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December 02, 1938 - Image 14

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The Michigan Daily, 1938-12-02

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Holidays Call.

For Gay,

Waterproof Snow Suits

I' T Togs

New Boy Blue
Suit Is Made
Of Gabardine
Flared Velveteen Skatinor
Skirt, Ice-Blue Bolero
Make Attractive Outfit
"Tis the season to be jolly" and to
indulge in winter sports ,so what
could be more appropriate as a gift
for the wardrobe-minded miss than
a gay snow suit for cutting winter
These suits are very attractive this
season. In bright colors, they add
vividness to the art of skiing, or if
you haven't any art, they are made
of practical heavy wool which will
readily withstand your tosses and
Red Colorful 'On Snow

Gay Plumage For Young


Disgusted Male Voices Frank
Opinion Of Hoop Skirt Fashiona

Capeskin Belts
Worn On Furs


Bright red suits are especially pop-
ular and make a colorful appearance
against the snow. They are water-
proof and guarantee that the snow
won't seep in. One like this is two-
pieced and zips down the front. The
jacket has two large pockets, a
turned down collar and is fitted. The
trouser legs fit close to your ankles
and lots of warm things under-
and are so full that you can wear lots
The very latest thing is the boy
blue" gabardine suspender suit. The
very tailored shirt tucks into high
waisted trousers. The shirt has two
tiny pockets, is collarless and has
silver coin buttons, both down the
front and on the cuffs of the long
sleeves. And just in case you think
you might not be warm enough, you
can buy some of the "new" red flan-
nels to wear underneath. Either
yellow or accessories with your suits
will make you very smartly clad. for
your- winter season.
Jackets Vary Ensembles
Then, too, you can buy the ski
pants separately and wear them with
numerous jackets. Forest - green
pants with the new lamb's woll jack-
ets make a striking outfit. These
jackets are very chunky, warm and
are natural-colored. Leatherbut-
tons are the only trimming and it
is collarless, so you can wear colored
scarves to keep your neck warm.
Unusual is the Bradley creation in
dubonnet with light blue trimmings.
The jacket is fitted and has a zipper
from the shoulder to the neckline.
You can either wear the collar, which
light blue, zipped up as a turle neck
or turned down. There are blue in-
serts in the sides of the jacket and
the belt is dubonnet with aslight
trimming of the blue. The little cap
to be worn with the outfit is also of
light blue.
Corduroy is a suitable material for
your snow apparel. These suits come
in all colors, blue, red, green, brown,
gray and black. The jackets are fit-
ted, have turned down collars, and
either button or zip down the front.
The trousers are fitted too and zip
in the plackets.
Velveteen For Skating
If you. like cutting figure 8's on
skates and all those fancy things on
ice you'lltlike the new dress designed
for just that purpose. A two-pieced
velveteen with suede trimming will
improve your skating no end. For
instance, the short flared skirt will
give you lotsdof room cutting pi-
tures. It is deep red and the short
bolero jacket is of light blue suede.
A suede cap with a deep red feather
adds the finishing touch.
And so you see there's no end to
the colorful and clever snow suits
this season, and what with all the
sleighing parties, skiing, ice skating
and tobaggoning planned here in
Ann Arbor, we know that no Christ-
mas gift will be appreciated more.
So just suggest to your family that
this is your choice and you will be
sure to have a very merry Christmas
and a happy snow year.
Practical Bookends
Please Roosmnmates
For a roommate who leaves books
straggling all over the desk, the ideal
gift is a pair of bookends. They add
much to the appearance, as well as
the neatness, of the room.
For the loyal student who cheers
with gusto at games throughout the
year and speaks of Michigan with a
glow of pride, there are wooden Book-
ends with the Michigan seal in metal
on each one. They are especially A
nice for a girl who has just .started
in college, and can keep them for her
'remaining years.
For a modern room there is a pair4
of agate bookends with gilttopoed
toadstools, sheltering a frog. One inm
white chinia shows the long face of
a cooker spaniel with paws folded

ft f
d -s
f "Al~
..1 5

'' :
'; : ,
:. } g ,:
:? :..'c;
s ?i
"" '?

. . .

Back in the interim when women'
did not bedeck their "twinkling"
ankles ,with portable bird cages and
mouse traps, life at Michigan was
worth the while. You could go to the
Soph Prom or the Panhel (preferably
the latter) without worrying about;
having to take lessons on how to
maneuver a trailer truck or a date
with a hoop skirt. The memories of
those days are pretty much like the
beautiful dreams I used to have be-
fore I took to eating cheese and
crackers before retiring.
I will remember the first time I
bumped into a hoop skirt (and here
"skirt" means the garment, not the
wearer). It had been a beautiful day, ,
just like before the hurricane from
the picture by the same name. So I
had not bothered to get a taxi. Catch
on? With a light heart and an equal-i
ly light wallet, I tripped up the walk
to our lady fair. As per usual, I
opened the door before entering. And
then it happened. She was waiting
for me. She could not wait to see
my reaction.
Stupification Followed
Just like the blind man who firstl
came in contact with the elephant,'
I did not know whether it was like a
tree, a snake or a house.. It stupified
me-or should I have said stymied?
I did not know what to do. But I
think the thing that got me was when
she hinted to me-oh, so coyly-but,
oh, so effectively-that because her
skirt was hooped we would have to
take a taxi, don't you know.
We men have to understand that
there are times when we have to re-
sort to taxis, as when it rains, so I did
not mind even that too much-then.
But we men also understand that
there should be some increment for
the expense involved. So I was a bit
put out when I found that in order
for her to get her whole hoop skirt in,
I would have to dangle my feet out
the door or sit up in frnt. Then and
there I cursed the hoop skirt as being
an infernal successor to the cigarette.
Mob Scene Begins
But that was just the 0eginning of
my woe. After doffing my coat at
the check room, I took up that eter-
nal wait in front of the door which
has printed in small type on its face,
"Women.." Twice the usual procras-
tination ensued before my lady fair-
to midlin' now-traipsed out. Then
came the mob scene. Every. female
in the place had to come up to her(
and see her new gown. I could not
get within 20 feet of her. So I joined

. .,, .. . ... ... ....... v . .+v .

Evening Gowns On "'" " iucoVas are very PouIar
And so the evening swooned on. this year and an eight inch belt of
We went to one of the campus eat-' brown capeskin would be very lovely
Weie-nt becaue she wams hungr, on a fitted coat. Vogue sponsors
eriescase she waed wasshow o this belt as a valuable asset to the
her dress. And we could not get into well-dressed woman's wardrobe.
one of the booths but had to stand Also shown by Vogue is the "wasp-'
up at the counter. Not that she waist" belt to be worn with full-
would have sat down anyway, for she skirts evening dresses. It is for select
had been jumping up all evening to style and laces down the front around
show one of her "friends" her hoops. gold buttons.
I took her home that night vow- Gola Kid For Evening
ing never to see her again. My manly Another belt for evening gowns Is
dignity had not only been ruffled, but In the ever- fashionable gold kid. It
litterly de-feathered. is crinkled by "Lastex" and would be
stunning with almost any formal
The denouncement, however, came'ides
a week later when I decided to try my For daytime dresses we know you
luck with a different member of the orldaike res-eenowvyou
cpopsite species. I called her home would like a forest-green velvet belt.
only to be told I could get her at a 41 ptXj Jo st atxnq plo. a~uolgo 9L11
certai own townI ud bee hemori. would be lovely with a beige dress.
certain' down town beer emporium. If you would like an "all-in-one"
I called-feeling rather anxious, belt, that is, a belt that would go
Would the management page her? Of with any colored dress, we know
course, they assured me. And so I I that the "make-your-own" belt will
held the line. Pretty soon a mascu- meet with your approval. The belt
line voice answered me: comes in separate little leaves. There
"Miss Smith is wearing a hoop are leaves of any color you like. There
skirt," he told me. "So she can't are green, red, black, grey and du-
get into the booth. However, she bonnet suede leaves, and brown and
told me to take the message-this is rust ones in patent leather. There
Phil Westbrook talking-I'm her are also gold and silver kid leaves.'
date." You have only to buy the desired
Gawd! !! colors andi fabhriecs then sn the

the crowd of men who waited dog- Gold Kid And Girdle Belts
gedly for their dates to snap out of it.I
The conversation was what got me: Are Smart For Evening
"Why, Betty, what a darling little
dress- Belts are really coming into their
"Oh, yes--you know, hoops are the own this season and thus make a
thing this year, my dear- very appropriate gift for the college
"Why of course they are-I mean miss who loves to "dress up" her
really they are-really I do." sweaters, dresses and coats.

'Rplt.prl fill, rnatc ara rarcr rtr rtttlat


The snowsuit shown above is one of many models guaranteed to 5
keep out both the wind and rain. Fashioned in navy blue, it has turkey
red mittens, socks and scarf to add a contrasting note. The matching
hat of navy blue is lined back in red to match the accessories. The
jacket is cut to allow for plenty of action. Large flap pockets promise
to keep all that lies within them away from the snow and ice. Heavy
ski boots complete the outfit. They are usually made of waterproof
cowhide and are large enough to allow for the wooly socks which are
worn with them.
Soft Satins, Chiffons And. Laces
To Trim Christmas Nightgowns
Berry Red, Ice-blue, Pink called the "Benny Goodman" night-
Are Prevalent Shades gown' It derives it name from the
swing" skirt. It is really an un-
Used In New Gowns usual gown aside from its name as it
has two waistlines, one at the bodice
Nightgowns 'are ju st the gift for and the other at the hips from which
mother, roommate or best friend, and swirls the "swing" skirt. tI is in pal--
moterroomae o ,et ried, ndpink satin trimmed with white lace
this year they are especially soft and and has narrow blue ribbons running
pretty. They come in every color, in and out through the lace. The
but pale blue, pink and the new berry lace and ribbon form a narrow band
shades are more prevalent. at the neckline, below the gathered
Ice-blue satin makes a very :tun- bodice and again at the low waistline.
ning gown. One with lots of ecru Chiffon with satin makes a lovely
lace trimming is very lovely. It has combination for a nightgown. A
a gathered bodice with four tiny pearl shirred bodice of chiffon tops the
buttons at the neckline. The lace gown while the straps and the skirt
forms the straps and borders the top are pink satin.
of the gown. Berry red is a new shade and a
Drop shoulders are popular in/gownin this color is very attractive.
nightgowns as well as in evening It has a chiffon embroidered bodice
dresses. This gown, too, is trimmed and satin straps and skirt. Teal blue
in ecru lace, two bands of the lace bows decorate in gros-grain the
forming the drop shoulders while the nightie, one in the folds of the bodice
regular straps are of pale pink satin. and another at the very high waist-
The body of the gown is pink satin line.
and is adorned with velvet bows, hid- Or perhaps you like semi-tailored
ing under the lace at the neckline nightgowns, and if you do we know
and beneath the gathered bodice. ,you would think this one just the
Then, too, there is a nightgownEthing...
You will want
APerkyMid-Season Hat
of the New Materials
in High Colors, Black, or Brown.
Pleasing with your winter coat . . . at
309 South State Street - At the Dillon Shop

New Sleeping Togs
Combine Gay Dots,
Peter-Pan Collars
It may be just a personal exper-
ience, but it seems to us that these
eight o'clocks are getting harder and
harder to cope with. The combina-
tion of a gray day, a cold rgom, and
a sleeping roommate simply does vot
arouse the old vim and vigour, and
any intellectual fires that are still
burning have become slightly dam-
pened in the process. The one bright
spot on this otherwise chilling hori-
zon arises in the tempting share of a
pair of woolly, Dr. Denton pajamas.
A very new development has re-
sulted in the creation of pajamas to
fit the personality, as well as any in-
cidental whims in col'or combinations.
For the sweet-a- :-unsophisticateds,
Dr. Denton recommen ds sleep-togs in
pasteldshades of blue, wviite, or pink,
topped off by a demure peter-pan
collar. While man-tailored styles,
with fuzzy belts and pleated waist-
lines, in solid or contrasting color;,
will make the eyebrow lifting gals
think they're in another world. Per-
fect for house-meetings or bull-ses-
sions are the new polka-dotted, or



animal-spotted comfies which can be
matched with woolly bed socks, too.
And don't be selfish; buy your friends
a pair for Christmas, too.
buckles are very good for sweaters
and sports dresses, as are narrow
belts of alligator. Then, too, for the
same purpose are peasant belts which
are wider and are embroidered in
various designs.
Gabardine is being used in belts.
One trimmed in kelly green is strik-
ing and would give a lot of "ga" to
your sport dress.
There are belts of all kinds, sizes
and description and there are many
from which to choose. 'They would be
very welcome gifts come Christmas-
time for the girl who likes a versa-
tile wardrobe.

Latest Mode Is Gold
On White For Wraps
Full length capes are very com-
fortable and striking for evening
wear. A cross fox cape set on black
satin is particularly smart.
ThesBolero jacket trend in women
clothes has not been limited to spot
and dressy frocks. It has now found
its place among formal evenin
wraps.. The evening version come
in soft bunny fur or in red fox.
Hand-painted wooden or potter;
fruit bowls are a cheery gift for a:
older woman. Piled high with or
anges, apples or assorted nuts, the
add a bright note in the center of th
dinin-room table.

'9 1
k I

o.4J±)J .3 Ullu lVPJuAlub, Mull blup Ulm
leaves you want together and you
have a very attractive belt.
Girdle Belts Are Smart
Girdle belts are very smart. One
of these in teal-blue and dubonnet
would change the appearance of your
dress entirely. It ties in a knot in
the front. You can have it also in
a brown and rust combination.
Narrow blue kid belts with oblong

Eau de Cologne


.. ........

r . \ .
" 4 r1

%":/ s
r. : :ci;;: :: :

"Blue Grass"
Miss Arden's famous
Kentucky uplands frag-
rance attractively boxed
$1.25 - $3.50 - $6.00

Other Gift Suggestions
Elizabeth Arden's essential preparations and com-
plcte make-up in a fabricoid case with a generous


This Christmas more than ever, it's going to be exciting
fun to shop here. We've everything to make your gift
shopping a happy success. Inspired gift ideas for every
feminine name on your list-and best of all-prices to
fit even the smallest Xmas budget. Below are just a few
of the many lovely gifts you'll find here.
a velvet evening wrap with bunny sleeves, $16.95 upward
Utterly enchanting hostess coats that tell her she's beau
tiful! Excitingly glamorous with doll-size waists, wide
. swishing skirts. Striped satins, brocades, moires! Sizes
12 to 42, from$5.95
"Founes" Gloves of doette and novelty fabrics. Some with
clever trims, At $1.00
Stunning bags - Tophandles, pouches, Vnd vanities.
195 to $5.9
Bunny soft engoras in Bonbon pastels from $2.95
Luxury Sheers of 2 and 3 thread. Newest colors. 79c
.$1 00 $1.35
S t
V, :' :.

ml ;i1ror.

BLACK . . . $6.50

Elizabeth Arden creates this dramatic make-up to
wear with mauve, fuchsia, plum, purple, blue, blue-

lb (V
Pen And Pencil Sets Stationary
A practical gift for any man in A great variety of styles and
school or business. assortments.
Toilet Sets Desk Sets
We have a complet supply of A practical gift that will be in
the finest makes. constant use.

green and black.

MAKE-UP BOX . . . $5.00

A delicate perfume oil with the warm scent of lilacs.
Highly concentrated - a drop will last indefinitely.

Enclosed in a wooden container .. .


Ar %r% f..l. .. .r .....


A new Elizabeth Arden make-up, especially blended
for the woman who wants to look natural. Make-
up box (lipstick, rouge, powder, nail polish, eye-

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