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December 03, 1937 - Image 17

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The Michigan Daily, 1937-12-03

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Brilliants. Fur
Seqins Trim

Dancing College JJWomen Find Daring
New Formals Praci aI Holiday Gifts
ara n t a

Fashion Rules
Toeless Shoes
For After Dark

WhIite tChi fon Is Very Gayd
Coats For Formal Wear A Modern Mi. waits
Offer Extensive Choice Christmas Social Whirl1
Of Fabrics And Colors -
BiloeCade Is Featried Let us remind you that Christmas
th weeks away. And
Christmas brings in its wake not only
The most treasured part of the vacation for the college miss but alsoR
college women's wardrobe is her eve- a very acute problem. The problem
ping wrp, It is the one thing that is is just what to ask Santa Claus to
worn only on very important occa- render as the gift on this momentous
dions, the one garment which, when occasicn, Santa being mother and
she dons it, makes her feel like a dad.,
glamourous, stately prineess. It is Being a college girl, she has a
soft, feminine, and because of its million things she simply can't do,
clinging, draped lines, gives her a without, but it is the most important;
feeling of royalty. It is "extra spe- gift of all which furnishes the realj
cial," it is the high spot on her Christ- problem. Then, too, to add to herE
mas list. worries. there are the many, many
The black velvet evening wraps parties to attend during the holidays.
seem to have the preference among The Perfect Gift-A Formal
Michigan women. The most popular i How can she possibly wear her
are made with white silk linings and i purple satin-on-the-bias (last sea-
are full length, with long sleeves. The' son's dress) to all the dances writ-
ones with monk hoods are exception- ten down in her little black date
ally flattering, as they give a child- book? The solution which finally
ish, madonnalike effect. Bunny, er- smooths the wrinkles from her youth-,
mine, white fox and chinchilla are I ful brow is a simple one, and incor-
used a great deal on black velvet porates both her problems.
wraps, Peter Pan collars of white The perfect gift would be a for-
fur and fur sleeves are popular. Some mal, and such a practical gift too!
fur-trimmed wraps have muffs to The choice will be a hard one though,!
match. as there are so many now and start
Petcr Pan Collar Tops ling styles that she will want them,
Sequins and brilliants are shown' all.
on the newest wraps. One Ann Ar- Gaiety In White Chiffon.
bor store is featuring a beautiful .If she desires to look very gay, she
black velvet wrap with a Peter Pan will like a white chiffon. One such,
collar and packets of different colored gown is very flowing and distinctive..
sequins. It is both glamourous and It has a simply voluminous skirt. The
youthful; just the right thing for a bodice is draped on Grecian lines
prom or pledge formal. In another with little velvet shoulder bows of
store, a black velvet wrap with a dog bright blue which match the two-
collar of brilliants is displayed. Stores tone sash of flame and bright blue.
are showing full length god or silver This color sc'heme is further carried

For (;Iaiii 6r"( u Ev en ings

RnwiI Silhouette Creation
< wring LH'b Neckline Perennial Gold And Silver
a 'Ngw asig NeliNe Are Still Good; Brocade
Beautiful And Popular
What could be nicer for a young By VALDA SPRING

Paris Sends Amazing Chapeaux
Paris millinery of this season shows "Alphabet Hats'" She presents twen-
every evidence of a grand sweep ty-six felt models each of which
against conventionality. They sur- have a different letter applied in a
pass models of previous years with variety of ways on the range of hats.
startling color combinations and ex- Some initials are introduced as a part
treme styles. ;of the ribbon trimming and some a
In one collection they have alreadyj part of the crown, These give prom-
anticipated Spring and are showing ise of developing into a favorite
several models of exotic straws. An for campus wear.
ecru Panama is banded 'in turquoise Many articles of animal and vege-
velvet ribbon with red and purple table category have been adopted as
poppies. A Bengal straw also in ecru trimming for these amazing hats.
has a crown of circular bands of wool As shocking and impossible as many
jersey in green, brown and rust. of these styles sound they are never-
A well-known milliner is featuring theless very effective


woman to find under the ChristmasI Shoes are still peeking out from
l ie than a charming dinner dress to under glorious evening gowns and
toes are still peeking out from glamor-
vear to the gay holiday parties? ous shoes. Feet are going nudist;.
One evening ensemble consists of a concealed toes in the evening are just
Llack velvet long-sleeved jacket over too, too modest, but hardly modish.
a rippled white chiffon dress. The The old standbys are ever with us;
cacket is close-fitting, hip-length, and sandals and pumps, flats and out-
landishly high heels will be worn this
generously embroidered in goldholiday season, the one rule being
bead flowers and leaves. that toes are out.
Vi y stunning is a pencil-silhouette' The perennial gold and silver kid
dinner dres sof black velvet with a! sandals are still good: one of the
Darn el lame blouse. The blouse has a newest is built very high across the
bu .instep with wide stitched straps. The
high neckline, slit in back, and but- heels are absurdly high. This may
tens at the 'nape of the neck. Thea be had in either gold or silver.
skirt is made long and clinging with Another is literally the newe'st
a seam running from the waist to wrinkle: two wide straps cross in
,just below the knee. A bolero jacket front and form a wrinkled bow-like I
-f black velvet completes the outfit. effect. Needless to say there are toe-
'Reige Beads Trim Gown less. These can be obtained in gold
L'rvender crepe has been fashioned either in a high heel or, if the boy-
into a long, full dinner gown with a friend is one o' the wee ones, in flats.
slit back which buttons at the waist Grecian sandals in plain gold or
and at the high neckline. A two inch silver with two wide cross straps are
band of bleu irridescent bugle beads an inevitable choice if solid comfort
gives the eect of a little Peter Pan is desired, and they're smart looking
collar at the neck, borders the loose l "to boot."
inihole. and adds interest to the Brocades, Satin Worn
tips of the wide sash. I I Brocade is not only popular. but it
Bule beads of black, slate grey,, is truly beautiful. One shoe is of
end l;ght grey are also used effec- silver kid and brocade combined with
lively on a black alpaca dress with satin. It, too, is a sandal with a
1hort sleeves and a slit back. A half- strap in back. The satan is white
belt ties in back. The beads border and may be dyed to match the color
the edge of the sleeves and the necks of a particular dress or left white to
and make three bow designs dow'n the go with anything. A second brocade
front of the waist. sandal is of gold in a paisley combin-
p t-'-- - _--- __-, ,_-.M-- tnn m i gl n h c a h k- a n r

This gown of transparent velvet
with shirred bodice of black chiffon
will lift the spirits of any maiden

brocaded satin evening wraps. Some Uout in tine two-toned border at tne looking for good cheer and lots of
have collars and cuffs of kolinsky. hemline.
This makes a very striking combina- Or perhaps she would like to ap- compliments.
tion. pear very super-sophisticated in lame
Evening capes are beginning to Extremely smart is the one which ac-own een
ncents the new variation in the waist-
Long, full length velvet ones are be- line. The bodice is smooth and sleek
ing worn. They come in rich shades while the skirt is full and pleated. A re Replaced
of rust, red, blue and, of course, black. Metal Clip Accents Lam6
One stob is featuring an evening A huge metal clip accentuates the Snug
cape of the new chateau margo blend. V-neckline and a four-inch wide belt 7yS u B o
It is a lovely thistle brown. Some matches the clip. The belt comes at
of the new capes are clasped at the the natural waistline, while a short
throat with rhinestones and others bolero jacket at the bust line shows Do you remember those heavy, in-
have an ermine trim. the new trend for a lowering and delicate, black cloth artics fastened
Broadcloth Is Mannish raising of the waistline at will. The with four or five painted buckles?
If one is looking For a knockout jacket, like the skirt, is pleated and If you can, you will agree that
wrap-something new and different has smooth fitting sleeves, there has been a revolution in the
-a full length, fitted mannish broad- If she likes the new low waistline, overshoe industry when you see the
cloth is just the thing. It is shown a white sequins and crepe dress will dainty, snug-fitting, streamlined ga-
in black, and a white silk muffler impress her. The skirt is full and of loshes on the market today.
may be worn with it. Another "dif- white crepe while a sequins sweater, There just isn't a mother's daugh-,
ferent" wrapis of black velvet with fits down over the hips. Narrow ter here at college who wouldn't be
a fetching monk hood ofvwhite fox straps meet the straight-topped delighted to be presented with a
which dives an Eskimo effect. Still blouse. Christmas gift of a pair of warm,,
another is featured- in many rich Wool New For Evening frivolous carriage boots luxuriously
shades including red, bule and gold. New materials, too, are prevalent, I trimmed in real fur. These are made'
It has the new double breasted, fit- and if Miss Smoothie likes unusual of rubberized velveteen and are lined
ted line, with wide lapels and an im- gowns, she will like the one of black with wool. They come in two heel
mense empire flared skirt. The wool with a lame bodice. The waist- lengths and in black, brown and
sleeves are slightly puffed at the line is again very high, and a rhine- grey. A few styles are made of rub-
shoulders. This wrap is youthful, stone clip reposes at the point of the ber and either zip or snap shut.
but has very sophisticated lines. low V-neckline in the folds of the Snug-fitting, moulded rubber ga-
Fur Capes For Plutocrats lame. The gown is shirred where the loshes usually come in very low heel
The fur apes andras are high waistline of the skirt meets the heights and are designed for the
The -new fur capes and wraps are lame bodice. more practical purpose of attending'
must practically be the daughter of Another duo-personality dress is a classes. These are light and warm:
mus iay orde tw onuge. Shot green -silk jersey, exemplifying the and may be obtained, in black or
Croesus of order to own one. Short two new waistline lengths. The brown. They no longer have cuffs
chiaesable rn sother uxurous fus skirt of the gown is gathered at the but come well up in back, rounding
are flatring to any owman. Whole hips while the natural line disap- down in front. These are fastened
skins artbeing used in the creation pears and a straight band of the ma- with a zipper or are snapped shut.
sn fluffy, g useing raps. terial is used for the high waistline. -
ofOn the band are rhinestones, theysg
Some are swagger length. One wrap _____dr__ ies_ esh
is ermine with ragline sleeves of
sable. The contrast of the ermine SCOTTISH WOMEN WEAR KILTSI
and sable is very striking. When fashion decreed plaids for the
Another swagger is made of whole American continent this fall it issued,
white fox skins. These are also at the same time,.a bolder edict for
beautiful in skins of blue and red the homeland of tartan. To be a la
foxes. Ermine capes of fur are a re- mode in Scotland this season women,
cent innovation. These are lovely as well as men, must wear the kilt.
and add height to the appearance. only ornamental feature.
- - - _ _ _ - - _ _ _ - - - - -

Fhnestcnes Accent Chiffon ;alIon. inns alson as a igh eei andt
Flame colored chiffon is made with is fastened across the ankle with a
puffed and shirred short sleeves and jeweled buckle. lt
a broad gold belt fastening high in Shoes are still being tinted to
front. Black and blue chiffons are match or, more particularly, to con-
made with rhinestone trimming and trast with evening gowns. One shoe
very full bodices. The blue chiffon which may be tinted is a white satin
has a rhinestone belt. I sandal with an ankle strap and an in-!
A brilliant tunic dress has the new terlacing of straps in front forming
elbow length sleeves and a great a basketweave design. This shoes has
deal of gold embroidery in a leaf de- a very high heel and a silver trim. A
sign. Both red and black are used slip-on pump with four wide straps
in this dress, but many are all black up to the ankle, a high heel, and
with most of the embroidery on the elastic goring may be had in black
wide sleeves. Oftentimes, gold se- velvet, silver and white satin suitable
quins are combined with the embroid- for tinting.
ery. Tiny Straps Lace
White and bright colored accents ;Although most of the season's eve-
Sappear in several instances. One; mng slippers are fashioned with the
white satin dress has a gaily printed popular wide straps, one of the fore-
long-sleeved jacket; bright red, green most shoe designers is showing an
and yellow sequins are grouped into evening sandal with a laced effect of
flowers on a startling white silk crepe very tiny straps and little else--just
gown. a series of bands, and an extremely
Whit ClipsOrnament high heel. Black patent leather san-
Every inch of a stunning white dals are very good looking in this
chiffon dress is accordion pleated. style which also comes in gold or
This gown is beltles sand is fitted at silver kid.
the waist. Its sole decorations are Any of these shoes will make the
'vhite clips at the neck. current rave forget that you stepped
Sti ved silver and black lame has all over his feet and, and maybe, he
been made into a startling dress, the will be induced to ask you to step all
full skirt of which is fashioned so over his heart.
that the gay stripes conveige. The
gown has a low V-neckline, bosom DARK DRESSES GLAMOROUS
fullness, and a wide velvet inset sash. Glamorous, too, are the plain, dark
The final accent is a short puff- dresses that feaure fringe belts, bril-
eleeved jacket bordered with silver I liant belts and buckles, huge jewelled
and black bugle beads. clips and unexpected splotches of
A demure blue velvet gown features# color. A mammoth red, jewelled clip
gold studded collar and cuffs, short and a matching fringed sash set off
sleeves. and the popular shirred a navy silk dress, giving it a truly dis-
waistline. tinctive appearance.
-.: ._ - -.

..__ __ _ _..___ __._e__

, ..


CL # Tfft S-

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(- i. h, -s..
' , 1
! h
i ,
' : ;
I, t


'C' ..( . f


Y }.'v.
1 5C'

Add to

++ +w

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. Sophisticated .. .
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i- C1

I '' ' :


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