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March 22, 1939 - Image 10

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The Michigan Daily, 1939-03-22

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VMLDNE-RDAY, nARCtf 22, 039


Varied Slacks
Make Jackets
MIre Valuable
Two-Tone Ensembles Are
Campus Leaders When
Warm Weather Comes
Flannel Stll Tops
If our sport jacket style editor has
solved your spring sport jacket pro-
blem, there remains the question of
what to do with that beautiful, rich,
smart, smooth, neat, dapper, natty
sport jacket. Naturally you'll wear
it. But with what? Why with pants,
of course. Well, we hope s, but what
sort of pants? You see what we are
getting at? Exactly, your pants.
What we are trying to say is that
without the proper slacks to go with
it, a new sport jacket is more or less
a white elephant.
Need Right Slacks
Sport jackets are the rage on cam-
pus because with anywhere from
two to three dozen pairs of slacks to
go with one jacket you virtually have
the same number of different out-
fits. But not any sort of trousers will
go with a good sport jacket.
Still holding the title is the flannel,
plain-cut, slack. The varying shades
of grey, tan, brown, and even blue
we leave to your discrimination to
match your jacket. Two-tones will be
especially popular. If you have a
brown jacket, you'll want darker
brown slacks, or a grey jacket will
call for darker grey slacks, and a
tan jacket will take light brown
slacks, and so on ad-infinitum.
This two-toning in your sport out-
fits should be your No. 1 outfit. But
since variety is the spice of life,
crossing colors should make your
wardrobe astonishingly peppery.
There is nothing wrong with using
a brown pair of slacks with a grey
jacket, or vice versa.
Herdngboue Ppular
The next favorite slacks outfit
promises to be the veteran herIng-
bone woolens. They are entering the
arena for the fourth consecutive
year now, and while may style ex-
perts still have money on them to
come through this season with flying
colors (figure of speech, colors are
tapoo) the new covert cloth carries
our bucks, and might even unseat
the champion flannel.
Of course, if you have. a covert
jacket, shy away from covert slacks,
but if you have a woolen jacket any
cloth will go with it.
Then the gabardine that came in
so strong last year, will be in the race
for popularity.
The flannels and gahardins,
style dogma says, must be of plain
and simple cut. English pleats, and
side pleats in these cloths seem
over-rich or overdone. Coverts will
stand a slight front English pleat
leading into the crease, and the her-
ringbone, tweeds, pepper anl salt
and other woolens and plaids wil
take all the pleatings you can give
them, all the side pleat that raged
for a short time several years ago, is
now definitely passe.
Pegged Trouser Smart
If you like the conservative touch,
and we think it can ue very smart
on long-legged Beau Brummels, the
pegged trouser is the thing.
The woolens and worsteds are be-
ing made with belts of the same
material, and in some cases looki
pretty good. But usually the better
quality slacks will not have the belt-

Three Raincoat Styles For Ann Arbor's



Suspenders To Be Gay In Spring;
Purple And Orange Looks Nice

It has been learned from well-in-
formed sources that men will keep
their pants up with suspenders and
their socks up with garters this year.
Not that we see the necessity for
either; life might be much more pic-
turesque with pants and socks down.
But modesty rears its lovely head and
fashion rules that garters and socks
shall bring 'the upswing' to men's.
lower apparel.
Suspenders and garters were deem-
ed even more essential by us after we
made a brief but nauseating survey'
of the male "stems" on campus. We
ipspected short stumpy ones and
long skinny ones and fair hairless
ones, and dark hairy ones, and
reached the conclusion that no Michi-
gan male made will ever make a good
chorus girl. We also concluded that
tle tradition of "rolling them up"
especially under the lights of Hill Au-
ditorium, takes all the glamour that
ever existed in men's legs, and be-
cause that practice ever leaves naive
freshmen women sadly disillusioned it
should be abolished as a crime against
the state.
To Be Wider
Suspenders then are necessary and
Bond Street reports that they will be
much wider this year. There still re-
mains, however, the problem of choos-
ing the right color.
We recommend a conservative
choice. A mellow combination of red,
yellow and purple can be relied upon
to put the little women into fits of
ecstacy. The male must be cautious,
however. Ecstacy is quite similar to
There are other color selections
available. A combination of oranget
and green is always tactful, except1
n Ireland. Plain red is quite accept-
able, except in Germany. Blazingf
Nazi black and brilliant Fascist brownt
are in the best of taste, except in
Moscow. For American wear, how-
ever, we recommend baby blue. ItI
connotes innocence and what female
doesn't appreciate a naive male ast
a companion, especially if a fat wal-
let is added to the naivete.
Garters To MatchI
Garters should match the suspen-
ders and as in the case of suspenders
only such conservative colors as scar-
let, violet and mustard should be
chosen. Bond Street also claims that
garters will be wider this year.
Garters and suspenders are also
handy as a means' toward suicide.
They are best suited for this use,
however, when their elasticity is lost.
In that case, we recommend some of
the cheaper grades. For a quick,
clean and reliable suicied an almost
worn out garter or suspender is in1
the best of taste and can be secured
for amazingly reasonable prices.

Sportier Sox
Patterns Good
Rumor has it that the left sock of
a pair will be the exact duplicate of
the right sock this year. As yet we
have been unableto confirm this, but
we'll give you what developments we
do know.
The brightest colors will of course
be worn with sport wear and may
easily be dragged onto campus to
cheer up the duller classes. Slated
to be a favorite are the diamond
patterned wools, in combinations of

Sleeve Buttons Cannot Be
Overlooked, Say Tailors
All men's suits carry buttons on
the sleeves; suits for the country
having three and town suits having
four buttons on each sleeve. Most of
these, however, have merely a line of
stitching and will not open,
$mart custom tailors frequently
make the buttonholes workable and
in addition to adding an individual
touch to the suit they permit a man
to roll back his cuffs when he is
washing his hands or doing any sort
of light work that might soil his

x: -.
:;: ss F ... .:>yti8

brown, beige, green and rust, to be
worn with green gabardine slacks
and brown calf crepe soled shoes.
Ribbed yellow or green wools go well
with the same combination.
Another bang-up effect is produced
with brown slacks and brown and
white wing tipped shoes separated by
white lisle ribbed socks with brown
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Pipes Still Retain Popularity
Among Ma jority Of College Men

In general, it might be said that
the average college man would rather
spend three dollars and have three
,pipes than to invest his whole for-
tune in one super-elegant job. Al-
though it is quite proper to have a
change of pipes so that they each
may get a chance to dry completely,
we are inclined to bleieve that is
more a result of applied economy
to-ago-with-fit. Coverts, gabardines,
and flannels should be worn with
suspenders. Hot weather, if it ever
comes again, will male you apprec-
iate a loose suspender rather than
a tight belt, which will be a source of
constant annoyance.
While the belt-lines should defin-
itely not be low, detour around the
chest-high Harlem models that are
bound to find their way to town.
For the real hot weather, for real
informal, afternoon lounging, a var-
icd assortment of linens, duck, light
gabardine, and bush cloth will be on
the market, White has long ago fal-
[en off in popularity although light
shades are still favored.

than of a knowledge of the inherent
nature of pipes.
Pipes have long been associated
with the college man. (No humor
intended). Again it is a question of
economy, as it is cheaper to smoke
a pipe than to buy cigarettes. Then,
too, a pipe is reputed to give a man
an air of virility and ruggedness. The
fact that women do not indulge in
pipe-smoking as yet,

Stocks Seen Returning
To Vogue With Jackets
More and more men are favoring
stocks of colored foulard silk or cash-
meres for wear with odd Jackets and
slacks or country suits. It is very
easy to learn how to tie one of these
and they may be worn in place of
collar and tie with neckband shirt in
the country.
Horsemen have favored this type of
neckwear for many years, but recent-
ly a taste for stocks has been shown
by country gentlemen for all types ofI






Are You an



_~ \
:_ 1r l;
J ;..:
f ._

. ' ' /1 :. s

or Just


"38 Long"



ro~ '
What Sprin Will Bring
the Well-Dressed Man !
NOW'S THE TIME to get into new clothcs! They'll
pep you up, and make bright Spring days brighter .. .
you'll feel the exuberance of youth if you're in a
bright patterned suit or topcoat! Come in today!
See for yourself our grand selection of smarter suits,

Too many men feel that talor-made suits are too
expensive for what they get. Actually, they cost
no more and yotf get a better suit that wears
longer, fits better, changes your appearance. Give
us the opportunity to prove to you that a few
dollars in cash neans a world of difference in your
offers you
POPULAR PATTERNS to chosse from.
You come in to see A. C. Barth, choose your pattern
*and select your style, and with that and two other
visits we'll give you a hand-tailored suit you'll be





VAN J-1OVEN is pledged to Style but it our own defimt o"
oC Style we include the world's finest woolens, careful hand=
tailoring - and. a worthy way if doiig business.
fit V on - ovc- dress yo-) this'-Spring with Style AUthority
and compcte clothes satisfaction.


Pricceis strt ae 35.0

topcoats, and furnishings for Spring.

proud of.







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