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June 01, 1939 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1939-06-01

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JRSDAY, JUNE 1, 1939


Moping On The Mall
By Meandering Minnie
"Bon Voyage" will practically out echo "Good-bye" when vacation
daze finally arrives what with everybody scurrying off to the four corners
of the earth to rest(?)-we've heard that one before-or have a good time-
a little more plausible we'll admit.
Europe Is Rendezvous .®..
Anway rumor has it that "abroad" is going to be practically overflowing
with Michigan studs. Mary Alice McAndrew, Schuann Welch, Barb Heath,
Bettie Smith and Jane Hardy will be among the Pi Phi chums "doing" Europe
this summer, and then they'll meet Jennie Peterson
in Stockholm which makes it practically old
home week.

Beth O'Roke Named Summer

League President


Best excuse for going to Europe is to check up
on those slides you learned in Pine Arts. Just ask
M. A. McKenzie who is off to England, Norway,
Sweden hezik wnd tn all points west again.
Vildred MacArthur and Marion Conde will also
A our the lands beyond the seas as will Francile
Martin and Helen Bohnsack who's going to include
London, Paris, and Berlin in her summer jaunt:

"I! I IT

Lois Verner and Gwen Dunlop plan a round
world tour on a tramp steamer, and Tony Aalbers-
berg is going home to the Netherlands to visit
her folks, and will visit Germany before her return.
Other Foreign Countries, Too .. .
Then there are other foreign countries people do visit besides Europe,
we found out. Mary McNeil and Midge Ford are planning to spend the sum-
mer in Puerto Rico, and Claire Reed-Hill and Marian Price are off to South
America as soon as school is out.
"See America First," for at least it's a good time as any with a world's
fair at both ends. An itinerary including them both would inevitably in-
chide the rest of the country-deduction, my dear
Watson. Anyway, New York seems most popular or
is it most close. Margaret Triplett will be there and -
Leigh Burleson. Bunty Bain and Virginia Voorhees
will also take in the wonders and attraction of the
"World of Tomorrow."- -
"California here we come!" To the land of no train-or is that Florida,
we're all confused-will journey Helen Weissman, Margaret Greenhouse, and
Marcia Sharfman. Jane Ryan will attend the San Francisco World's Fair, as
will Wanda Thompson.
Convention bound are many delegates from sororities here and abouts.
The Alpha Chis are holding theirs at the Seignory Club in Canada. Barbara
Fisher, Helen Stockbridge, Nancy Gossard, Marjorie Cheadle, and Betty Bar-
ney are among those planning to attend.
Frances Kahrs will go to the Alpha Gamma Delta convention at Spring,
NJ, and Ruth Augsburger will attend their camp at Jackson. Dorothy Jane
Caughey will be off to the A.O. Pi meeting at Pasadena, Calif., and Jean
Thompson is going to the Alpha Xi Delta convention in Ashville, N.C.
Then There's Work And Play .. .
People are combining work and fun, too, this summer. Peggy Pulte is go-
ing to Katherine Gibbs in New York, Lonna Parker is going to play with an
ensemble in the Adirondacks, and Claire
Ford is to be waterfront director at a
social service camp outside of Springfield,
Mass. Jane Peterson and Marnie Gardner
will conusel at a camp in northern Michi-
Then there are always summer school
chums who come to study, but who stay
to play-or so we've heard. Here for fun and lknowledge wilhbe Carwen Mc-
Kell, Jean Parmelee, Nancy Saibert, and Katherine Cramer.
And so we're off and away-see ya'-in Paris or London-or Ann Arbor,

Council Names
Three Officers
For Summer
Other Women Interested
In Positions At League
Contact Miss O'Roke
Beth O'Roke, '40, has been appoint-
ed president of the League for the
Summer Session, Dorothy Shipman,
'40, announced yesterday, and Mary
Jane LeGros, '40, will be chairman
of Judiciary Council.
The League Council, which made
the appointments, named Mary Jor-
dan, '40, secretary. Other appoint-
ments for the summer have not been
made yet, and will be chosen by the
three newly elected officers. Women
interested in being considered for
positions may sign up on the bulletin
board in th Undergraduate Office of
the League, Miss Shipman said.
Is Active On Campus
Miss O'Roke, a member of Kappa
Kappa Gamma, was a member of
Wyvern, and had a part in Junior
girls' Play. In addition,to being vice-
president of the League, she was also
an orientation adviser, and worked
on the merits committee, the social
committee, and the Michigras poster
She has been a Panhellenic dele-
gate for two years and was chairman
of a committee for Panhellenic Ban-
quet. Miss O'Roke was a sports man-
ager for WAA, and was on the cen-
tral committee for' Lantern Night.
She was a member of Alpha Lambda
Delta, and worked on the dance com-
mittee for Soph Cabaret and the
decorations committee for Freshman
Judiciary President From Mosher
Miss LeGros is next year's presi-
dent of Mosher Hall, and is the new
president of Athena. She has also
worked on the Theatre-Arts Com-
mittee of the League for two years.
Miss Jordan is affiliated with Pi
Beta Phi and had a leading part in
Junior Girls Play. She has been
active in several Play Production pro-
jects, and is on the social committee
of the League.
Miss Shipman stated that the new
positions have not been decided upon
yet, but there will be several more,
though probably not so many as dur-
ing the regular school year.
Prof., William Habe
Honored By Fraternity
Pi Lambda Phi initiated Prof. Wil-
liam Haber, of the economics de-
partment, into honorary brother-
hood Saturday. A dinner was given
in his honor Sunday, and Dr. Edgar
H. Kahn, of the University Hospital
staff, was guest speaker.
Professor Haber was recently ap-
pointed head of the National Coord-
inating Committee for Refugees.
New Office For Golf Club
Margary Allison, '41, president of
Pitch and Putt, women's golf club,
announced today that there will be
an additional office next semester.
The office will be called Participation
Chairman. Anna-Jean Williams, '42,
has been named to fill this post for
the coming year.
Advisers To Meet
There will be a very important
meeting of the orinetation advisers
for transfer students at 4:30 p.m.
today at the League, Jean Van
Raalte, '40, announced yesterday.

Four years of meditation on college]
life have helped ,this year's seniors
make some momentous decisions
about their favorites, their pet gripes,
and the horrifying effects of their
mounting years. They agree on some
of the petty points; their opinions
clash on others. Whatever the con-
clusion on these vital questions, it
matters not!
"When you're a freshman, it's all
new, you're idealistic, and every-
thing's wonderful," declared Betty
Jane Sive, who would prefer to relive
her first year at Michigan. This
young woman cynically states that
she would adore spring in Ann Arbor
if there were a spring in Ann Arbor
A restless sleeper, no doubt, Betty
admits that she would put three
eight o'clock classes on her program
rather than the same number of
three o'clocks,even though they be
on the other side of campus.
Carillon Is A Gripe!
The pet gripe of this French ma-
jor is the magnificence of the carillon
tower and the Graduate School; "We
need a new Romance Language
building so badly!" B.J. (as she is
known in these parts) adds that she
feels lots younger now than she did
as a freshman.
Marion Hazeltine would like to do.
her last year over again, if it were
possible. "You get a lot more out of
your senior year," since by that time
a girl has had a chance to become ac-
climated, she says. "Spring can't be1
beat," says Marion, even though she'd
stick out a few three o'clock classes
rather than go through the agony
of eight o'clocks.
Prefers Senior Year
Doris Vogel casts her vote also for
the senior year at Michigan. "You
feel more at home, get to know the
ropes," one can even.get to the point
where study comes easier,'" she says.
Does she like spring merely because
of the weather? "Oh, no," and that's
quoted! Three o'clock in preference
to eight o'clocks for this Jackson
maiden, particularly because she has

Slacks Feature Stripes

Seniors Give Various Reactions
After Four Years On Campus

no yen for early, morning hurry.
"Lack of chivalry" is what annoys
her most; make a memo, you "Michi-
gan men."
Pauline Kalb is wavering between
her admiration for fall and spring,
essentially because of her enjoyment
of outdoor sports. "There is so much
more to do" in those seasons, says
Pauline. Does she feel a lot older
after four years in Ann Arbor? "Not
much," was her statement, support-
ed by the fact that she's in favor of
the senior year as the "best" of all
Saturday Classes, Too
Pauline has an aversion to eight
o'clocks because she doesn't care to
get up while it's still night, in the
winter. She expresses the opinion
of many in putting Saturday classes
on the list of pet gripes.
Marie Vielmetti clinches the poll by
standing up for that much-lauded
senior year. "You get to know your
way about" by then, states Marie,
who feels that you've just got to feel
older by the time you've spent four
long years at school. "You learn so
many things, whether from your
studies or not."
Fall weather is most conducive to
study, thinks Marie, and so puts in
her "aye" for that part of the school
year. Despite the fact that she likes
to sleep, she would prefer to get up,
earlier if it would eliminate late af-'
ternoon classes. Pet gripes at Michi-
gan? This gal hasn't any!
Final Games To Begin
Kappa Delta will meet Zone II at
4:30 p.m. this afternoon, in one of
the final games of the annual spring
baseball tournament.
English Boot and Shoe Maker
s Our new repair department, the
best in the city. Prices are right.
438 South State and Factory on
Aouth Forest Avenue.

4nne Hawley Elected
Head Of New So.ciety
Anne Hawley, '40, was elected presi-
dent of Scroll, senior honorary society
for affiliated women, yesterday. Other
officers elected at the meeting were:
vice-president, Patricia Haff, '40;
secretary, Jean Tibbits, '40, and treas-
urer, Jane Jewitt, '40.
Scroll was recently organized by
the outgoing League Council, who
are its charter members. The council
as the first active members of the
society, tapped 20 senior women
May 25.
Qualifications for membership are
character, extracurricular activities
and scholarship.
. rgin ,atr,-hos n
Brimnming. with
To shade your eyes with in-
triguing flattery, choose one
of our new wide-brimmed
hats. In summery straws -
white, natural and pastels -
and in shapes to suit every
Special Group

Slacks in navy blue and white
chalk-striped flannel will give you
that trim look when you go sailing,
picnicking or yachting this summer.
The matching halo will keep your
hair free from the wind. The shirt-
waist style blouse is- of crisp, white
Social Year Ends
With Total Of 300
Fraternity Parties
There are dances and dances-
"every man to his taste"-informal
or formal, but the grand total is al-
most three hundred house dances giv-
en by sororities and fraternities on
the Michigan campus the past year.
On the average weekend there were
about nine dances with the record
being sixty-six parties on homecoming
weekend, Oct. 28 and 29. The "old
grads" were the inspiration for the
twelve parties on Friday night and
fifty-four on Saturday.
Like "Boiled Shirts"
White tie and tails seem to be the
favorite garb of Beta Theta Pi, for
they have had the most formals-four
in number. Phi Kappa Sigma takes
the honors for informals, with ten
radio dances throughout the year.
With two formal dances also on
their social calendar, the Phi Kaps
appear to be the "partingest" frater-
nity on campus.
Most of the houses have had from
four to six dances a year, usually con-
sisting of a pledge formal in the fall,
a spring formal, and from two to four
radio dances during the year.
Theme Parties Popular
Every now and then originality
raises its head and a party with a
theme is forthcoming. "Joe College"
Parties were given by Phi Beta Delta
and Kappa Sigma.
Other unusual parties include the
Beta's "Shipwreck" party, the "Hobo
Hobble" of Phi Delta Theta, and the
"Roosevelt R cession Revels" given
by Sigma Nu,
St. Patrick's Day and April Fool's
Day obligingly fell on weekend days
this year, giving further inspiration
for party giving.

$1.9 5 and up



Summer Evening



Beauty Helps
Are Necessity
During the winter many of us
thought that the problem of looking
beautiful took up a large part of our
leisure time thoughts, but when sum-
mer descends upon us the sudden
realization comes that the looking
lovely business in winter was a push-
over compared to summer. The hot
weather is adrain on our energies
while there is so much sparetime to
be lazy in that what little energy is
left ought to be concentrated into
improving our self-respect as well as
our minds, by the reading of good
The face and skin is one of the
prime objects for consideration.
Cleanliness during every hour of the
days is essential. Those little flan-
nel pads with cleanser solution on
them are a prayer answered for the
city dweller who may have to spend
time in town shopping or for long
days on a sail boat at the beach.
For evening the face and shoulders
need a rejuvenation to tone up the
skin from long hours under the sun.
Following a soap bath with a few
drops of perfume oil in it, and that
should include the whole body, the
face and neck should be soothed with
a gentle foundation lotion that is not
too oily. Astringents are often harsh
on the skin and their best substitute
is crushed ice enclosed in a little
gauze bag or in its native state so
that it may be merely rubbed over the
Summer time demands meticulous
care of the hands with frequent mani-
cure and plenty of creams to insure
their softness after long days on the
beach. The hair needs more care
than usual during the hot months

c%, and ..."
Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Swann of
Detroit announce the engagement of
their daughter, Eleanore, '39, to John
McKee, Jr., '37, son of Mr. and Mrs.
John N. McKee of Birmingham. Miss
Swann is a member of Delta Gamma
sorority. Mr. McKee is affiliated with
Phi Kappa Psi fraternity.
A sister and a brother, both having
attended the University, have an-
nounced their marriage and engage-
inent. The marriage of Muriel Carrie
Haskins, '39, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Earl A. Haskins of Canton, O., to
Wallace Wheeler, '39E, son of George
B. Wheeler of Brooklyn, N.Y., took
place May 20 at Irving Park Presby-
terian Church in Chicago, Ill. Mr.
Wheeler is affiliated with Alpha Kap-
pa Lambda fraternity.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Keone of Chica-
go, Ill., announce the engagement of
their daughter, Audrey, to Charles
Haskins, '37E. Mr. Haskins is also
a member of Alpha Kappa Lambda
The marriage of Esther Tigay, '41,
of Detroit to Myer Weiner of Grand
Rapids took place Sunday.
Jean Losoff of Detroit will marry
Irving Barts, '38, of Lansing this Sun-
day. Mr. Barts is affiliated with Phi
Beta Delta fraternity.
Another marriage of last Sunday
was that of Deana Granit of Detroit
to Harold King Brown, '38, which took
place at the Leland Hotel. Mr. Brown
is a member of Phi Beta Delta frater-
Pledging Is Announced
Theta Xi announces the pledging
of Michael Sofiak, '41, Gary, Ind.

Dinner Skirt and Shirt
A casually comfortable twosome
for country club dances, cruise
and resort life, for summer eve-
ning fun on campus or at home.
B. H. Wragge's exclusive pineapple
print spun rayon fabric in white
with Pacific blue. A combination
that looks as cools as it feels.
The SKIRT . . . . 12.95
The SHIRT. . . . 6.50

Peggy Sage ighspots Your Hands



i .



e Your prom program will be long
since over-bid . .. but you'll toy
with it for the sheer joy of watching
the magnetism of your sparkling
Enjoy the luxury of an expert pro-
fessional manicure at your favorite
beauty shop ... topped off with
one of Peggy Sage's new "Senti-
mental Trio" of flattering fingertip
accents . .. Goldrush . . . Heart-
break . .. Nosegay.
Or ask for these subtle-siren colors
at better toiletries counters...
They're straight from Peggy Sage's
exclusive salons in New York, Lon-
cor, and Paris.
- F polish tha wears like itro."




S More in Exchange


r/\ r qrmrpI



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