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March 22, 1939 - Image 18

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The Michigan Daily, 1939-03-22

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Spring Formals Appear



Variety Of Style, Color, Material


Starched Lace And Grosgrain
Invade Easter Bonnet Fashions,

Fashion's Pet
Is Gypsy Type
Evening Wear

Prints And Plaids
Appear With Robin
As Sigon Of Spring
jThe advent of spring is sure to

Easter Corsages Will HaveI
Unusual Flower Combinations

Easter bonnets are Easter bonnets,
and every lady of fashion must have
a new one or the Easter parade is not
quite complete.
Hats are small, and hats are large,
but all are perky, smart, and neat.
Crowns have perpendicular lines
squaring off abruptly or perhaps they
ifollow a Civil War helmet with
round crown flattening on top and
peaked brim in front only. Then
there is the ever-popular sailor which
has taken on a pill-boxy effect with
its small round crown.
Grosgrain Makes New Hats
Straw and felt are outstanding ma-
terials with occasional branchings in-
to pique for bonnets or grosgrain for
the very new.
One model is a rough blue straw
cart-wheel, or there is a conservative
style in white grosgrain with medium
width brim and square-cut crown. A
cup-and-saucer hat of blue straw is
worn far on the front of the head,
while a bonnet of navy-blue felt has
a white ribbon banding the brim.
White Panama Sailor
White panama is combined with
black ribbon in several sailor styles
which are varied by the width of the
crown, and the ribbon ties in back
or front.
An openwork hat-brim of starched
lace with rough black straw crown
and black ribbon streaming in back is
featured on one of the more unusual
Classic Stetson Felts
Felt is being used in conservative
Stetson style in varied colors. The
material is also being effectively cut
with varied crown and medium brim.
The snap brim has heightened in
crown and widened in brim with fluf-
fy feather to complete the effect.
Fuzzy felts are the materials, and.
the colors run the spectrum of spring

>:. jar' :5
s " '' ,. .
i r 3;. ; ; p,,
. ,
::k: ,'
, a'r k
.. .. F'. ,
> r ,
> < ,

i bring prints, both large and vivid
Roman Striped Chiffon Is ones and loads of smaller and more
Casual, Smart; Pastel subdued designs in all spring shades.
Although they have had their popu-
Colors Are Also Good larity slightly diminished this season
by stripes and plaids some very sjun-
By MARY HELEN DAVIS ning ones are being shown. Black and
The advenot of sm~ineawyv, n white polka dots on a dubonnet back-

110 tVUpLV liilg UWys nlgs
the announcement of formals galore.
With each invitation women all over
campus put their heads together to
decide just what sort of a new for-
mal each will buy. This season, more
than ever before, spring formals have
been designed in such a wide variety
of styles and materials that every
possible taste may be satisfied.

ground make an attractive gown in
form-fitting crepe. The matching
short-sleeved jacket has a wide sash
of dubonnet which may be detached.
The effect of tall slimness is produced
by a diagonally striped gown with an
extremely full skirt and fitted jacket.
Chartreuse, one of the most popular
shades, appears in a net gown with a
ful skirt of double net. A shirred

shades to match sweater and skirt
in rose, dusty pink, lilac, chartreuse,
and powder blue. Japonica and beige
are the choices to match any color
as well as fitting in with navy, brown,
or black.
Veils For Afternoon
For aftenoon wear the veil seems to
be all-important, for on many models
it covers the face and ties in back,
or perhaps it flows around the brim or
is in a fetching bow at the back
only. It may be in usual black or
*navy, or for the more daring, char-
treuse veils are being used on navy.
The height of the unusual is the
whimple which is draped on felt in
contrasting color.
Show Black Jersey Dress
Although contrary to spring color
trends, one very smart dinner dress
being shown has a skirt of full black
jersey with a demure organdie blouse
of white with pastel embroidering on
the material.

f.il ski-t of double-net. as v+++d
Both Casual And Fem inine taffeta jacket turns the formal into
Bohcasual and dainty, feminie la stunning dinner dress. The jacket
models have reached the heights of has a becoming sweet-heart neckeand
popularity this year with the much jfastens down the front with perky
publicized "Gypsie formal" slightly bows.
in the lead. One of the newest I
dresses of this type consists of a! pearl baby-buttons that give the
purple, black and white plaid paper dress its simple charm and appeal.
taffeta skirt cut with full lines. It is Navy Maxquisette Formal
topped with a casual shirt-type blouse
of white alpaca and has a very wide One of the smartest formals to be
purple suede belt. To complete the shown this spring is of navy mar-
Gypsy effect a babushka of the same quisette. Its simple lines are broken
material as the skirt comes with the only by dainty white lace collar and
dress. cuffs on the full shirred blouse of the
Tiny black and white checks on dress. The skirt is its crowning glory
paper taffeta is the material for a with two lace-edged pockets set ver-
"Gone With the Wind" dress pat- tically at the sides in the very full
terned after models worn in the pic- shirring.
ture of that name. The skirt is cut A dress of white marquisette that
very full and shirred at the waist is almost bridal in its etherial dain-
which is simple. The neckline is of tieness is being shown in a campus
a deep-cut, square design and bord- shop. Both the skirt and bodice are
ered by white gros grain ribbon as of full shirred design and the neck
are the short puff sleeves. Another of this model is low cut and square
dress similar to this is of red and with tiny fuchsa velvet bows at the
white plaid paper taffeta accented by corners with a narrow belt of the
a huge red leather bow at the neck same color marking a high waist-
and a narrow belt of the same ma- line.
terial. yastex Stitching On Blouse
G~ypsy Dress it Chiffon Versatile lastex has appeared in a

The surest sign that warm days
are soon to join us is a renewed in-
terest in spring flowers. Not only
are the floral .shops preparing fra-
grant blooms in their greenhouses but
the students too have been seen care-
fully selecting spring bulbs to dress
up winter-worn rooms. Corsages have
taken on new airs and abound with
violets, narcissis, tulips, iris and doz-
ens of other fresh new blooms.
New Style In Corsages
Designers of "flowers have put on
their thinking flowers and produced
hosts of clever new modes for cor-
sages and other types of floral ac-
cessories. An unusual coiffeure note
that has recently arrived from eas-
tern florists is' a dainty tiara of tiny
spring orchids in little clusters over
the head. The blossoms are severed
from their stems, carefully wired and
bound with paraplin which acts as
a preservative for the flower, and
then twisted into-the desired shape.
Large blooms such as cala lilies
and gladiolas lend themselves well
to be filled with
clusters of tiny vio-
lets, forget-me-nots
and lilies of the; .
valley. Easter's own
colors are incorpor-
ated in a corsage of
this type made of a
single golden daffo-
dil filled with lay-
ender violets-° Michigan colors too
may be had .in this combination by
filling the daffodil with forget-me-
Exotic African Daisies
Shades of a multi-colored gown
may be duplicated in a formal cor-
sage of giant African daisies, as this
especially- exotic flower is grown in
all hues of pastels and many of the
deeper colors. Care-free Gypsie for-
mals demand slightly more substan-
tial flowers to contrast their rich
shades. This aim may be attained in
a corsage of shattered carnations of
all colors., The fragments of the car--
nations are wired into dainty clus-
ters that add a-fragrant note to the
most casual formal.
Mixed corsages of 'snring flowers
mentioning in this foreshadowing of
spring trends is of white crepe. The
dress is very simple with a high
draped bodice and skirt of straight
lines. The jacket that accompanies
the dress, however, is a triumph is
white corded, silk with myriads of
graceful pastel flower and vine de-
signs embroidered upon it.

such as tulip, baby rose buds, daisies,
double poppies and grape hyacinths
cleverly combine
the vivid and pas-
tel shades to com - "
pliment the sheer
est formal. Since *
navy is the peren-
nial spring favor-a
ite one clever flor-
ist has brought e,
forth an especially \f
novel treatment of .:,
American Beauty roses for formal
wear. It appears to be one tremen-
dous rose but in reality is several put
together so as to appear as one.
Daffodils And Hyacinths
There are dozens of other delec-
table modes for spring corsages which
might include floral pieces of great
African violets alone or mixed Vith
lilies of the valley, solo pieces of a
single tiger lily, large corsages .of tu-
lips or golden daffodils with fragile
strings of hyacinths trailing down
from them, and the final climax of
the lasting favorite, camillias.
Florist shops seem to have no end
of brilliant combinations for spring
corsages but making these is a deli-
cate and time taking process as even
the simplest one needs the touch of
an expert to create it. The men be-
hind the scenes have sent out a cry
of distress that patrons order cor-
sages early so that each one they
produce may be an individual work
of art, not one of the thrown-to-
gether-in-a-hurry class.

Gay Costume
Full Skirts, Fitted Coats,
Fresh Colors Preferred
The new spring styles all have an
old-fashion garden appeal combined
with a good spark of spirit. As Vogue
puts it, "You'll be demure, but pro-
voking; a lady but, at the same time,
something of a minx." And the new
costume suits reflect -this feeling.
Demurely Provoking Suits
There are many demurely provok-
ing suits with full swirling skirts,
tight tops and a suspicion of quaint-
ness and petticoats. On the other
hand, sleek sophisticated suits with
perfectly straight' skirts very care-
fully tailored are also being shown.
You have your choice between a
school-girl innocence or a rather
high-strung patrician arrogance.
Some very attractive models are
shown in Vogue this month-in fresh
new spring colors and materials.
There< is a scarlet wool redingote,
bordered with black wool and cut
with a deceivingly simple flared sil-
houette-actually it is cut with great
intricacy. A scarlet dress is worn be-
Blue Wool Over Pink
There is another luscious model
of delphinium-blue wool over a tail-
ored strawberry-pink dress of men's
skirting. The coat has wide shield-
like revers. An arrogant outfit is of
grey flannel, as elegantly fitted as
an evening dress. Curved seams hold
in the flare at the waist and it is worn
over a striped shirting dress.

Spring Gloves Will Be Formal

5 s ",
, I
s r

A gypsy dress of chiffon is unique
with a black skirt and bright Roman
striped shirt waist with very full,
three-quarter length sleeves and
broad sash of the same vivid stripes
as the blouse. And speaking of chif-
fons, they are being shown in many
unusual formals this season.
A very good style is the "Baby
dress" type, one of which is being dis-
played in a campus shop and is of
delicate pink starched chiffon. The
skirt is full, terminating.at the na-
tural waist-line. Above this is a
'wide flat girdle below a full gathered
yoke. The sleeves are tiny and puffed
and the neck of a collarless round
cut. Marching down the front of
the blouse are a double row of pink

new guise, that of the stitching in a
smock blouse over a full white chif-
fon skirt. The general effect is a tied
and dyed look that adds charm to the
In slightly more substantial ma-
terials we find a navy with white
polka dots formal of alpaca. Literally
hundreds of pleats swirl around the
feet of the wearer of the accordion
pleated skirt. The top is cut on a
halter line with low V-necks in both
front and back. A snappy little bolero
comes with the dress and is of the
same material. The cuffs and revers
are of starched pique and at one
shoulder is a massive bunch of vivid
red cherries.
The last dress especially worthy of

Angora mittens solve the glove
problem during the winter, but when
the first robin chirps he brings with
him a deluge of teas and announce-
ments of engagements. More formal
gloves are required for such occa-
Kid And Doeskin
Kid and doeskin are the most prac-
tical and come in every color. Unless
you are wearing the new spot red
you will want them to match your
The kid come in all pastel shades
for spring and are especially effec-
tive in two tones. One side of the
glove is a pale shade and the other
side is the same color, or, contrast-
ing, in a darker shade.
Conservative Shades
White and navy or two tones of
tan are conservative enough for any

suit or dress. When the under side
is darker they do not get soiled as
quickly. A very good idea for us poor
harried co-eds. The one side is gen-
erally perforated.
The doeskin gloves come in two
tones, but unlike the kid their con-
trast is in the fact that the side walls
of the gloves are a lighter shade.
These are particularly good in navy
with yellow or black with white side
Keyhole Thumb Is Smart
Doeskin gloves are also good long
this year with a keyhole thumb to
produce a flatteringly full cuff.
If you want your gloves to be :'spot
red' do not have any other article in
the same shade as it is too bright
to be worn excessively, but does
brighten up a dark suit perfectly.
For campus wear chamois or pig-
skin are best.

here wheher the crocuses keep
them company or not. They're
pinks, blues, beiges, all the mouth-
watering shades that turn you an
appropriate St. Patrick's Day color
when you see one coming
down the street. We know
and the only remedy is to
take a firm hold on your
purse strings and go in
to buy a few yourself.
SHOP in the Arcade has
them all for you:- Porous-
spun material known as
Frisca cloth is the head-
liner. There's a love of a
pink in this special cloth
boasting a tricky gadget
beautiful pale pinkETA
of golf tees for clips.
A beautiful pale pink cashia, that
lovely, soft, smooth flannelly
stuff) flaunts a pink suede girdle
six inches wide. Smoked pearl
buttons are the final wonderful
element in that frock. Flash! the
man-tailored suits are in and they
are really something to gave about!
'TIS SPRING, the birds are build-
ing nests and wouldn't any co-ed
blush to have them mistake her
top-knot for good building mate-
rial; And yet, ladies, the last dregs
of your fall permanent are rather

ette case, the top slides back and
"Won't you have one?"
* * *
demands a petty blouse, frilly,
sport, or just a bright splash of
color. JUNE GREY'S SHOP on
South University has the answer
to any one of those requirements.
Fuschia and blue in sheer little
dressy blouses; chartreuse tub
silks so very smart! One that took
our eye was a tiny checked taffeta
made in vestee style. June Grey
also has that new idea, the apron
skirt that ties on around with very
swish -flares. You know, don't you
that she is particu-
larly known for the
clever hats she can
make for you. All
the luscious spring
pastel felts are in
and you had best
rush down for yours
before the rest of the campus
FREE! FREE! With the purchase
of any of Mary Dunhill's products
a Mary Dunhill Frou Frou du Gar-
denia lipstick will be given to you!
This is a special offer from March
18th to April 8th only so stop in
now before you forget
and miss this bargain.
pThe Dunhill powder is
on sale too so a wise
shopper might even
get two bargains for
the price of one! Some
of their nicest things are the Gar-
denia Eau de Cologne, the liquid
rouge, the skin tonic, and the
compacts. During this period only,
the regular $5 Mary .Dunhill
Handbag of Facials will be offered
at the special price of $3.50.
Where? Is that what you are
shouting? Why at cAIKINS-
THE DRESS that was featured
on the cover of Life magazine?
Well, it is waiting for you down at
filmy, white marquisette and fu-
schia bows offer unusual contrast.
'Them there is the
model we call
our Wild Irish
Rose: it has a
black skirt and a
gayly striped top,
it is just meant
for some dark-
haired colleen.
There's the blue
and white plaid
marquisette, fresh
and perky with
organdy. Here
are some that




Sky-omBlue Pink
Adt -*


Heralds of Spring .. .

To truly hail the spring season,
you should have a dress embody-
ing the new fashion trends. Pleats
and tucks are distinctively 1939.
At the Paris opening touches
of white Augerie were the rage.
Prints, pastels and navy
from $ Q9,

- : 5
? ffi' ,J

SHOP suggests you
let them help you
keep a reputation as
that super well-
groomed gal! A
fresh permanent, a
slick new wave and


-oung and charming . . . flower-fair and "little
girl". But a most sophisticated Paris-in-spring "little
girl" with a Suzy hat and a Guillaume coiffure...
That is Elizabeth Arden's new Sky-Blue Pink make-
up for which she has created the most fascinating
new combination of powders, a lovely new rose-tone
Cameo, over a creamy beige Illusion which gives an
astonishing result.


y ' s..

you face those mid-semesters
bravely knowing you can fun fin-
gers madly through your curls
without dire consequences. If you
feel like indulging that "spring is
here" feeling, why don't you get
that French Wax Facial you have
been wanting to try for so long?
They're certainly grand!
SPRING those April days are
bound to bring showers and if you
have a brand new reversible you.
are mighty proud to wear you'll
practically be praying to those
rain gods! At $10.95 they're a buy!
SOREN'S SHOP on Maynard St.
has the grandest collec-
tion of tweeds, nubby and
-, plain, all wonderful colors
for those good-looking
reversibles. Also those
very smart "Campus"
corduroy, three - quarter
jackets! But we particu-


(We have "STO=-RED" too)


A REEFER COAT is the backbone of any Spring
wardrobe. It can be worn for dress as well as for
sports. Start your Spring wardrobe with a reefer.




i M

Black, navy and paste s-

fm;of *129

Mail varnaih


T HE CARDIGAN SUIT is spring news. The skirt
is fill, either pleated, gored, or flared, your waist is
nipped in, and the collarless jacket lends itself to alt
kinds of adaptations with scarves and blouses.


Blev Lovonde Eye Sia-do
Mat Fornce illusion powder
Sky-lb!Le Pik Cm"-eo rto der


Black, navy, plaids and pastels.

from $12.95

C'tAx Ok





{v - i



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