbor families for the past decade and more.
Christmas, to us, is something more than a "catchpenny" season, but Mr. Barry-

+iiAi 1


,, .
" #


for Her

the truly lovely gift - the newly fashionable Cameo
in gold brooch and ring - Zircon and pearl rings,
as tokens of lasting regard!
'We advise the wise shopper to buy early, or

in All Colors
"t^ r .L1^ - e^ -ti n

more's eloquent phrase becomes more and more real -

"You Can't Take It With

You" is more than a movie title.
So, because we believe that almost everybody wants beautiful things of depend-
able quality, authentic fashion and certain usefulness, and at reasonable costs, perhaps
it would be safe to say that your shopping list may very sensibly start and end at
.1 ,




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