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December 10, 1937 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1937-12-10

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Women, In Minnesota Debate, Five Needy Cases IExR ensWa hFo Obiedro.PenI TSpkFnd
Outli e U.JS. Neutrality Fln+(otne rGom. Paeit A watch fob that belonged to Ma- that time, was at one time mayor of! Prthe HereldOn Phlo rsodethye
- -_______-_____--- jor____Jonathan-- i Kearsley, one of the!Dtot ftIsiue of Medieval Studies for the
diaetc youngsters. This requires:!University's first Regents, has been' While on the Board of Regents, he in Toronto. Canada will be here Jan.{ urged t
Michigan Debater Claims might be attained because he people the utmost care and accuracy, which received by the William Clements Li- supervised the construction of the 19 and 10.I theDe
' are no neutal They willnot give up only skilled dieticians can give. I brary fromMao esey gnd north and south wings of UniversityI Professor Phelan is one of a group fore the
r "S Shold SverTracl hi w interests abroad and home order for the Family Welfare Bureau daughter. Miss Mrae Kearsley of Hall and the original medical build- of scholars who have been studying The 1.
Ties With Belligerents for a mere plan.I Bureau to ease the burden for Harry Detroit. mng. Thomas Aquinas. by its o
Barbara Bradfield, '38, the second' and his family, the Good fellows ask Major Kearsley, a Regent fromI Major Kearsley was born in 1786 --_-_-_-
The University women's affirma-' affirmative spaker, answered her; Your help. 1838 until 1852, a very long term at! and died in 1859.
ti ve team, in a no-decision debate :saying that everyone in the United' ---__ _______ _ MUSICAL I NST RU M
heict at 4 p.m. yesterday in the the subject, but that as long as the Homer's I.Q. would put many a col--
League Ballroom, outlined a four-( government does not express a par- lege student to shame. This 15-year- A LS PLE n
point plan for the United States to tiality, the people have no groundsl old boy, though, is in a disturbing
follow in orde to maintain a policy upon which to complain of the gov- mental and emotional state. Becaue-I_________:_____-i________1__
ulf coamplete- neutrality in interna-. ement's policy, his home is poor, he thinks himself us
tional disputes.( "Who is to decide that a state of no good. He doesn't believe that heWATDif.Fehctasrdszs.Lg
Margaret Ann Ayers, '38, the first conflict exists? When should the, can ever amount to anything, his WANEDisfEarestct-asotedsies.Lo
sekrsadtathUntdSaeplnbadpeHwsolitb}faith in people is almost completely Cain station. Detroit and Division 53 atLbry
shoudtceseeal trde rlatinsewtheaplid tothesolonesoad doinios1-7__+
shold geasenaltions, ltinswthaofid othe ellie ntoioniow'one. His recognized mechanical apti- Idren afternoons and evenings. Call!I___
1issVAers continued that the sec- should it be enforced?" Margaret L udes can make him a useful citizen. 476Rerncs20 FOR RENT Cni
'To restore his faith in himself and the ! ___ _ __-- - ;& TTT~~
ond point 'of the plan is that the Meer, the second negative speaker.pol rudhm h aiyWl DRESSMAKING: Ateration and1 APARTMENT: Southeast section. Today7
Unitd Sttes houd retric itsfro Minesot, ased.fare Bureau would send him to a. repairing. Expert altera'~o of knit; Modern, 5 rooms, bath, porch, ga- A odru ore bc hog h
loans and credits with foreign na- --I- --school for one year where he would' er r. .Wlig,18E ah- rg!hat aio srie hA glinpefl ouYeseryas anreuamplee
Lions; thirdly, that American travel wer r.C Wlia18E.Ct-rghet aio srie hn
adcmecontehgsesdrwill Cranter Suffers I get the necessary attention. erine. Call 4726. 133 8507, evenings 5107. 211 A iseoYstraasnexmlf
ing war-time should be at the in-~ ~ AND ELEANOR 'TYPING, neatly and accurately done. NOTICES ! SENSATIONAL-DIFFERE
dividual's own risk; and, fourthly, -i ~~ Eleanor M. a widow for about 11! Mrs. Howard, 613 Hill St. Phone - .,1T';
that during such a period of strife yas ok oke e aiypoi54.3 BURKE'S MOTOR INN: Dinners and Vf1X~01 i! ~
teesolbealmttoofe-Will Canter, inveterate contributor vided for and happy. But her emo- -'- luncheon. Special prices for parties.f
prts to foreign nations according to to the Daily's "Forum," sparkplug of tional condition becomes more and ! CLOTHING WANTED TO BUY: Any Phone 53. Whitmore Lake. 2150
peac~-tim staistis, te cutodin's nionand ne o themore strained and it unconsciously! old and new suits, overcoats, at $3, MDR euyS ekOfca ol
┬░Mary Lou Fraser, the first speakerl best known campus characters, is no affects her oldest daughter. She too, $8, $25. Ladies fur coats, typewrit- SpDEci altoyDeShmpoo andek
for the negative from the University longer working for the University. reacts to her surroundings as her; ers, old gold and musical instru- fpeineav c ree wi hmo ng. l Stc j
of Minnesota, said that peace was the Canter, suffering from a nervous mother does. Some kind of economic ment. Ready cash waiting for you. Einderaenth $1.00up.5c
mrrost important aim, but. that neu- breakdown, has been away from his aid will probably go far to correct theI Phone Sam. 6304. 2x _________________
trality is not the means by which it: job for about a month.j condition.-- LOST AND FOUND
__ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _LAUNDRY -.__ -..______are 11 SoierI~1s In,
LOST:ing Pearl necklace between Law- iHad' 4; ( ...lt'
" " - XPRINEDLANDES-din ence and North University. Great- :.ji'rcn Nfx:
tuen lunryGilIcllfoTad sentimentalvau.ClB.Rtnr--
4863162 2-2591 after 7 p.m.
f L UNDRY. 2-10 44. Sox darned. -- ____--_
~TICC '~T~VNJ~Careful work at low prices.
FOR SALE: Tuxedo worn only a few
-1times. Size 36 or 37. Call after 3 at
Ths n ro ecat our Christmas shopping list. 1161 SHE'S HOPING for a handbag, rich, 6226. 216
maetefloigtml u- S. Main St. suede and fine leathers. $1.95 and 193 BIC -40coch-Cll-av,-56
m k th fol w n ti e y s gM A F I SH Pu .D l o Sh p19 7 B I K 4 co c .C l D a e 85 5:cgestions to you in hopes of m-k n A F IR S OIp D lo h p from 8:30 to 10 at night. 213yo r s p inp ob e sa i r. F RAI Y DS - m el and{P E R in ov i e s w thv l e
Mead this column to solve your dif- ri otst.A 50.Dlo hp evening wrap at $16.95. Dillon Shop. __HRISTMASTREESthatwillsat-
ran oa sts A 5.0.Dilo SopI-- - -SAFE. .. ..COMFORTABLE ...ECM
_________ -. TOILET MaRicLreset. Caoty vninrgs in^---For_ STUDENT' SPECIALS Friday, Dec. 18th
Pais Mncue et.Calsn rgs E ero e IT Buffalo, 12:30p m. -- ToCiao,1:5pm-ToNwY
iI' rh m ,1112 S. University. ICRSMSdcrtosTree5, ''" SAPEROUND TiPa RES1245p FR - oM NNwARBe
eREMEMBER himn this Christmas with ---- TIFAEFRM NN RB WHEN IN DOUBT what to give for icah, lauios. e opng.fromtervty~~iK
'a Schrick Shaver from Swift Drug1 Chris tmas-send a blooming plant' emblems to order. Call us. phone ..~* ~ ~Akbany 6.5ADesyones..... 1.6.0 ZPittsbur
Store. 340 S. State. -o abuqevo hicfloes rm 5616. Harris Seed Store, 215 S. > Abay.more 1.30Desrie s ..7..1.950 Rcettsb
____ _______ -Fifth Ave. Blioe.1.0 Ei .5 Rcet
AN IDEAL GIFT for him this Christ- 1 the Ann Arbor Florists, Inc. 122 E. I - I 'Bufalo 10.65+ Ft. Wayne 5.40 St. Lousi
- a- Pakr hvr o o-i Liberty. Dial 6215. { FOUNTAIN PEN SETS. Candy, Gil-Catn78 'Shec
venience and comfort in keeping up RYODBAT ALRFr berts-Johnston.6.585
RAMNBAT__RO-o Chicago 67 Kansas City 18.65 Scranto
ap p e a ra n c e th e y c a n 't b e b e a t. S w ift y o u r ro o m m a te o r g irl frie n d , so m e -; FC n i n t .F8 1 0M l a k e. . . . .0 yaueDu . 3 0 S . S a e h n h i l p r c a eh e u y I r Iohr . " .xC l v l n . . . . . 5 e a k. 1 . 0T l d
PIPES, humidors, lbs. and .half-lbs. Gift Certificate. ----_- Columbus 6.40 New York..... 1920 Utica
of tobacco. Purex dealer. Carlon I AT OIEY h pretGIVE a piece of exceptional pottery
Drugs. 1112 S. University._ gift. $1.00, $1.15,and $1.35. Dillon for Christmas. University Flower!I
Fo e..So.wloShop.hop...heare.RANDALL .f =TRAVELS E RI
------1FrTeHm.SWEATERS are always Forehecome.. 12 Nickels Arcade
GIVE-'HER- -- $2.95 and up. She always needs an- untrgasciaj.''" ~ '"'" Open Evenings- 7:30 to 10 P.M.
GIEHRsilk underwear, most com-'! other blouse. Dillon Shop. BOOKS untrgs hn, jew- E I '_
plete stock in town: hosiery in all __ ---- - I elry, Sheffield candlabra, and trays, lELI SAAI....-_______ -- - -
szes and styles; house coats,! ZIP-PER UP in a housecoat. Satins. ---- -_
smocks and nifty cotton dresses. See moreis, damasks, from $3.95 uip. Dil- bas rns ese ek eo
ixs an wewil hep ou ompeteionSho..deons, dulcimer, three-piece 17th Z ~' AND A GRAIltEUL
usadw-ilhl oucmlt o hp century furniture, spinning wheels. " E WORLD ACCLAIMS
_ . _. -_ - --- - : - - 1 i Antique and Book Mart, Chamber a i"s> A'~tS
____ - -- -- -- ~of Commerce Bldg. 203 E. Ann. Il RA'ES
Serv --- ----- Se ling can Cam pus
SeveMAKE YOUR DINNER a banquet by 'e .ng o
{I serving Marvelous Frozen Vege- C '
tables and Fruit and McDonald's s
' ~tasty "Ann Arbor's best ice cream.">
candied fruits at attractive prices.!e
It odds more pleasure to a successful meal. 1039 . Main St. Phone 2-2553.
Delivered promptly in convenient size bottles. HANDKERCHIEFS- 25c boxes. S'y.
IChristmas greeting cards. 5 for 51 . x
cents, 2 for 5 and 5 for 5 cents-lI
aa e C .ll prices. Wrapping materials, at-
A rborr Sp ingstractive designs. Tree ornaments,
A rb r~p ing "W ter C * i4 tree lighting sets. Kresge-Corner
416 WEST HURON PHONE 8270 State and N. University.
r...........E AILI A

r Of Soph Prom
icket 207 Is Sought
inder of ticket number 207
Soph Prom tonight has been
o turn it in to the 'ffce of
in of Students sometime be-
dance by Dean Walter B. Ra.
icket has been reported lost
original purchaser.
ic House
?hone 6011
nuous: 1:30 to 11:30
?Saturday & Sunday
venue of time -
for Tomorrow -
- Also -
N'! Selected
War Pictures
Albert L il'
rk, 12:34.2
er 12.45
Phone 2-4424

____ I - - -VF- -

OR -- A I

Matinees 25c
Nights 35c

Lhristmas nargctin
FREE $5.00
With any Typewriter, adding or other Office Machine
purchased at manufacturer's list price before Christmas.
*One of the largest and best stocks in the State
.. New L. C. SMITH
,ter and CORONA,
~NOISELESS (Portable
{ 4in all models.
:Recondiioned Typewriters, new and used Duplicators, Mim-
eographs, Adding and Office Machines - - $25.00 and up.
Terms as low as lOc a day may be arranged,
with a small down payment.

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